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Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

01-29-05 AVI Mini Food Review  

01-29-05, Log 1, Review of Mini Food with a Clear Cam, Wood Grain Review and Faces.

JeanM: Hi Elayne
rickiebeth2005: brb..
riverstyxrd: I finally made it to another chat.....
JeanM: NJ in here?
Donna_in_NV (donna_stamps) joined the room
riverstyxrd: It has been a while
mommaclara2001 joined the room
riverstyxrd: NJ seems to be signed on...
Donna_in_NV: Wow, I made it - lost track of time
JeanM: but not talking >S<
JeanM: Hi Clara
mommaclara2001: Hello
norajean_sf: back
JeanM: and Donna
norajean_sf: let's test cam focus first
JeanM: hello NJ
connie_flying joined the room
mommaclara2001: Do we have a camrea today?
nor4man93553 left the room
mommaclara2001: See it now.
krafty_karen_mc: Really nice and clear today NJ!!!
norajean_sf: Momma darken your font, I can't read it
Donna_in_NV: that's better focus today, NJ - much
mommaclara2001: That looks good enought to eat.
Lisa in Maine (kittekattz) joined the room
Donna_in_NV: Hi Lisa
mommaclara2001: Ok
Lisa in Maine: Hey Donna! Hi everyone!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Lisa.
clayalley joined the room
riverstyxrd: how do I grab the cam?
Donna_in_NV: Hi Karen
Tammy: Oh I can see it today!!
clayalley: Hey Everyone
mommaclara2001: Hi Lisa
clayalley: I see you all today
riverstyxrd: Got it!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Elayne: see the TV icon by
NJ's name?
riverstyxrd: yep!
norajean_sf: Yo Karen Rhodes, did you see my promo for
you and Rickie Beth today?
riverstyxrd: thanks
vickir1 joined the room
connie_flying: Hiya Donna
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Karen!
clayalley: My gosh Yes, and I could just KISS you
norajean_sf: Donna might have some thoughts about that
norajean_sf: LOL
riverstyxrd: Good thing I have pizza in the oven for
clayalley: Smuuch.,
norajean_sf: ah darling, you do so much for us
Lisa in Maine: Hey mother! LOL Long time no talk!
Donna_in_NV: Hi Connie - hope you don't mind - I sent
those great quotes to NJ
norajean_sf: it's the least I can do for you
clayalley: I really do try
clayalley: Thank You honey
clayalley: I really appreciate it
vickir1: yeh right
norajean_sf: Ok, let's do a roll call, first name and
location please
norajean_sf: <<<< That's me
connie_flying: That's great! LOL
Lisa in Maine: awwww c'mon now!
clayalley: Karen, Gettsyburg PA
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
Tammy: <~~~~~~Idaho
Lisa in Maine: <----- ME!!
Donna_in_NV: Silver Springs - the sun's actually
shining today
riverstyxrd: Elayne, Medina Ohio
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
connie_flying: Connie -- Reno NV
vickir1: <--- me too, I'm here
JeanM: North Carolina
Jackie: Jackie, MD
Donna_in_NV: Hi, Lisa's MIL
connie_flying: Clear sky and sunshine here too
vickir1: Hi Donna
Lisa in Maine: my webcam doesn't have any clay stuff
on it, everyone ... just a necklace I was showing my
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
Dracowin: Laura, WA
mommaclara2001: The storm missed us.
vickir1: we're having a heat wave, it's 30 here
Donna_in_NV: Lisa, your necklace is gorgeous - love
the shape of the pendants
mehreenx joined the room
Tammy: its nice and warm here, I have the door opened
Donna_in_NV: and NJ's rolls are making me even
mommaclara2001: RickyBeth, are you here?
norajean_sf: Mehreen, look up where it says CHAT on
this window
riverstyxrd: I agree...beautiful!
norajean_sf: and click that
Lisa in Maine: Thanks Donna ... I just finished
putting it together a couple of minutes ago
clayalley: Chilly in PA
Donna_in_NV: Connie, how's the gout
norajean_sf: then go to FAVORITE ROOMS and add
mehreenx: Hello Nora...and every one
Lisa in Maine: those are those foolish "beaded beads"
I've been talking about!
Donna_in_NV: glad you're sharing it with us
mehreenx: i have saved this in my fav rooms
connie_flying: Gone now
Lisa in Maine: thanks River
mehreenx: but i don't know how to access it
Donna_in_NV: Hooray, Connie - did dr finally give some
meds for it
norajean_sf: Mehreen, there's an album in our photo
area, shows the pictures of the step by step to get to
favorite rooms
mehreenx:  thanks
connie_flying: haven't seen him yet but will ask for a
merrie60us joined the room
norajean_sf: That's the album
Donna_in_NV: and the album works! that's how I finally
got in without invite
norajean_sf: a tiny url for the album for the log that
will be saved
norajean_sf: Ok, since we have a clear view of the
mini food, shall I show you the food from last night?
clayalley: sure
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: yes, please
connie_flying: please
Donna_in_NV: yes pls - the food that's going to be in
the book coming out!!!
norajean_sf: so you can see them clear, sorry about
the cam being fuzzy last night. I didn't know that
getting booted would clear it up
vickir1: please do
Lisa in Maine: yes, please, NJ!!
Tammy: yes please NJ
Lisa in Maine: how's the powdery stuff on the top
Lisa in Maine: is that just baby powder?
merrie60us: oh nice those roles look good enough to
Donna_in_NV: they sure do, Merrie
merrie60us: Sushi
Donna_in_NV: Sushi?
Marlea in PA (marlea_anderson) joined the room
merrie60us: MM I am hungry
Marlea in PA: hi everyone
mommaclara2001: Hi Marlea.
clayalley: Hey
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hi Marlea
Donna_in_NV: Hi maarlea
vickir1: hello
Lisa in Maine: Hi Marlea
Marlea in PA:  I'm a little late...what's happening so
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
clayalley: We're looking at last nights food
Donna_in_NV: NJ showing the mini foods from last night
that are going to be in the new book
Tammy: I just happened to be on I thought the demo
didnt start for another hour
Lisa in Maine: I'm not a sushi person, but those look
great, NJ!
Donna_in_NV: the salmon looks so real
norajean_sf: tangelo slices
clayalley: Amazing
norajean_sf: with melon
Lisa in Maine: wow!! Just incredible, NJ!
norajean_sf: now these are open faced sandwiches, this
one is veggie
merrie60us: When is the book due out?
krafty_karen_mc: This is probably a stupid question,
but, what do you do with all those cute little food
items NJ?
countrylady100ca joined the room
Donna_in_NV: avocado, red onion with carrot
Katie: Hi Sonya
Lisa in Maine: too cool, NJ!!
merrie60us: well she has made peanut butter and jely
countrylady100ca: What happening NJ It is clearing up
vickir1: awesome!
riverstyxrd: I think the avocado is great!
norajean_sf: blt
countrylady100ca: What is the secert do and tell
Marlea in PA: i love that onion cane even without
doing mini food...
Tammy: it looks so real just unbeiliveable
Donna_in_NV: she got booted - now cam clear
Lisa in Maine: love the olives in teh corner!!
Donna_in_NV: How on earth does she do the lettuce
countrylady100ca: Right on
norajean_sf: olive loaf
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Is there room here for one
more? lol
Donna_in_NV: Hey Lynn, Sonya and all
vickir1: hard boiled eggs - my fav
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: hi lynn
Katie: LOL, hi Lynn
Lisa in Maine: alright ... I'm turning my webcam off
since it's not "clay"!! LOL
Marlea in PA: is that some deli meat i see there?
mommaclara2001: Hi Lynn
countrylady100ca: hey Ladies. Just got back from
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Donna, Mary, Katie Momma and
everyone else ; )
clayalley: Hey Lynn
Marlea in PA: lisa your neckalce is beautiful
Donna_in_NV: hard cooked eggs, lime slice, orange
slices - what's the meat
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hey Karen
norajean_sf: now for closed sandwich
Lisa in Maine: Thanks Marlea
clayalley: You're making me hungry NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Now I"m hungry again and I
can't get any food right now
Lisa in Maine: I just finished it a short while ago
... I'm hoping it's good enough to present for jurying
norajean_sf: now beginners doing mini food, do food
you made as a child
Katie: wow, nj, that orange looks so real
riverstyxrd: Lisa, jurying for what? A show?
Marlea in PA: lol, i made sure i ate before demo...not
going through what i did last night...i was hunnnngry
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: PB&J and peanut butter
Donna_in_NV: pb&j with sliced orange and pb cookie
Lisa in Maine: yes, River ... trying to get in a
league up here in Maine, but you have to be jury-ed
(??) to get in
Marlea in PA: it is beautiful...where are you going to
enter it?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I have had people coming and
going out of this house today and I have more showing
shortly so I can't get anything good to eat cause I
might make a mess LOL
riverstyxrd: luck!
Lisa in Maine: thanks
riverstyxrd: I mean good
clayalley: Go ahead and make a mess Lynn
Tammy: I made two cheese burgers last night
Lisa in Maine: LOL I understood!!
clayalley: We don't mind
clayalley: LOL
Donna_in_NV: I may have to leave early - programmed tv
for "Convoy"
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL...well thanks but the folks
looking to buy the house might
clayalley: invite them for a bite
clayalley: LOL
Marlea in PA: hey there rubber duckie
Katie: LOL
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL....grill cheese for
Lisa in Maine: I'm just amazed at how tiny they all
are, NJ!
riverstyxrd: looks like a philly cheese steak!
Katie: that roll is perfect
clayalley: They might buy the house faster
Donna_in_NV: Never seen all the way thru - just bits
and pieces - and no blank tape to put it on
norajean_sf: hot dog
Marlea in PA: hot dog...mmm
clayalley: if you fill their bellies
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: hmmmm. thats a thought
Marlea in PA: hey- i need to make a cheesesteak for
the superbowl...great idea
Donna_in_NV: or if house has good cooking smells -
makes it more homey
clayalley: get them to sit down, have a chat, some
coffee, a bite to eat
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: not sure what I cook has a
homey smell LOL
Lisa in Maine: just absolutely incredible, NJ ... I'm
in total awe!!
Katie: Ha Donna has a point there
riverstyxrd: cookie smell is always good
vickir1: they say to have something cooking while
showing a house like cholate chip cookie or ginger
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I don't want them to move in
with me LOL
Donna_in_NV: brb
clayalley: LOL Lynn
Marlea in PA: lol, lynn- i use butter pound cake or
banana bread scented candles
Marlea in PA: smells like i've been baking all day
riverstyxrd: what do we have there, NJ?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: steak?
clayalley: cam stuck
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: well now why didn't I get these
suggestions days ago
norajean_sf: roast beef gravy
clayalley: or just me
riverstyxrd: mushrooms?
riverstyxrd: on the side?
Marlea in PA: lol, sorry...just thought about what I
hurry and do when company is coming...light those
candles, lol
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: mozz cheese melted....yummm
norajean_sf: cam got froze
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: sounds like that quizno sub I
had last night
clayalley: love that commerical with the kid
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: chef's salad?
norajean_sf: yup
Katie: cool egg there
Donna_in_NV: ok, back with cheese and cracker
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: you're killin me
Marlea in PA: noodles
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'd love some nachos
norajean_sf: chow mein
Marlea in PA: muishrooms
clayalley: Hungarian Goooolash
Marlea in PA: aha
Lisa in Maine: did you make all of these last night?
Marlea in PA: ohhh there's that cute orange
clayalley: Well, aint that something
vickir1: peeled orange is so real I can almost smell
the orange
clayalley: dang girl
Donna_in_NV: no - these are some she's had - they're
going to be in a new book coming out about minis
clayalley: she spritzed me with juice
Lisa in Maine: gotcha ... thanks Donna
Missy~VA (miss_meme_30) joined the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Missy
Marlea in PA: about time Missy, lol
Katie: When can we get it? Do you know when it's
coming out?
Lisa in Maine: I was thinking "geesh, she was BUSY
last night"!!
Missy~VA: hiya everyone!!!!
Donna_in_NV: hi Missy!
Lisa in Maine: Hey Missy
mommaclara2001: Hi Missy
Katie: Hi Missy
Kat Indpls IN (kgedrich) joined the room
vickir1: afternoon Missy
Marlea in PA: brb
Missy~VA: get what?
Katie: Mmmm
Missy~VA: huh?
Katie: Hi Kat
mommaclara2001: Hi Kat
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Missy!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Kat
Lisa in Maine: Hiya Kat!
Missy~VA: oh so ya wait til i get here to leave huh
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Kat
Missy~VA: lol
Donna_in_NV: I think in the fall - NJ will have to
tell us the author again - I forgot
Katie: the new book on minis that is coming out
Katie: ok Donna
Missy~VA: ohhhh ok
Kat Indpls IN: hello everyone, wow nj cam is looking
good did you do anything to it
Donna_in_NV: she got booted - cam cleared right up
Missy~VA: dont jinx it kat
Missy~VA: lol
rickiebeth2005: Moma CLara...are you missing any
Donna_in_NV: the pitcher of lemonade! beautiful
Kat Indpls IN: Judy Belcher is the author
rickiebeth2005: there is areally cute one in my
Kat Indpls IN: wow
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: love the pineapple upside down
Missy~VA: man i am freezin here!!!
vickir1: you have to have something to drink with all
that good food. lol
Donna_in_NV: thanks Kat - I forgot - Judy Belcher - i
think this fall
Kat Indpls IN: okie dokie, class went fab and even had
3 new members
mommaclara2001: Rickie Beth did you get your little
rickiebeth2005: I just asked you about it!!
Kat Indpls IN: oh love the grapes
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: grapes!
rickiebeth2005: look back about 8 lines..
rickiebeth2005: or 14 lines back
Lisa in Maine: Rickie Beth ... how's your foot?
riverstyxrd: steamers!
mommaclara2001: Only one
norajean_sf: ok, nifty trick here
rickiebeth2005: foot is causing problems...
Lisa in Maine: oh NO
rickiebeth2005: thank you for you rconcern
norajean_sf: stacking steamer trays to go with your
Ginsu knives
norajean_sf: LOL
Kat Indpls IN: i love the little steamer trays
Donna_in_NV: steamer basket! now where's the dim sum
Lisa in Maine: oh geesh ... that's too cool
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: do you have mini ginsu knives?
riverstyxrd: I use the real ones at them
rickiebeth2005: Moma Clara....I LOVE my turtle - he is
very happy here
riverstyxrd: steamers, not ginsu knives
clayalley: mini bamboo skewers? perhaps?
mommaclara2001: I am glad that he likes it there.
anniek556 joined the room
Katie: Hi Annie
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: some mini cho cho on a stick
rickiebeth2005: he is just the cutest turtle I ahve
ever seen..
rickiebeth2005: thank you
clayalley: mini marshmellow on a stick
mommaclara2001: Well thank you.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: now I want chinese for dinner
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: s'mores
clayalley: over a campfire
clayalley: hmmm
mommaclara2001: You are welcome.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: mini campfire with mini s'mores
clayalley: yeah
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that would be too cute
clayalley: little hot dogs on stick
norajean_sf: ok, more on the basket theme
clayalley: sticks too
clayalley: cant forget them
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: of course not....pot of beans
clayalley: oh yeah
Lisa in Maine: WOW!!
rickiebeth2005: smores are wonderful..allof that
marshmello in my hair ..EVERYTIME!!!
norajean_sf: take faux wood grain
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: mini rocks to sit on
Dracowin: oh I love that
norajean_sf: press thin and cut strips
norajean_sf: weave like a basket
norajean_sf: cut with a cookie cutter
norajean_sf: give a rim
Lisa in Maine: stop, NJ ... I'm running out of
descriptive adjectives to describe your work!!! LOL
norajean_sf: and use for FOOD trays
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: how do you eat them Rickiebeth
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: try
rickiebeth2005: smores? I eat them everyone
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: fries withthe hot dog?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: how you get the marshmello in
your hair then
Kat Indpls IN: noodles
rickiebeth2005: it always happens..I just all of a
sudden have smores makings in my hair..
mehreenx left the room
rickiebeth2005: i think it is the boys that used to do
norajean_sf: wood grain can be used like trays
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: LOL
rickiebeth2005: LOL
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: bacon
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: oh thats wood LOL
clayalley: LOL
mehreenx joined the room
Donna_in_NV: wb mehreen
rickiebeth2005: wb Mehreen
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: see my mind is in food mode
riverstyxrd: Lynn, meat does have a grain like wood,
Donna_in_NV: there's the dim sum
mommaclara2001: WM, M
mehreenx: thanks....
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: very true
clayalley: need glue for your butt M
norajean_sf: ok, you ready for the other side of this
Katie: yes
vickir1: yep
mehreenx: yup
clayalley: Why Sure
riverstyxrd: drum roll?
mommaclara2001: Fixing dinner. BRB
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: is there food on it
Kat Indpls IN: peanut butter
Kat Indpls IN: kitty cat
alice_minis_4all joined the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: awwww
Lisa in Maine: ohhhhhh isn't that too cute!!
Donna_in_NV: cute cat
connie_flying: awwwwwwww how sweet
Katie: Hi Alice
Donna_in_NV: hi alice
Kat Indpls IN: i recognize that one nj
rickiebeth2005: little cat
riverstyxrd: curled up just where they shouldn't
be....very cute
clayalley: Cat is not for eating though
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: one of your molds?
Kat Indpls IN: hm got a similar but leopard print
kitty on my desk
norajean_sf: faux wood grain kitty
vickir1: ohhhh he's cute!
alice_minis_4all: alice amsterda Hi to everybody
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I don't know Karen
Lisa in Maine: didn't you do a turquoise one like
that? Or similar?
Kat Indpls IN: hi Alice
norajean_sf: on a faux wood grain platter to hang on
the wall of a mini scene
rickiebeth2005: Hi ALice
norajean_sf: Yes, it is the kitty mold
norajean_sf: I'll get the link, if you put leopard
spot in the kitty mold it looks really nifty
Lisa in Maine: OK ... LOL ... can you tell I've been
going over your turquoise and other faux effects??
Donna_in_NV: does the link show how to make the mold?
Kat Indpls IN: yep got that one with Naga MAN
norajean_sf: oh also I'm going to give all the links
on the way to a particular thing, so you learn the
trail to find things, ok?
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Animal-cane
norajean_sf: there
vickir1: thanks
norajean_sf: this way those who read the demo log can
see all the clicks I do to find a link
norajean_sf: check out the Leopard kitty please
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: gotta go Weichert folks are
here...I'll stay in the room but be away for a
bit...fingers crossed
vickir1: good luck Lynn
norajean_sf: fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you
Lisa in Maine: good luck Lynn!!!!
clayalley: give em someting to eat
clayalley: LOL
anniek556: hi folks
Katie: Hi annie
Kat Indpls IN: hi Annie
norajean_sf: ok want to see a couple of wood grain
experiments I sent to Judy Belcher, not going into her
book but she saw them
riverstyxrd: sure
alice_minis_4all: hi annie
Donna_in_NV: yes pls all 26 of us!!
Lisa in Maine: yes, yes, yes!!
Lisa in Maine: Oh I like that!
alice_minis_4all: fantastic
vickir1: wow
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: COOL!
Tammy: thats so neato
norajean_sf: take wood grain and slice it, then press
it to a sheet
norajean_sf: many many many little slices
norajean_sf: ok, here's another one
Donna_in_NV: WOW
Tammy: oh I like that one
Katie: nice colors
riverstyxrd: love the eyes
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: WOW! Love the hair
vickir1: the hair is awesome
norajean_sf: I'll get the link trail
Donna_in_NV: does your PM have a noodle slicer or did
you cut all that hair by hand?
Lisa in Maine: You are SO talented
Jackie: I have to run - but will check in later
norajean_sf: there
ljcswartz left the room
Katie: bye Jackie
Katie: oops, too late
norajean_sf: face mold, wood grain
norajean_sf: face cut on an angle, eyes put in after
norajean_sf: hair is wood grain sliced
Marlea in PA: I'm back...the laundry never ends in
this house, lol
norajean_sf: it's actually easy to do, it's getting
the face sculpted that took the time
norajean_sf: once that one face was sculpted I could
do many faces with it
norajean_sf: change the expression
norajean_sf: use different cane designs with it, let
me show you another example of this face mold with
different cane designs put in the mold
alice_minis_4all: NJ i 've a friens she is in brazil
she want see the demo , she don't speak portugues can
i give your ID ?
alice_minis_4all: and you send a invit to her?
norajean_sf: there
Donna_in_NV: alice - you can send her an invite --
click chat upper left
norajean_sf: take the leaves, flowers, beads, face
molds, snakes and clay fabric and make Embellished
Donna_in_NV: click invite more people - add her e-mail
or id then click invite
norajean_sf: that last link there is my favorite
picture, these embellished faces use all of our
practice of technique
Donna_in_NV: those are awesome, NJ
norajean_sf: I got to save log, brb
alice_minis_4all: thanks
anniek556: cool

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