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09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

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06-18-08: These screen shots didn't get saved before Epson Photo Storage closed down.

Shannon wrote, "Here are the shots I got from Saturday's demo.  I hope they are helpful to you!  They were to all of us!" Thanks a million Shannon!

Baby Face: Index: the ramble about how baby faces are different than adult's.  

The drawings on this page shows how to line up the
ears. The "V" shapes on the middle drawing is where
you'll find "V" shapes on a face and is the second
thing I do after putting in the face grid.

If you come to the face sculpting demo this next week
end you'll see me start every face with a grid. This
is how it goes:

Vertical down the center of the face place our nose,
the center point between two eyes, that little dent on
the upper lip.

Eyes are usually One Eye Width apart on adults. Check
this page for a picture of using Eye Width as a

From Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Index-2003
EEEK and Yikes!

Horizontal across the face will be where the eyes are
for an adult. It'll be where the hair line is for an

This is where people have difficulty with infants,
giving babies features the same lay out as adults.
Infants have their features all clustered under the
second horizontal line of the face. So baby eyebrows
start where the bottom of the nose would be on an

Half way besides the vertical center line on each
side, on the center horizontal line is where pupils of
the eyes would be if the face is facing forward.

Half way above the horizontal center line is where the
brow ridge will be on an adult face.

Half way below the horizontal center line is where the
bottom of the nose will be for an adult.

Half way below the bottom of the nose and the bottom
of the chin is where the lower lip will be on an

This is a "rough draft" grid for us to map out where
the features on a face is going to be located.

Face sculpting isn't some mysterious trick. I'm
sharing all the short cuts and tricks I know to make
your face sculpting experience an adventure and not a
hair pulling event.



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