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2003-March Highlights

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These figures below Cowboy Kai are in line to have their faces painted using TLS and polymer clay color. The "after" pictures will be posted as they happen. This is part of the 03-24-03 WebCam Demo Topic for MSATClayArt.  For the "How To" on making the figures who will need TLS face painting check out Biz-Archive/OnSiteDollsFigFace

TLS, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, is a liquid form of Polymer Clay. It can act as a medium to carry pigment. TLS and clay color can make what is equivalent to "Pancake Make Up" along with Blush, Lipstick, Eyebrow and Eyelid Liner, Eye Shadow. This may seem like no big deal. The big deal for me is I have control over the color mix, the amount of translucence, and volume (something you can't control with paint). I can cure and recure it since it is polymer clay.

03-25-03: What I discovered in the TLS and Clay Painting experiments so far

Prince of Fire needs face filing and face color. He's not much on the hair but it's subtle, maybe we can get that platinum blond with balding crew cut done with TLS and clay color.


Prince of Fire in his Elvis in Las Vegas Hair

Cowboy Kai started this experiment with painting with TLS and pigment. Some of him is done with TLS and clay color, other parts with TLS and acrylic paint, which I didn't really like as much. 
The Extended family: Nursing Mom with baby, Uncle and the boy and girl, Ma Pa and the baby, all need TLS face Make Up. 
Pa's Page, gets the TLS treatment, still uncured. 
Ma's Page: She and the bay get the TLS treatment. The TLS areas are still uncured. 

The TLS'd Family: Still a work in progress and a load of experimentation with painting with TLS and clay color. 

Extended Family 1, 2, 3, New Eyes

Little Sister's EyeJob

 1  2 3,
Nursing Mom gets TLS make up
Frida Kahlo still needs color to her face, and the infamous Unibrow.  
Xev2 Still needs some color to her face.

Lobster Lady needs eyebrows, eyelashes, maybe some teeth, all can be done with TLS and clay color.