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04-17-03 Digi Pix of what was made in Demo. She's still rough draft.

LeafLadyTin-Demo Log 04-17-03. Thank you Peggy for sending me a copy of the log since I got booted out before saving.

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frogger70301: hey, peg.
Peg: Hey
Peg: how are you?
frogger70301: fine, u?
auntyalias: back
Peg: doing good,thanx
Peg: hey NJ
auntyalias: Just got some coffee and had a quick bite
Peg: k
auntyalias: I'm inbetween things here so are there any Short Orders?
auntyalias: I could follow Mitch's example and do a leaf face for this tin
auntyalias: put leaves around it
Peg: mmm,not here..
auntyalias: or we could sculpt
Peg: I vote for sculpt..please
auntyalias: or if anyone has any particular need to see a thing, hollar out
auntyalias: scale?
Peg: sure
auntyalias: What scale? one inch, or micro mini?
kmrhodes: micro mini
Peg: micro..
auntyalias: ok, let me set up the cam
Peg: Im having a terrible time with a female torso..
Peg: ok
frogger70301: Why don't the eyes look right?
frogger70301: besides the fact they are shining.
Peg: the eyes look ok to me..what looks wrong to you?
frogger70301: I can't get a good close up shot because of the way my lighting is.
auntyalias: Ok, now Peg
Peg: ok
auntyalias: what's the problem with your female figures?
auntyalias: shall I make this female and go over the basics?
Peg: I cant seem to get the upper torso right..
Peg: yes,please!
auntyalias: ok, now women are hour glass shape
Peg: k
auntyalias: so we got to take mass off of the shoulders to make the mass for the breasts
auntyalias: and take mass from the waist to go to the hips
auntyalias: men have bigger shoulders, narrower hips
frogger70301: oh, cute. She has a bellybutton!
Peg: I noticed that too1
auntyalias: Ya they all get a belly botton sooner or later
Peg: LOL
auntyalias: so let's move one of these magnifying lenses and just do something to this body to make it look female
frogger70301: sorry, you were saying...(didn't mean to interrupt.)
Peg: k
auntyalias: no worries Mitch
Peg: tiny
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kmrhodes: Hey Jael
Peg: wow,thats intricate
! kmrhodes left the room
auntyalias: I can't get the right angle
Peg: I can see it'd be hard with the size
auntyalias: now what makes a female body?
auntyalias: hourglass shape
Peg: k
auntyalias: larger hips and butt than men's
auntyalias: smaller back and shoulders
auntyalias: breasts
Peg: ok
auntyalias: now for men, the chest and shoulders taper to the waist
auntyalias: like a wedge
Peg: k
auntyalias: and the hips and waist aren't that different in size
auntyalias: smaller butt
Peg: ok
Peg: thanks,NJ
auntyalias: now with that, what do you think you've been doing or not doing with your female figures?
Peg: I think I have been leaving too much on the waist and hips
Peg: and the shoulders too wide
Peg: looked like a wrestler..LOL
Peg: with breasts
frogger70301: I've got em, well almost.
Peg: I'll keep working with what you have shown me,and remember the wedge theory for men
Peg: hourglass for women
Peg: that looks great,NJ
auntyalias: 5 thin slices of leaf cane is her dress
Peg: It looks so pretty
Peg: wow..I know I keep saying that..LOl..but its so tiny and yet so detailed
auntyalias: if we get the body right
auntyalias: we can wrap anything around it
auntyalias: and it'll look like a female
Peg: k
auntyalias: even without a face
auntyalias: or hair
auntyalias: we know it's a She
Peg: and that one does!
frogger70301: brb-ad messed up
frogger70301 left the room
frogger70301 joined the room
auntyalias: now we need to give her a face
auntyalias: but I got to let it rest of a bit
Peg: k
auntyalias: it's been handled a lot
auntyalias: and it's tacky
auntyalias: I'm thinking of putting her on top of the tin that has this same cane pressed on it
Peg: looks like she is floating..
auntyalias: make a next of leaves and set her in the center
Peg: That would be pretty
auntyalias: it would at least match
auntyalias: LOL
Peg: yep
auntyalias: I'll make some leaves for the tin! and let her rest a bit
Peg: ok
auntyalias: I dust the tile so the sheet doesn't stick to the tile while I work
Peg: k
auntyalias: checking the list, brb
Peg: ok
auntyalias: Ooooh there's Mitch's bird
auntyalias: wow
frogger70301: i'm excited! I finally got an eye to look right!
Peg: looks good to me...
auntyalias: hey, eyes are difficult
Peg: that is great,I love all the green
Peg: the sheet protects from fingerprints?
auntyalias: yes and keeps it from getting too warm too,
auntyalias: I'm holding on to the waxed paper instead of the figure
Peg: oh,ok
auntyalias: One has to iron out the wrinkles later but they are not as bad as finger prints which smudge the surface of the cane slices
Peg: ok,thanks
frogger70301: Well, hubby just got home and he wants me to go ride to town with him.
frogger70301: I'll try to get back when we get back home.
auntyalias: ok Mitch
frogger70301: Talk with yall later. Bye.
auntyalias: great egg
Peg: ok,bye for now
frogger70301: thnx.
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Peg: that looks good
Peg: what is the tool you use to sculpt the face?
auntyalias: it still looks a bit manly, got to soften up the chin and jaw line, but we're getting close
auntyalias: zero sized clayshaper, Karen carries them
Peg: ok,thanks
auntyalias: I'm going to have to give her some hair
auntyalias: and pose her in the bed of leaves
Peg: k
lommomy joined the room
Peg: hey
lommomy: Hello
ljcswartz: hi...brb off to check email
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Peg: k
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auntyalias joined the room
lommomy: Is the webcam on?
Peg: dont think so it went dark here
auntyalias: Hey Lisa I just got kicked off
auntyalias: Peg, close the cam window and open it again
lommomy: I have been having problems with my puter
Peg: Yahoo seems a little iffy lately too
Peg: ok
lommomy: sorry I missed monday
Peg: K its back,thanx
lommomy: I'm still working on my puter, I'll pop back! in late r
Peg: k
lommomy: bye
lommomy left the room
Peg: bye Lisa
auntyalias: I'm going to mix TLS with this orange/pearl that is in this leaf cane and use it for her hair
Peg: ok
Peg: thats neat
Peg: that looks good!!
Peg: I cant get over it..
auntyalias: you can do it
auntyalias: just take your time
auntyalias: make a dozen bodies
auntyalias: before you sculpt a face
Peg: Im sure gonna try..ok,I sure will
auntyalias: give clothing to the bodies, slice thin thin thin
auntyalias: and just lay the cane slices on the bodies, before you make faces
Peg: ok
Peg: I will do that
auntyalias: I'm going to take a dinner break, the guys are expecting home cooking since I'm here today
auntyalias: imagine that?!
auntyalias: those guys
Peg: ok,and thanks so much,NJ!
auntyalias: I think I'll be back around 7pm my time
auntyalias: My pleasure honey
Peg: cya later