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05-01-03 Demo Log #2: Deciding on the Tiffany Lamp: Translucents, blue, purple and red  thanks to Lynn in Stone Mountain, GA.

Log provided by Jackie when I got booted out of the chat room.

Tiffany Lamp: Demo 05-01-03

auntyalias (1:55:10 PM): Ok I'm going to go out of the chat room and
come back in because it makes it easier to do the web pages for the
log, brb
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auntyalias joined the room
auntyalias (1:56:04 PM): so are there any requests while we're dealing
with PC techniques
symplymad (1:56:44 PM): sorry, but not from me, I've got to get going
auntyalias (1:56:45 PM): I'm here to serve
auntyalias (1:56:52 PM): Oh Sorry you have to go Maddy
auntyalias (1:56:58 PM): see you soon then
symplymad (1:57:14 PM): Thanks again NJ....i learn not to be afraid of
the tools.
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symplymad (1:57:21 PM): see you soon.
auntyalias (1:57:24 PM): Ok, you claymates who are on late in your
day, you should ask while you have a chance.
auntyalias (1:57:26 PM): Hi Nancy
auntyalias (1:57:29 PM): See You Maddy
symplymad left the room
auntyalias (1:57:55 PM): while you discuss amongst yourselves what
should be shown next, I'm going to put a page up of the first log
yippekaya (1:59:10 PM): i'll let the others decide as I cant stay very
long,have to help my boys with their homework before they go to bed
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ondoa12002 (1:59:31 PM): what would you like to see ? No special theme
for me, everything is new and welcome
auntyalias (1:59:44 PM): LOL, ok Pascale...
auntyalias (1:59:51 PM): Let's do a Roll Call, Name and Location
ondoa12002 (2:00:04 PM): Pascale, Luxemburg
ljcswartz (2:00:07 PM): Jackie Maryland.......lurking
yippekaya (2:00:25 PM): shirls scotland
techi_mom56 (2:00:39 PM): Nancy NW Oregon ..lurking
wi1dangl (2:00:39 PM): Lynn - Atlanta, GA
ondoa12002 (2:00:46 PM): oh a little nearer
auntyalias (2:01:02 PM): Ok, Shirls.... since you are in a later time
zone, what would you like to see?
auntyalias (2:01:13 PM): we will work according to time zones and
who's on later in the day
auntyalias (2:01:16 PM): that would be most fair
yippekaya (2:01:32 PM): ill let others decide as i have to go in about
15 mins or so
auntyalias (2:01:40 PM): oh sorry to hear that... ok
yippekaya (2:01:50 PM): so if nyone r4ally wants to see something that
would be fair
auntyalias (2:02:17 PM): Lynn is in the next latest time zone, Lynn is
there anything you want to see in particular?
auntyalias (2:02:24 PM): canes, mini food? flowers? sculpting?
auntyalias (2:02:30 PM): I'm your servant... LOL
wi1dangl (2:02:43 PM): hmm...canes I think
ondoa12002 (2:02:51 PM): mini Food, that would be nice, never seen
wi1dangl (2:03:38 PM): something with translucent clay
auntyalias (2:03:45 PM): Mini food takes longer than 15 minutes,
auntyalias (2:03:51 PM): when you have more time we'll do some mini
ondoa12002 (2:03:57 PM): okay
ondoa12002 (2:04:16 PM): on mondays, can sleep longer the other day
auntyalias (2:04:25 PM): Hmmm, translucent clay... I was going to do a
cane that goes into making a mini tiffany lamp shade, that uses
translucent clay
wi1dangl (2:04:39 PM): i'm oh yes...that sounds great
auntyalias (2:04:54 PM): Ok, now colors to use with the translucent
auntyalias (2:04:58 PM): choose some colors you like
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auntyalias (2:05:15 PM): the cane is just going to be a triangle shape
and five of them make a tiffany lamp
auntyalias (2:05:18 PM): Hi Mitch
ondoa12002 (2:05:32 PM): hi
yippekaya (2:05:34 PM): hi mitch
wi1dangl (2:05:34 PM): i like blues, purples, reds,
auntyalias (2:06:06 PM):
bonsaikathy joined the room
frogger70301 (2:06:27 PM): Hey, Kath.
auntyalias (2:06:39 PM): and then we'll surround translucent clay with
these sheets and make flowers
auntyalias (2:06:41 PM): how does that sound?
wi1dangl (2:06:52 PM): sounds great, thanks nj
bonsaikathy (2:07:22 PM): I have to leave for work in a couple minutes
but wanted to show you guys something real quick, Mitch I finally did
it I think
frogger70301 (2:08:15 PM): Oh, wow. What did you put under there?
ljcswartz (2:08:35 PM): oh.. you made two !! you have been busy
techi_mom56 (2:08:39 PM): OWWW....FANTASTIC! Kathy
auntyalias (2:08:42 PM): Willows?
bonsaikathy (2:08:43 PM): actually I had some hard partially cured
fimo from years ago
auntyalias (2:08:44 PM): wow
bonsaikathy (2:08:46 PM): yes willows
bonsaikathy (2:09:04 PM): Mitch can tell you I've been working on this
for months
frogger70301 (2:09:16 PM): They came out wonderful!
ljcswartz (2:09:22 PM): they are beautiful !
bonsaikathy (2:09:24 PM): I broke up the fimo into small pieces and it
makes great rocks for the bonsai
bonsaikathy (2:09:27 PM): thanks honey
bonsaikathy (2:09:56 PM): thanks everyone
ondoa12002 (2:10:08 PM): i hope you never sell them, they are so
bonsaikathy (2:10:13 PM): I wish I could get them clearer but for some
reason they are blurry
frogger70301 (2:10:34 PM): It's hard to get a good focus on small
stuff on cams.
bonsaikathy (2:11:12 PM): I'll get Gary to take a pic for me and get
it put on the claypic list soon as I can
bonsaikathy (2:11:40 PM): thanks everyone for looking, I'd better get
ready for work or I'll be late
frogger70301 (2:11:42 PM): That's when they are really going to be
stunning. Digi pics always show more detail!
frogger70301 (2:11:53 PM): Have fun, hon.
bonsaikathy (2:11:56 PM): yup they do
bonsaikathy (2:12:08 PM): I just wanted to share with all of you
bonsaikathy (2:12:20 PM): take care everyone, have fun with demo
frogger70301 (2:12:24 PM): Thnx for sharing. I'm glad you finally got
them likew you wanted them.
bonsaikathy (2:12:38 PM): I have to work tonight and tomorrow and then
I'm taking a 3 day weekend to recoup and relax
auntyalias (2:12:40 PM): thanks for sharing Kathy
bonsaikathy (2:12:48 PM): hugs t oyou all
auntyalias (2:12:50 PM): see you when I do
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auntyalias (2:14:38 PM): since the red is very staturated in color I'm
mixing it with translucent
auntyalias (2:14:43 PM): as I will with the blue and purple
auntyalias (2:14:53 PM): the dividing lines around the color parts
will be silver
auntyalias (2:14:58 PM): to simulate led of stained glass
frogger70301 (2:15:56 PM): One of these days I'm GONNA try the stained
glass canes!
wi1dangl (2:16:12 PM): what proportion red to translucent did you use?
auntyalias (2:16:40 PM): I just eyeball it, half and half more or less
wi1dangl (2:16:47 PM): ok...thanks
auntyalias (2:16:49 PM): LOL
frogger70301 (2:18:47 PM): I honestly think it's very, very rare for
NJ to actually **gasp** measure.
auntyalias (2:19:01 PM): I'm too lazy
yippekaya (2:19:04 PM): lol
frogger70301 (2:19:05 PM): heehee
auntyalias (2:20:21 PM): is everyone up on their color cards?
auntyalias (2:20:44 PM):
auntyalias (2:21:00 PM): check out this color card section while I do
this boring part
auntyalias (2:21:13 PM): mixing clay colors and pressing sheets
auntyalias (2:21:16 PM): boring boring boring
ondoa12002 (2:21:25 PM): back
auntyalias (2:23:40 PM): this silver is old and dried a bit, so I'm
mixing translucent into it to make it more elastic
ljcswartz (2:26:39 PM): who?
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auntyalias (2:30:38 PM): back
frogger70301 joined the room
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auntyalias (2:30:48 PM): my stove is goofed up, turns off afer 10
auntyalias (2:31:10 PM): so I called in the service guys for my
apartment complex and showed them the webcam
wi1dangl (2:31:18 PM): i'll be right back...son needs the
auntyalias (2:31:19 PM): and the Day of the Dead stuff
auntyalias (2:31:24 PM): ok, Lynn
auntyalias (2:31:30 PM): anyway
auntyalias (2:32:25 PM): see how dry this silver clay is?
auntyalias (2:32:28 PM): how it breaks up like that
yippekaya (2:34:38 PM): well im sorry but i have to go do the boys
homework now there bed time draws nearer yipee lol .Will you put the
results on the group again?
yippekaya (2:35:47 PM): better go enjoy the demo bye for now
yippekaya left the room
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auntyalias (2:37:09 PM): ok, shall now I have the sheets prepared
auntyalias (2:37:22 PM): what I was thinking was conditioning a bunch
of translucent
auntyalias (2:37:27 PM): and making snakes of translucent
auntyalias (2:37:36 PM): and surrounding them with purple and or red
auntyalias (2:37:43 PM): and making flower petals out of that
auntyalias (2:37:49 PM): then surrounding all the flowers with the
auntyalias (2:37:56 PM): and then building the A shaped cane
auntyalias (2:38:01 PM): for the sections of the tiffany lamp
auntyalias (2:38:07 PM): how does that sound to you all?
auntyalias (2:38:42 PM): did everyone go make a sandwich while I was
dealing with getting my oven fixed?
auntyalias (2:41:29 PM): see how it turns into a ball in the food
wi1dangl (2:41:38 PM): ok...back
auntyalias (2:41:40 PM): that's when it is warm enough to pull it like
taffy to condition it
shargoose joined the room
techi_mom56 (2:42:27 PM): good info...gotta start using a food
shargoose (2:43:20 PM): How do I get the web cam image?
shargoose (2:43:59 PM): Never miand, figured it out
auntyalias (2:44:42 PM): Sharon, just making a basic bullseye here
auntyalias (2:44:49 PM): let me get you a link before I go on
shargoose (2:45:07 PM): Sorry, had to pick up a friend so missed the
start of demo.
auntyalias (2:45:07 PM):
auntyalias (2:45:16 PM): this is what I'm doing, tiffany lamp shades
shargoose (2:45:22 PM): Thanks for making it earlier for us on the
Easwt coast!!
shargoose (2:45:37 PM): Oh, COOL
auntyalias (2:45:39 PM): the white snake is translucent clay just
surrounding it with purple right now
auntyalias (2:45:47 PM): but there's something I want to point out
about the basic bulls eye
auntyalias (2:46:49 PM):
auntyalias (2:46:55 PM): check this picture if you will
auntyalias (2:47:03 PM): when you do a bulls eye, surrounding a snake
with a sheet
auntyalias (2:47:15 PM): roll back
auntyalias (2:47:25 PM): cut INSIDE that indentation to get a seam
that does not over lap
shargoose (2:47:44 PM): Yup, got it
shargoose (2:48:19 PM): That's been my problem
shargoose (2:48:36 PM): Usually cut it just a tad too big and get a
lup for a seam
shargoose (2:48:59 PM): I ment lump
auntyalias (2:51:21 PM): now to make this narrower in width and longer
in length just pull it from both ends
auntyalias (2:52:36 PM): I'll roll it since it does not have a design
inside the bulls eye
auntyalias (2:52:46 PM): if there were a design inside I would not
roll it, just pull it
auntyalias (2:52:57 PM): for the design tends to get mashed up and
goofy if you roll it
auntyalias (2:55:08 PM): the translucent will let the light through
auntyalias (2:55:14 PM): the purple will tint the color of the light
shargoose (2:56:15 PM): Pretty
auntyalias (2:56:21 PM): did you see me shine the light through that
votive candle holder?
shargoose (2:56:29 PM): Yes
auntyalias (2:56:30 PM): all the petals were translucent in the middle
of the petal
auntyalias (2:56:37 PM): color was on the ouside of the translucent
auntyalias (2:58:28 PM): I'm taking pictures as we go along for I
promised someone a tutorial on tiffany lamps
auntyalias (2:58:43 PM): but I got to go to the loo, how about a 5
minute break?
shargoose (2:58:58 PM): K
frogger70301 (2:59:22 PM): gonna head out for a little while. SIL's
coming tomorrow and got some last minute clean up to do. I'll come
back later on.
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ondoa12002 (3:01:00 PM): am leaving too. as you are gonna make a
tutorial, i will take a look on it
ondoa12002 (3:01:18 PM): be back on Monday, bye
auntyalias (3:01:26 PM): Ok see you Monday
wi1dangl (3:01:34 PM): have a good weekend
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auntyalias (3:04:54 PM): who was on longest? I need the log
ljcswartz (3:05:03 PM): I may have some of it
auntyalias (3:05:13 PM): Jackie.... could you copy the log for me and
email it to me?
auntyalias (3:05:22 PM): I think you might have been on the longest
shargoose (3:05:28 PM): Guess it
ljcswartz (3:05:31 PM): sure..... which email?
shargoose (3:05:54 PM): s time to go. Will liik for the tutorial,
Thanks, Bye
shargoose left the room
auntyalias (3:06:04 PM): everyone will have to close cam windows and
open them up again

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