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Demo Stuff 2005

Fan Fold Pinch Pot

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 002: The Fan Fold Pot, Q&A

norajean_sf: I'm off to save log and take a break, 10
minutes ok?
countrylady100ca: Take care all.
rozebude: bye
vlady6us: ok NJ
clayladyinred: ok
kmrhodes: ok
countrylady100ca has left the conference.

stariedawn: are you idle now nj?
kmrhodes: 10 min break
stariedawn: okY
clayladyinred: just chat amongst yourselves, if you
kmrhodes: going for a smoke real quick
clayladyinred: ok
stariedawn: I am mostly lurking today
clayladyinred: Mom, I need some ramps!!!!  they would
go so good with dinner....
stariedawn: trying to get organized while I watch
clayladyinred: no problem
krafty_karen_mc: Think I might go get a McBarf Burger
for supper....
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: >>>>>>just had a frozen pizza
clayladyinred: LOL  I made soup beans, and have big
iron skillet of cornbread in the oven
vlady6us: love cornbread
clayladyinred: me too.... I didn't get any ramps this
spring to put in the freezer... they'd make it perfect
krafty_karen_mc: hmmm...soup, pizza,...makes my McBarf
Burger not sound great
vlady6us: lol
clayladyinred: LOL  come on over Karen!
mommaclara2001: Sorry Shan. I don't have any.
clayladyinred: well darn! 
krafty_karen_mc: on my far is it from where
you are from alberta...I should be there in.....a
krafty_karen_mc: will you keep the soup hot for that
mommaclara2001: You sound like me , Shan. We are
having no, nos this evening. Fried potatoes and eggs,
and a biscuit.
clayladyinred: LOL  about that Karen
clayladyinred: that sounds yummy Mom!
polymerparrot has left the conference.

clayladyinred: I'll keep a bowl ready and waiting
mommaclara2001: we don;t usually eat like this, but we
can take the carbs, once in a while.
clayladyinred: right
mommaclara2001: Lowell peeled the potatoes. I can't do
it any more.
clayladyinred: awwwww
norajean_sf: Shall I send the demo log through to the
norajean_sf: or should I, I mean
clayladyinred: I figure others will want to see it NJ
buffy10207: i would
norajean_sf: ok, I'll send it then
clayladyinred: I'm going to have to run.... finish
dinner... I'll try to check back in a bit, to see if
you're still here
norajean_sf: Ok honey, have a nice dinner
mommaclara2001: Ok, Shan
clayladyinred: thanks!  bye for now!
mommaclara2001: Bye
buffy10207: bye
kmrhodes: bye hon
norajean_sf: Ok, which shall I do, the pinch pot again
or the folded pinch pot?
clayladyinred has left the conference.

vlady6us: folded one please
buffy10207: folded one
mommaclara2001: Yes, please.
norajean_sf: Ok, I need to prep some clay and press
it, remember the width of the clay is going to be the
height of your pot
norajean_sf: more or less
krafty_karen_mc: bye Shannon
norajean_sf: just don't press the clay wide is all
artisticweddings has left the conference.

norajean_sf: ok, what did I just do?
vlady6us: made a long narrow strip
bonsaikathy: now fan folding
norajean_sf: and what am I doing now
norajean_sf: LOL
mommaclara2001: Folding it.
bonsaikathy: Ok, NJ is fan folding the strip she did
vlady6us: looks like ribbon candy
kmrhodes: taffy
bonsaikathy: yes it sure does
kmrhodes: heck of a long strip
tedi382001: have to get dinner now, will try and get
back later if your still here,many thanks NJ
bonsaikathy: she's now pinching the bottom together
kind of like gathering a stitch
tedi382001 has left the conference.

kmrhodes: pinch the fanned ends
vlady6us: awesome
bonsaikathy: tops fanned out and bottom is gathered
kmrhodes: bring ends together
bonsaikathy: ok, closing up the bottom
kmrhodes: to form a bottom
bonsaikathy: It's now kind of like a bowl shape with
pleats all around
bonsaikathy: She joined the ends together
kmrhodes: manipulating the clay into a bowl
vlady6us: that is just toooooooooo wild
kmrhodes: pinching  the top
bonsaikathy: top is now pinched together
bonsaikathy: and she's narrowing it down some
bonsaikathy: drawing it together
bonsaikathy: phew, ok, try virtual scribing and doing
screen shots at the same time,l ol
vlady6us: good job kathy
norajean_sf: so the one made in demo is a bit wonky
norajean_sf: but you get the idea
bonsaikathy: I think I got 15 pics
bonsaikathy: brb
norajean_sf: coolness BK
vlady6us: thank you so much norajean...i will try one
this afternoon
norajean_sf: I'll send this log to the list
bonsaikathy: sounds good NJ
bonsaikathy: and I'll be back in a few minutes
norajean_sf: Everyone take a break for 5 minutes while
I send the log to the list and BK gets the screen
vlady6us: ok
buffy10207: ok
vlady6us: sure hope no one here is in texas
vlady6us: hurricane is now a cat. 5
vlady6us: or anywhere on the gulf coast
Yahoo! Messenger: curika1 has declined to join and
sent:  Too many things to do today & tomorrow in too
short of time.
norajean_sf: Ok, it's half past the hour, any
questions on this fan fold pot?
buffy10207: yes
norajean_sf: Go for it Buffy
buffy10207: is there a certain thickness for the
norajean_sf: I start out with the thickest setting
norajean_sf: move to the middle setting
norajean_sf: then go to the thinnest setting
norajean_sf: if you thin the clay ribbon incrementally
it doesn't crap out on the edges
buffy10207: thanx
norajean_sf: The one I did last night is better
because I didn't have to bend around to put it in
front of a cam
norajean_sf: and I could take my time
norajean_sf: The demo one looks a little worse for
norajean_sf: LOL
bonsaikathy: but still very good
buffy10207: lol  it's still good
vlady6us: got disconnected. darn msn
norajean_sf: yikes
norajean_sf: I'm sending logs to the list so you won't
miss any chatter, do you have any questions on this
fan fold pot?
vlady6us: everyone should get gas today. the price
will be going up again. really soon
vlady6us: if i find myself in a mess i will post a
message nj
bonsaikathy: If someone can grab screen shots for just
a few, I'd appreciate it, I'll be back shortly but
have a friend in need at the moment
norajean_sf: ok, BK
bonsaikathy: I just filled up this afternoon myself
and it will last me a month
buffy10207: i'll be glad to get them
vlady6us: good kathy
norajean_sf: I'll send this fan fold Q&A to the list.
bonsaikathy: Thanks Buff
bonsaikathy: back shortly




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