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CheeseBurger and Fries: There is a difference between the bottom of a hamburger bun and the top. That toasty color on the top of the burger is just such a bust if you use it for the bottom also. Mix your toasty color and run a sheet through the pasta press. Mix the inner bread but make enough for two sheets and some lightening for the toasty mix to make the bottom color. Confused?  Don't be. Take a bit of the toasty mix and add to it the inner bread color...that will be the bottom of the bun, it also keeps it within the same HUE family. So you have sheets of top, bottom and middle.

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Take a sheet of top and middle and layer them and run them through the press as one. Take a sheet of bottom and middle and layer and run through the press as one. Then take a cut out tool and cut out the hamburger buns. To make the top look convincing run your finger tip on the edge, pulling the straight cut edge down like a slope. Make the best hamburger bun top. Do not layer the three colors together and think you can slice it down the middle. I know, it's not easy breezy.