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Demo Stuff 2005

100 Screen shots from Buffy, What a GAL!

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 003: Making a pot with Four Squares

bonsaikathy: Thanks Buff
bonsaikathy: back shortly
barbswire31 has joined the conference.

ljcswartz: I am going to have to go... Thanks for the
demo NJ
You have invited barbswire31 to view your webcam.

ljcswartz: and thanks for the visit all
norajean_sf: Ok honey
ljcswartz has left the conference.

bonsaikathy: Hi Bobbi
bonsaikathy: good to see you
barbswire31: hello
norajean_sf: I'm going to show another method of
making a pot
barbswire31: hi Kathy, NJ and everyone else
vlady6us: cool
norajean_sf: using a leaf cane, but this is zebra
chevron flip
buffy10207: hi
vlady6us: hi
norajean_sf: are we ready?
buffy10207: ready
norajean_sf: coolness
kmrhodes: go for it NJ
vlady6us: yep
rozebude: ok
icare4bunnies: so, what did I miss... LOL
kmrhodes: the fan pinch pot
norajean_sf: ok, Scribes, what did I just do here?
kmrhodes: cut 4 slices off a zevra chevron flip cane
vlady6us: chevron flip
kmrhodes: butted the ends of each slide to another one
vlady6us: squared
icare4bunnies: I missed the cornstarch peanut thing...
kmrhodes: so that you have a squared piece
kmrhodes: then start manipulating the piece by bending
it and keeping each side attached to the piece beside
kmrhodes: bending, pulling the sides
kmrhodes: use index finger on one hand inside to
support the manipulaing
kmrhodes: manipulating of the clay
kmrhodes: slowing shaping into a turtle shell
kmrhodes: then into a bowl
icare4bunnies has left the conference.

kmrhodes: attaching each point of the square slices
kmrhodes: to the one beside it
kmrhodes: using a #0 cone clay shaper
kmrhodes: to manipulate the bowl  to keep it in shape
canastananny has joined the conference.

kmrhodes: looks like a rose bud at this stage
rozebude: dang, my gson arrived early! Have to go.
Thanks for the demos.  You inspire me to give it a
try.  Bye all.
kmrhodes: roll the shaper inside the pot
vlady6us: yeah. and its pretty
vlady6us: bye roze
You have invited canastananny to view your webcam.

rozebude has left the conference.

kmrhodes: flare out the points
vlady6us: i like it just like that...
kmrhodes: yep, me too
canastananny: How long have you all been doing this
kmrhodes: since 3 pm eastern
vlady6us: almost 2 hours now i think
kmrhodes: 12 noon pacific
norajean_sf: so are there any questions about this
technique of using a square cane to make a pot?
norajean_sf: This is how you make Tulips too, just
change the color
norajean_sf: add more petals
canastananny: Oh, my I didn't even know it was going
on, I live here in Houston, so I have been watching TV
about hurricane Rita...
vlady6us: oh wow nanny. sure hope u will be all right
norajean_sf: I got Rita on the TV too, I think
everyone does
vlady6us: its so scarey
kmrhodes: its a cat 5?
vlady6us: yes it is
kmrhodes: holey moley
norajean_sf: I'll save log and send it through to the list
Break Time..... 

Styrofoam Peanut Pellet Trick:
norajean_sf: back and chewing
canastananny: the problem is getting there... LOL...
icare4bunnies: is nj taking a break
norajean_sf: baked chicken breast on sour dough bread
canastananny: welcome back NJ
vlady6us: yep i can understand that
buffy10207: sounds good
vlady6us: that sounds good
canastananny: Yummy
icare4bunnies: I missed the thing about the cornstarch
packing peanuts, can you bring me up to speed?
norajean_sf: I didn't eat at all today so it's over
norajean_sf: Karen of ClayAlley knows about that
canastananny: Not very good for you and your blood
kmrhodes: you eat NJ
norajean_sf: exactly Nanny and Karen will kick  my
butt if I don't eat
kmrhodes: no shakes on my watch
kmrhodes: darn straight
norajean_sf: Tell Jael about the corn starch peanut
icare4bunnies: yeah. tell me
norajean_sf: lol
vlady6us: they dissolve in water and u can use them
for making beads
vlady6us: or even pinch pots
icare4bunnies: hollow beads, then?
vlady6us: they bake then put in water and they disolve
kmrhodes: I use cornstarch peanuts and dunk them into
water.the water dissolves the peanut and you got a pot
icare4bunnies: good idea!
vlady6us: yes..but there has to be a hole in hollow
bead tho
icare4bunnies: of course or you will explode them
canastananny: what are ya'll talking about?
icare4bunnies: like a covered egg
icare4bunnies: I have lots of packing peanuts.
vlady6us: packing peanuts made of cornstarch..
kmrhodes: has to be cornstarch peanuts
kmrhodes: or the fumes are toxic
canastananny: oh, okay, now it all makes sense
vlady6us: u have to wet one to see if its cornstarch
kmrhodes: put it in your mouth, if it dissolves its
kmrhodes: if not, spit it out
icare4bunnies: found one
kmrhodes: lol
vlady6us: lol
icare4bunnies: I'd say I could tell by which ones my
bunny eats, but he will eat styrofoam if I don't watch him.


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