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04-17-03: Demo on making a mini breakfast

auntyalias: Sorry I had to reboot
frogger70301: wb, hon!
auntyalias: my cusor would disappear when it was over the chat window
buci131: whew--I was starting to think I was going to miss another
auntyalias: I got Eva on cam, is Linda and Mitch going to open my cam?
frogger70301: oh, sorry. Got to messing with my faces.
auntyalias: Poor Eva. I don't think I'm ready for the hinging yet, got
distracted with the micro mini figures
auntyalias: Check out what I made this afternoon
lindaslists: Talking to my Mom on the phone.
frogger70301: oh, wow. She came out awesome!
lindaslists: I love the figure on the tin
buci131: looks great!
auntyalias: door
auntyalias: back
lindaslists: Love your leaves
auntyalias: was aiming for autumn leaves but they are more like leaves
seen with polarized eyes or something
lindaslists: I love abby normal-LOL
auntyalias: So, any requests. I just woke up
lindaslists: Just glad to be viewing again
lindaslists: Do you have a mini breakfast?
auntyalias: did y'all get to see the link I sent through today, facial
expressions and posture = story?
buci131: nope
auntyalias: need the link?
buci131: I don't remember seeing that post--please
lindaslists: I want to make bacon, eggs and toast.
buci131: somebody hungry?
lindaslists: Coworker is interested
Lil' Man
lindaslists: He is the dietary manager
auntyalias: Ok, I think we can do a mini breakfast
lindaslists: Yeah!!!!!
buci131: those minis are great, NJ
techi_mom56 joined the room
buci131: I'm gonna have to work thru them soon
buci131: Hi Nancy
auntyalias: Here are the canes I use for breakfast
auntyalias: going from left to right I have bread cane
auntyalias: hard boiled egg cane that can work for sunny side up fried
auntyalias: potato cane for home fries
auntyalias: bacon cane
biodredd joined the room
frogger70301: Hi, Nancy and Dave.
techi_mom56: hi mitch...
buci131: Hi Dave
techi_mom56: hi dave
biodredd: hello!
buci131: is that bacon?
frogger70301: Nite all.
frogger70301: oooh, these kids have got to go to bed. I'm gonna have
to head out.
biodredd left the room
buci131: I can't see well thru the magnifier--is she working with
bacon right now?
lindaslists: yes
buci131: got it
buci131: so she took a slice of bacon cane and worked with it to make
it ruffled
auntyalias: let me get the bacon link
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Bacon-grp.htm
auntyalias: check out the second picture for the how to on the bacon
buci131: thanks
lindaslists: Thanks
lindaslists: Fried Eggs?
buci131: so you slice a piece and work with it to look fried/curled at
the appropriate places
auntyalias: yes, do the edges of the bacon with a "paper tearing" move
lindaslists: I think I can figure the yolk but the white has me
baffled. TLS and white with maybe a trace of pearl?
auntyalias: see how just the slice alone doesn't work
buci131: it's amazing how much it looks like bacon when you add that
techi_mom56: i gotta go...youngest son is home for 2 days...(nintendo
kid...and oooohh he brought the new gameboy...reallly cool)
auntyalias: but when the edges are rippled it looks cooked, when cured
that translucent will go clear and look really cooked
buci131: see ya Nancy
techi_mom56: catch you all later
auntyalias: Ok Nancy
auntyalias: see ya later
techi_mom56 left the room
auntyalias: now what I got to get for this egg cane here is brown
auntyalias: brb
buci131: sunny-side up
lindaslists: For the toasty edges
buci131: slice of egg cane, using a clay shaper to add texture to the
buci131: gives it depth so it's not just flat
buci131: adding brown eyeshadow to the edges for the toasty look, as
you said
buci131: with the bacon
lindaslists: Yum
buci131: looks yummy--now we just need the potatoes
lindaslists: I always liked breakfast for dinner
buci131: my mom's like that--she'll eat it for any meal
buci131: potato cane
buci131: right?
lindaslists: Yep. Natasha that?
buci131: what's happening?
lindaslists: Not sure
auntyalias: take potato cane
lindaslists: Steak Fries?
auntyalias: make a potato by pinching the ends
auntyalias: cut in half
auntyalias: dice
auntyalias: dust with brown eyeshadow
buci131: voila--home fries
buci131: the delicious dish
buci131: oh, forgot about the bread--how could I
lindaslists: And a slice of toast to dip in the yolk-Yum
buci131: with butter of course
lindaslists: Spread on that butter
buci131: eek--we just moved into outer space
auntyalias: just for size reference
buci131: yep, pretty amazing
lindaslists: Does that previous link have most of these canes used?
auntyalias: The last link was for the bacon
auntyalias: let me get you the bread link
lindaslists: Ok
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/Bread-Grp.htm
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/food/1day/Breakfast.htm here's
scrambled eggs
auntyalias: now for that fried egg, it's Plumeria Petal put to use
lindaslists: Awesome
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Flowers/Plumeria/Plumeria-grp
auntyalias: Plumeria petal with a little bit more white is hard boiled
egg, that mashed about the sides with brown eyeshadow is fried egg
lindaslists: Ok. I was going to ask what plumeria was.
auntyalias: the cane slices are on top of the magnifying glass there
auntyalias: when just sliced they are flat, but when they are
textured, rippled, dusted with color, smeared with butter
auntyalias: then they do take on a certain life of their own