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Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

01-29-05 AVI Mini Food Review

01-29-05, Log 4, Lemon Meringue Pie and Sushi Jewelry

You are in "*g.CITY-o-Clay:1" ( )

norajean_sf: Saturday Demo, Log 4, Top of the hour
break, roll call when you get back
norajean_sf: <<<< that's me and I'm going on break for
10 minutes
Lisa in Maine: <----Me
Katie: Katie NY
connie_flying: Connie -- Reno NV.
Missy~VA: <~~~
Kat Indpls IN: Kat Indianapolis Indiana
Missy~VA: cookin now
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline (MMD) Marlow NH
Missy~VA: and doing laundry
Missy~VA: hehehe
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
msraven54: Sandy, St. Louis, Mo
alice_minis_4all: i go to sleep now thanks NJ andall
debsdv: Debbie, New Mexico
alice_minis_4all: bye
rickiebeth2005: Rickie Beth - Polymer Clay Your
Way...near San Francisco, California
Tammy: <~~~~me in Idaho
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: oops! Sorry, Sandy, thought
you were Elayne.
anniek556: annie maryland
Lisa in Maine: g'night Alice!!
MountainMaMaDuke: Rickie Beth How is your foot?
Missy~VA: making chicken stuffed with cornbread
stuffin and cream of chicken soup as gravy over it
alice_minis_4all: thanks
Missy~VA: emmmmmm
Lisa in Maine: Debbie ... didn't see you come in!
krafteame: I just bought someoil pastels this
afternoon, I bought the "Student Quality Oil Pastles"
I believe I have seen tuts using these somewhere,
anyone no wfc
alice_minis_4all: good night
Kat Indpls IN: oh dang i got to start making din din
and i'm sleepy making beef stew then i can take a nap
so see ya all tomorrow for demo for those that are
rickiebeth2005: foot is not behaving properly..still
swollen and hurting
MountainMaMaDuke: good night Alice
alice_minis_4all left the room
Lisa in Maine: Kat ... what room are you going to be
in for your demo
Missy~VA: bye kat see ya tomorra!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: nite, Kat
Kat Indpls IN: this one
Katie: bye Kat
msraven54: time?
Lisa in Maine: ok ... 4 EST right?
rickiebeth2005: night/by Kat..
MountainMaMaDuke: What is going on with that poor foot
of yours? Does the doctor have any ideas?
Kat Indpls IN: yep 4 eastern time
Lisa in Maine: OK thanx!!!!
msraven54: ok thanks
Kat Indpls IN: bye all
vickir1: Lisa remind me ok
MountainMaMaDuke: Bye KAT
Kat Indpls IN:
msraven54: bye Kat
kgedrich left the room
vickir1: bye Kat
Lisa in Maine: what's it worth to ya??? LOL
rickiebeth2005: they thought it was apossible blood
clot at was not...
MountainMaMaDuke: can you walk on it?
msraven54: OMG, do they know what it is?
vickir1: you already got your bribe this week
rickiebeth2005: I can walk on it fairly
shoes do no tfit..
Lisa in Maine: yeah, but Sunday is the beginning of a
whole new week, isn't it???
MountainMaMaDuke: I am so sorry to hear that!
vickir1: no
msraven54: Cellulitis?
krafteame: I have beef stew going in the crockpot
Lisa in Maine: besides ... bribes are ALWAYS goood!!!!

rickiebeth2005: yes..
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: did they rule out fluid build
rickiebeth2005: never checked for fluid build up..
msraven54: I had cellulitis in leg 2x before
rickiebeth2005: that is agood suggestion..
rickiebeth2005: how do you get rid of celluitis..??
Lisa in Maine: this has been going on for at least a
couple of weeks, hasn't it, RickieBeth?
rickiebeth2005: I am on Levaqual...somethig like that
msraven54: took 3 courses of anibiotics before it left
for anoither person's parts..
rickiebeth2005: it is the 2nd time I have had it..and
this time it seems to be stronger..
rickiebeth2005: Levaquin
MountainMaMaDuke: you take care huh my friend!
rickiebeth2005: is the antibiotic
msraven54: did you have taruma of some kind--they told
me thats what brought mine on 2nd time
msraven54: trauma even
rickiebeth2005: thank you all for asking about me..I
promise to be careful with my foot..
MountainMaMaDuke: is this still the same spot as the
spider bite?
msraven54: please..
rickiebeth2005: possibl a spider bite at first..
rickiebeth2005: same area..
Tammy: good do so rickybeth
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: try a google search on
"cellulitis" RB
msraven54: yes take care of it please
rickiebeth2005: smart thinking..
MountainMaMaDuke: good idea!
rickiebeth2005: what has been my problem ..not enought
rickiebeth2005: I need more information..
msraven54: oh is that what it's called now
msraven54: lol
rickiebeth2005: so i can be pro-active..
MountainMaMaDuke: Well, I "google" all the time!
rickiebeth2005: I made up teh word 'googling'
Rossija = Mary in Ohio:
msraven54: You go Mama
MountainMaMaDuke: hmmmm, that sounded funny!
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: there's the link for info from
Nat'l Librayr of Medicine
rickiebeth2005: thank you..I will take alook now and
thenread everythig throughly
msraven54: Lynn, dare I ask how it went with lookers
kittekattz left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: RICKIE BETH: I was looking through
the photo folders, do you have any of your items
Lisa in Maine (kittekattz) joined the room
MountainMaMaDuke: WB Lisa
krafteame: You are not diabetic are youo?
msraven54: wb Lisa
Lisa in Maine: thanks Pauline ...
Lisa in Maine: Yahoo didn't like me and gave me the
vickir1: that's cuz she asked her MIL for another
Lisa in Maine: I didn't ask ... it was more of a
demand than anything else!! LMAO
MountainMaMaDuke: my internet service has been working
slower than usual today, must be an overload of
pennyi: rickie has a wonderful site for her stuff
connie_flying left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: WHERE?
Tammy: yes she does i love the dragons
pennyi: what she sells?
norajean_sf: Back, shall we do roll call please?
norajean_sf: <<<< That's me
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: <--that's me
Katie: Katie NY
msraven54: Sandy, St. Louis, Mo
Lisa in Maine: <--- c'est moi!
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline (MMD) Marlow NH
jfp76801 joined the room
Lisa in Maine: et je suis ici!
Tammy: <~~~~~~~~~me here in Idaho
vickir1: <- me in NH
anniek556: annie md
You have invited jfp76801 to view your webcam.

pennyi: <-----lansing mi
MountainMaMaDuke: thanks pennyi, I was looking for any
of her polymer clay items that she makes herself?
jfp76801: Jim Brownwood tx
msraven54: Hi Jim
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: Hi Jim!
MountainMaMaDuke: vickir1 - where do you live in NH
Lisa in Maine: Hey Jim ... how are you doing?
mommaclara2001: Hi Jim
Katie: Hi Jim
Tammy: Hi Jim
vickir1: Concord
norajean_sf: Ok, are there any other requests with
mini food?
jill_z_q: suzy in so calif
jill_z_q: desserts lemon merigune
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: california rolls
Lisa in Maine: sumfin with TLS or some other liquid
clay mebbe??
jfp76801: much better today
MountainMaMaDuke: There is a Polymer Clay Guild
meeting in Hopkinton town library on Feb 9th - have
you ever been to that one?
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: lemon meringue would be cool,
Lisa in Maine: glad to hear it, Jim!!
vickir1: no didn't know there was one
vickir1: You're in Marlow -right?
Tammy: oh either one would be good
Lisa in Maine: Hey Pauline ... don't know if you'll
know or not, but any idea on a clay guild in Maine?
MountainMaMaDuke: We have a Vicki at the meeting, I
wasn't sure if that was you or not?
vickir1: no not me-
MountainMaMaDuke: Lisa - I have no idea about that one
Lisa in Maine: ok thanks!
MountainMaMaDuke: Sorry!
vickir1: that's ok
vickir1: Lisa should come down to the one in NH
vickir1: selfishly asking
MountainMaMaDuke: that is a long drive!
Lisa in Maine: well if Lisa didn't have Chaos and
Mayhem tugging on her coat tails, she might
norajean_sf: Let me get you the link trail to using a
bottle cap for a pie mold
norajean_sf: pie crust mold
MountainMaMaDuke: COOL
Katie: how clever
vickir1: she could leave them with their day and spend
the day here
Tammy: oh thats a good idea
Lisa in Maine: yeah ... like thier dad could handle
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Tute-List
Lisa in Maine: gimme a break!
Biz-Archive/food/ Diner-Grp
krafteame: that is a good idea, a bottle cap for a pie
Biz-Archive/food/ KeyLime-Grp
MountainMaMaDuke: Vicki: let me send you an email with
the directions, and maybe you can join us there
norajean_sf: Check that out, it's a very old tute but
the bottle cap trick works still
MountainMaMaDuke: great idea NJ
norajean_sf: and I'll warm up this bread sheet, made
with bread dough and cheddar cheese mix pressed
vickir1: sure it's
MountainMaMaDuke: great!
vickir1: Lisa tell I siad to deal with it
vickir1: him
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... uh huhhh
Tammy: I would have never thought of most of these
ideas on my own thank goodness for u all
Lisa in Maine: sheesh ... there's nuttin up here in
Maine ... I'm moving back to NH! LOL
vickir1: good
vickir1: Concord??????
MountainMaMaDuke: Nah Nah Nana Nah!
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... quit drooling, mother!
Tammy: nothing here whre i live either
vickir1: I can wish can't I
Lisa in Maine: LOL Pauline!
Lisa in Maine: where are you, Tammy?
MountainMaMaDuke: Me Bad Girl !
Lisa in Maine: (guess I shoulda paid attention at roll
call, huh?)
Tammy: Idaho
MountainMaMaDuke: I have an Aunt in Boise ID
Tammy: thats about a hour or so away from me
Lisa in Maine: NJ ... do you bake it in the bottle
jill_z_q: now I"m going to have to buy some lemon
Katie: never would have thought to use a pop bottle
jill_z_q: that is cool
Lisa in Maine: guess that would be a no
vickir1: I don't have those kinds of caps mine are all
jill_z_q: hehehe
Lisa in Maine: yeah I know ... time to get hubby
drinking beer, I guess!!
vickir1: just 2 bottle one for you one for me
Lisa in Maine: LOL
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: that's what I was thinking --
hope I remember next time I have a bottled beer
Missy~VA: that pic looks like a turd and a cig butt
Missy~VA: lol
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: LOL Missy
jill_z_q: oy m issy
Katie: LOL
Missy~VA: it does!
jill_z_q: trying to kill my appetite hehee
Alix: Or you can lket the beer go stale and use it to
kill garden slugs ... amounts pretty much to same
thing LOL
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: I'm thinking fudge &
marshmallow creme
Lisa in Maine: LOL ... I just told Joe ... he said
he'd do me one better ... I need to buy him some IBC
RootBeer next time I go grocery shopping ... they
twist off so it doesn't disfigure the cap!
jfp76801: My goodness just stop by your local honky
tonk and ask for some
jill_z_q: lol honky tonk
Lisa in Maine: ok ... I gotta ask ... what's a "honky
jill_z_q: bar?
vickir1: LISA
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: bar, pub
pennyi: lisa bar
Tammy: lol
vickir1: not not that young
Lisa in Maine: Oh ... geesh ... guess you can tell I'm
a big drinker, huh?
Missy~VA: alcholic hang out
Lisa in Maine: we just call them BARS around here!
vickir1: local watering hole
Tammy: lmao
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: so, mixing TLS and white for
Alix: a bar with music and dancing ... yo0u know ---
macho men and sluts
jill_z_q: lol Ali
jill_z_q: x
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: LOL Alix, good description
Missy~VA: lol
jfp76801: texas honky tonk
Lisa in Maine: sorry ... the only macho men I get to
see are a 5 y/o and a 3 1/2 y/o
jill_z_q: you from texas jfp (doesn't know your name)
jill_z_q: Mmm that is looking good
jfp76801: jim
vickir1: best ones too get too-
lvmypolymerclay left the room
Lisa in Maine: not today they weren't ... little
Missy~VA: ok jim u go to honky tonk and get some tops
and then u can send me
jill_z_q: You must be from Texas Jim?
vickir1: what did my darlings do now
Tammy: brb all
MountainMaMaDuke: Vicki: try these sites for more
information about our guild:
vickir1: will do
Lisa in Maine: ya know those boxes I got from USPS
Lisa in Maine: I'm sending them to you!
Lisa in Maine: LOL
jfp76801: I guess i could sneak by
vickir1: what boxes?
jill_z_q: You could be one of those macho men?
jfp76801: This is a so bapt stronghold town
Lisa in Maine: forget it ... that was last hour's
jill_z_q: lol Lisa
Missy~VA: we have a law against dancing here!!!
Alix: MaMaDuke ...gorgeous home page
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: really, Missy?
Missy~VA: yes
Missy~VA: we cant have a bar
Lisa in Maine: alrighty ... well, hubby hasn't gotten
up to make dinner ... so I guess that would be MY cue!
Lisa in Maine: dry town, Missy?
Missy~VA: lol lisa
norajean_sf: eye shadow for the toasted meringue
Missy~VA: yep
vickir1: lol
MountainMaMaDuke: a sister of our President made the
website as a school project
Katie: clever NJ
vickir1: nice Pauline
MountainMaMaDuke: I believe the directions and
information are on the Guild website
norajean_sf: the cure, but cut the pie while still
Lisa in Maine: Have a great night everyone ... I gotta
go feed the masses
norajean_sf: if you want slices
Katie: bye Lisa
norajean_sf: See ya Lisa
MountainMaMaDuke: bye bye Lisa
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: bye Lisa
mommaclara2001: Bye Lisa
Lisa in Maine: mother ... try to stay out of trouble,
msraven54: bye Lisa
norajean_sf: this is the quick and dirty job at this
vickir1: yes you mean you trust me here by myself?
kittekattz left the room
jill_z_q: so you c ure it first before slicing?
norajean_sf: with more time I'd make the peaks higher
norajean_sf: cure before slicing to maintain the shape
of a mini baked thing
norajean_sf: I'd be more careful dusting the peaks
norajean_sf: but in demo I'm a little rushed for time,
all of you will do much better on your own at home
norajean_sf: yes?
MountainMaMaDuke: yes
Katie: yes
vickir1: yes
msraven54: yes
jill_z_q: yeah I need to buy some pie now
norajean_sf: just remember with this pie and with
KeyLime, use more translucent than clay color
MountainMaMaDuke: I really want to start making mini
foods, they seem so cute
norajean_sf: they are cute
norajean_sf: and I have big THUGs come through here
and they melt at the sight of mini food
vickir1: & non fat
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: LOL NJ
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
norajean_sf: holding them in their big scarred hands,
saying "Oh Momz, dat's the bomb"
norajean_sf: and they take some home to their Mommas
jfp76801: would make cool jewelry too!
norajean_sf: and their Mommas wonder, who are you and
what did you do with my Thug son?
Missy~VA: lol
msraven54: LOL NJ
MountainMaMaDuke: I was thinking they would make cute
norajean_sf: the magic of mini food
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: HMMM. can almost see a bakery
scene loaded with mini baked goods -- pies, cheescake,
donuts, eclairs...
msraven54: yummmmm
norajean_sf: I have to save log, but before I do, let
me get you the link for Sushi Jewelry
MountainMaMaDuke: food is the path to any man's heart
vickir1: and I can have all I want & not add an oz
msraven54: Amen Mama
Rossija = Mary in Ohio: LOL Pauline!
Missy~VA: and any womans thighs mama
norajean_sf: Please
norajean_sf: Play with your food
norajean_sf: LOL
MountainMaMaDuke: ROFL, that is a good one!
norajean_sf: ok, now I'll save log, brb
Katie: LOL MIssy

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