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Demo Stuff Jan-Dec 2005

01-28-05, Log 4, Mini Food Tricks, Using Translucent For Water in Mini Food

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Friday Night COC Demo, Log 4, Roll call
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
Marlea in PA: Marlea in PA
norajean_sf: <<<< that's me
litla62: gini, zürich, switzerland
Maelinde: Debbie Arlington, TX
Missy~VA: <~~~~me
Marlea in PA: and her Mom Margo
Marlea in PA: in PA too
artnut909: Michele in CA
margoraye: hi, margo in pa.
serena8805: here
Tammy: <~~~~~Idaho
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
bernie: bernie in pa
bernie: hi marlea's mom
margoraye: hello, bernie
bernie: welcome
Missy~VA: u gals dont know how much u comin is goin to
help me thru the next few months
margoraye: thank you muchly
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: is that onion & tomato?
Marlea in PA: Bernie is in PA too other side of the
state but PA nonetheless, lol
bernie: we pa people are precious, lol
Marlea in PA: It'll be a getaway for me too Missy
margoraye: yes we are
Maelinde: I'm a Calfornia Ex-pat LOL
Missy~VA: jessies bday is just tues
bernie: lol
Alix: <<<< NC "valley of humility between two
mountains of conceit" (quote from Congressional
Maelinde: (missing CA)
creationsbypat joined the room
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: love the avocado!
Maelinde: hi Pat
Missy~VA: wb pat
litla62: this avocado is great!
Marlea in PA: the tues before we arrive?
Missy~VA: no this tues
Missy~VA: feb 1
Maelinde: Randy says hi and he likes the avocado cane
Marlea in PA: oh honey, i didn't know that
Missy~VA: her heaven date is april 9
Maelinde: NJ - Randy said "bitchen 'cado, dudette" (he
made me type this)
Missy~VA: race is april 10
litla62: debbie, what about randy's ears? did you
manage to pierce them
Marlea in PA: I'll make sure I'm online tuesday. im me
if you'd like
Missy~VA: bernie i am goin to take that face!
norajean_sf: LOL, Tell Randy thanks
Missy~VA: ty hun
Maelinde: LOL gini
Missy~VA: dont know what im goin to do with myself
that day yet
Marlea in PA: i know- that face is something else
norajean_sf: now this is how we use the mini avocado
in a mini scene
Marlea in PA: Mom, do you have Bernie's web cam on?
margoraye: no
Marlea in PA: ohh Taco her
norajean_sf: I'll get her link
Marlea in PA: I'll IM you
margoraye: ok
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: I gotta get me some sleep....
see you tomorrow!
norajean_sf: take the different mini food you make a
build a mini scene
rossija9 left the room
Marlea in PA: goodnight Mary
litla62: bye mary
Marlea in PA: day late dollar short
Maelinde: NJ - the webcam view seems out of focus over
on my end. hmmm
Maelinde: nite Mary
Missy~VA: wow she was fast
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: we're having blurry problems
norajean_sf: nothing I can do to make it better
litla62: the pic's a little blurry
margoraye left the room
Maelinde: oh ok - no prob. I thought it was my meds at
first. LOL
Marlea in PA: yep- people have to hang a few secs to
let us say bye, lol
Marlea in PA: uh oh
Marlea in PA: lost ma
Marlea in PA: brb
norajean_sf: sure did
Maelinde: like a 10 second rule, Marlea? LOL
Alix: NJ ... Is redneck jedi one of ours? He's a
computer engineering tech
Marlea in PA: lol, exactly Debbie
Maelinde: he is - that is george
norajean_sf: ok, a trick about making canes for mini
food, start LARGE and then reduce
litla62: alix, sounds familiar to me
litla62: but I'm not 100 pro sure
Maelinde: it doesn't distort the cane to reduce it?
norajean_sf: Debbie, that's the thing about polymer
Marlea in PA: aww who is she Bernie? she's pretty
norajean_sf: you make it big, then reduce and the
design stays ok
norajean_sf: that's why it lends itself to doing
miniature food
norajean_sf: I don't do the lemons small
Maelinde: very cool - I need to make some canes like
that. I've only done the faux malachite
norajean_sf: that would make us all just crazier than
we already are
Missy~VA: that is bernies daughters
Marlea in PA: awww are they your daughters Bernies?
Maelinde: LOL - very true
krafty_karen_mc left the room
norajean_sf: start out large and then reduce to the
mini size you need
Missy~VA: arent they gorgeous????
Marlea in PA: yes beautiful
Maelinde: when you visit on tour, I want to learn mini
food canes in person.
norajean_sf: now folks we saying the tomato looked
Marlea in PA: we lost mom to puter problems- she had
fun in here though- thanks for her warm welcome
norajean_sf: that's because I put translucent clay
around the seeds and then surrounded that with the
meat of the tomato
Marlea in PA: yes- it did look really good
Missy~VA: i hope she will join us again mar!
Alix: NJ very smart lady
Maelinde: Randy likes the tomato! He said very
norajean_sf: when the clay is uncured you can't see
the juicy area around the seed
norajean_sf: when it is cured the translucent clears
Marlea in PA: yes- her puter and yahoo don't get along
litla62: tomato earrings for randy!!
Maelinde: LOL
norajean_sf: ok, trick for tonight
Maelinde: I never thought to use Translucent that way.
How cool
norajean_sf: in mini food where there's water use
translucent clay
mehreenx joined the room
Maelinde: hi Mehreen
norajean_sf: the area around the tomato seed is juicy
rickiebeth2005: Hi Mehreen..
mehreenx: Hello Everyone
norajean_sf: mostly water, so we surround the seed
colored clay with clay that is mostly translucent
norajean_sf: ok, how much water is in Lettuce?
rickiebeth2005: a lot
norajean_sf: it's about 80- 90%? Right?
Maelinde: isn't lettuce mostly water?
norajean_sf: ok, so how much translucent clay do you
use to make lettuce with clay?
Alix: about 99%
norajean_sf: Ah Alix is exactly right
Marlea in PA: ^5 Alix
Maelinde: quite abit
norajean_sf: ok, now grapes are mostly water, right?
litla62: hi mehreen
litla62: yep
Alix: yep
Maelinde: yeppers
creationsbypat: yep
norajean_sf: with a little dark bit in the center
mehreenx: Hello
Maelinde: surrounded with a small color of skin
norajean_sf: ok, so when making mini grape cane what
do you need to do?
msraven54: Hi Rickie Beth--Thanks so much for the
samples, got them this afternoon
rickiebeth2005: great !!!
Maelinde: probably a bullseye cane?
rickiebeth2005: you are very welcome
litla62: translucent, purple
norajean_sf: Gini, you're right
msraven54: they are great colors, and cool projects I
want to try
Maelinde: ahhhh.
Alix: dark cnter, TLS, dark skin cut w rtranslucent
norajean_sf: the outside of the bullseye needs to be
mostly translucent
norajean_sf: let me get you the link
Maelinde: I love learning this stuff. Espeically
interactive like this
Marlea in PA: I know, isn't it great Debbie
litla62: it's great fun, isn't it debbie?
Marlea in PA: lol
norajean_sf: Ok, now there's a lot of food with mostly
Maelinde: absolutely, Gini
norajean_sf: can you name a few?
Maelinde: celery
msraven54: melons?
Marlea in PA: watermelon...lots of h2o
Maelinde: hehehe
litla62: cucumber
rickiebeth2005: watermelon
Maelinde: pineapple
artnut909: onions?
norajean_sf: all citrus foods
mehreenx: oranges
norajean_sf: ok, so there's a section on my site with
dealing with juicy foods
norajean_sf: oranges, grapes, watermelon
norajean_sf: kiwi and even salmon roe
Maelinde: I saw the salmon roe - that looked real, NJ
norajean_sf: by using translucent clay in the place of
norajean_sf: we can simulate a juicy look
norajean_sf: yes?
Maelinde: absolutely!
msraven54: oh wow cool
litla62: that all looks soooo tasty, I'm getting
Maelinde: I had fruit for a snack after dinner
norajean_sf: ok, now taking this translucent clay a
step juicier, what will happen if we use Translucent
Liquid Sculpey?
norajean_sf: with foods?
norajean_sf: could we then get sauces?
norajean_sf: gravy?
norajean_sf: salad dressing?
Maelinde: it will simulate sauce and such
norajean_sf: glazes?
litla62: I'm thinking about breakfast
litla62: TLS?
norajean_sf: That's one secion of using Translucent
Liquid Sculpey with pasteries
msraven54: apricot glaze for Ham
Maelinde: biscuits and gravy - mmmm
norajean_sf: take TLS and mix it with white clay to
get whipped cream
Missy~VA: deb hush
msraven54: ummmmm
Maelinde: LOL Missy
norajean_sf: Oh I got biscuits and gravy
Missy~VA: that is my WEAKNESS!
Maelinde: I never had those til I moved to Texas
Missy~VA: noooooo nj please
Maelinde: Has anyone made grits with polymer clay yet?
norajean_sf: using TLS to make the gravy
Alix: maelin ... do someViennese for us
Maelinde: viennese sausages - that sounds good
Missy~VA: im gettin soooooo hungry
norajean_sf: Oh grits are very hard to do, Pearl,
white, translucent, chopped up very very small
maelindesigns left the room
Missy~VA: cant come to these demos much
norajean_sf: Opps lost Debbie
Missy~VA: would be big as a house
maelindesigns joined the room
Missy~VA: wb
maelindesigns: Yahoo booted me
Alix: No LOL ... Viennese pastry ... but sausage idea
good too
litla62: supposeyahoo threw her out
norajean_sf: Welcome back, the biscuits and gravy
booted you out
Marlea in PA: oh Missy- I do some great biscuits and
norajean_sf: ok, now dig
Marlea in PA: i can make them when i come
maelindesigns: Got the boot print in the caboose to
prove it, LOL
maelindesigns: I guess so, NJ. LOL
norajean_sf: if translucent clay can simulate glaze,
sauces and such
Marlea in PA: lol
norajean_sf: it can also simulate the toasty top of
maelindesigns: that is so cool!
Marlea in PA: ok, how so
norajean_sf: for the toasty top sort of gets lighter
as it goes over the side of the bread
maelindesigns: I never thought about the toasty bread
Missy~VA: ok mar! will hold ya to that!!!
norajean_sf: you make a mix that looks like melted
cheddar cheese
norajean_sf: and run it real thin
norajean_sf: top your mini bread with a sheet of it
norajean_sf: and smear it down the sides
norajean_sf: that's how I get the toasty top on my
mini bread
mehreenx: chocolate on donuts
maelindesigns: that looks so realistic, NJ!!!! wow
serena8805: Everyone, thanks for helping me with my
first webcam chat. Going to have to call it quits for
norajean_sf: See you Serena
Marlea in PA: oh cool nj
norajean_sf: we're here tomorrow too
maelindesigns: Nite Serena, take care sweetie
norajean_sf: Noon Pacific
Marlea in PA: bye Serana
maelindesigns: glad you could make it Serena
rickiebeth2005: BRB..
litla62: night serena
Marlea in PA: yes, night to "meet" you
norajean_sf: ok, let me get you the bread fixing in
the raw
Alix: How you do powdered sugar?
Missy~VA: nite serena!
maelindesigns: good question, Alix!!
Missy~VA: hope u join us tomorrow!
serena8805 left the room
Missy~VA: opps
litla62: pearl ex powder?
maelindesigns: embossing powder might work, too
Marlea in PA: yep Missy chipped beef, sausage,
whatever-only thing I make that Rich loves, lol, just
have to stop watching my weight when I come to see
you, lol
Alix: Best Krispy Kreme of all time ... powdered sugar
donut with blueberry filling
litla62: STOP - I'm sooo hungry!
Marlea in PA: sounds good Alix
Missy~VA: we will go easy on ur diet!
maelindesigns: blueberry filling might be challenging,
too but fun to try
Marlea in PA: lol
norajean_sf: dig it, the melted cheddar cheese is
pressed to the bread dough
norajean_sf: into one sheet
litla62: I'm so sorry folks - I have to leave and
seize my saturday. it's 7 AM here...
Marlea in PA: NJ making bread?
maelindesigns: Take care, Gini! It was great to see
you again
krafteame: wher are you at litla62?
litla62: bye and have fun you all. I'll try and join
Alix: Ate my first one in the back seat of a British
Rolls Royce (steering wheel on right)
norajean_sf: cut a circle out of that sheet and lay it
on a ball of bread dough and smear down the side
litla62: Switzerland
norajean_sf: Gini is in Switzerland
maelindesigns: see ya later, Gini! Have a great day
norajean_sf: she gets up early to join us on her
Saturday, bless her heart
Marlea in PA: wow-go and have a wonderful day Gini
krafteame: wow!!! have you been up all night
Tammy: gotta put the baby down brb
norajean_sf: ok, I got to save log, brb
Missy~VA: hb tammy
Marlea in PA: hb Tammy
litla62: no I'm up for one hour now
Missy~VA: bye lit
norajean_sf: good time for a break, I'll extend demo
for a while longer tonight
Marlea in PA: darn you're quick from teh gate Missy
maelindesigns: what are your plans today, Gini?
krafteame: bye lit
norajean_sf: instead of ending right now
norajean_sf: ok?
norajean_sf: who's up for an extended demo to see some
bread made?
Missy~VA: should i say ty mar???
Missy~VA: lol
litla62: household things, taking care of my horse,
going to the hairdressers, invited to dinner in the
evening, no clay
Marlea in PA: lol, you're a fast one with
Marlea in PA: the typing, lol
maelindesigns: well it sounds like a fun day, though
Alix: Wish I could trust my van that far ... Gravy one
of the few things I'm really good at.
Missy~VA: i try

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