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Demo Stuff Jan-Dec 2005

01-28-05, Log 5, Extended Friday Demo, Mini Bread

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Friday Night COC Demo, Log 5, Extended
Mini Food Demo
norajean_sf: got booted
Maelinde: wb NJ
Missy~VA: wb nj
Missy~VA: <~~~~me
norajean_sf: close out old cam windows and open my cam
Marlea in PA: glad to see you back NJ
norajean_sf: I got booted when I went to save log
krafteame: ok I will try, I hope I dont get lost
norajean_sf: made my hair stand up on end
Marlea in PA: oh my
bernie: wow nj, you are super clear on cam now
norajean_sf: well see, I don't know what does that
bernie: maybe the boot did something
Maelinde: got boot prints on your bum? LOL
krafteame left the room
Maelinde: cam is clearer ove rhere too
bernie: first time not blurred here
norajean_sf: Here is the banana cane
Maelinde: that is a banana! How awesome
norajean_sf: so when you make Skabanana sandwiches
Marlea in PA: awesome. nananutter sammys
norajean_sf: you can have banana slices
Maelinde: Randy just went to bed and asked me to say
goodnight to you for him. I'm still in chat.
Missy~VA: nite randy
Marlea in PA: awe, night Randy
Marlea in PA: that is so good NJ
Maelinde: he had a long day at work today -
programmers work is never done kind of stuff
Marlea in PA: looks so real
Missy~VA: now i want a nana!
norajean_sf: make the banana cane big and reduce to
the size you need
krafteame (krafteame) joined the room
norajean_sf: let's slice off one more to finish this
Missy~VA: wb lisa
Maelinde: that is so cool that the cane doesn't
distort when reducing
Marlea in PA: yep, I know how that goes with my Rich,
a mechanic always has more to do
Maelinde: wb Lisa
Missy~VA: does everyone see bernies cam??? look at
that face!!!!!
greatauntjudy left the room
Marlea in PA: i know, she's good isn't she
Marlea in PA: goldfinger
Maelinde: I don't have Bernie in my messenger - I'll
have to ask her to add me
Missy~VA: i feel sooooooooooooo behind now
Marlea in PA: I like Gooooolllld
Maelinde: feel free to add me
Missy~VA: deb do u have a list to ur right?
Maelinde: I do
Missy~VA: with names and lil tvs next to it?
Marlea in PA: that is just great- you know I'll have
to make some nananutter earring now to go with the
pb&j ones NJ
Maelinde: In messenger, right?
Missy~VA: are u here thru website chat?
norajean_sf: Have you seen the PB&J foldie beads?
Maelinde: yes I'm in the website
Marlea in PA: yes, you showed me them but I'm sure
others would like to see
Marlea in PA: too dang cool
Missy~VA: well then u will have to add bernie to ur
messenger then
Marlea in PA: I LOVE little food as jewelry
Maelinde: I just did.
Maelinde: those look good enough to eat, NJ
norajean_sf: I'll get the link
Maelinde: Randy has asked me to never make polymer
clay life sized cookies - LOL
Marlea in PA: darn, I'm off white bread...maybe make
some with wheat, lol
Marlea in PA: lol- that would be great Debbie
Maelinde: great practical joke on him - LOL
Marlea in PA: I just might have to do that for april
fool's day
Missy~VA: he looks serious there bernie!
Maelinde: Just wait til Feb -the Joshua is having a
"Death By Chocolate" auction and I'm making real
edible goodies
Marlea in PA: Rich is awful then- ALWAYS gets me,
maybe I'll get him this year
Alix: WTG on the camera NJ
Maelinde: chocolate dipped strawberries, assorted hand
dipped chocolates, heart shaped cookies on a stick -
Marlea in PA: hush now Debbie
Marlea in PA: you're killing me here, lol
Maelinde: LOL
norajean_sf: next time my cam is blurry I'll log out
and come back in, that seemed to fix it
Marlea in PA: yes, it's crystal clear now NJ
Maelinde: It sure did, NJ - wonder why that is?
Marlea in PA: there are those hot buns
Marlea in PA: lol
Missy~VA: yep crystal clear
Maelinde: Taht mask Bernie is doing is faboo!
Missy~VA: njs got hot buns
Missy~VA: lol
No Han Solo (rednecked_jedi) joined the room
Marlea in PA: bernies you're mask is just beautiful
krafteame left the room
Missy~VA: hiya
Maelinde: hi George
Missy~VA: is it george?
Marlea in PA: hehheh, hot buns
Missy~VA: lol
No Han Solo: hey all
Missy~VA: im tryin
rickiebeth2005: those buns are wonderful in person..I
have seen them with my own eyes..
mehreenx: i don't see any other web cams on???
Maelinde: those buns look so good
bernie: thank you folks, i'm with some talented people
here who inspire me
Maelinde: Bernie has one on
Alix: Hiya George
Marlea in PA: shame on you Rickiebeth
krafteame (krafteame) joined the room
Marlea in PA: lol
norajean_sf: To make these baked buns
norajean_sf: it starts out with a sheet like this
Maelinde: Inspiration is always good isn't it, Bernie?
Missy~VA: i love bernies things!
norajean_sf: with the melted cheddar cheese mix
pressed to bread dough
Missy~VA: man nj.......
norajean_sf: and just cut out circles, and mash the
circles over a ball of bread dough
mehreenx: yeah it is...couldn't see the small tv
bernie: i thrive on it
norajean_sf: SMEAR the translucent mix down the sides
Marlea in PA: sorry- I have a 10 yr olds sense of
humor, say buns or poo and I giggle
Missy~VA: now im goin to HAVE to get something to
Maelinde: wow - so simple
bernie: being with creeative people
norajean_sf: it took me two years to figure that out
because other clay teachers wouldn't share
Maelinde: I'm full from dinner, so no worries for me.
Maelinde: I think we should share our techniques and
ideas - that is why we're here.
Missy~VA: <~~~ goin to have to just get deb tonight
Marlea in PA: thank goodness for you NJ- I met only
one other person who sells and she didn't even want to
talk to me
Maelinde: <evil grin>
Alix: Crummy NJ ... There's room for everyone in
polyclay field
No Han Solo: wunder buns?
mehreenx: looks really cute nj
norajean_sf: Now this is how these buns are made
norajean_sf: ready?
Maelinde: I'm going to share beading secrets in the
bead group - not many people do that
Maelinde: ready, NJ
Missy~VA: i have asked questions to others and they
never answer
mehreenx: yeah
Marlea in PA: cool Debbie
No Han Solo: glad to see n't loafing..
No Han Solo: nj even
Marlea in PA: yep - always a big secret
Missy~VA: deb whats the group name?
Maelinde: CITYBeaders
rickiebeth2005: I am in that group..
No Han Solo: looks like a little baseball
Marlea in PA:  george
Maelinde: It is still in its infancy, but we have
plans for some cools tuff
Missy~VA: im goin to have to join that one too
rickiebeth2005: it does..
Missy~VA: love beads!
norajean_sf: just put a ball of bread dough on a
circle of that pressed sheet, the sheet is bread dough
color with the melted cheddar cheese mix pressed
rickiebeth2005: I thought so, too..a baseball
Maelinde: It is on NJ's join page -
Missy~VA: meds making me sleepy
Marlea in PA: helping your pain MIssy?
Maelinde: That is so cool, NJ. I never thought using
the cheddar cheese mix would work for the top of the
Missy~VA: yes ty mar
Marlea in PA: good, better to be sleepy than hurting
Maelinde: my meds are making me sleepy, too, but I'm
enjoying this too much to sleep. LOL
Missy~VA: i hope i can remember to join deb
Marlea in PA: we'll keep y'all up
Missy~VA: i have to go out in the morn and do a few
things before we goet all that dang ice
Missy~VA: get
No Han Solo: and to think i made my biscuits this
morning out of flour..
Maelinde: ya should've used clay, George - LOL
rickiebeth2005: actually bake/cook?
Missy~VA: back to talkin bout biscuits again
Missy~VA: lol
rickiebeth2005: I have not done that for a long time..
No Han Solo: yep.. pizza doughs to.. usually make
Missy~VA: rb specializes in tv dinners
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: you can't see when it is raw how the
color fades down the sides of the bun
Maelinde: NJ - looking very good!! I want dinner rolls
now. LOL
rickiebeth2005: I also make a great pizza dough
Marlea in PA: grrrr, like my son used to say when he
was little ' ahm hungry like a bearrrr"
cosmichicken joined the room
norajean_sf: it shows up after the curing
Maelinde: I see - kind of a glaze effect?
Missy~VA: lol mar
norajean_sf: I'll get the link for the cheddar cheese
mix from the Cheeseburger and fries tutorial
norajean_sf: yes it is like a glaze
Maelinde: cool
artnut909: that's awesome NJ
Marlea in PA: that really is SO realistic
Maelinde: It really is, Marlea. I like the basket
they're in, too
bernie: you are a master at making those biscuits
Biz-Archive/food/Cheeseburger Group
No Han Solo: <<< makes a lot of things from scratch
Marlea in PA: yes, it's so hard to believe you can do
all that with clay
bernie: mine would look burnt in real life and clay
Maelinde: then they'll be realistic, right, Bernie?
Marlea in PA: lol, maybe do them burnt on purpose in
clay...would be cute
Marlea in PA: there's that flour too
bernie: yep, burn everything, lol
krafteame: the webcame is really clear now
Maelinde: NJ - that braided loaf is so neat!
bernie: my webcam is frozen
Maelinde: how did you do the flour dusting? I'm amazed
at how realistic they look.
Missy~VA: i see that bernie
norajean_sf: all this bread was made with the same
Marlea in PA: there ya go Bernie
Alix: baking footnote for real rolls: brush very
lightly with water as they begin to brown
bernie: finally
norajean_sf: the flour is white pastel pencil shaved
on raw clay, then cured, the clay "opens up" and the
pigment goes inside, like a tattoo
bernie: lol
Maelinde: ahhhhh - how neat
norajean_sf: now this translucent toasty top
norajean_sf: is the easiest and the most under
utilized trick I have
Marlea in PA: it is an awesome trick
No Han Solo: for real boscuits, i wait till the first
sign of browning, then lightly brush a little bacon
grease on thier tops and let finish browning..
norajean_sf: took two years to figure it out and I
share it with you all freely, because the clay
teachers I met in the beginning said it was their
"trade secret"
norajean_sf: and I said
norajean_sf: "Not For LONG"
Maelinde: LOL NJ! I love it
Marlea in PA: see? happened to me too- darn stingy
norajean_sf: grrrr
Missy~VA: lol nj
Maelinde: knowledge should be free - or at least
easily afforded
norajean_sf: so every time anyone says they won't
share a technique
Tammy: hello all I'm back
norajean_sf: post the picture of it to CoCPix
norajean_sf: and we'll reverse engineer it
Maelinde: we'll reverse engineer it?
Maelinde: jinx!
norajean_sf: Jinz Debbie
Marlea in PA: oh nice....I'll remember that NJ
norajean_sf: pinkie swear
Maelinde: LOL
Marlea in PA: you ocoke
norajean_sf: jinx too
Marlea in PA: a coke* lol
norajean_sf: LOL
Missy~VA: lol mar
Maelinde: we're either psychic or psycho - or a bit of
both perhaps? LOL
Marlea in PA: crap- owe a coke
Missy~VA: my meds messin with ur head too huh?
Missy~VA: lol
Marlea in PA: lmbo
norajean_sf: connected by the third eye Debbie
Maelinde: LOL
Maelinde: we often are, NJ
Marlea in PA: must be strong stuff Missy
norajean_sf: ok, so remember, the trick of tonight is
Water = Translucent when doing mini food
Missy~VA: must be!
Maelinde: good trick to remember
No Han Solo: nj, is that a ink eraser pencil?
norajean_sf: Translucent Liquid Sculpey is water to
the mini food maker
norajean_sf: pastel pencil, George
Marlea in PA: no more nyquil and internet...
Maelinde: I'm on strong stuff, too - Robaxin and
LorTab. bad spasms today
Missy~VA: lol
norajean_sf: if you need to simulate something watery
in mini food use TLS
Missy~VA: i took a darvocet
Maelinde: I had Randy take off the TENS unit before he
went to bed so I didn't have to sleep with it on
jill_z_q: what is the TENS unit?
Tammy: Oh is the demo over?
norajean_sf: Darvocet gave me global temporary amnesia
after sugery
Maelinde: TLS for sauce/liquid regular translucent for
watery food
rickiebeth2005: must be very painful to be on such
strong meds..
Marlea in PA: have you used a heat gun with the tls
norajean_sf: made the family go YIKES for about 24
No Han Solo: ok, cause there's a trick i know with ink
eraser pencils.. use them to clean contacts on
electronics, they take off the grunge but won't even
scratch the metal
norajean_sf: nope, no heat gun here
norajean_sf: just the kitchen oven
Maelinde: I was on Soma last January after a car
accident and it rhymes with coma for a reason - LOL
Marlea in PA: that's even better NJ
Missy~VA: lol
Maelinde: I have a heat gun over here - haven't used
it on clay yet
rickiebeth2005: oh my...I hope that you are able to
get better after that accident..
Marlea in PA: lol, that's awful Debbie
Maelinde: great idea, George! I'll ask Randy if he
knows that tip
norajean_sf: I limit my tools and supplies to make my
tutorials accessable to artists on a budget
Alix: NJ ... can we look at wrappings tomorrow? Like
corn husk for tamales, grape leaves, cabbage?
Maelinde: I did after a lengthy bout of trigger point
injections and serious medication - last year's
January Catastrophe
jill_z_q: What is a TENS unit?
norajean_sf: yes, Alix that's a good suggestion, let
me get you the cabbage link
Marlea in PA: good thing you do too NJ
No Han Solo: << is full of stuff...
Maelinde: good idea, Alix
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-FruitNvegs
Maelinde: Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro Stimulation
Maelinde: it is for pain
jill_z_q: nod
Marlea in PA: holy cow Debbie
Missy~VA: great bernie!
norajean_sf: check it out
Maelinde: January is a bad month for us - LOL
norajean_sf: and I'll save log
jill_z_q: wow its so clear now NJ?
Marlea in PA: they zapped you under teh skin? is that
what that is?
norajean_sf: Suzy, the cam cleared up when I got
norajean_sf: go figure
norajean_sf: now I'll brb
No Han Solo: Transcutaneous Electrical Neuro
Stimulation??? i've done direct neuro induction.. it's
called a neuro phone
Maelinde: It is a machine that has electrodes (4) that
attach to a walkman sized unit to electrically massage
the muscles

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