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Demo Stuff Jan-Dec 2005

01-28-05, Log 6, Plans on Tomorrow's Demo on Mini Food

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norajean_sf: Friday Night COC Demo, Log 6, roll call
Maelinde: daily stretching works wonders
bernie: thank you
Alix: Nite all!!!
jill_z_q: Suzy So Calif
norajean_sf: <<<< that's me
Maelinde: Debbie in arlington, TX
mehreenx: Mehreen Pakistan
Marlea in PA: <<<---((( me
bernie: bernie in pa
rickiebeth2005: Rickie Beth in wet "Sunny
California'....Walnut Creek to be exact...
norajean_sf: brb
Marlea in PA: wow Mehreen, what time is it there?
Maelinde: k NJ
jill_z_q: I was eating vicodin like it was candy and
it really bothered me taking those types of drugs lol
Tammy: <~~~~Me in Idaho
rickiebeth2005: I cannot function iwthout them..
Alix: Alix in NC (back from Neptune)
jill_z_q: Did you vist Venus on the way back?
Maelinde: I can't function without them either these
Maelinde: LOL Jill
mehreenx: 11:37 AM
Marlea in PA: only Neptune? not all the way to PLuto?
Marlea in PA: it's 1:37 am here
rickiebeth2005: I take a tablet of methadone..
Maelinde: 12:37 here
Marlea in PA: almost time for your lunch
rickiebeth2005: and the pain is helped..
Alix: No ... it's too cold that far out.
jill_z_q: 10:37 here
Marlea in PA: lol, Neptune is just right?
jill_z_q: isn't that a neurcotic?
krafteame: Lisa T North Carolina
rickiebeth2005: yes, it is a narcotic..
Maelinde: Relafen is a great anti-inflammatory. I can
usually do without the LorTab, but not the Relafen
Alix: 1:40 here
mehreenx: Yeah...brunch i haven't hAD BREAK FAST YET
norajean_sf: Bernie I sent you an IM
norajean_sf: it might be buried under windows
No Han Solo: so did i..
norajean_sf: ok, any questions about mini food at this
point. I'm starting to fade.
jill_z_q: lol are you neurotic too? narcotic what was
I thinking
Marlea in PA: so far so good NJ
Maelinde: can'[t think of any - fading here too
Alix: maelin ... look for Nalfon (calcium fenoprofen)
... It is the safest NSAID on the market.
norajean_sf: Shall we power down and meet again
krafteame: that is why I take the methadone. it does
not damage your liver and I only have to take it once
in the morning. it is time realized kind of. it lasts
24 hours. It should at 130 mg. I tell some what I take
ad they say no way but yes way LOL
jill_z_q: how do you make merngne I can't spell this
No Han Solo: fade? always thought you wuz kinda fuzzy
around the edges..
norajean_sf: LOL
Maelinde: sounds good to me. I'll try to make it in
tomorrow if I can - all depends on what needs to be
done with the carpet stuff
Maelinde: I'm warm and fuzzy
mehreenx: walnut creek a big city..???
jill_z_q: I want to make a lemon mergune pie
norajean_sf: I was fuzzy until I got booted and then I
cleared up just in time to fade
Marlea in PA: probably the same way as whipped cream
Alix: NJ ... One last mug ... You ;look so much
prettier when the camera is fixed
No Han Solo: just another shade of gray?
rickiebeth2005: another methadone person...
Marlea in PA: only a little toasty
Maelinde: ya - mug shot!!!!
jill_z_q: nod
jill_z_q: what would you use to make it toasty
Maelinde: you're so cute, NJ
No Han Solo: EEEEEK!
jill_z_q: maybe some brown pastels
Marlea in PA: hmmn, maybe brown eyeshadow after
krafteame: how much do you take rickiebeth
Marlea in PA: there she is...Miss America....
Maelinde: you look much younger than you claim to be
Marlea in PA: look at tha smile
krafteame: how do you get the rolls browned so nice?
maelindesigns left the room
Marlea in PA: lost debbie
Marlea in PA: ?
maelindesigns joined the room
Marlea in PA: wb
norajean_sf: Lisa, read the demo logs, all the toasty
brown top secrets are in there with the links
No Han Solo: now we know why the cam gets fuzzy...
krafteame: I wish the webcame was this clear earlier.
I pray it will be sunday, I am really looking forward
to the demo
krafteame: Ok will do.
mehreenx: Rickie hows your foot??
jill_z_q: Kats webcame looked very clear
rickiebeth2005: I tak ebetween 20-6o mgs per day..
norajean_sf: We'll review all this tomorrow
rickiebeth2005: how about you?
norajean_sf: I'm going to toddle off
krafteame: after seeing this stuff I want to try to do
minis, but what do you do with them when your done??
norajean_sf: been a long day for me
jill_z_q: I need some bread now
rickiebeth2005: By NJ.....
Marlea in PA: Thanks NJ- really good stuff tonight
jill_z_q: nini NJ thanks for demo
No Han Solo: by nj... don't let da bed bugs bite..
krafteame: that is quite a bit too . Do you get yours
from your doctor or clinic?
Marlea in PA: but if they do...hit 'em with a shoe
Alix: Nite NJ ..... megahugs ... You deserve a nice
long rest
mehreenx: Bye Nora...Thanks for the demo
rickiebeth2005: my foot has gotten very swollen
again..thank youfor asking..I am now on another
Marlea in PA: and they'll turn black and blue
mehreenx: awe..
krafteame: thank you NJ for all your hard work and
time you give us too.
norajean_sf: It's my pleasure
Marlea in PA: oh rb, you poor thing
rickiebeth2005: from th edoctor...a regular
prescription ..triplicate..
jill_z_q: should I ask what Methadone is for?
jill_z_q: hehee
norajean_sf: thank you all for showing up tonight and
being patient while my cam was fuzzy
norajean_sf: gotta bounce, xoxoxo
rickiebeth2005: it has a number of uses..pain control
is among the uses...
mehreenx: Get well Soon

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