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Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04

06-12-04: Second Hour - Natasha in French and German.

nj 120604 natasha b. 30 photos

ammowife68: good point
Katie: good question
phyllisinvegas: they rope cows and live on ranches
pdduke2003: back at work (or is it fun?)
Fearless Leader:

phyllisinvegas: and raise cows
beddie0510: sylvie: est-ce que il faut d'explication pour les choses
à la camera??
vlady6us: oh i know that....was just funnin'
phyllisinvegas: and a cowpoke does just what his name implies
phyllisinvegas: lol
vlady6us: and i have ridden on a cow..when i was a little kid
vlady6us: yeah..pokes cows....LOL
Katie: ha, he pokes cows
vlady6us: poor cows
phyllisinvegas: lol
sylviedecottignies: non merçi je vois bien ce que nora fait à l'aide
de la caméra merçi beaucoup
beddie0510: très bien....*uff*
mingapunga: glück gehabt
kitycat2222000: there's a difference poking cows or poking steers
beddie0510: jou
vlady6us: there is???
vlady6us: lol
pdduke2003: I am NOT going to ask what????
phyllisinvegas: goota
vlady6us: u sure didEB-Blend-Grp
phyllisinvegas: run fast when you poke a steer
kitycat2222000: for sure - if you poke a cow you wear rubber gloves
clear to your armpits
vlady6us: lol
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i changed my settings on my computer and i
now have very clear pictures, right clicked/properties/screen
area/1024 by 768 pixels and true color (32 bit) / just thought you'd
like to know how to clear the burry pictures on web cam
Katie: Mine is clear, but thank-you
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yw
vlady6us: same here ty
chani69m: ok since I missed the fisrt part, I'm guessing she started
with a skinner blend right??
vlady6us: yes..with red and pearl
mingapunga: kathy how did you change your name, that is shown to us.
I tried it, but could manage it.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): file
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): edit my screen name
pdduke2003: thank you will try! I think she does speed blur at times
Janice (jlam0401) joined the room
Janice: Hi all.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): that will take you to a different widow,
than you can change it
vlady6us: hi that your name??im so bad at names
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): hi janice
vlady6us: and cant find my
Katie: Hi Janice
kitycat2222000: Hi Janice
Janice: Yes, Sandie. This is Janice.
vlady6us: oh wow..thanks
mingapunga: I will try it, does it funtion offline?
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): not sure, do it before leaving the room
Janice: Bon Jour Silvie. Comment t'allez vous?
mingapunga: ok, right now, it is not available
Donna: when I did it I had to leave the room, then come back. It has
worked well ever since
sylviedecottignies: bonjour janice je vais bien et vous?
mingapunga: ok i will try now, brb
mingapunga left the room
vlady6us: neat nj
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): try again , if a few min.
mingapunga joined the room
Janice: Je suis bien.
Fearless Leader: Now are there any questions at this point?
pdduke2003: I love that technique
Fearless Leader: we did the blend
b_may66 joined the room
vlady6us: can see lots of potential in that
sylviedecottignies: j'en suis très heureuse
vlady6us: hi b_may
Fearless Leader: then we put snakes into the blend
Fearless Leader: any questions on blends or anything up to this point?
pdduke2003: not I
kitycat2222000: none here
chani69m: what could this be used for other than flowers??
phyllisinvegas: nope
Fearless Leader: anything you want spots in, yes
beddie0510: jlam is better in french than me - thank god
b_may66: Hello
Donna: why do you squish the blend each time, rather than just fold
Fearless Leader: if it's a spot it is a snake of clay, if it is a
line then it is a sheet of clay, if it is a blend, it is a blend...LOL
chani69m: sorry I will be full of questions, I'm very new to doing
many things with clay
kitycat2222000: I'm new too chani
Fearless Leader: I can get a blend with 6 passes on the pasta press
by twisting the clay like a wet wash cloth, if you just fold it in
half it is 24 passes.
vlady6us: thats why we are all help each other
andi..especially nora jean
pdduke2003: chani69m - what is your name?
Donna: oooh I like that!
kitycat2222000: Ms. Kitty (c
chani69m: so that is why you were twisting it, I couldn't figure out
kitycat2222000: or Carole
Fearless Leader: EB-Blend-Grp
chani69m: Andi
pdduke2003: M or F?
Fearless Leader: Now I'll reduce this cane so we can get some flower
petals off of it.
chani69m:  F
pdduke2003: gotcha!
jude: Clay abuse!
mingapunga: change the nickname wasn't available now
beddie0510: lol
phyllisinvegas: eeeeeeeeek she pounding her cane
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): how do you keep it from getting distorted?
vlady6us: oh no..the poor cane
pdduke2003: welcome to the demo, and do not worry about a ton of
questions! I probably asked everyone of them already
vlady6us: lol pauline
chani69m: so you don't just roll the clay out?
vlady6us: now she is trying to choke it to death
phyllisinvegas: lol
mingapunga: lol
vlady6us: she is getting all the spaces and air bubbles out of the
jude: No, rolling it distorts it more. Squeeze is better.
vlady6us: compressing it
phyllisinvegas: ah i see
Fearless Leader: now we will pull it
chani69m: any time I have done a cane I just started rolling it, now
I know better LOL
Janice: Mon français est très pauvre. Mais j'attrape un mot que je
comprends de temps en temps.
pdduke2003: she is trying to move the internal part of the cane along
with the outside part
vlady6us: i squeeze then roll just a little bit to get it smooth and
vlady6us: then squeeze some more
pdduke2003: that is why she does the squeeze!
beddie0510 left the room
beddie0510 joined the room
pdduke2003 left the room
sylviedecottignies: moi c'est pareil pour l'anglais
vlady6us: way cool nj
phyllisinvegas: pizza anyone?
beddie0510: wanted to change the
chani69m: that looks really neat!
vlady6us: no thanks..eating rice with little bits of steak and
chicken with peppers and pan juices
vlady6us: hubby made it yesterday
chani69m: ooohh it could be pizza if you used different colors huh??
I think I need to make some pizza soon
vlady6us left the room
beddie0510: oh phylis,i'd like one, never had a pizza from vegas
phyllisinvegas: believe me you missed nothing
beddie0510: i see
chani69m: another question, how would you keep the cane from
distorting if you wanted to keep it round?
phyllisinvegas: good tacos bad pizza
vlady6us joined the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): looks like pepperoni
phyllisinvegas: right
beddie0510: oh, tacos are good too...its years ago that i had my last
vlady6us: i do tacos all the time
vlady6us: so easy to make
Janice: J'ai pris 3 années de français dans l'école secondaire et
cela était il y a longtemps
beddie0510: we have no big taco tradition in germany
mingapunga: Sandie. out of clay?
vlady6us: not out of clay
phyllisinvegas: what tradition do you have there?
vlady6us: and thats to bad bet
beddie0510: schnitzel???
sylviedecottignies: moi aussi j'ai appris un peu l'anglais à l'école
mais je ne me débrouille pas aussi bien que vous
phyllisinvegas: kewl
mingapunga: halbes Hähnchen
jude: Neato, NJ!
Katie: beautiful NJ
vlady6us: how neat that is
chani69m: I want to make clay tacos, my dolls love tacos
phyllisinvegas: wow looks like a tiger lily
beddie0510: halbes hähnchen - genau
sylviedecottignies: c'est très joli nora
Fearless Leader: Now for a quick rose?
beddie0510: sure
mingapunga: yae
Katie: ok
kitycat2222000: you make it look so easy NJ
chani69m: sounds good
mingapunga: saw the link with the soft and hard clay, to make a rose,
pdduke2003 joined the room
vlady6us: wb pauline
pdduke2003: grrrrrrrrr
Janice: Je triche. J'utilise un service de traducteur d'internet.
sylviedecottignies: comment ça marche
phyllisinvegas: is that part of the skinner blend? or just red?
mingapunga: a part of the lower-cane, I gues
chani69m: is there a translator handy? I don't speak french
mingapunga: flower
beddie0510: sylvie:
beddie0510: chani: they speak about speaking french
chani69m: is the blue thing clay??
pdduke2003: how warm is it down in FL today Sandie
vlady6us: looks like it to me
vlady6us: 91
phyllisinvegas: looks like pen score stuff
chani69m: oh ok
vlady6us: very hot and very humid
pdduke2003: we are at 65
vlady6us: oh u lucky u
pdduke2003: and dry, and breezy
mingapunga: we had rain the whole day
vlady6us: almost perfect weather
pdduke2003: yuck
Katie: Have to go. Bye everyone.
crzy4dzny left the room
vlady6us: we will have rain soon im sure
mingapunga: bye
chani69m: bye
phyllisinvegas: bye Katie
pdduke2003: yes for me it is
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): bye katie
vlady6us: i hear thunder in the distance now
pdduke2003: do you get off the computer when it does
vlady6us: if its real bad i do
Fearless Leader: There's the Rose
jude: Nice rose, NJ.
vlady6us: depends on how close it comes
phyllisinvegas: purdy
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): nice
chani69m: beautiful rose NJ
mingapunga: sweet
beddie0510: we had a thunderstorm this afternoon
elissaheart joined the room
jude: I love doing roses mainly because I can do them!
sylviedecottignies: très beau nora
vlady6us: hi elissa
pdduke2003: I fly off mine, not taking another chance at losing a
whole system
elissaheart: hi!
vlady6us: we have one almost everyday now..its rainy season in florida
pdduke2003: hello
phyllisinvegas: you just kinda press the bottom of the pedal to make
it stick?
Fearless Leader: by using a CONE of clay, you can slice off different
sizes of petals
mingapunga: elissa, with the wonderful hearts?
elissaheart: I think that's me. thanks!
kitycat2222000: very pretty
vlady6us: elissa with the chrysanthemum cane???? is that you???
mingapunga: you are welcome
Fearless Leader: start with a leaf shape
elissaheart: C'est moi!!!
pdduke2003: kmrhodes - are you out there?
Fearless Leader: then flatten it and pull the top wide
sistersay2002 joined the room
vlady6us: ive made jillions of them elissa....thank you
kitycat2222000: can I ask a question when you blended with pearl - as
you were blending I could see the gradations, but in the finished
flower petals where did it go?
sistersay2002: Hi, Just popped in for a few !
elissaheart: You're very welcome, vlady!
vlady6us: yw elissa
Fearless Leader: Ok, I believe there was a request for Natasha Bead,
from Germany
vlady6us: hi sisters...i think u are faith...
beddie0510: yeah
vlady6us: bad at names
shargoose joined the room
vlady6us: hi shar
jude: NJ, kitycat has a question.
mingapunga: yes, that would be great
pdduke2003: kitycat has a question NJ
vlady6us: the roses are great nj
Fearless Leader: Oh, questions first
sistersay2002: Yup = me faith
vlady6us: ty faith
Fearless Leader: Ms. Kitty, what's your question, honey?
vlady6us: misplaced my list...
kitycat2222000: sorry - I lost track of the 'Skinner' glend when you
made the petals
kitycat2222000: blend
Fearless Leader: EB-Blend-Grp
mingapunga: brb
vlady6us: ok
jude: The lighter color doesn't show up in the cam.
kmrhodes left the room
kitycat2222000: well what I meant was - it was apparent in the
blending stage, but I can't detect it in the petals
pdduke2003: are you looking for the spots like the cane she made?
kitycat2222000: okay -
kitycat2222000: no, just the shading of colors
pdduke2003: ok
chani69m: I think you miss some of the shading over the cam
phyllisinvegas: like what happened to the white?
kitycat2222000: right
jude: I dont' see it either.
Donna: It is a little lighter in the centers
Donna: of the petals
jude: OI
jude: OIC, it's int he center.
phyllisinvegas: ok i see it
mingapunga: back, made some pictures, maybe you find the lost steps
there, i will put them in my epson account tomorrow
kitycat2222000: okay, I see it there, just suttle
vlady6us: ty ulrike
jude: Okie, NJ, thanks.
kitycat2222000: dsubtle = gads my spelling
Fearless Leader: Now for a quick Natasha, shall we chop Tiger Cane?
kitycat2222000: subtle
jude: I love the tiger cane.
vlady6us: sure nj
chani69m: yes please, I would love to see this
mingapunga: poor tiger
kitycat2222000: love that
Fearless Leader: I have to wash the red off of my hands, brb
phyllisinvegas: is that the tiger's tail?
Fearless Leader: more like tiger back
Fearless Leader: the end of a tiger tail is striped black and white
Fearless Leader: so the cubs can follow
phyllisinvegas: lol i see
vlady6us: does anyone have problems cutting good cane slices cause
the blade bends????
pdduke2003: yes
elissaheart: you need to use the stiffer blade.
vlady6us: i went to hardware store and got blades that go in a wall
paper stripper
Fearless Leader: just compress the air out, don't twist it,
chani69m: no I have a problem with the cane distorting
jude: Try using a miter box.
kitycat2222000: I saw a blade that was reinforced on the dull edge
vlady6us: they are really cheap for the small ones and very sharp
Donna: good idea -- I have an old miter box I was going to toss
pdduke2003: I really need to invest in some more blades, I have 3
(1rigid, and 2 flexible)
vlady6us: im trying a mitre box too but cant get the slices thin
pdduke2003: and they are all worn out
jude: I got one a long time ago, it's very small, and it's metal.
vlady6us: there are 2 sizes of wall paper blades..
elissaheart: are you having problems distorting a round cane?
vlady6us: sometimes i do elissa
pdduke2003: especially with Sculpey3
chani69m: yes I am
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me get a link for Natasha bead, it's the one
done in layers, but it's the best one
vlady6us: depends on what brand of clay i use
vlady6us: and i know to turn the cane for every slice
vlady6us: i really like these little rigid blades tho...
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Chop/Beads/Index that's
the main page Biz-Archive/Chop/LayeredBeads-how2
that's a good tutorial for Natasha beads
chani69m: I use sculpy3 mostly, and I do turn the cane, but it still
Fearless Leader: Now, what you do is cut this in half length wise
Fearless Leader: open like a book
elissaheart: could make a long.trough out of scrap clay and powder it
to avoid sticking, then put the round cane in it and slice through
the cane and the trough. the trough will keep the cane from
Fearless Leader: take those two sides and slice down the middle again
Fearless Leader: and open them like a book
vlady6us: the clay is soft....u might try putting it in the
refigerator for a little while andi
Fearless Leader: you'll get mirror images
shargoose left the room
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): computer hint - when asking a question and
it didn't get answered, just push the up arrow button, keep pushing
up arrow button till you see the question you asked then push enter,
this way you don't have to re-type every thing.
vlady6us: thank u elissa
chani69m: I'll try that next, TY
beddie0510: looks easy
kitycat2222000: thanks
vlady6us: im gonna try that elissa
beddie0510: ui, a face!!!
elissaheart: thanks for that hint, Kathy! I never knew that!
pdduke2003: I want to see how she gets rid of the darn center seam
sistersay2002: with a mustache
beddie0510: yes
shargoose joined the room
vlady6us: wb shar
shargoose: Thanks
beddie0510: i like it when these things just happen...
vlady6us: yw andi
shargoose: Storms here may not stay long
Fearless Leader: Yo, Sharon, ok
vlady6us: oh thats good shar
Fearless Leader: Now about those pesky seams
pdduke2003: YES !
sistersay2002: yes
shargoose: At least getting rain for my flowers!!
vlady6us: oh thats good
phyllisinvegas: what is rain?
Fearless Leader: take your finger tip and put it over the seam and
press and "jiggle"...
Fearless Leader: prenez votre bout de doigt et mettez-l'au-dessus de
la couture et la pression et le "jiggle" ;...
vlady6us: the stuff we get every day now
shargoose: But severe stirm watch out so I'll keep an eye out for
pdduke2003: I love to make these beads, but the seams sometimes show
Fearless Leader: nehmen Sie Ihre Fingerspitze und setzen Sie sie über
der Naht und die Presse und das "jiggle"...
phyllisinvegas: we are in a drought
beddie0510: nora: actually that would have been my next question, how
to get rid of the seams
shargoose: We need some rain but not buckets full!!
vlady6us: nora..sometimes i use a small piece of "fun foam" to get
rid of seams and finger prints
Donna: that tiger sure makes nice looking designs for the beads
mingapunga: those translators are not worth a penny
beddie0510: fun foam?
vlady6us: kids use to to make shapes with to glue on things
beddie0510: these translating machines are a lot of fun
pdduke2003: have you been playing in the tubbie again Sandie?
vlady6us: it comes in sheets and is very inexpensive
vlady6us: lol pauline
vlady6us: as a matter of fact....yes
kitycat2222000: So basically the function is to PRESS it all together?
mingapunga: right, bettina
pdduke2003: no details pleazzzzzzzz
vlady6us: yes carole
vlady6us: lol pauline
sistersay2002: NJ - are you just using the heat of your hand and
pressure or are you smushing the line?
kitycat2222000: beautiful
jude: I have got to go. Thanks NJ! Great schtuff! Bye all!
Fearless Leader: Jiggling it, side to side, back and forth
vlady6us: love all natasha
Fearless Leader: See ya Aunt Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
mingapunga: wonderful
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): can this bead be pushed down to make it
kitycat2222000: okay - genteling it together
pdduke2003: I need to stay c_l_b_t_ much longer!!!!
vlady6us: explain that one pauline
chani69m left the room
pdduke2003: not here I won't - later!
vlady6us: lol...ok
chani69m joined the room
vlady6us: wb andi
chani69m: argh, I got booted
vlady6us: me too..twice so far
pdduke2003: I am holding my breath so Yahoo does not bounce me out
vlady6us: i like that nj..a lot
chani69m: LOL, maybe I should try that too
sistersay2002: beautiful job
vlady6us: dont hold it to long..u will pass out pauline
kitycat2222000: looks like taffy and licorice - yum
elissaheart: gorgeous!
mingapunga: sandie, does it function
beddie0510: nice bead - thx nora
pdduke2003: what is that bead on? a toothpick?
chani69m: that bead is beautiful, I am gonna have to try that sometime
vlady6us: im sorry ulrike..does what function??
Fearless Leader: turkey skewer
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): can this bead be pushed down to make it
pdduke2003: oh cool
sistersay2002: NJ - what tool are you using
sistersay2002: white rubber tip?
mingapunga: sorry it was: pdduke2003: I am holding my breath so Yahoo
does not bounce me out again
vlady6us: ahhhhhhhhhhh ok...
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): can you make it into a pillow bead?
Fearless Leader: That's a clay shaper
shargoose: Got to go
sistersay2002: ok - thanks
shargoose: T storms
vlady6us: the tip of that soft?????
Fearless Leader: with this natasha technique you can get these
tapered beads, square beads and Tube beads
shargoose: TTYL
vlady6us: ok shar
shargoose left the room
pdduke2003: take care shar
chani69m: can you use that bead to make a new cane and cut slices
instead of making a bead??
elissaheart: Kathy, that might be tricky. You could make a square
bead using a shorter cube of clay, instead of a rectangle.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): ok
pdduke2003: oh that is nice
vlady6us: love that
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): looks just like wood
pdduke2003: I have not tried thta
pdduke2003: ath
vlady6us: yeah it does
pdduke2003: my hands are not listening to me!
Fearless Leader: bullseyes and sheets make wood grain, slice Down the
vlady6us: LOL
kitycat2222000: I have to learn the faux wood cane
chani69m: is there a tute for the wood cane??
vlady6us: yes there is andi
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): pdduke - i had that problem last night
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): my fingers were all over the key board
phyllisinvegas: oh wow neat
kitycat2222000: are you going to do this blend now?
vlady6us: looks like a chop chop to me
vlady6us: i have visions of a natasha bead coming up
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): me to
vlady6us: lol
phyllisinvegas: if I wanted to make a big flat sheet out of a can
would I just lay some pieces next to each other and kind of roll it
phyllisinvegas: er cane
pdduke2003: I don't seem to be the only one....
vlady6us: i roll out a thin sheet of another color and then put thin
slices on that then roll a bit with hand roller then use the p.
mingapunga: i would do it this way
pdduke2003: he he he he
phyllisinvegas: ah thanks
vlady6us: yw
vlady6us: there might be an easier way but thats how i do it
phyllisinvegas: like a leopard cane would you put it on a black sheet?
vlady6us: i probably would
phyllisinvegas: k
pdduke2003: what would happen if you took this bead at this point and
kept it as a cane ?
vlady6us: depends on what u wanted to do with it..i might use bright
vlady6us: oh thats pretty nj...really pretty
vlady6us: love those colors
kitycat2222000: You could use that for a parquet table top
mingapunga: love the demo of the wood grain
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): did NJ cam freeze?
vlady6us: me too ulrike
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): never mind
elissaheart: nope
vlady6us: wouldnt that be pretty carole?
pdduke2003: I never thought of putting them back together back to back
b_may66 left the room
mingapunga: that is the way the pattern goes from one side to the
kitycat2222000: I can't tell - is she rolling the shaper or just
pressing it
elissaheart: I think both.
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): i think rolling to smooth
kitycat2222000: so fascinating
vlady6us: that is gorgeous
elissaheart: beautiful, NJ!
Kathy (arizona_sweet2004): yes beautiful
sylviedecottignies: ici il se fait tard je vais vous laisser merçi
nora pour toutes ces jolies choses merçi à bettine et à janice
d'avoir pris la peine de me traduire à bientot j'espère
beddie0510: au revoir sylvie
dona5611 left the room
Donna (dona5611) joined the room
vlady6us: bye sylvie
vlady6us: hi dona
beddie0510: bonne nuit
esther_reeves: night sylvie
sylviedecottignies: au revoir bettina
Janice: bon Nuit silvie.
mingapunga: bye
elissaheart: bon soir!
kitycat2222000: bye bye Silvie
vlady6us: cool nj
Donna: that's a first for me -- got booted --seen it happen to lot of
vlady6us: all to often dona
sylviedecottignies: merçi janice j'espère qu'on aura une autre
occasion de se parler ce fut très agréable
sistersay2002: Lovely! Sorry I have to leave! Thanks for including me
on the invites.
vlady6us: see ya faith..
Fearless Leader: Ciao Bella Sylvie
sistersay2002 left the room
vlady6us: have to reboot..back in a few minutes
pdduke2003: OK
sylviedecottignies: bonsoir à toutes je v
Fearless Leader: I'll save log here, brb

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