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Demo Stuff 2005
09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index

September 21, 2005: Pinch Pots are the topic of the Newbie Box Swap for CITY-o-Clay. So to help those who are new to this technique we had a 5 hour demo today. Bonsai Kathy caught screen shots for three of the pots shown today. So a big THANK YOU to Bonsai Kathy.

001: Getting people in, cam on, introduced and doing one standard pinch pot.

002: The Fan Fold Pot Demo Log, Q&A

Fan Fold Pinch Pot Screen Shots, Thanks Bonsai Kathy!

003: Making a pot with Four squares, Styrofoam Peanut Pellet Trick Demo Log

004: Pot with 8 Squares, Demo Log

100 Screen shots from Buffy, What a GAL!

005: Citrus Slices on Black, Circle Cut, Pinch Pot Demo Log

Citrus on black pinch pot Screen Shots


006: Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot, End of Cane Natasha Pot, Demo Log

Tongues of Fire Pinch Pot Screen Shots

007 -End of Demo, Links to my early pots, MiniScenes and Good Byes Demo Log

008 - One Cane 4 Lengths: Take a simple cane and make it complicated the Easy Breezy Way.


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