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09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

Log 3

Demo Stuff Jan to Dec 2005

artisticweddings: me too
norajean_sf: hold on let's see if we can adjust this guy
curika1: cool!
curika1: ok
rschneiter1963: great dental work
minimadness423: NJ...I told you to get that danged thing outta my mouth...especially after you shoved it up my nose
curika1: lol
clayladyinred: hehehe
clayladyinred: now I see a big gummy grin!
artisticweddings: brb
minimadness423: hush old man...there are worse places she could have been adjusting
curika1: nj - what about the ears? the tops of them start at the bottom of the eyes?
rschneiter1963: he is startning to laugh
minimadness423: think of that one and get the disgust look down pat
clayladyinred: I think at the eyebrows... and go to bottom of nose, or there abouts...
clayladyinred: that last one was for you Curika
curika1: that quick!
clayladyinred: awwww isn't he cute!
curika1: ty ty lol
norajean_sf: ok, ears
norajean_sf: Let me get a link
curika1: k
curika1: it doesn't even take her 2 mins to change expressions!
clayladyinred: my daughter came up to me the other day, and was looking at my ears.... wanted to see if I was attached or unattached...LOL
norajean_sf: oh rats, I thought I had a picture, I'll show you first on the grid
clayladyinred: she's done this a LOT!!! LOL
curika1: k
curika1: so which ;are you?
clayladyinred: I'm attached LOL
rschneiter1963: attached or un?
rschneiter1963: hehe
lvmypolymerclay has joined the conference.

clayladyinred: hey Lynn!!
You have invited lvmypolymerclay to view your webcam.

curika1: welcome
lvmypolymerclay: Thanks NJ
lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
norajean_sf: You're welcome honey, I'm going to draw a grid to show where ears go
clayladyinred: long time no see!
rschneiter1963: on his face?
curika1: k
julia_dodge: face
lvmypolymerclay: been a long time since I had chat on my computer
clayladyinred: ohhhhh... well glad to see ya!
clayladyinred: oh look at how easy she draws that
lvmypolymerclay: good to see you too
rschneiter1963: yeah she makes it look easy
clayladyinred: profile of a face, for log readers
bonsaikathy: she's always made it lok easy, lol
curika1: i draw and paint lady faces... so that I can do... it's on the sculpture - how to make them
bonsaikathy: but I never tire of watching her do this
curika1: you push like the rest of the face?
clayladyinred: LOL I understand Curika
curika1: and don't add more clay?
lvmypolymerclay: I can only draw an elephants back side
clayladyinred: me either BK
clayladyinred: LOL
norajean_sf: go touch where your jaw ends please
canastananny: an artist at work
norajean_sf: your ear lobe is right up above where your jaw ends, yes?
curika1: basically middle of eye is top, and just above where jaw is
bonsaikathy: yes
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: now touch the outer corner of your eye and go in a straight line towards your ear
norajean_sf: some of the top of the ear lobe is above the corner of your eye line, yes?
bonsaikathy: hey we need a screen shot of that
rschneiter1963: my ears are higher hehe
norajean_sf: it's a "more or less" sort of deal
bonsaikathy: Bec can you grab one with snag it please
lvmypolymerclay: guess my ears are in the right place
norajean_sf: ok one more measure
curika1: do you just push the clay nj, and not add?
curika1: ok
clayladyinred: screen shot got
norajean_sf: go to the side of your nose and move in a straight line to your ear
rschneiter1963: think I got it Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks hon
clayladyinred: np
norajean_sf: your finger should fall in your ear hole, it's in a straight line from the corner of your nose, yes?
curika1: yes - never looked at it that way before
curika1: yes
bonsaikathy: NJ this is perfect
lvmypolymerclay: so far so good
bonsaikathy: it makes it so much more clear how to position the ears
canastananny: me too
norajean_sf: ok, so we got one line from the jaw
norajean_sf: one line from the corner of the eye and the outside of the nose
curika1: yes
rschneiter1963: got it
norajean_sf: that's your grid
curika1: and the middle of ear is in middle of face... where the nose is
ziggysnowy: thank you
canastananny: Wow, you make it all so simple
norajean_sf: now there's another grid line
norajean_sf: if you looked at the top of the head, and drew a line over the top at the center
norajean_sf: that is usually where your ears are
curika1: yes....
rschneiter1963: ok...
norajean_sf: touch the top of your head and run your finger down to your ear
curika1: cool
norajean_sf: we have surrounded the ear
curika1: perfect
norajean_sf: now don't add clay for ears
curika1: just push
norajean_sf: PUSH clay from the side of the eye, from above the jaw
norajean_sf: yes
clayladyinred: I notice the occipital bone is at about the bottom of the ear level
norajean_sf: there's an indentation at the temple of your head
curika1: k
norajean_sf: use that clay on the clay face, you need an indentation there anyway, move the clay towards the ear
curika1: right
norajean_sf: so now I'll show you on clay
norajean_sf: ok?
curika1: k
julia_dodge: k
wwpeabody: k
canastananny: okay
norajean_sf: but I'll save log first
ziggysnowy: ok
bonsaikathy: yes
curika1: k
rschneiter1963: where is the indention?
curika1: LOVE the monkey with the pasta machine
curika1: at the temple
julia_dodge: only face I made that looked real
bonsaikathy: I've got to try another one
curika1: always make the grid lines first
clayladyinred: the indentation is kind of between the eyebrow and eye level I think
clayladyinred: feel your temple
curika1: yes
lvmypolymerclay: some recommend having a mirror nearby so you can look at your own face. study really helps
curika1: that makes sense to me
rozebude: I have to go. Thanks NJ I have learned so much. ty ty ty bye all
curika1: cool
canastananny: Bye
clayladyinred: bye Roze
julia_dodge: bye
curika1: bye rozebude
lvmypolymerclay: touch your face and feel the bone structure and where the indents are
wwpeabody: bye
mommaclara2001: Bye Rose
rozebude has left the conference.

curika1: yes lyn
curika1: perfect
ziggysnowy: difficult to get the other ear the same model
sherintaha has joined the conference.

curika1: hi sheri
norajean_sf: ok, Top of the Hour break
minimadness423: rule number one for the household...when you have a VCR or DVD...EVERYONE learns how to program it....danged I missed the ear making
clayladyinred: hi Sherry
curika1: thanks for showing that to us nj
norajean_sf: and I'll take questions now
ziggysnowy: thank you NJ
curika1: size of ears....
curika1: as you know
sherintaha: Hi Shannon
clayladyinred: I got a couple shots of it Kathy and what's showing now
curika1: some have big, small, fat, flat
norajean_sf: depends, babies have BIG ears and they are lower down on the face
norajean_sf: let me tell you about baby faces
ziggysnowy: I am going to bed. It is getting late here.
curika1: how do you decide which kind for what face
norajean_sf: the half way mark on a baby's face is the HAIR LINE
curika1: k
clayladyinred: ok, bye Ziggy
ziggysnowy: Thank you so much for this demo
norajean_sf: not the eyeball line
rschneiter1963: will he always have that neck?
bonsaikathy: great
norajean_sf: My pleasure honey thanks for coming
ziggysnowy: I have tried to capture it
curika1: bye ziggy
mommaclara2001: Bye Ziggy
curika1: k
julia_dodge: bye
clayladyinred: interesting tip for babies NJ
ziggysnowy: Will send you the demo
norajean_sf: let me draw you the baby face grid
norajean_sf: to show you
ziggysnowy: bye all
curika1: i thought... and i'm probably wrong about this nj
norajean_sf: Bye Bye
norajean_sf: go for it Mary, what's up?
ziggysnowy has left the conference.

curika1: i thought babies were born with their heads as they will be - and the body grows into the head,...
curika1: know what i mean? it doesn't grow like the body, basically
curika1: did i say that right?
norajean_sf: baby's heads are out of proportion to the rest of the body
curika1: YES
curika1: larger, basically
norajean_sf: the reason why babys are born so helpless is the brain grows a lot in two years of life
curika1: so the body grows 'into' the head
julia_dodge: I have to go now, got a date to play bingo with my sister. Thanks for the Demo..Love Yas
lvmypolymerclay: the features spread out as they get older
curika1: bye julia
norajean_sf: if the baby were born with the full sized brain, the mothers would split like a ripe orange
curika1: yes...
curika1: lol
canastananny: LOL
julia_dodge has left the conference.

curika1: not brain - don't mean that... the size of the head
norajean_sf: that's why there's the bones that fold over on the baby's head, to fit in the birth cannel
norajean_sf: that's why nutrition is important in the first few years of life
clayladyinred: no the head is smaller on babies... the eyes are the size they'll always be
curika1: mine almost didn't - his head was toooooooo big
curika1: ahhhhhhhhh ok
norajean_sf: if there's not enough or the right nutrition there will be "nutritional retardation"
curika1: and the head will be smaller then?
norajean_sf: and that's found in under developed parts of the world or where there is urban poverty
rschneiter1963: yes
curika1: ahhh
norajean_sf: the head will grow, the brain will be harmed
curika1: oh!
norajean_sf: so let me show you the baby grid on paper
curika1: k
curika1: see, i was confused about that - knew it was something - thought it was the head, but it's the eyes
curika1: knew something didn't change
curika1: lol
clayladyinred: glad you asked.... others might have wondered about that too
curika1: yep - no such thing as a stooopid question
curika1: k
clayladyinred: absolutely!
curika1: of course, those who are egoed out don't think that way
clayladyinred: LOL they don't belong to this group!
curika1: i agree! lol
curika1: i see the difference
norajean_sf: now dig
norajean_sf: the eyeball iris is ADULT size on babies
curika1: k
norajean_sf: just the hole for the eye is small, that's why anything with BIG EYES makes us go ... awww how cute
rschneiter1963: what part is the iris
norajean_sf: the colored part
clayladyinred: the color
rschneiter1963: the dark part?
rschneiter1963: ok
minimadness423: here's a babies and grandbabies grow up have the professional photograpers add a full face shot and a full profile shot. give you what you need for referencing different ages
wwpeabody: looks like an alien but all babies are aliens
clayladyinred: black is the pupil
norajean_sf: so the colored parts of the baby's eye fills up the whole eye most of the time
curika1: i see
norajean_sf: Let me see if I can find a link, hold on
curika1: k
norajean_sf: brb, chat amongst yourselves while I look for this link
curika1: that's why you rarely see the whites of a babies eyes
curika1: i'm working on mt face now
angelguy1242000: cool, eating dinner here
clayladyinred: cool! I worked on my native american last night... got the first layer of skin, and part of the muscles on
mommaclara2001: Me too.
mommaclara2001: Great, Shannon.
canastananny: very good you guys
clayladyinred: it really went a lot faster than how I had done it before... cutting out the leaf shapes helped a lot!
canastananny: I need to get thses tools
mommaclara2001: I expect that it would.
canastananny: these
curika1: i didn't do anything last nite but try to finish up my masks for the swap i'm in - with sarajane helm
clayladyinred: the right tools make all the difference! but you really don't need a lot of bought tools....
mommaclara2001: I will have to get a set, before I start again.
angelguy1242000: karen has all these tools
curika1: didn't finish - thought i'd finish today... then i get an email from her asking if i'd do another as some have dropped out lol
canastananny: yes, that is what NJ said yesterday
curika1: i want to get a couple of more sizes... have small and large, but need the medium sized ones
canastananny: what size was the leaf cutters
norajean_sf: that page is a reveiw of sculpting baby faces, it has a picture of a baby's skull
norajean_sf: which we should study if we're going to sculpt babies
canastananny: thanks
curika1: got them added
curika1: yes... can't just go into it blindly
norajean_sf: The picture of the baby on that page is my grand daughter Rhiannon, I studied her a lot when she was a baby
clayladyinred: sorry, phone rang..... back now
norajean_sf: when you check that page look how large her ears are, now low on the head
curika1: i can't believe how much i've learned from you these past 2 days, nj - thank you so much for giving so generously of your time and talent to us
curika1: she's darling
norajean_sf: how the color of her eyes fill the eye socket almost all the way
curika1: yes... she's darling
norajean_sf: It's an honor to serve
norajean_sf: a lot of babies I see sculpted need food
norajean_sf: they are all so skinny
curika1: almost no whites in the eyes till they start growing
norajean_sf: ya know?
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: fatten them babies for goodness sake
curika1: lol
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: So BIG cheeks
curika1: mine was soooooooooooooo fat - mother's milk for 2 years - my family didn't approve lol
curika1: he never had forumula
clayladyinred: big thigh rolls...LOL
norajean_sf: tiny nose so it doesn't get in the way of nursing. I nursed for two years
curika1: cool!!! when cavell was approaching 2 ppl would ask him what he was gonna get for his birthday
norajean_sf: people bitched about it but that boy is over 6 foot tall and very healthy so everyone who made weird comment about nursing can kiss my fanny
curika1: he'd get this look on his face and say, "not gonna get booby no more"
curika1: rofl
clayladyinred: LOL
curika1: i agree!
sherintaha: LOL
norajean_sf: Oh my son said to the baby sitter, "Mommy at school?" The sitter said, "Yes Mommy's at School." Then he said, "So titty is at school too, huh?"
curika1: i totally believe in nursing... in fact, i nursed 4 other babies sent to me by my baby's doc
norajean_sf: "Yes, titty is at school too."
clayladyinred: LOLOLOL
curika1: rofl
norajean_sf: and he was bummed
curika1: out of the mouth of babes... don't you love them?
norajean_sf: LOL
canastananny: LOL
curika1: i loved being a wet nurse
canastananny: too funny
bonsaikathy: I had to take care of some delightful elderly guests so I missed the finished gentleman
curika1: dr cheldelin told me i could probably nurse half the babies in eugene!
lvmypolymerclay: I can't relate to any of this LOL
bonsaikathy: can you show him when you get a chance please NJ
norajean_sf: but remember those big cheeks, large eyes, small jaw and nose
curika1: awwwwwwwwww
canastananny: Isn't being a Grandmother the best ever?
curika1: lol
curika1: yes
canastananny: yep, sure do
curika1: and study the pics
bonsaikathy: I love being Gram but never get to see my grandsons
bonsaikathy: they are in Okinawa
bonsaikathy: oh that's wonderful NJ
bonsaikathy: I love it
curika1: i'm not a granny yet - wish i was
bonsaikathy: thanks
canastananny: oh, too sad....
norajean_sf: Now remember, folks, when doing an old face, start with a younger one and then age it
rschneiter1963: see Kathy he is laughing
mommaclara2001: Did you all know that Shan is a grandma?
lvmypolymerclay: I'm not a mommy yet and don't think it's going to happen
curika1: wow - too far away
bonsaikathy: thank you for showing
curika1: yes
norajean_sf: by making everything GO DOWN
bonsaikathy: yes a toothless grin
bonsaikathy: I love it
curika1: oh lyn....
clayladyinred: step-grandma Mom LOL
norajean_sf: the older the face the less mass it has, the closer to the bone the skin is
norajean_sf: I care for a 96 year old
rschneiter1963: grandpa always nittered his teeth lol
mommaclara2001: Yes, I was going to say that.
norajean_sf: let me get a picture I drew
curika1: you know, i never even wanted kids - EVER... but when i turned 30 something was missing, family would say 'kids' and I'd say no way... then, at 34 i decided... so, got pg and cavelll was born at 35
lvmypolymerclay: I'm almost 44....getting to set in my ways to have kids I think
curika1: then i wondered why i didn't start being barefoot and pg when i was 18
clayladyinred: I'll share my teens with ya Lynn
lvmypolymerclay: I still haven't potty trained the hubby yet so LMAO
clayladyinred: LOL
canastananny: My Grandmother always told me "To never say "Never"
canastananny: LOL
lvmypolymerclay: send em down...I'll take them to disney
norajean_sf: That's Gerald, my old darling
clayladyinred: they'd love that!
clayladyinred: very good pic NJ!
mommaclara2001: Oh they would like that.
norajean_sf: he was napping and I sketched while he slept sitting up
canastananny: Wonderful job NJ
clayladyinred: awwwww
norajean_sf: to study how the very old look
minimadness423: 10th facial expression....napping
mommaclara2001: That is great, NJ
clayladyinred: LOL
curika1: wow
curika1: love it
rschneiter1963: can I ask a question?
clayladyinred: of course!
lvmypolymerclay: remind me never to nap around you while you are sketching...I don't sleep pretty
curika1: rofl
clayladyinred: giggle
clayalley has joined the conference.

clayladyinred: hey Karen!!
curika1: me neither - mouth open snoring
clayalley: yo everyone
norajean_sf: Karen is in Da House
curika1: then i walk and talk in my sleep lol
clayalley: LOL
mommaclara2001: Hi Karen
You have invited clayalley to view your webcam.

rschneiter1963: do you ever see older people that are well old but they have the youth about them that glow?
wwpeabody: hi
minimadness423: hi Karen
bonsaikathy: hey girl
bonsaikathy: hows it going
canastananny: Hi ther Karen, it's Tamara "Nanny"
curika1: eeks - i need to go pick up my prescription!!!
clayalley: hey whats a happening
bonsaikathy: haven't seen you in forever
curika1: thank you nj - and everyone!
clayalley: busy as a bee
norajean_sf: but when you're around folks, give an effort to sketch, everyone can learn how to sketch, but it just takes practice
curika1: hi karen, and bye to all.
clayladyinred: oh yes! Schneiter, they are wonderful!
angelguy1242000: Hi Karen, it's Jeff
norajean_sf: Go get the Meds. See you again.
clayalley: Hey Jeff
curika1: k... will do... thanks again
curika1 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: my pleasure
clayalley: Does anyone see my typing twice
norajean_sf: We're nattering about aging faces
clayladyinred: nope
rschneiter1963: ok guess you all dont see it then
lvmypolymerclay: nope
norajean_sf: I see your typing only once Karen
clayalley: okay
clayalley: thats good, its twice for me
norajean_sf: is your evil twin here typing an echo?
clayalley: Must be the Gburg Ghosts
clayladyinred: LOL
canastananny: LOL
norajean_sf: if you got my cam up, that's Gerald, my old darling
clayalley: love Gerald
rschneiter1963: ok guess I better go my dears
clayalley: a real cutie
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

canastananny: bye
norajean_sf: we're winding down now. Three hours is about as much as I can do in one sitting
clayladyinred: don't blame you there NJ
clayalley: arrrggh, I missed it
norajean_sf: but you can ask questions about anything at this point
clayalley: dang, pout,
clayladyinred: we appreciate you doing it at all!
bonsaikathy: yup sure do
norajean_sf: I just got to pace myself
canastananny: I must say that I have learn sooooooooooooo much! Thanks ! ! !
bonsaikathy: I love the sculpting demo's about most of all
canastananny: Don't we all?
bonsaikathy: I learn something new each time
clayladyinred: me too BK
mommaclara2001: Yes, this has been fun. Thank you so much, NJ
clayalley: Love sculpting
norajean_sf: The happy old guy says, No Problem
bonsaikathy: and Gary will be here in a few minutes to eat dinner with me here at work
minimadness423: well, I need to go to the grocery and a couple of other errands. Thanks NJ...I sent you an IM on the side about something can read it after you are done.
clayalley: missed yesterday and just caught this on digest
canastananny: I have so enjoyed everyone
clayladyinred: Karen, I got screen shots... so you can see them later
clayalley: cool beans
norajean_sf: oh cool Shannon, thanks a million
lvmypolymerclay: I need food
clayladyinred: yw!
norajean_sf: I have logs so we got a new entry for the site
bonsaikathy: yes thanks Shannon, I really appreciate it
canastananny: Take care and good night
clayladyinred: hubby just went to the store to get stuff to make pizzas
clayalley: ah, I gotta share a url. eveyone hold on a sec
bonsaikathy: NJ, Thank you SOOOOO much
clayladyinred: thanks BK!
norajean_sf: Link Link
mommaclara2001: Sounds good Shan
minimadness423: dang Shannon...he could have picked up the stroganoff stuff for I definitely have to go to Krogers
bonsaikathy: ok Karen
clayladyinred: yes it does... went to the Honey Festival today Mom, and had to have my funnel cake LOL
lvmypolymerclay: pizza....yum....I"m having chicken broc dish over rice
clayladyinred: LOL Kathy
norajean_sf: oooh funnel cake, paste that to my butt
clayladyinred: it all sounds good!
clayalley: yes hon
norajean_sf: that's exactly where it would go
mommaclara2001: Great.
angelguy1242000: just had curried turkey
lvmypolymerclay: I have a funnel cake maker.....
clayladyinred: I know NJ...but once a year won't kill me!
norajean_sf: LOL
clayladyinred: that sounds good Jeff
clayalley: Bonsai, did you want me hon
norajean_sf: well my Doctor gave me grief, said my knee and ankle could use less weight on them
norajean_sf: brb
angelxxs: well, time for me to get busy... THANK YOU SO MUCH, NJ!!!! thanks to everyone els to... you all are awesome!! all the info here is great!!
angelxxs: bye everyone
clayalley: bye
bonsaikathy: you said you were sending a url
lvmypolymerclay: bye
bonsaikathy: I was waiting, lol
angelguy1242000: bye
angelxxs has left the conference.

clayladyinred: I think several of us have that problem NJ
clayalley: well, darn, I am working on it
canastananny: bye
clayalley: LOL
mommaclara2001: byeAngel
clayladyinred: bye to those leaving
bonsaikathy: oh oh, everyone Karen has a new product and if you do mini's check it out because it should do well for water effects
canastananny: And thanks for all your help Shannon....
clayladyinred: yw Nanny!
bonsaikathy: well you're working on it Karen you can send that url too pretty please
angelguy1242000: that the one you posted about Kathy
bonsaikathy: yes Jeff
canastananny: Take care all.... Bye
norajean_sf: back
clayalley: I'm working as fast as my fat fingers can type
norajean_sf: I should save log
clayladyinred: LOL
angelguy1242000: well trying to see if can get to Karen but might regret it,lol
bonsaikathy: I have glasskote but she found the product that the lady uses for glasskote and it's the best thing I've seen so far for water in mini's
norajean_sf: new folks post to the list your Demo experience, please
clayalley: who wants me
norajean_sf: so others will know
bonsaikathy: very clear and self leveling and doesn't shrink to no where and need several applications
clayladyinred: oh cool BK!
clayalley: Clear Cote
bonsaikathy: thanks Karen
countrylady100ca: brb
clayladyinred: I don't do minis but I could think up reasons to use it!! LOL
clayladyinred: would a drop of it hold it's shape while curing?
bonsaikathy: it's actually like a very thick decoupage medium Shannon
canastananny has left the conference.

clayladyinred: ahhhhh
norajean_sf: Well my hubs is making hungry noises and so is my tummy, so I'd better toddle off
angelguy1242000: does it smell?
bonsaikathy: I'll bet our new member Rosemarie would like it
clayladyinred: ok NJ.... thanks again!
minimadness423: well, I'm gone...but am staying in the chat... will check the links when I get back...bye everyone
bonsaikathy: bye NJ
clayalley: I accidentially spilled some when I was pouring it. It dried so fast and super clear
norajean_sf: thanks for coming to the Demo
clayalley: I loved it
clayladyinred: bye Kathy
angelguy1242000: thanks Nj
bonsaikathy: Bye Kathyl
bonsaikathy: good seeing you again
norajean_sf: Karen should I send you a separate email when I have demo, you must be on digest
bonsaikathy: we really appreciate you NJ
clayalley: Yep, I am on digest
clayalley: have to to keep sane
clayalley: LOL
norajean_sf: ok, I'll cc you seperately when I send a notice to the list
clayladyinred: what about special notice in the group? would she get it seperately?
norajean_sf: maybe that would work too
clayalley: That would be awesome NJ
clayladyinred: that way others on digest would get it too
norajean_sf: post the notice from the web as special notice
wwpeabody: byeNJ
norajean_sf: good thinking
norajean_sf: See ya Peabody
bonsaikathy: yeah sure is
clayalley: or ping me on YM, I always try to check in there when I am on line
norajean_sf: well I got to go, James is too skinny to miss a meal
norajean_sf: xoxo
bonsaikathy: bye NJ
lvmypolymerclay: lol
clayalley: Bye NJ
clayladyinred: LOL bye NJ
angelguy1242000: bye NJ
lvmypolymerclay: bye NJ
mommaclara2001: Bye Niora Jean



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