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09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

Log 2

Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

minimadness423: the better to poke it into other's business
artisticweddings: to my knees
norajean_sf: and there's wrinkles in the process
mommaclara2001: I wouldnt know.
norajean_sf: so let's start aging this little face here, ok?
tedi382001: gotta go telephone, many thanks nj
rozebude: skin texture changes
tedi382001 has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: hlynn1975 has declined to join and sent: Thanks, but no thanks.
norajean_sf: shall we begin?
wwpeabody: yep
canastananny: yes, please
artisticweddings: yes
rschneiter1963: yes
minimadness423: yep
artisticweddings: ok so my nose is now hanging over my lip
canastananny: okay, we need someone to explain what she is doing...
mommaclara2001: Where is Shan?
curika1: b
canastananny: Shannon where are you? ? ?
mommaclara2001: Any way it looks like she is pushing the skin down.
ziggysnowy: i am back
canastananny: jowls
mommaclara2001: Around the mouth, and eyes.
artisticweddings: It's so sad
curika1: saggy - gravity
artisticweddings: please dont use the s word
curika1: you see more bones with floppy skin
curika1: rofl
clayladyinred: I'll be right back.... the ice cream man is up the street... and you know how 7 year olds are...LOL
curika1: uh huh/.... sure
mommaclara2001: Ok, Shan
canastananny: okay
curika1: so... yoiu made a v on either side down there?
artisticweddings: ok hes cute
curika1: can't believe in such short period of time he's looking older
rschneiter1963: not old more gentlemanly
curika1: lol
artisticweddings: NJ when I die will you fix my face young for my funeral?
angelxxs: distinguished
mommaclara2001: She is good, isn't she?
curika1: ROFLMAO
angelxxs: LOL
curika1: yep
minwin: what tool are you using to do the face?
canastananny: you can say that again
curika1: clay shaper
artisticweddings: oh gawd the bags...
curika1: lol
minimadness423: wouldn't the funeral director have a cow when NJ brings in her food processor, tons of clay and her shaping tools...LOL
rschneiter1963: not bags them hold all the love they see
artisticweddings: Yes but what a great ending
minimadness423: not to mention curing her work
mommaclara2001: How old do you have to be, to look like that?
curika1: i guess i'm strange... my entire life I've LOVED looking at guys that had bags - seems to me it makes their eyes more prominent, and beautiful
curika1: always been sexy to me
minimadness423: hmmmm....I think I would like for her to make me look like one of her stargazer lilies
canastananny: depends on how much wear and tear you've had...LOL...
wwpeabody: not too old just have rough life
minimadness423: and sun exposure
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: so now the face is old
curika1: look at that!
rschneiter1963: you know if you put bibbed overalls on him he would look like my grandfather
wwpeabody: bad genes
norajean_sf: when sculpting an old face, start out with a young one and then move the clay downward
curika1: fantastic nj
artisticweddings: heck hed look like me
minimadness423: good genes gone bad
norajean_sf: to simulate the loss of elasticity of the skin
ziggysnowy: it is beautiful
curika1: and that's basically all there is to it - making gravity
curika1: yes
rschneiter1963: NJ I have a question
minimadness423: he looks mischievous
norajean_sf: if we want her to smile, start out with no expression and make a smile
norajean_sf: question?
curika1: wrinkles...
norajean_sf: rscheiter got a question
artisticweddings: heard that
rschneiter1963: yeah when you make the little people how do you make them not look plastic?
minwin: What tool are you using to change the face?
rschneiter1963: now I have never made one but some look so waxy or pastic
norajean_sf: give them expression, expression is life, most "doll" faces look over medicated
ziggysnowy: is the tool flexible?
curika1: yes - TOO smooth
artisticweddings: some of us are medicated
norajean_sf: LOL
minimadness423: some of us need to be medicated
norajean_sf: but our doll faces don't have to be
artisticweddings: ha
rozebude: LOL
curika1: that's why you can tell ppl who've had plastic surgery
bonsaikathy: actually that's true NJ, I never thought of that before
artisticweddings: i want mine to pout
curika1: their faces don't look normal
artisticweddings: like sex goddesses
norajean_sf: if you don't want a waxy look, don't put a finish on the face, clay left alone after curing is a bit dull
rschneiter1963: my sister is always shiney
curika1: question
curika1: about curing...
norajean_sf: go for it Mary
curika1: how long?
norajean_sf: 1/2 hour at 275F or 130C
artisticweddings: isnt there a powder to brush on fairy faces?
curika1: wow, that's all for a sculpture?
clayladyinred: back! finally....LOL
mommaclara2001: Good!
angelguy1242000: wb
curika1: you can use chalk, or pearl ex, something like that
norajean_sf: I do my sculptures in stages, so it goes into the oven over and over
curika1: wb
curika1: ahhh
norajean_sf: let's make this face smile more
angelxxs: I have a question?
rschneiter1963: you can do that?
curika1: that way you know for sure it's completely cured
norajean_sf: oh, another question first
artisticweddings: i was thinking of using sparle powder
artisticweddings: sparkle
minimadness423: shhhh...don't tell Shannon we talked about her
norajean_sf: drop kick it.... LOL, no that's a joke
clayladyinred: LOL
curika1: uh oh it went away
mommaclara2001: Yes
curika1: the webcam
angelxxs: has anyone ever added transclusent or pearl to their clay to make it look 'glowy'?
angelxxs: lol
norajean_sf: Cure it according to the manufacturer's recommendation
rschneiter1963: can you make him smile like he is thinking something?
norajean_sf: different clay takes different amounts of time, read the directions on the package and go for that. But if your work has a lot of clay, I say do it in stages, add a layer, cure, add more, cure again
norajean_sf: yes, let's make him smile
curika1: ok it's back
curika1: ok -
artisticweddings: WOW u guys my chocolate face is turnin out great
curika1: YAY
clayladyinred: NJ is pressing up with the tip of a clay shaper at the points of the mouth to make a smile
angelxxs: oooh, do you have a web cam we could look at later??
mommaclara2001: That is greatMargie
clayladyinred: also, adjusting the cheeks a bit
artisticweddings: See this is sooo helpful
minimadness423: Artistic are using REAL chocolate that I wish I had here eating?????
curika1: great smile
clayladyinred: cool Artistic! can't wait to see it!
curika1: that was quick, too! lol
artisticweddings: aww hes smilin
norajean_sf: the lips thin over the teeth with a smile
rschneiter1963: hahaha that is great!!! that is my grandpa
rschneiter1963: thanks!!!!!
norajean_sf: the corners of the mouth go IN
curika1: i don't know if i like claying while watching demo
minimadness423: uhhhh....he's been up to something
artisticweddings: yes chocoltae and corn syrup
angelxxs: Santa Clause!!
curika1: i miss too much
norajean_sf: the bags under the eyes bunch up
curika1: so basically 2 things for smiles
minimadness423: about challenges...the temptation not to eat your work!
angelxxs: NJ, You are awesome!!!!!
curika1: bunch up bags and corner of mouth upturned
norajean_sf: when a smile does not reach the eyes, it seems fake
clayladyinred: but easy clean up Kathy....LOL
artisticweddings: oh but i have eaten those who dont behave
norajean_sf: you know folks who smile with their mouth but it never reaches their eyes
curika1: yes
angelxxs: lol, i was just thinking... if he doesn't turn out, Artistic, you could always eat him!!
norajean_sf: that "oh I'm being polite" smile that is not sincere
curika1: right - not real smile
angelxxs: yep,
curika1: why pretend?
angelxxs: I know a few people like that...
norajean_sf: make the smile reach the eyes by moving some cheek mass upward
clayladyinred: yes... hate those kinds of smiles
norajean_sf: crinkle the crow's feet
artisticweddings: thats the smile my dad gives when he doesnt buy my story
clayladyinred: LOL
rschneiter1963: like he knows
rschneiter1963: but will let you tell it anyways
artisticweddings: i like him better old nj
artisticweddings: hes startin to look like mickey rooney
julia_dodge: lol
artisticweddings: haha
norajean_sf: LOL
canastananny: he's been around long enough to know that it really is about the little pleasures in life
curika1: lol
curika1: u r amazing, nj
norajean_sf: always start out with a face without expression and then give it expression by moving the mouth, the cheeks, around the eyes
curika1: how long u been doing this?
norajean_sf: oh a minute and a half
norajean_sf: LOL
artisticweddings: ha
clayladyinred: LOL
rschneiter1963: yup and he knows soon enough you will face up to your story
norajean_sf: 6 years
curika1: that is all? I would have thought 26
artisticweddings: yep but I never face up to dad
canastananny: lLOL...
curika1: i love that face
norajean_sf: well with doing demo it does add up. Some of you will have only evenings and week ends to practice. I've been doing demos for a couple of years and that practice time adds up.
curika1: that's true
norajean_sf: now to make this face sad
norajean_sf: what do we do?
curika1: i've been doing it 1 year this month, but all the time cuz i'm home all the time
curika1: eyes downward at corners
rschneiter1963: put the mouth down and make the bags go down?
ziggysnowy: lips down?
curika1: same with lips
minimadness423: leave it him happy...but if you must stand him on his head
clayladyinred: pull the cheeks and mouth down
norajean_sf: and what about the eyebrows?
artisticweddings: \One month
curika1: scrunched?
norajean_sf: yup
rschneiter1963: but the eyes will have to be sad too and that is sad
curika1: in the center - give him a or more wrinkles between eyebrows?
angelxxs: and frown lines above the brow
curika1: lol
angelxxs: lol
curika1: ahhh - making inside cheeks smaller
curika1: cuz they puff out when smiling, happy and flatter when not
artisticweddings: kool
curika1: yes!
curika1: i'm sitting here smiling, not smiling, smiling, not smiling, and feeling my face lol
julia_dodge: lol
rschneiter1963: why is cedric sad?
curika1: should be doing it in a mirror lol
curika1: cuz something's stuck up his nose?
curika1: lol
minimadness423: or somewhere else?????
angelguy1242000: lol
artisticweddings: he heard my story
curika1: lol
curika1: wow
rschneiter1963: nah cause he cant go out traveling
curika1: rofl
minimadness423: cause he ran out of viagra
curika1: cuz he's constipated
artisticweddings: he needs a lady friend
artisticweddings: same thing
curika1: lol
canastananny: LOL
curika1: amazing
norajean_sf: he's not happy now
curika1: look at that!
artisticweddings: oo he did get po'd
rschneiter1963: I think he is sad cause he is dreamin of days gone by when him and bessie were able to travel
angelguy1242000: his lady friend is with that other guy on the table
curika1: he sure isn't
artisticweddings: lol
norajean_sf: now watch
rschneiter1963: he looks kind of mean now
curika1: k
artisticweddings: what tool?
minimadness423: how did he know? he has no ears yet to hear them...and he has no eyes yet to see them
curika1: wow
norajean_sf: he's saying "Hey you KIDS, get outta my yard!"
curika1: rofl
julia_dodge: lol
clayladyinred: LOL
curika1: what do you use for hair, usually?
artisticweddings: lolol
rschneiter1963: nah he is saying Bessie dang nab it get back in here
curika1: lol
clayladyinred: NJ uses clay and tls to make hair
minimadness423: he's saying get that danged thing out of my mouth NJ!
curika1: ahhhhh
curika1: wow
canastananny: Grumpy Grandpa
curika1: do you ever do teeth?
curika1: my goodness!
minimadness423: that danged thing tastes like clay
artisticweddings: flatten his nose and he looks like my uncle who got kicked by a horse
clayladyinred: "darn rabbit, get out of my garden!"
norajean_sf: furrow those brows
curika1: lol
canastananny: LOL
minimadness423: "I'm an old fart! I can do what I danged well please!!!"
clayladyinred: "now where did those teeth git to???"
curika1: what i can hardly believe is,
curika1: all those expressions, so realistic looking - but still with no eyes!!!
curika1: and you don't 'miss' them either
artisticweddings: if you squished my head like that Id be mad too
curika1: that's what blows me away
norajean_sf: but we started out with a face without expression
curika1: yes
minimadness423: not teeth....teef
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: and then we gave it expression and that expression tells a story
clayladyinred: I agree Curika
clayladyinred: LOL thanks Kathy!
norajean_sf: there's only 7 expressions, can we name them?
curika1: yes it does
norajean_sf: happy
norajean_sf: sad
curika1: happy sad, mad mean
norajean_sf: surprise
curika1: surprised
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: revulsion
curika1: shocked
norajean_sf: fear
countrylady100ca: Excuse me Sorry I have to run to store yup again Sorry
minimadness423: disbelief
curika1: k... bye
clayladyinred: ok Sonya... bye!
countrylady100ca: BRB
angelguy1242000: bye sonya
norajean_sf: and two more I forget, let me get a link. See ya Sonya
artisticweddings: bye
minimadness423: bye sonya
ziggysnowy: bye
curika1: amazing
canastananny: bye
mommaclara2001: Bye Sonya
clayladyinred: is there a look for "hubba hubba"???
countrylady100ca: I leave my lapnote on
curika1: still unbelievable that with all those expressions, you just don't miss the eyes!!!
artisticweddings: he sorta reminds me of a snapper turtle
curika1: lol
curika1: he's got that 'I'm in your face' look about him at that angle
minimadness423: reminds me of Terminator 2 when that guy morfed through the bars in the hospital
clayladyinred: yes he does
artisticweddings: lol
minimadness423: rubber necking on the highway
norajean_sf: Fear Anger Enjoyment Distress Disgust Interest Surprise Contempt Shame

clayladyinred: reminds me of Voldamort on the first Harry Potter movie... when he was in the back of the prof's head
curika1: that REALLY shows the talent... ppl not missing the eys, but seeing everything you mean for them to see!
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: It's in that ramble
angelxxs: it's my next door neighbor, yelling at my boys
norajean_sf: Ok, now see those seven expressions?
clayladyinred: yep
norajean_sf: Fear Anger Enjoyment Distress Disgust Interest Surprise Contempt Shame

rschneiter1963: NJ can you make it into a lady ?
rschneiter1963: or is that a whole nother stucture?
norajean_sf: What I'd like for all y'all to do is to make one face without expression, then make effort to get those 7 expressions
curika1: but i count 9
norajean_sf: old women and old men resemble each other, like young baby boys and girls resemble each other
clayladyinred: homework????
clayladyinred: LOL
norajean_sf: it is during breeding season that they differentiate
curika1: ok - that'll be fun
norajean_sf: Practice
norajean_sf: not homework
julia_dodge: lol
curika1: then i'll get my son's digital camera and take pics...
norajean_sf: it's a way to practice getting expression on a face
norajean_sf: if you don't know what a face of disgust looks like
norajean_sf: get a mirror
curika1: to show the improvement
norajean_sf: pick up a dirty sock
rschneiter1963: hmmm now grandma and grandpa didnt reseamble each other except that twinkle in there face
norajean_sf: and smell it
norajean_sf: then look at your face
clayladyinred: LOL
angelguy1242000: rofl
julia_dodge: lol
curika1: actors do that kind of stuff all the time
norajean_sf: eeeeewwwweeeeee
curika1: so do singers
norajean_sf: exactly
artisticweddings: singers?
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: look at your own face and see if you can make the face of fear, or of delight
rschneiter1963: can you mak him happy again NJ? Like he just saw his grand kids?
artisticweddings: u sing
curika1: used to
artisticweddings: me too
norajean_sf: hold on let's see if we can adjust this guy
curika1: cool!
curika1: ok
rschneiter1963: great dental work
minimadness423: NJ...I told you to get that danged thing outta my mouth...especially after you shoved it up my nose
curika1: lol
clayladyinred: hehehe
clayladyinred: now I see a big gummy grin!
artisticweddings: brb
minimadness423: hush old man...there are worse places she could have been adjusting
curika1: nj - what about the ears? the tops of them start at the bottom of the eyes?
rschneiter1963: he is startning to laugh
minimadness423: think of that one and get the disgust look down pat
clayladyinred: I think at the eyebrows... and go to bottom of nose, or there abouts...
clayladyinred: that last one was for you Curika
curika1: that quick!
clayladyinred: awwww isn't he cute!
curika1: ty ty lol
norajean_sf: ok, ears
norajean_sf: Let me get a link
curika1: k
curika1: it doesn't even take her 2 mins to change expressions!
clayladyinred: my daughter came up to me the other day, and was looking at my ears.... wanted to see if I was attached or unattached...LOL
norajean_sf: oh rats, I thought I had a picture, I'll show you first on the grid
clayladyinred: she's done this a LOT!!! LOL
curika1: k
curika1: so which ;are you?
clayladyinred: I'm attached LOL
rschneiter1963: attached or un?
rschneiter1963: hehe
lvmypolymerclay has joined the conference.

clayladyinred: hey Lynn!!
You have invited lvmypolymerclay to view your webcam.

curika1: welcome
lvmypolymerclay: Thanks NJ
lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
norajean_sf: You're welcome honey, I'm going to draw a grid to show where ears go
clayladyinred: long time no see!
rschneiter1963: on his face?
curika1: k
julia_dodge: face
lvmypolymerclay: been a long time since I had chat on my computer
clayladyinred: ohhhhh... well glad to see ya!
clayladyinred: oh look at how easy she draws that
lvmypolymerclay: good to see you too
rschneiter1963: yeah she makes it look easy
clayladyinred: profile of a face, for log readers
bonsaikathy: she's always made it lok easy, lol
curika1: i draw and paint lady faces... so that I can do... it's on the sculpture - how to make them
bonsaikathy: but I never tire of watching her do this
curika1: you push like the rest of the face?
clayladyinred: LOL I understand Curika
curika1: and don't add more clay?
lvmypolymerclay: I can only draw an elephants back side
clayladyinred: me either BK
clayladyinred: LOL
norajean_sf: go touch where your jaw ends please
canastananny: an artist at work
norajean_sf: your ear lobe is right up above where your jaw ends, yes?
curika1: basically middle of eye is top, and just above where jaw is
bonsaikathy: yes
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: now touch the outer corner of your eye and go in a straight line towards your ear
norajean_sf: some of the top of the ear lobe is above the corner of your eye line, yes?
bonsaikathy: hey we need a screen shot of that
rschneiter1963: my ears are higher hehe
norajean_sf: it's a "more or less" sort of deal
bonsaikathy: Bec can you grab one with snag it please
lvmypolymerclay: guess my ears are in the right place
norajean_sf: ok one more measure
curika1: do you just push the clay nj, and not add?
curika1: ok
clayladyinred: screen shot got
norajean_sf: go to the side of your nose and move in a straight line to your ear
rschneiter1963: think I got it Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks hon
clayladyinred: np
norajean_sf: your finger should fall in your ear hole, it's in a straight line from the corner of your nose, yes?
curika1: yes - never looked at it that way before
curika1: yes
bonsaikathy: NJ this is perfect
lvmypolymerclay: so far so good
bonsaikathy: it makes it so much more clear how to position the ears
canastananny: me too
norajean_sf: ok, so we got one line from the jaw
norajean_sf: one line from the corner of the eye and the outside of the nose
curika1: yes
rschneiter1963: got it
norajean_sf: that's your grid
curika1: and the middle of ear is in middle of face... where the nose is
ziggysnowy: thank you
canastananny: Wow, you make it all so simple
norajean_sf: now there's another grid line
norajean_sf: if you looked at the top of the head, and drew a line over the top at the center
norajean_sf: that is usually where your ears are
curika1: yes....
rschneiter1963: ok...
norajean_sf: touch the top of your head and run your finger down to your ear
curika1: cool
norajean_sf: we have surrounded the ear
curika1: perfect
norajean_sf: now don't add clay for ears
curika1: just push
norajean_sf: PUSH clay from the side of the eye, from above the jaw
norajean_sf: yes
clayladyinred: I notice the occipital bone is at about the bottom of the ear level
norajean_sf: there's an indentation at the temple of your head
curika1: k
norajean_sf: use that clay on the clay face, you need an indentation there anyway, move the clay towards the ear
curika1: right
norajean_sf: so now I'll show you on clay
norajean_sf: ok?
curika1: k
julia_dodge: k
wwpeabody: k
canastananny: okay
norajean_sf: but I'll save log first
ziggysnowy: ok
bonsaikathy: yes

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