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Demo Stuff Jan-Dec 2005

01-28-05, Log 3, Making Effort To Reel Folks Into Chat

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Friday Night COC Demo, Log 3, Roll Call
Please, first name and location, mention if this is
your first time in Demo, thanks
Missy~VA: sry mary HER
bernie: yes serena, i can finally do sculpts on cam
Teddy: roof is on now
norajean_sf: <<<< That's me
Teddy: Teddy. Florida
Marlea in PA: <<<-----((((( me too
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
Donna_in_NV: <<rain and snow in Silver Springs
Missy~VA: <~~~ me
serena8805: do you put your eye impressions and nose
into the foil
krafteame: LisaT N. Carolina
Missy~VA: <~~~~ goin to bernies!
Tammy: <~~~aka tily072096 in Idaho
Missy~VA: lisa where abouts in nc?
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
bernie: have four bedrooms missy
jill_z_q: Suzy in So Calif
artnut909: Michele, CA
Missy~VA: im on nc border
bernie: cozy home
Alix: <<< Neptune via NC
Missy~VA: hehehehe
bernie: lots of love here
bernie: you can come anytime
Missy~VA: ty!
krafteame: NC and what other state Missy?
Marlea in PA: bernie is the closest to me...maybe I
could come over and see ya sometime bernie
Missy~VA: might have to take u up on that bern!
creationsbypat: Hi this is my first time in chat Pat
Pensacola, FL
Missy~VA: shut up mar!
jill_z_q: Hi Pat
Missy~VA: NOW
norajean_sf: Ok, before I go forward, are there any
questions outside of how to get a clearer cam shot
Donna_in_NV: Hi Pat, Welcome
Marlea in PA:  Missy
Missy~VA: im in VA
norajean_sf: Questions?
Donna_in_NV: NJ, Pat's new - we need a mugging
Marlea in PA: Hi Pat
Tammy: I have one what tools are needed for this
Donna_in_NV: Pat, got the webcam on
bernie: hi pat
norajean_sf: Ah, Pat, do you have my cam open?
Missy~VA: kraft?
creationsbypat: No web cam yet sorry
norajean_sf: See the TV Icon by my name?
Missy~VA: im in VA right on the NC border!
norajean_sf: Right click on that and choose "view
norajean_sf: ok?
krafteame: what are you making Kat, I came N late?
norajean_sf: Also new folks, save this room as a
favorite room if you've not done so already
Marlea in PA: brb folks
serena8805: how to you do that
Missy~VA: hb mar!
You have invited creationsbypat to view your webcam.

Tammy: NJ are there any special tools needed for this
Missy~VA: serena
Kat Indpls IN: This is another faux dichroic pendant i
just put some pen foiling on the edges
serena8805: yes?
Tammy: I have clay thats it
Missy~VA: up in left corner there is the word chat
norajean_sf: Sent you an invite to cam Pat, but I
should ask...are you in chat through the list's
webpage chat and not through Yahoo Messenger?
Missy~VA: cllick that
serena8805: yes
krafteame: How do we save the room to favorites
Missy~VA: then fav room
Donna_in_NV: The foil really sets it off Kat -
Missy~VA: then add
norajean_sf: I have a feeling Pat's in through the
webpage chat, so she'll have to get my cam off of the
Yahoo Messenger's Friend's list
Kat Indpls IN: yes it does Carla suggested it
Missy~VA: did u get that craft?
artnut909: that's awesome kat!
serena8805: Missy, thanks, glad someone is watching
out for me. lol
Missy~VA: np hun
Missy~VA: kraft...did u get how to add?
norajean_sf: Ah Pat's got cam open now, Pat you ready
for your mugging?
Missy~VA: just tryin to help nj out tonight
norajean_sf: time for a mugging
creationsbypat: ok got it now
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: cool, Kat!
krafteame: I hit the "add room to favorites" button
Isthat right Missy?
Kat Indpls IN: bracelet tiles
meplus5kids: Kat, those are great!!
Donna_in_NV: love those quilt squares Kat
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: yes, Kraft
countrylady100ca left the room
Missy~VA: that should be right kraft
Alix: Chat>Favorite Rooms>Add room
krafteame: Thank you Rossija
Donna_in_NV: sonya needs super glue
Missy~VA: kraft...ur name is what?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Lisa, right?
Missy~VA: karen?
Missy~VA: lol
krafteame: Lisa T
Missy~VA: dang
Missy~VA: u won mary
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: lol, Missy
Donna_in_NV: artnut, what's ur name
norajean_sf: Ok, any questions about mini food in
general ask now, after this we're taking "Short
Orders" for mini food
Marlea in PA: phew, I'm back...hard to keep up, I'm
just so dang popular tonight, lol
Missy~VA: so lisa im on the VA/NC border
jill_z_q: Artnut is Michelle
Missy~VA: michele
jill_z_q: giggle
Missy~VA: oh hush suzy
Marlea in PA: I have a question NJ
Donna_in_NV: thanks, jill
Marlea in PA: how could we do a pomagranate
jill_z_q: pomagranate would be cool
norajean_sf: Marlea, I was making effort to do
jill_z_q: I saw one down in real jewels rubies
Marlea in PA: oh really?
jill_z_q: it was lucious
krafteame: Im about a 40 min about Charolette Nc right
outside Kannapolis/Salisbury
Donna_in_NV: they taste so good but so hard to eat!
jill_z_q: er done not down
norajean_sf: and I just couldn't figure it out. I can
do grapes, but the Pomagranate has that yellow skin
Alix: Polynesian Picnic
Marlea in PA: i love them because they keep me busy,
Donna_in_NV: you lit a candle in it, Kat - that's
norajean_sf: and how do we bury the red berries in
that yellow skin?
Marlea in PA: no big deal- we'll figure it out
eventually, right? lol
krafteame: That is really pretty Kat
jill_z_q: that is a hard one
Kat Indpls IN: yep hang on going to shut the other
lighs off see how this looks
jill_z_q: pretty Kat
norajean_sf: see these grapes, have a dark clay inside
and translucent outside, that would work with a
purplish red
Marlea in PA: have to bake them firsti guess
norajean_sf: but it's that yellow skin
norajean_sf: ya, maybe huh
norajean_sf: but I was thinking about that myself
krafteame: OH how beautiful!!!
Donna_in_NV: NJ, check Kat's candle holder!!
Marlea in PA: but a lot of work to do all of that
jill_z_q: maybe make the yellow skin then add the red
norajean_sf: Anyone have any "Short Orders"?
Marlea in PA: oh pretty Kat
krafteame: wow that is beautiful with the lights off!!
Tammy: Kat thats lovely
jill_z_q: I would like a chocolate cream pie
serena8805: Kat, very pretty
norajean_sf: I can't have everyone's cam open because
I'm getting IMs to reel folks in, and I'm fixing to do
meplus5kids: NJ, I know I missed the last few demos,
did you finish the dragon?
Donna_in_NV: it was pretty with light's on but now!!!
jill_z_q: and you send that fed ex overnight NJ? You
guys have some yummy bakeries
Tammy: NJ is there any tools needed for this????
norajean_sf: No I've done nothing on the dragon, Jean
norajean_sf: yes I'll show you my mini food tools
meplus5kids: Okay, thanks
Donna_in_NV: someone get screen shot of Kat's
candleholder for NJ - I don't know how
jill_z_q: lemon merigune pie
msraven54 joined the room
Donna_in_NV: Hi Sandy
maelindesigns joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: i'll take a picture of it lit and unlit
and send it through the picture list now this one even
i like LOL
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Debbie!
Marlea in PA: hi raven and debbie
Donna_in_NV: Hi Maelin
maelindesigns: Hiya Eveyrone!
msraven54: Hi Donna and Everyone
krafteame: I was checking around to find where I could
get some more UTEE fOr Sunday and I found out that
Micheals, Ben Franklins and AC Moore Crafts stores
carry it just in case anyone needs some asap for
maelindesigns: How is everyone tonight?
Donna_in_NV: 2 clay shapers, skinny skewer and kraft
jill_z_q: I found a toy in my frosted flakes
Donna_in_NV: and cutters of various sizes
maelindesigns: Hobby Lobby also carries UTEE - you're
talking about thick embossing powder, right?
msraven54: UTEE?
Marlea in PA: doing pretty good Debbie...eyes are
foating from drinking a lot of lemon water but doing
Tammy: thank you Donna
Donna_in_NV: UTEE = ultra thick embossing enamel
krafteame: A little robot toy Jill? I did too
jill_z_q: yeah
jill_z_q: grin
norajean_sf: ok, here's the secret to mini food.
Translucent Liquid Sculpey and clay for color
msraven54: Duh..
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the
Donna_in_NV: Hi, Lynn
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Howdy Ho Good Neighbors
maelindesigns: Hi Lynn
rickiebeth2005: hi Lynn
msraven54: Oh Food--
Donna_in_NV: NJ making mini food
Marlea in PA: hi Lynn
norajean_sf: and mini silverware
krafteame: Yes UTEE , Ultra Thick embossing Powder
msraven54: Hi Lynn
jill_z_q: you know the cardboard thing it came with
maelindesigns: awesome - mini food
Missy~VA: kat?
jill_z_q: that would make a great template for napkin
msraven54: What Kat making?
norajean_sf: when you need to make the cross hatch on
peanut butter cookies, use a mini fork
Missy~VA: what size cookie cutter do i need kat??????
jill_z_q: how cute
maelindesigns: clever - NJ, Very clever
Missy~VA: dumb question huh???
norajean_sf: when you're putting peanut butter on a
sandwich use a mini knife
krafteame: No, I didnt get any card board thing(???)
Marlea in PA: now dumb questions here, lmbo
Kat Indpls IN: oh sorry hang on
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: or frosting a mini cake?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: now I"m hungry
maelindesigns: mini food uses mini tools - makes
jill_z_q: yeah my guy was surround in a cardboard and
plastic bag
Missy~VA: join the club lynn
norajean_sf: yes Mary, that's it exactly
Missy~VA: lol
jill_z_q: perfect size of a napkin holder
norajean_sf: when you're picking up some small bit of
mini food, use two clay shapers, cone tip, use them
like chop sticks
Kat Indpls IN: about 2" wide or so any design that is
pleasing to you and will be easy to wrap clay around
the sides
Donna_in_NV: might be fun to make mini silverware and
china dishes
krafteame: Im sorry you lost me, are you taking to me
maelindesigns: it would, Donna.
creationsbypat: Yes I am in the webpage chat How do I
add this room as a favorite?
norajean_sf: or wedge shape
maelindesigns: brb
Missy~VA: i was asking kat what size cutter we would
need for demo sunday
Donna_in_NV: go to chat top left - click - drop down
to favorites - click - then click "add room"
jill_z_q: have you made merngue <sp> NJ?
norajean_sf: Pat, if you're in the chat through the
webpage, are you using a MAC?
krafteame: I got confused so much going on. I have the
cookie cutters , from smooze with suz, the three
creationsbypat: no PC
norajean_sf: you cannot save the room as a favorite on
the webpage chat
Kat Indpls IN: this moon one i just reform cut so
really if you don't have one don't sweat it
creationsbypat: oh ok
norajean_sf: Ok, PC users log into Yahoo Messenger, I
send out an invite at the beginning of chat
krafty_karen_mc left the room
krafty_karen_mc joined the room
creationsbypat: so I can get in the chat via yahoo Msg
norajean_sf: they come to a chat room, do you want to
leave out of there and get my invite and join us in
chat here?
Donna_in_NV: wb Karen
norajean_sf: log into Yahoo Messenger and send me an
krafteame: Did you make that using the cookie cutter
and UTee kat?
creationsbypat: k
norajean_sf: I'll send you an invite and reel you into
here, then you can save the room as a favorite
Tammy: Ohh Kat that is so pretty
norajean_sf: coolness, let's do that Pat
maelindesigns: back
Kat Indpls IN: no cookie cutter for this one freeform
and utee
krafty_karen_mc: hI AGIAN... got booted...
msraven54: wow Kat way cool
Donna_in_NV: yahoo mean tonite
Missy~VA: i mean for sunday demo kat
Marlea in PA: happened to me earlier Karen
Missy~VA: u said u used an oval cc didnt ya?
Missy~VA: will any do?
Kat Indpls IN: just a round circle cutter about 2" is
fine or an oval
krafteame: I have had so much trouble trying to get
the utee right I can get it ok on the front on a flat
surface but the sides and back do not turn out if I
try to do them.
Donna_in_NV: so a tin can (clean) would work as a
Kat Indpls IN: the other three i did i used a oval
Kat Indpls IN: sure
norajean_sf: reeling Pat into this chat room
julia_dodge left the room
countrylady100ca joined the room
Alix: ...
very few food pics, but GREAT Polynesian page
Kat Indpls IN: this is just a top surface of utee
babasbunja left the room
Missy~VA: wb sonya
Missy~VA: wb bernie
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: oops, lost Bernie
Alix: watz utee?
Missy~VA: hiya julia
Kat Indpls IN: think swimming pool
Kat Indpls IN: utee is the water
Missy~VA: ultra think embossing enamel
Kat Indpls IN: and the clay is the sides of the pool
countrylady100ca: Finally My daughter zzz but almost
fall to sleep until my hubby asked me help him to
looking for paperwork Groan
maelindesigns: forgive me if I'm a bit quiet tonight -
I have my TENS unit on and it makes me very relaxed -
Missy~VA: i think thats what it is alix
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: that's right Missy
Alix: Missy TY
Kat Indpls IN: <kat quietly stealing Debs TENS unit
and putting it on her back>
maelindesigns: LOL Kat
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I could use a tens unit right
bernie (babasbunja) joined the room
maelindesigns: It feels goooooooooooood - I have a
spasm in my mid back tonite from FM
Missy~VA: wb bernie
Donna_in_NV: 3 cheers for logs - can get all the info
we miss here
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: wb bernie
Donna_in_NV: WB bernie
Missy~VA: kat one more question?
maelindesigns: I love mine - so relaxing
norajean_sf: Marlea your Mom's on the way
maelindesigns: WB Bernie
Kat Indpls IN: sure Missy
countrylady100ca: What happeing to NJ
Marlea in PA: lol- thanks NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I actually could use a good
looking man giving me a back rub right now
countrylady100ca: oops
bernie: thanks, got the boot, lol
Marlea in PA: didn't know she was still trying
Missy~VA: what will keep the UTEE in place?
Donna_in_NV: me too Lynn
norajean_sf: I'm reeling Pat and Marlea's Mommy into
maelindesigns: I got one of those too -
Kat Indpls IN: sides of clay
Donna_in_NV: Sorry, I gotta go pick up gs at school
dance - see you tomorrow
Missy~VA: your mom thinkin of comin with ya
in april?
margoraye joined the room
maelindesigns: nite donna
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: one that never wants to stop
rubbing your back cause his hands get tired....sigh
Missy~VA: bye donna
donna_stamps left the room
Marlea in PA: she mentioned it, if she does we'll get
a motel room
Missy~VA: welcome marg
maelindesigns: mine does that, too -  He had to put
the TENS on me tonite
Missy~VA: nooooooooo
Kat Indpls IN: its like a wall and once you melt that
stuff it aint going no where unless you heat it up
msraven54: I miss quite a bit tonite, feeling lousy.
Love what you are doing Kat.
Missy~VA: u will stay here
Marlea in PA: hiya Mom
margoraye: hello...everyone
litla62 joined the room
Missy~VA: marg ur mars mom?????
Kat Indpls IN: ty
Missy~VA: hiya lit
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: mine fell asleep on the couch
and his hands get tired
maelindesigns: hi marg
margoraye: yes
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hi Gini!
litla62: hi all
maelindesigns: hi Gini
msraven54: Hi everyone who joined I missed
Marlea in PA: yes, she's my Momma
Missy~VA: welcome then!
maelindesigns: lol ms raven
margoraye: love va.
litla62: how's life? what are we doing today?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: mini food
Missy~VA: i was sayin mar...u will NOT get a motel!
Marlea in PA: the room moves pretty fast Ma, just jump
in when you can
Missy~VA: u will stay here with me!
litla62: oh great
countrylady100ca: Be Right Back
Kat Indpls IN: folks i got to pack for guild and get
me arse in bed so i can make my meeting. I'll post the
pics on pic list before i close down tonight and ill
see you all tomorrow
Missy~VA: we will make room!!!
countrylady100ca left the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: wow I think that yellow blinded
Missy~VA: night kat!
margoraye: i am
Marlea in PA: you're too sweet Missy
maelindesigns: nite Kat - take care sweetie
msraven54: I have had horrid cold all week
Kat Indpls IN: Night all
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: night Kat
norajean_sf: Still working with Pat
Marlea in PA: Night Kat- thanks for everything
serena8805: nite kat
msraven54: nite Kat
meplus5kids: Night Kat
norajean_sf: she is not receiving my invites to the
chat room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nite Kate
Marlea in PA: thanks for reeling Mom in NJ
Kat Indpls IN:
litla62: night kat! be well.
norajean_sf: okie dokie
artnut909: nite kat
krafteame: Kat I tried to do something like that and
it leaked out. How do you seal the sides so it doesnt
leak out? I added my sides after I baked the base
could that be why?
maelindesigns: Kat - take care, ok?
Missy~VA: then if ur mom doesnt want to go with us she
can hit the mountain whilst we shop in nc
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: I think she's still here, NJ.
kgedrich left the room
Tammy: night kat
Marlea in PA: yes, Mom took me down that way when I
was little- beautiful country
Marlea in PA: right Mama?
Missy~VA: i hear u like galax marg?
krafteame: Oppps I didnt realize she (kat ) was
leaving I was busy typing
margoraye: love galax
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: galax?
Marlea in PA: lol- that place was an experience
margoraye: want to go again
Missy~VA: i lived on the other side...a lil place
maelindesigns: what is galax?
Marlea in PA: yes- they have a bluegrass festival
there in VA
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Well time for bed. I have 2
groups of people coming by to look at the house in the
am so I need some sleep
Missy~VA: well if u come with mar then u can do that
while we clay!
Missy~VA: nite lynn
msraven54: good luck Lynn an nite
litla62: bye lynn, sleep well then.
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: nite lynn
krafteame: I stayed at a motel in Galax when I moved
up here from fla
maelindesigns: nite Lynn take care
meplus5kids: Nite Lynn gl
margoraye: sounds good missy
Marlea in PA: Debbie they have a bluegrass festival
there every year
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nite...keep fingers crossed
someone wants to put a contract on this place
Alix: Fave artist from Hickory used to teach a lot in
Galax ... John Brady
margoraye: marlea is anxious to meet you
Missy~VA: i am soooooo looking forward to that clay
jill_z_q: check out the lastest monitor cleaner its so
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Good luck with the house,
maelindesigns: sounds fun, Marlea! the North TX Irish
fest is having the bluegrass theme this year
Missy~VA: she is my bestest buddy!!!
litla62: jii is it that with the cat?
maelindesigns: Celtic music inspired bluegrass, did ya
know that?
lvmypolymerclay left the room
msraven54: Really Maelynn?
norajean_sf: Sorry gang, still working with Pat
jill_z_q: yeah
margoraye: love celtic and bluegrass
norajean_sf: Yahoo is not a perfect engine
Marlea in PA: that sounds awesome Debbie..wish I could
come to taht- aww an ur muh bestest pal too Missy
maelindesigns: it's cool NJ - I can keep a room
talkin' <grin>
msraven54: We will wait patiently
Missy~VA: marg we will see what is goin on that wkend
for u to do
margoraye: for sure
maelindesigns: I love Celtic music, too. One of my
favs is Aoife Clancy she is so great
margoraye: always something
krafteame: I have a question, who is lvmypolymerclay?
I keep gettin emails from this person and it is sent
in my spam folder so Ive been deleting them??
norajean_sf: Thanks gang, you know how it is to be
locked out of chat and keep on making effort to get in
Marlea in PA: yes. Mom has even started claying too
Alix: ntif site = account deactivated
jill_z_q: she is a clay member?
jill_z_q: Lynn
Missy~VA: lisa that is lynn
maelindesigns: we'll be fine, NJ. Gotta tend to those
who need to be reeled in.
msraven54: Lynn I think
margoraye: oh, yes, i clay
maelindesigns: hmmm - let me check it out brb
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: her name is Lynn. She's in the
process of selling her house & moving to Florida
Missy~VA: cool mar! then she can just clay with us if
she wants too
norajean_sf: Anyone else who has a webcam, please open
it and do show and tell while I help Pat, thanks
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Gonna be a party!
Marlea in PA: how would that be Mom, we could clay our
butt's off
margoraye: you'd love my
Missy~VA: wow
margoraye: yes we could
Marlea in PA: lol, yes, Mom and I have been learning
maelindesigns: It was deactivated - how odd!
norajean_sf: Gini, did you save this room as a
Favorite Room?
margoraye: i like miniatures
Missy~VA: we are goin to have....marlea, mary and marg
Missy~VA: lol
Missy~VA: ohhh and missy
Marlea in PA: lol Pahtay
litla62: yes NJ, Thanks a lot.
Marlea in PA: what, Lynn's name is deactivated?
msraven54: NJ rocks
krafteame: I feel bad I have been deleting all her
messages because they where going to spam folder and I
wasnt sure they were safe. I wonder why they were
going there??
Missy~VA: i have really been workin on the house
gettin things ready
margoraye: lol
krafteame: small world that is where I came from
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Maybe she was trying to
contact you to get info on Fla?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: dunno...
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: NJ, is that lettuce?
Missy~VA: marg....i have even told dd that she was
goin to her aunts that wkend
norajean_sf: yes, it's the way I make mini lettuce
Missy~VA: hubby works the entire wkend
Missy~VA: lol
jill_z_q: NJ is helping a fellow claymate
maelindesigns: no the Ntif site
krafteame: I am going to have to email her. I feel bad
Marlea in PA: lol, poor Brit...carted off
litla62: looks very tasty
norajean_sf: "Lettus Play" sounds like my mother
saying "Let us pray"
margoraye: good
maelindesigns: I'm a bit behind due to the meds and
Marlea in PA: it'll be fun
maelindesigns: or Let Us Spray with a water gun
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: looking forward to it!
norajean_sf: LOL
litla62: debbie, have you been ill?
Marlea in PA: oh too funny NJ
norajean_sf: Pat is not responding to IM
maelindesigns: I'm having back spasms from the
fibromyalgia today
norajean_sf: I don't know what the problem is
Marlea in PA: yes Mom Mary will be there too
litla62: oh bad - is it better now?
maelindesigns: it happens sometimes - I'm fortunate to
have the TENS unit to slow down the pain
Marlea in PA: the tens helps Debbie?
maelindesigns: I'm using the TENS right now and
feeling pretty good - it helps tremendously
Marlea in PA: thank goodness for it then
margoraye: mary is from /
Missy~VA: brit will be ok as long as she doesnt have
to spend that wkend with her
margoraye: ?
Missy~VA: ohio
Marlea in PA: from Ohio I believe
maelindesigns: I had an ice pack over the electrodes
earlier and that was nice too
margoraye: nice
norajean_sf: Ok, I can't do more for Pat because she's
not responding to IM
Marlea in PA: lol- Missy
norajean_sf: so...
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: duh.... I live in Dublin,
Marlea in PA: you tried NJ
norajean_sf: I'll show you some of my mini food canes,
how's that?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: suburb of Columbus
Marlea in PA: yes please NJ
norajean_sf: after I save log and go out and come back
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: cool, NJ
maelindesigns: I guess Yahoo is acting up tonight?

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