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09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

Log 1

Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

buci131 has joined the conference.

minimadness423 has joined the conference.

buci131: Is it? Could it be?
buci131: KathyL!
norajean_sf: I'm still invisible because I just got on myself.
buci131: We're actually in a chatroom together, can you believe it?
norajean_sf: Yes the amazing KathyL is in DA House!
buci131: LOL
minimadness423: just an illusion
norajean_sf: thought I'd give us a minute alone before inviting everyone else.
minimadness423: gotta fix my color and font
buci131: ok
buci131: to both of you, LOL
norajean_sf: got a message from Mitch, she offered my kin a room in her home, she's so sweet.
buci131: that's really sweet
norajean_sf: I hope she gets her computer up and working I miss her tons
buci131: and they'd have extended vamily to hang out with
buci131: very sweet family
buci131: yeah, me too
buci131: a lot
minimadness423: she is sweet to do that.
norajean_sf: isn't she though
norajean_sf: if nothing else we know that the American people still got heart
buci131: have you heard anymore about the rest of your missing family?
minimadness423: the rest of the world should realize that too
norajean_sf: not yet, but the rest of the family were further away from the damage
buci131: oh, that's encouraging
buci131: I just talked to a friend from NO last night for a couple of hours
buci131: she filled me in on most everyone I knew and they all seem to be doing pretty well
minimadness423: I still haven't seen anything from Jean Jordan
norajean_sf: I have family members in other countries doing Missionary work, so they were not around, but I know they are wearing their knees out in prayer.
norajean_sf: Still nothing from Jean, I have Helen in San Antonio asking for her too, Helen has been volunteering at the evac station there
buci131: yeah, KathyL, I'm a bit concerned since she's a policewoman
norajean_sf: working round the clock it seems
norajean_sf: brb
buci131: do y'all know if she had to stay behind when the storm hit?
minimadness423: she probably didn't have a choice. I would assume all the police, fire, rescue were required to stay...most have that dedication to do it without being told
buci131: that's what I was thinking, at least for Orleans parish
minimadness423: I do know her house/apt was less than 2 blocks from the 17th street canal break...I have her addy and compared on Yahoo maps to a CNN map showing the flooding
buci131: oh, check out Google Earth--it's a download but it's awesome!
minimadness423: I would say all emergency services people anywhere in the projected path would be staying
buci131: Current satelite imaging for anywhere you type in
norajean_sf: back
buci131: hey, NJ, how do think demo went yesterday?
minimadness423: brb
buci131: the part I was in was pretty good--chat was almost all on topic, etc.
norajean_sf: very well because we had a lot of new people who appreciate the demo
norajean_sf: we just "waited out" the bothersome folks
norajean_sf: That's what I figured would happen
buci131: LOL--looks like it worked
norajean_sf: Praise God
norajean_sf: ok, I best go visible and start inviting folks
buci131: second that
buci131: k, I won't be able to stay on long again--gotta iron clothes for hubby who's off on another business trip tomorrow
buci131: I'll stick around as long as I can, though
angelxxs has joined the conference.

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countrylady100ca has joined the conference.

tedi382001 has joined the conference.

serena8805 has joined the conference.

buci131: hello, hello, hello
julia_dodge has joined the conference.

canastananny has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Hello
ziggysnowy has joined the conference.

pcajenny has joined the conference.

serena8805: hello everyone
curika1 has joined the conference.

curika1: hi everyone
julia_dodge: hello
ziggysnowy: Hello everyone
angelxxs: Hi everyone!!
tedi382001: hi everyone
buci131: hi all
julia_dodge: I am sorting some clay I got from a friend, needs new wrappings and lables
norajean_sf: highlight my name and click on "view webcam" new people
buci131: ooh, fun job
artisticweddings has joined the conference.

curika1: where does it say view cam?
buci131: right click on NJ's name and then click on view webcam
norajean_sf: see my name on the list of names to the right of this window? Right Click on it and a menu will fall down and then go choose "view webcam"
buci131: fifth link down
julia_dodge: yahoo friends for NJ
buci131: NJ, I'm still getting a server busy for your webcam today
angelxxs: Thanks for the invite, NJ!!!
norajean_sf: that way you don't have to ask for an invite to cam.
tedi382001: I'm getting a busy server
buci131: same here
mommaclara2001: I am getting a busy signal too.
norajean_sf: Keep on trying if the server is busy
curika1: i see your lil man nj... yay
norajean_sf: Eva what does my status line say, please.
julia_dodge: go to yahoo messenger, high lite NJ and click view webcam
buci131: COC Conference, IM for Invite
canastananny: I got the web cam
curika1: but hilite it with right click - that's what i had to do
angelguy1242000 has joined the conference.

angelguy1242000: hi all
buci131: heya Jeff
curika1: hi jeff
norajean_sf: Jeff right click my name here and pick view webcam
julia_dodge: hello Jeff
tedi382001: hi Jeff
norajean_sf: if you get "server busy" keep on trying
julia_dodge: hi Tedi
mommaclara2001: Hi Jeff
norajean_sf: I have 8 people viewing cam so far
julia_dodge: long time
angelxxs: I have it...
buci131: still working on nit
buci131: it, actually
angelxxs: (did you need to know that, NJ?) lol
norajean_sf: people let us know when you do get the cam open please
julia_dodge: cam open here
riverstyxrd has joined the conference.

curika1: open here
ziggysnowy: I can see the cam
norajean_sf: riverstyxrd right click on my name and click "view webcam" let us know when you got it open please
angelguy1242000: got cam NJ
riverstyxrd: open
canastananny: I can see you
mommaclara2001: I still don't have it.
tedi382001: still donthave it
angelguy1242000: momma try from buddy list find that works better
rozebude has joined the conference.

You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

curika1: hi river/rozebud
You have invited rozebude to view your webcam.

buci131: Jeff--perfect! I never knew that
riverstyxrd: Go to your yahoo messenger and click on the unlined words by nj's id
canastananny: I can see the webcam
buci131: oh, is that what you were saying a minute ago, Julia?
norajean_sf: just sent cam invite to rozebud and Momma Clara
angelguy1242000: thats how I got in as other way never works for me
buci131: got cam NJ
julia_dodge: yup
buci131: so I'm a little thick (in more ways than one, lol)
canastananny: I can see the webcam
norajean_sf: nownowtherethere Eva
norajean_sf: no self deprication
julia_dodge: lol
mommaclara2001: I got the invite, but still not the cam
serena8805: i'm here
riverstyxrd: thanks for the invite
norajean_sf: like home home on the range, never is heart a discouraging word
curika1: how many people can be on this? 16 now
norajean_sf: who still does not have cam
minimadness423: got the cam...has anyone upgraded to the new version of YM?
mommaclara2001: I don't
tedi382001: me
buci131: LOL, NJ
tedi382001: still getting a busy signal
norajean_sf: 30 can be on cam, after that we Piggy Back, others with cam point theirs to their monitor and people click in them.
canastananny: I"m in
norajean_sf: let me send you invites Tedi and Momma
rozebude: i don't have sound
You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

angelguy1242000: nj doesnt use sound
buci131: You are a good hubby
You have invited tedi382001 to view your webcam.

buci131: KathyL, I've upgraded
rozebude: o i c
curika1: wow, that is so cool! i feel like i'm on star trek (with Jean Luc, of course )
mommaclara2001: Ok, got it, thank you.
minimadness423: when you right click on NJ's name...IF you don't see the word on more...right under call computer...web cam is thre
canastananny: I'm here
norajean_sf: it's too noisy on my side and we have deaf ClayMates so ... I don't use the sound function
buci131: perhaps that part of the problem with those shut downs
minimadness423: uh...under there
tedi382001: got it thank you
curika1: i'm sure i'm upgraded cuz i only just got this yesterday! lol
buci131: heheh, you got the newest version whether you wanted it or not
canastananny: Right click "MORE" then webcam
minimadness423: if you got it yesterday, you got the latest
mommaclara2001: Mine is new too.
norajean_sf: New People, when you get the webcam window open, go to the word "webcam" and click "always on top" that way the cam window doesn't get buired under all the windows.
norajean_sf: the word "webcam" on the webcam window. Ok?
curika1: done
curika1: thanks
canastananny: Okay
countrylady100ca: Thank you NJ for thinking of me and other mates (if there are) as Deaf claymate
wwpeabody has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Sonya, you know you're my honey
norajean_sf: and things got to be fair for everyone attending
angelguy1242000: I am too Sonya as deaf and HOH in other ear
countrylady100ca: Hi Angleguy. What is your name ??
angelguy1242000: I am jeff
norajean_sf: oh you are Jeff, well there ya go then, another reason not to use sound
countrylady100ca: Welcome to City O Clay Jeff
angelguy1242000: thanks Sonya
curika1: DON'T EVER CLICK FULL SCREEN UNDER WEBCAM - everything else just goes away! lol
wwpeabody: hello everyone
clayladyinred has joined the conference.

angelguy1242000: hi oeabody
norajean_sf: hit escape when that happens
curika1: hi peabody
julia_dodge: hi Lady peabody
mommaclara2001: Hi Shan
angelguy1242000: hi shannon
clayladyinred: hi!
mommaclara2001: Hi Peabody
clayladyinred: Hi Mom
curika1: freaked - finally clicked window and was able to restore
norajean_sf: ok, who still does NOT have my webcam window up?
curika1: (after hitting every other key imaginable lol)
norajean_sf: LOL, poor honey, what a fright that must have been
norajean_sf: BIG HUGS
norajean_sf: YIKES What's going ON?!?!
curika1: it was lol
norajean_sf: Who does NOT have my webcam window up?
curika1: ty - back atcha lol
norajean_sf: I have 18 viewers, is that all of us?
angelguy1242000: yes
julia_dodge: yes 18
buci131: there are 18 of us in chat
norajean_sf: Ok, then let's get started
curika1: and i'm on time this time... yay! lol
clayladyinred: LOL
minimadness423: uhhhh....whow are those two in the background on the right NJ? and WHAT are they doing?????
norajean_sf: shall we review face sculpting again?
curika1: roflmao
norajean_sf: itty bitty face
curika1: i just noticed that
clayladyinred: sure!
curika1: for shame, nj
buci131: LOL--smoochie, smoochie
curika1: lol
angelguy1242000: lol eva
curika1: lol
canastananny: I'm for that
minimadness423: never seen clay make out before...lots of other things, but not THAT!
norajean_sf: Ok, shall we review the face grid again?
julia_dodge: that is one doll on a mirror?
buci131: KathyL--you've missed so much
curika1: sure
canastananny: Okay
minimadness423: so have all of you...LOL
buci131: face grid sounds good, NJ
curika1: it helps to have stuff ingrained into your brain
tedi382001: ok
clayladyinred: Julia, that's a couple
buci131: I missed it yesterday
minimadness423: I'll is tough, but I'll behave
angelguy1242000: yes can make sure I wrote it al down right
norajean_sf: ok, I'll get a piece of paper and a pen and when I draw those who know what I'm doing TYPE it for the others, ok? Let's work together on this.
clayladyinred: ok
clayladyinred: the face grid helps align things correctly
pcajenny has left the conference.

curika1: and makes you go, "Ohhhhhhh, I see now!" lol
clayladyinred: draw the egg shaped face outline
clayladyinred: LOL
clayladyinred: draw a line down the center, from top to bottom
norajean_sf: ehy
norajean_sf: why
curika1: center
norajean_sf: good
countrylady100ca: Hi Jenny
riverstyxrd: to get the nose and mouth in the correct place?
tedi382001: hi Jenny
clayladyinred: now, draw a line across the center
clayladyinred: that will be where the eyes align
curika1: clap clap
riverstyxrd: and the top of the nose?
curika1: center of eyes
norajean_sf: good
clayladyinred: the pupils will go on the line going across... halfway from the middle to the edges, on each side
curika1: which is center of each side
curika1: 1/2 way down is top of nose
norajean_sf: bottom of nose
curika1: bottom i mean lol
norajean_sf: lol
curika1: oops
clayladyinred: on the line going from top to bottom, half way from the center to the bottom of the face for bottom of nose
curika1: TOP of lip
curika1: nope
curika1: bottom
norajean_sf: lower lip
clayladyinred: halfway from bottom of nose to bottom of face is the bottom lip
curika1: yes you got it nj lol
Yahoo! Messenger: grannyron2001 has declined to join and sent: No, thank you.
clayladyinred: halfway up from center line is the hair line
norajean_sf: good
curika1: i LOVE this part
norajean_sf: the V's
curika1: shows you where to push the clay
clayladyinred: now the V's show you where to push the clay to form the nose, cheeks, etc
curika1: that is too cool
angelxxs: NJ, is this on your site somewhere?
norajean_sf: nope, it's a "To Do"
angelxxs: yours looks so much better than mine!!!
ziggysnowy: NJ the ears where are they coming?
angelxxs: lol mine looks loke a bug!!!!
norajean_sf: So let's do this on clay. Grab some clay, grab what tools you have and clay along
curika1: k hold on
julia_dodge: what tools do we need?
clayladyinred: NJ, with the V's do you normally start at the point, and push clay towards the open part?
julia_dodge: ty
clayladyinred: these are clay shapers
julia_dodge: How about a little MUGG SHOT NJ
clayladyinred: ooooh we haven't been mugged in a long time! LOL
clayladyinred: LOL
julia_dodge: lOL thanks
Yahoo! Messenger: heartlandimages has declined to join and sent: Thanks, but no thanks.
canastananny: Looks like she is using the food processor
tedi382001: bb
clayladyinred: yes, it makes it soften the clay a whole lot easier!
mommaclara2001: I just got a food processer today. A friend picke dit up for me.
mommaclara2001: Now I can mix it.
clayladyinred: oh great Mom! are you going to use it for clay?
mommaclara2001: Yes.
norajean_sf: when the clay balls up in the food processor it is warm and soft enough to use
norajean_sf: ok?
clayladyinred: great! you'll like it!
norajean_sf: ok
canastananny: I got a small one at WalMart for $9.00 do you think that will be big enough?
mommaclara2001: I tried it out. It was really nice the way the clay felt.
clayladyinred: yesssss.... it helps a lot!
norajean_sf: new folks, this is the TAFFY PULL
clayladyinred: you can always just do smaller batches Nanny
rozebude: are you using the cutting or mixing blade
clayladyinred: doesn't take but a couple minutes at the most
clayladyinred: the cutting blade
canastananny: thanks
rozebude: thanks
norajean_sf: when you can do the taffy pull the clay is conditioned enough
norajean_sf: it breaks in a point
curika1: will you show the face grid drawing once more please?
norajean_sf: that means if you reduce a cane it'll stretch
canastananny: Beats cranking again & again on the pasta machine
curika1: thanks
canastananny: You know to condition the clay
clayladyinred: yes it sure does Nanny.... that is so tiring
canastananny: You can say that again
canastananny: LOL
clayladyinred: and it's easy to clean up... just a little alcohol... so you don't get different colored bits mixed in with new batches
canastananny: nice tip, thanks again
clayladyinred: yw
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

bonsaikathy: hi everyone
julia_dodge: Hi Kathy
curika1: hi kathy
norajean_sf: Ok, are we ready to do the face grid? Howdy Bonsai Kathy
rozebude: hi
angelxxs: Hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: Hi KathyL, long time no see
clayladyinred: ohhh... and don't overload your sort of jams it up and just makes a big blob before it can get conditioned
mommaclara2001: Hi Kathy
clayladyinred: hi Kathy!
wwpeabody: hi
ziggysnowy: hi kathy
bonsaikathy: HI everyone
angelguy1242000: hi kathy
canastananny: okay
norajean_sf: Shall we do Roll Call, First Name and Location Please... NoraJean, San Francisco
curika1: when it looks like cottage cheese, that's when i know it's ready
clayladyinred: Shannon, West Virginia
minimadness423: Hi there BK.
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
curika1: Mary - Dallas
angelguy1242000: jeff, new york city
canastananny: Tamara "Nanny" from Houston, Texas
wwpeabody: Peabody,Gig Harbor Wa.
minimadness423: KathyL...MiniMadness...out in the laundry room in Kentucky
angelxxs: LaNae, Lompoc CA
artisticweddings: I MADE IT
minimadness423: multi tasking you might say
rozebude: Fran in
tedi382001: Amy Canada, who cant get the webcam :0)
You have invited tedi382001 to view your webcam.

ziggysnowy: assendelft holland
julia_dodge: Julia Fla
rozebude: Reno
minimadness423: amy...let me IM you
buci131: Eva, San Antonio
norajean_sf: sent invite to Amy for webcam
norajean_sf: Holland is in Da House! Wow.
tedi382001: thanks nj got it
artisticweddings: OK I missed the eyes?
riverstyxrd: Elayne, Medina Ohio
artisticweddings: Margi Tennessee
clayladyinred: NJ, if you need a pic of the grid, show it for a minute, and I'll grab it for you
norajean_sf: You've not missed anything that we didn't do yesterday
canastananny: Tedi, right click NJ on the list of names to your right
artisticweddings: kool
bonsaikathy: ok I'll try again
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
serena8805: Serena, IN
artisticweddings: Margi-E TN
clayladyinred: ok, think I got it NJ
bonsaikathy: darn laptop
canastananny: then click "More"
norajean_sf: Bonsai Kathy you having trouble getting cam?
You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: sent BK an invite to cam
canastananny: then that will bring up "View webcam
canastananny: click on that
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to start on this face, I can't type or read while I do this so if you have questions ask your ClayMates here or wait until I'm back at the keyboard, ok?
wwpeabody: k
canastananny: Okay
artisticweddings: Was my DH polite yall?
ziggysnowy: ok
tedi382001: ok
curika1: k
canastananny: Did it work Tedi
tedi382001: yes thanks
canastananny: Great! ! !
curika1: making the grid
clayladyinred: I think so Artistic
curika1: now the V's
curika1: pushing in, pushing up
curika1: to start to form everything
clayladyinred: she pretty much just pressed the V's into the face to start with
artisticweddings: shes flyin today
artisticweddings: wow
clayladyinred: pushed the nose in from cheeks
artisticweddings: cant see
canastananny: How do ya get the happy faces instead of the key marks
artisticweddings: there
clayladyinred: you can use the little smiley icon above where you type Nanny
clayladyinred: or type in the correct combination.... a smile is this... : then - then )
angelxxs: can someone suggest colors to mix for flesh?
mommaclara2001: White and brown
mommaclara2001: Maybe a little red
clayladyinred: I'm terrible at mixing... NJ does have a section on her site that helps with that
curika1: or ecru and white
curika1: with a touch of very light pink
angelxxs: Oh! I will look there too, ty all!
mommaclara2001: YW
clayladyinred: she might post her links to the group... so watch there...
clayladyinred: you notice the eyebrows were formed by pushing up from the eyes...
clayladyinred: the upper lipped was pushed up a bit for the nose, and down a bit for the mouth
clayladyinred: and below the bottom lip was pushed up a bit to form the bottom lip
clayladyinred: the top of the nose is not level with the eyes... I mean in profile... it sticks out farther
clayladyinred: they eyes are one eye width apart
clayladyinred: and the face is about 5 eyes wide
clayladyinred: the bottom of the nose is about one eye wide
clayladyinred: the corners of the mouth should be about where the pupils are (I think LOL)
clayladyinred: NJ is outlining the edges of the eyes, or rather, eyelids
buci131: sorry, all--I gotta split: kids, hubby, etc. NJ--thanks a bunch!
clayladyinred: ok, bye Eva!
angelguy1242000: bye eva
mommaclara2001: Bye Eva
buci131: later all
canastananny: Bye Eva
buci131 has left the conference.

minimadness423: bye Eva
riverstyxrd: I too need to leave....have to drive hubby to the mechanics to pick up his car.....Now I will be brave enough to try a face!
curika1: bye
clayladyinred: NJ presses in the eye... in the middle of the outline... so she now has eyelids that stand out a bit
norajean_sf: there
clayladyinred: ok, by River! see you soon
mommaclara2001: Bye Elayne
riverstyxrd: bye
minimadness423: remember the golden rule...if it don't look right...squish it up and try again
riverstyxrd has left the conference.

clayladyinred: LOL
norajean_sf: questions?
minimadness423: that's what I learned in my first clay project in mini club
canastananny: do you use glass eyes
minimadness423: I am good at squishing it up!!!!!!
curika1: no keeping up
norajean_sf: I'll save log while you formulate questions. I make clay irises
artisticweddings: What about eyes?
clayladyinred: brb
artisticweddings: For a finished piece
mommaclara2001: She will make them with clay
artisticweddings: ok
curika1: beautiful eyes nj
curika1: will you show us how here, now, or on the website?
artisticweddings: haha
artisticweddings: cute
norajean_sf: I'll get you the link for eyes
curika1: k
minimadness423: she could make a whole demo just doing an eye cane
minimadness423: brb
canastananny: Thank you
artisticweddings: but if I am doing sugar
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/Index
artisticweddings: without the cane?
norajean_sf: check the eyeball demo of 4/24/03
curika1: i bet - got it - the one eye cane i made turned out weird lol
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Eyeball/04-24-03-Thms
norajean_sf: on this page shows how to do eyes on a larger face
curika1: i like it better this way, rather than the eyes you buy
norajean_sf: scroll down
norajean_sf: also with clay you can get the color of eyes you want
tedi382001: brb
artisticweddings: k
norajean_sf: and you get the size you want by reducing the eye iris cane
norajean_sf: now I will save log

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