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05-01-03 Demo Log #1: Sanding the RitaMaid, talking tools, checking links on hands, links on tools for sculpting.

Tiffany Lamp: Demo 05-01-03

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ondoa12002 joined the room
ondoa12002: hi, i'm back
auntyalias: Hey Honey
auntyalias: getting on early for you
ondoa12002: how are you
ondoa12002: thats nice
Symplymad (symplymad) joined the room
ondoa12002: got big trouble with my PC but it's okay now
auntyalias: I'm a little sleepy, but another cup of coffee and I'll be
alright. Was up doing webwork last night, got up early to iron a shirt
for my son and do more web work, so ...
auntyalias: Howdy Maddy
auntyalias: Wow what sort of big trouble?
auntyalias: now the both of you know how to open my cam?
Symplymad: I think so.
auntyalias: click on my name there and go "View WebCam"
ondoa12002: opened
dahs512 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Denise
Symplymad: opened here too
Symplymad: hiya Denise
auntyalias: Loved the Figure Waing Picture
auntyalias: that figure you're making never fails to make me smile, or
is it just YOU
dahs512: HiNJ and Maddy
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I'll post to the list that we're here
auntyalias: brb
dahs512: Just stopping in for a minute. I'm tackling the attic for a
garage sale the scouts are putting on. I have to have it done
dahs512: my feelings exactly
Symplymad: <---fast food junkie
dahs512: I'm mostly getting all the baby stuff out
auntyalias: back
Symplymad: shirls is going to come in for a bit too when she gets
auntyalias: Oh Denise you're not going to be here long?
dahs512: lot's of mud dauber nests
dahs512: I can't
auntyalias: Ok, Maddy thanks for letting us know
dahs512: I have to leave for work in 2 hours
auntyalias: ah well, maybe later or early tomorrow, when's the Scout
Garage Sale?
dahs512: I'm taking the stuff there tomorrow
dahs512: what ya goin' to do?
dahs512: oooh
auntyalias: taking short orders today
auntyalias: I sanded her at Ruth
Symplymad: oh she's lovely.
dahs512: she's lookin' good
ondoa12002: oh the mermaid i missed, its wonderfull
Symplymad: way different than when she started.
dahs512: I looked at the stuff you had on hands
Symplymad: wish shirls would hurry up...she's working on a mermaid
right now. this would be very interesting to her.
auntyalias: Did the Hand tute help? That was a fun tute to do.
dahs512: It will.
Symplymad: Oh, i didn't see it...i will definately have to find it and
check it out. That's what I need help on.
auntyalias: We'll be paying some attention to hands and feet
auntyalias: It was a Man's Hand tute, I'll get you the link so it'll
be in the log
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/POF-Group-Thm.htm
dahs512: I used a small snake to build up the pads in mine. It was
before you suggested bending hands.
Symplymad: what tool is she using?
Symplymad: a file?
dahs512: A jewelers file
auntyalias: In that POF tutorial are pictures of the tools I use
Symplymad: thanks...kind of blurry couldn't tell.
auntyalias: the first group shows the files and clay shapers
dahs512: they come in like sets of 12
Symplymad: oh yes, i have a set of those
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/POF-Hand-003.htm
auntyalias: those are the files
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/POF-Hand-004.htm
auntyalias: those are the clay shapers
Symplymad: oooh...ok. thanks
auntyalias: What I do sometimes is make the hands rough draft
auntyalias: cure
auntyalias: and then file in the fingers
Symplymad: Oh, i see. now i understand what you're doing.
auntyalias: there's different ways of doing hands, depending on what
you're going to have them do
dahs512: I've got to dash. Just wanted to say Hi.
auntyalias: ok honey
auntyalias: see you when I do
Symplymad: okies....see ya Denise....don't work to hard.
dahs512 left the room
ljcswartz joined the room
ljcswartz: hi all
Symplymad: hi there
ondoa12002: hi
auntyalias: Hi Jackie
auntyalias: I'm filing Rita's hands
auntyalias: did her hands in rough draft and cured
auntyalias: after the first curing then I go in and do detail to the
ljcswartz: with a very fine file?
auntyalias: now is there anything in particular anyone want to see
Demo'd're on later than all of us here
auntyalias: auntyalias:
auntyalias: those are the files
yippekaya joined the room
auntyalias: we've been talking about these files so I had the link
auntyalias: Shirls...hey honey
yippekaya: hello all
auntyalias: I'm taking requests, until you all decide what you want to
see done I'm doing fine tuning to these hands
Symplymad: <---is reading the hand page
yippekaya: i'll go for anything I had my lesson the other night which
was great
auntyalias: I cured the Mermaid and have been filing her at work
ljcswartz: are these files from a hardware store like "home depot"?
auntyalias: ok, like see her arm here
auntyalias: it's all bumpy and goofed up
auntyalias: don't worry about it if you have files
auntyalias: you can smooth it all with filing after the first curing
Symplymad: you can get it smooth with the files? I didn't know that.
ondoa12002: could work on my egg also then
auntyalias: polymer clay after it's been cured the first time can be
filed, sanded, carved with wood carving tools
auntyalias: When I'm taking off big bumps I just go up and down
auntyalias: and when I want to smooth it I'll file in small circles
auntyalias: lightly
auntyalias: then I'll sand it
yippekaya: im not brave enough
auntyalias: let me get you a link on filing faces
Symplymad: I like to sand, but i've never filed.
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/FileFaces/Intro.htm
auntyalias: Check out the difference in the faces, before and after
auntyalias: don't let THE FEAR get in your way
Symplymad: let me take that back....i hate to sand. but I do
auntyalias: I like filing, it's relaxing, like whittling wood
ljcswartz: your files can get into all those small spaces?
auntyalias: ya, they are jeweler's files
ljcswartz: ok so where does one get jeweler's files?
auntyalias: online...I'd bet Dick Blick got them, let me see real
Symplymad: I found mine at Ace hardware.
ljcswartz: really?
Symplymad: anothe set at the flea market...LOL Ebay has them too
ljcswartz: we have Ace
ljcswartz: what exactly is the size or name of what I need
Symplymad: I'll let NJ tell you that, because to be honest, I don't
use mine much....he he
Symplymad: let me look at what my pac says.
Symplymad: mine says needle file set 3mmx140mmx10pc
ljcswartz: the finer type might be a way to start with us faint of
heart filers
auntyalias: Dick Blick doesn't have them or doesn't have them easy to
find. I got mine from Pearls Art Supply here in San Francisco
auntyalias: I have fine ones for this sort of detailing
auntyalias: and then I have bigger ones used for wood
Symplymad: nj, i was telling her that I found my set at Ace hardware.
auntyalias: wood rasp set
Symplymad: mine are called needle files...but they look the same.
auntyalias: these are sort of big, but.... I'm getting closer to the
ondoa12002: what store is Ace exactly ? Just to know where to search
ljcswartz: a hardware store here
ljcswartz: Ace is
Symplymad: my Ace was a Crowder Bro''s probably just a small
family type hardware store with Ace in the name somewhere.
ljcswartz: same here....... locally owned hardware store
Symplymad: might be able to find them at a hobby store know
the kind of place that sells stuff to build models, and trains
auntyalias: now the larger rasps here are good for getting big bumps
leveled down
auntyalias: then the finer files can smooth it before sanding
Symplymad: i see her arm looks better already
auntyalias: the same thing that wood carvers do we can do with cured
polymer clay
auntyalias: most under utilized trick, taking wood carver's tools and
using them
auntyalias: can't be afraid of using these tools, they make your life
yippekaya: i'll need to hav ago
Symplymad: NJ sounds like my hubby the carpenter.
yippekaya: lol
Symplymad: that's why i have all the tools I do...saws hammers files
drills...LOL Never thought I'd need them for clay...but sure enough.
auntyalias: Hey I grew up with carpenters and brick layers
auntyalias: so I will use the tool that makes my life easier
yippekaya: i'd be scared i took too much off
auntyalias: we're not going to have perfect sculpting the first curing
auntyalias: and if you took off too add it back on
auntyalias: look
auntyalias: right where the point is
auntyalias: foil is peeking through
auntyalias: so I'm going to scrape down a bit
auntyalias: and then cover that exposed foil with skin clay
auntyalias: and it's fixed
ondoa12002: ah
auntyalias: never be afraid of sanding or filing too much with polymer
auntyalias: for we can repair easier than anyone
yippekaya: good stuff
auntyalias: that's the whole deal with TLS Make Up, let me get you a
ondoa12002: how many times can one cure clay ? does it not change
colour by doing that
yippekaya: im already looking at which fae i can file
Symplymad: lol shirls.
yippekaya: i ordered some tls too should be here on sat
Symplymad: you'll love it
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/001-Pa.htm
auntyalias: I didn't have enough clay for Pa's nose, his back got
auntyalias: I fixed it and cured him again
ljcswartz: (I am with you but in lurking mode right now.... I have
some work to do here at the computer)
auntyalias: I've cured items over and over
auntyalias: lost count on some items because there's so many layers
auntyalias: if you watch your temperature, use your timer
auntyalias: the clay shouldn't discolor. Only cheap bulk White Sculpey
discolors with multiple curing
auntyalias: so I don't use that anymore
auntyalias: wasn't strong enough anyway, too much filler
auntyalias: foil is peeking out of her wrist there
auntyalias: I'm going to sand down to a level just below what I want
auntyalias: and then fill over it
auntyalias: like filling in a pothole in the road
auntyalias: patching plaster walls
auntyalias: that sort of thing
auntyalias: use the same clay batch for repairs and they will not show
yippekaya: cool
auntyalias: after you cure them again
Symplymad: Oh, i've done that! it works.
auntyalias: Polymer clay can be worked like wood, but better... like
green ware ceramics but better
auntyalias: it does work and folks get all scared that they might file
or sand too much, I guess if you were working with just a surface
design that could be a problem
auntyalias: anyone see my Malachite tutorial?
yippekaya: nope
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Faux/Malachite/2002-001.htm
auntyalias: check out that picture for a minute
auntyalias: the rock on the far left is the real malachite... this
tutorial made faux malachite that fooled a rock hound
auntyalias: the reason I do malachite like this is we can carve it
auntyalias: we can sand it
auntyalias: we can cut it
auntyalias: and the malachite design will stay true
auntyalias: using only surface techniques, like the one that Donna
Kato shows on TV can't be sanded, carved or cut
auntyalias: for the design is only on the surface
Symplymad: i don't understand NJ
auntyalias: did you check out the picture Maddy?
auntyalias: let's start there
Symplymad: yeah...i'm looking at it now.
auntyalias: ok, that's the way to make malachite that you can cut,
carve and sand and not loose the design, for the design goes through
the whole cane
auntyalias: Donna Kato shows a technique for Malachite that lays only
on the surface in long streaks
Symplymad: oooooh...i see what you mean now. okies
auntyalias: no circles like malachite is in nature, this same
technique is good for Agate
auntyalias: change the color
auntyalias: or redwood burls, change the color
auntyalias: same technique can be used for many natural things, for
it's a pattern that shows up in nature often

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.