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RitaMaid Index 04-28-03: Log #4, Wrap Up for RitaMaid and some Sculpting suggestions for Denise

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dahs512: here she comes
auntyalias: Yahoo is EVIL
auntyalias: I was typing but you all couldn't see me evidently
dahs512: bad bad yahoo
beany3u: welcome back
auntyalias: thanks, it was weird
auntyalias: I got the cam on again
auntyalias: Laura if you have my old cam window open
auntyalias: close it and open the cam again
dahs512: Do you want to see my fat -ish lady
dahs512: ?
beany3u: sure
auntyalias: sure put on your cam
auntyalias: let's see your full figured female
beany3u: i was asking where you get cigar boxes
auntyalias: Hey Nancy, sorry I didn't say howdy
auntyalias: my Yahoo went weird
techi_mom56: no problem...i been letting cats in and out...chuckle
auntyalias: when I go to a liquor store or some super market that
sells cigars
auntyalias: I ask for them
auntyalias: and get them for free
techi_mom56: they have spring fever...
auntyalias: no kidding, cats don't like winter
auntyalias: they give you this look
auntyalias: like it's your fault it's snowing
auntyalias: Hey there's the buxom female
auntyalias: oh she has gotten even more buxom now
auntyalias: she looks great
auntyalias: now what you gonna do with her?
auntyalias: her feet need arches
auntyalias: I love her hips and butt
auntyalias: they look like mine
auntyalias: and I know what you mean about the finger smudges
dahs512: me too
auntyalias: what you can do is smooth the surface of the clay and move
those smudges down
auntyalias: to her toes and pull it off
beany3u: wait just turned it on lemme see...
beany3u: and who do you ask for cigar boxs
auntyalias: great back too
dahs512: me
jyladams left the room
auntyalias: I ask the clerks at the store, if it's a small store I ask
the owner
auntyalias: Hey Jyl
beany3u: i like her butt  you ask cigar stores?
beany3u: she's cute!
auntyalias: I got most of mine from Liquor stores, what city are you
beany3u: burbank california
auntyalias: oh well hey, I'd go to the local supermarket
auntyalias: look to see if they sell cigars
auntyalias: ask the clerk when the cigar supplier comes along, which
auntyalias: and be there and ask them
auntyalias: or go to a tobacco shop
auntyalias: I'm sure there's tobacco shops in burbank
auntyalias: and ask them
beany3u: i'm looking for a link I wanna show you guys if I can find
auntyalias: tell them the truth, you want to make mini scenes in the
cigar boxes
beany3u: i'll ask where I get my smokes
auntyalias: and they are usually amused and will give them to you for
auntyalias: ya, especially if you have a smoke shop you buy at
dahs512: I'm thinking boots!
dahs512: the feet will need a lot of attention
dahs512: so will the hands
beany3u: take al ook at her miniature scenes
beany3u: old video tapes!
auntyalias: I do glass Jars for scenes too
auntyalias: here's a PB&J scene in a Peanut Butter Jar
beany3u: Denise how are you going to dress your BBW
techi_mom56: god knows we all have junk cds laying around....wayyyy to
auntyalias: with a sleeping kitty under the table
auntyalias: and the table is made of a pizza protector
dahs512: I bookmarked the site
beany3u: I need a link NJ.. musta missed it.. where's the pb jar
dahs512: on her cam
beany3u: oh had your cam up sorry!
beany3u: those pizza protectors, I have saved them for years hehe
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/PBandJ/InJar-Thms.htm
beany3u: I have made more tables out of em!
auntyalias: the digital pictures shows more
beany3u: too cute you guys are so creative
beany3u: I'm gonna start saving a lot of junk, cereal boxes, jars,
auntyalias: also you can make a scene in egg shells
auntyalias: you saw my Emu Easter Effort
beany3u: yes I've seen those
beany3u: but I want them bigger I think
beany3u: actually thats pretty big
beany3u: what is that one made out of ? Cigar box?
auntyalias: or you can make a scene in a little paper mache box
beany3u: ahh paper mache
beany3u: oh thats tiny
beany3u: you guys are so creative
dahs512: this is the costume idea i am tossing around in my head
auntyalias: wow
beany3u: oh that would be cute!
beany3u: looks pretty detailed
techi_mom56: wow....
dahs512: Circr de soilel
dahs512: circe
dahs512: french circus
techi_mom56: that bed scene gave me an idea...pretty much a normal
scene..but a pair of eyes peeking out from it a cat
beany3u left the room
auntyalias: a MONSTER
auntyalias: UNDER THE BED?
auntyalias: LOL
techi_mom56: right...or a cat...grin...something that does happen....
techi_mom56: oh and i am learning to do my first web page...from
auntyalias: hey coolness
auntyalias: I don't even do that
auntyalias: I just use Front Page
techi_mom56: i tried it and it just confused i figured if i
understand the mechanics of it, it would make more sense to me...and
it did..
auntyalias: I'm using a thing that you cover buttons with for her hand
auntyalias: it'll be holding a can of soda
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: getting some coffee made
auntyalias: going to get some coffee now that it's made
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: NJ what is wrong here?
auntyalias: what me
auntyalias: I can't see the sculpture, only your fingers
auntyalias: the jaw line is male
auntyalias: make the chin a little more pointed, looks like one of the
Douglas family, Kirk and Michael
auntyalias: and make the line of the jaw a curve, soft curve, going
from the chin to the ear lobe
auntyalias: that's better
auntyalias: now that lower lip
auntyalias: make it smaller than the upper lip
auntyalias: just press in the outer edges of the lower lip
auntyalias: so it's a bit smaller than the upper lip
auntyalias: ok, now the bridge of the nose... a nose is a triangle, no
matter which way you look at it
auntyalias: triangle from the front, between the eyes to the nostril's
auntyalias: a triangle from the side
auntyalias: a triangle from under neath before you make the nostrils
auntyalias: the there's too much bridge of the nose, draw that clay up
to the forehead
auntyalias: look at the space between the eyes as the tip of a
auntyalias: and the outer edges of the nostril as the other two
corners of the triangle
auntyalias: your bridge to the nose is very wide
auntyalias: looks like she used to be a prize fighter
auntyalias: turn her a bit
auntyalias: facing the cam, now that's better
auntyalias: now the outer edges of the eyes, indent the temples so
there's not so much of a ridge on the outer part of the eye
auntyalias: and that will straighten up the cheek bone
auntyalias: also
auntyalias: the rise of the cheek bone
auntyalias: stops where the jaw stops
auntyalias: feel your face
auntyalias: go from the end of your jaw
auntyalias: upward
auntyalias: there's an indentation along that line
auntyalias: from the end of your jaw to your temple
auntyalias: and there's an indentation at the temple
auntyalias: that's how we can figure out where the ears go
auntyalias: from the edge of the eye for the top of the ear
auntyalias: and the end of the jaw for the lower part of the ear
auntyalias: and that indented line from jaw to temple for the
beginning of the ear
auntyalias: it's like a grid
auntyalias: you had the cheek bone going around the side of the head,
take the excess cheek bone clay and pull it into the ear space
auntyalias: and use it there
auntyalias: it's looking better already
auntyalias: now from the side of the nose, across the cheek, roll the
cone shaped clay shaper
auntyalias: for there's a pentagon made from the under side of your
nose, along the sides of the mouth, to under the mouth
auntyalias: I'd make the chin a little more delicate, more pointed,
and then pushed forward a bit, at least equal to the lips
auntyalias: if you ran a line from the surface of the lips to the chin
auntyalias: it should be equal or the chin a little more jutted out
auntyalias: can you see her shaping up now?
auntyalias: hold up, James needs to find something without a uterus
auntyalias: brb
auntyalias: back
auntyalias: now I have these two tapes
auntyalias: it's a mini series on faces
auntyalias: with John Cleeves
auntyalias: are you interested in seeing those tapes?
auntyalias: send me your address and I'll send them to you
auntyalias: it's very enlightening... ya, the cheek bones are a bit
pointy, roll the cone over them
auntyalias: and when sculpting a face
auntyalias: look at it from the forehead down
auntyalias: and see how the nose looks to you, how the cheek bones
look to you
auntyalias: we often sculpt with the face looking at us face forward
auntyalias: and upside down reveals a lot
dahs512: nose is too wide
auntyalias: turn it side ways
auntyalias: let me see... is it a triangular shape from all sides
auntyalias: from the front
auntyalias: from the forehead
auntyalias: under the nose
auntyalias: from the side
dahs512: lol
dahs512: monkey
auntyalias: it's too low
auntyalias: on the face
auntyalias: or the eyes are too high
auntyalias: either or
auntyalias: I'd drag the clay shaper tip from the outer sides of the
auntyalias: up to the forehead
auntyalias: bringing the nose upward
auntyalias: you got a big bottom part of the nose
auntyalias: and the bridge is non existant, it's all caved in now
auntyalias: where it was too large before
auntyalias: move excess nose clay up to the forehead to get it out of
auntyalias: you can always smooth it into the head
auntyalias: bleached out and can't see details
auntyalias: less light... make some shadows on the face, good tip
while sculpting
auntyalias: ok, see how the chin is squarish at the bottom
auntyalias: that's manly
auntyalias: on a woman it's not as blocky
auntyalias: that to make the chin more pointed will make it more
auntyalias: also if she's a full figured woman, we can add mass to her
cheeks and have less of a distinct cheek bone shadow
auntyalias: but still have a soft jaw line, still have a pointy chin
auntyalias: just fatter cheeks
auntyalias: shall I show you some of my early sculpting efforts so you
don't get discouraged?
auntyalias: I got some pretty awful ones
auntyalias: just Fur Fun
auntyalias: she's got major problems
auntyalias: that sculpture
dahs512: yes I need to let her go into time out for not cooperating

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.