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2003-March Highlights

TLS Make Up: 03-25-03: What I discovered in the TLS and Clay Painting experiments so far

I knew this was going to be an experiment. I had held off on doing the TLS as Make Up on all the figures listed on the Make Up index page, but I wasn't prepared for the wrestling I had to do last night.

The main thing I learned was: Finish Filing First. Pa needed further filing on his face before putting on color with TLS. I didn't do that and then after the curing for the TLS I ended up having to file like crazy and still he looks a bit lop sided with is eyes. 

The second thing I learned was the thinner the mix of TLS and clay color the easier it is to apply, but the fainter the color is. I'm wondering if successive layers of thin mix TLS and clay as a build up might not be worth exploring. 

The third thing I learned was the thicker the mix of TLS and clay the more the mix "peaked" like whipped cream. I learned that if I let it sit overnight it isn't as tacky and it can be smoothed down a bit before curing. 

The fourth thing I learned was doing hair is just a STONE GAS with the thick mix. Making curls, doing hair do's, making braids with sculpting tools, all that is really much easier to get clay tresses to look real with a thick mix of TLS and clay.

The fifth thing I learned was if you're going to put a thick mix on something file down the target. If you want full red lips, file the lips down a bit and then build up with a thick mix. Same for eyes, file the sockets for the eyes and give yourself a bed to put in white mix and then insert pupils of clay not mixed with TLS, it will make the mixed white rise up around the pupils. 

The sixth thing I learned was not to drink so much coffee. This is delicate work and when my hands are shaking it's impossible. 

The seventh thing I  learned was the TLS and skin clay mix still does fill in the file marks, finger prints and it's better than sanding for sanding removes clay mass where as the TLS and skin clay mix just fills in the groves and dents. I like that a lot. 

I practiced on the Egyptian extended family and learned a lot in the process. I wanted the practice before doing Frida or Prince of Fire since they are of real folks and I have less room for artistic license. I'll most likely practice on Xev2 before moving on to Frida or Prince and I know I'll have to do more filing on her face before I do the TLS treatment on her.

That's all I can think of right now on this TLS with clay color technique. But with more experimenting and practice we'll wrestle this technique to the ground and make it ours.