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Demo Stuff 2005

100 Screen shots from Buffy, What a GAL!

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 004: Pot with 8 Squares

canastananny: NJ your pinch pots look wonderful!
norajean_sf: nanny you cracked me up "What are ya'll
talking about?" you sound like my relatives
norajean_sf: Thanks honey
norajean_sf: some of these are Staci's
norajean_sf: I kept her at it until we couldn't tell
the difference between her's and mine
watercolorkare has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: no wonder she left out and headed into
canastananny: LOL...
icare4bunnies: what did you wind up doing with the
zebra stripes
icare4bunnies: ah, a tulip pot
You have invited watercolorkare to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I was wondering if I kept on adding
squares if we can make a larger pot
icare4bunnies: yep
norajean_sf: stands to reason
icare4bunnies: simple geometry
norajean_sf: that's my thought
canastananny: okay go for it...
norajean_sf: LOL, let me finish my sandwich and I'll
do just that
canastananny: LOL...
Dawn has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Hi Dawn. Glad you are back.
stariedawn: Hey I had to reboot I am back
norajean_sf: Yeah!!
mommaclara2001: Good.
watercolorkare: good afternoon claymates!  looks like
you've been having fun
canastananny: I can just see you now. What with your
sandwich hanging out of your mouth as you are
typing....  ROTFLMAO
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: hi watercolor
norajean_sf: We're just finished with break and I'm
going to start another pot
mommaclara2001: Hi, Watercolor.
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves, first name and
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
icare4bunnies: Jael, IL
canastananny: Hello Watercolor
buffy10207: Diane, Iowa
watercolorkare: hi
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, West Virginia
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
icare4bunnies: I'm making a cornstarch pellet center
bead LOL
vlady6us: sandie florida
canastananny: Nanny"Tamara" Houston, Texas
norajean_sf: Ah, Nanny is "Tamara"
norajean_sf: it's all becoming clear to me now
norajean_sf: whew
barbswire31: Bobbi Marlow Ocean Gate, NJ
canastananny: yep, now you know....
kmrhodes: Clay Alley Karen, Gettysburg, PA
norajean_sf: Ok, shall I do a multiple square pot, or
make effort to, it'll be my first effort
watercolorkare: Kare,  Ohioville Pennsylvania
norajean_sf: so Lord knows how it'll turn out
canastananny: yep
stariedawn: for some reason I cant geton njs web cam
can some one else reel me in
norajean_sf: ok, cross your fingers
buffy10207: experiment...good
norajean_sf: toes
norajean_sf: and eyes for me
norajean_sf: LOL
kmrhodes: eyes crossed - cant see to type
vlady6us: i dont need to see to type
norajean_sf: ok, a trick to share
norajean_sf: when I'm butting the edges of these
norajean_sf: to make them stick together
kmrhodes has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I press and "jiggle" side to side
Dawn has left the conference.

Dawn has joined the conference.

canastananny: Hi Stariedawn
norajean_sf: this warms up the clay and makes the
edges stick together
watercolorkare: can you see starie?
mommaclara2001: Hi again Dawn.
stariedawn: NOpe
norajean_sf: see that jiggle side to side action?
You have invited Dawn to view your webcam.

watercolorkare: how do i help you?
canastananny: Click webcam
norajean_sf: Sent dawn invite to cam
canastananny: Can you see now Dawn?
stariedawn: It keeps saying that the server is busy nj
stariedawn: and then says waiting for permission from
norajean_sf: That's weird, the setting is to let
anyone in conference access. I'll send you another
You have invited Dawn to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: sent
norajean_sf: Does it show that I have cam on from the
Friend's List?
norajean_sf: anyone?
icare4bunnies: no
mommaclara2001: No
barbswire31: yes
icare4bunnies: doesn't for me
norajean_sf: rats
krafty_karen_mc: yup here nj
barbswire31: double click the little camera pic
norajean_sf: well it does for some and not for others
icare4bunnies: lost the camers
icare4bunnies: camera
norajean_sf: Dawn I sent you invite to cam, you didn't
receive it?
You have invited Dawn to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: sent again
icare4bunnies: got it
stariedawn: Yes I am too much trouble go on now
icare4bunnies: what kind of computer do you have
stariedawn: I think I setit up to recieve audio and I
dont think that was the right thing to do
icare4bunnies: ah
norajean_sf: Dawn, highlight my name on the attendees
list here in conference, right click and choose "view
webcam" can you do that?
norajean_sf: see if that works
stariedawn: I have done that now I have ththe warning
norajean_sf: because I didn't get a notice to give
anyone permission to view cam. I did receive an invite
to voice chat which I declined
norajean_sf: what message is that honey?
norajean_sf: what exactly does the message say?
norajean_sf: I just double checked the settings, it's
wide open, anyone can view my cam, anyone in a chat
can view my cam, no permissions needed
norajean_sf: are you on PC or MAC, Dawn?
stariedawn: Blah blah but I hit that all the time then
when I do the view web cam thing the web cam comes up
and then I get the server not availble message
norajean_sf: Then you need to keep on trying that way,
you'll get in
stariedawn: I just have alittle pc but I was on a
little while ago with a help from someone who is not
on now
norajean_sf: the server I don't have any control over,
but when you get server busy, just keep trying that
stariedawn: She reeled me in
norajean_sf: it's just like a busy signal on the
phone, just got to keep on trying to open my webcam
stariedawn: hokey dokwy
Dawn has left the conference.

Dawn has joined the conference.

canastananny: Can you see now Dawn?
canastananny: I invited you in too
stariedawn: You all are so sweet just go on and maybe
things will clear up later I will just watch the chat
love you
canastananny: love you too
canastananny: maybe you should try completely shutting
down & signing off then turn on and try again
stariedawn: Probly but I dont want to waist you gals
norajean_sf: server busy is a Yahoo problem
norajean_sf: got nothing to do with a person't
watercolorkare: did you try to go to "actions" and hit
view webcam?
norajean_sf: I'll send Dawn another invite see if she
gets it
You have invited Dawn to view your webcam.

icare4bunnies: got to go pick up daughter ttfn
watercolorkare: bye bunnies
icare4bunnies has left the conference.

canastananny: bye, take care
stariedawn: Got cha now thank you so much
canastananny: WoW
canastananny: way to go
watercolorkare: yea!
mommaclara2001: Great Dawn!
stariedawn: oh nj that is so beautiful
wwpeabody has joined the conference.

canastananny: cool huh?
norajean_sf: Oh Dawn you got cam!!
norajean_sf: Hey Peabody
mommaclara2001: Hi Peabody.
stariedawn: Yes aint that great
canastananny: Hi Peabody
norajean_sf: Now this is 8 squares
watercolorkare: hi peabody
wwpeabody: Hi and Thank You
norajean_sf: the little one is four squares
norajean_sf: what's next to it is 8 squares
canastananny: Very nice NJ
norajean_sf: now if we start to close the sides we can
star giving it a pot shape
nefret111 has joined the conference.

canastananny: I would be so worried that the squares
would all go POP and that would be the end to my
nefret111: thanks, nj!!1
norajean_sf: That's what the "jiggle is for"
canastananny: LOL...
norajean_sf: you put the sides of the squares
together, and then press and "jiggle"
norajean_sf: side to side
norajean_sf: makes them stick together
canastananny: oh, now we got to know how to "JIGGLE"
canastananny: I started to jiggle long ago....
watercolorkare: i read that recently about the side to
side thing.  it is a scientific thing
canastananny: LOL...
nefret111: parallel along the edges?
watercolorkare: nanny - me too
canastananny: ROTFL
bonsaikathy: hello miss clay alley
norajean_sf: BK is Karen of ClayAlley here?
norajean_sf: I can't see her
norajean_sf: do we have a situation where she types
and I can't see?
watercolorkare: her name shows idle for 30 mins
nefret111: afk
norajean_sf: I don't think she's here in conference
mommaclara2001: She is not in my list.
julia_dodge: I want to join but I have to do
elder-care in five minutes.  Thanks, Love Yas
norajean_sf: ok, I'm going to attach the last square
at the top but I'm going to flatten the top corners to
make a hole to work with
norajean_sf: See ya Teddy
mommaclara2001: Is this Yahoo ceazy, or what?
Yahoo! Messenger: heartlandimages has declined to join
and sent:  Thanks, but no thanks.
canastananny: NJ what size shaper is that?
mommaclara2001: Bye Julia.
nefret111: back
nefret111: i'm the same as raindrop or kay
canastananny: Hi Kay
vlady6us: hi rain
mommaclara2001: Hi Kay
nefret111: hi, cana, v and momma
watercolorkare: hi Kay
nefret111: hey water
nefret111: or kare
watercolorkare: kare
nefret111: thanks
watercolorkare: you're welcome
canastananny: look how NJ is using the end of the tool
canastananny: so cool
nefret111: please tell me what the name is of the
object - a miniature vase?
nefret111: soo pretty
watercolorkare: pinch pot
canastananny: pinch pot
nefret111: oh thanks
canastananny: your welcome
vlady6us: i have to get going. thanks norajean. cool
pots...and bye everyone
vlady6us has left the conference.

nefret111: by v
watercolorkare: bye
canastananny: bye, have a good night
mommaclara2001: ByeV
nefret111: it is getting pinchier and pinchier
canastananny: yep
nefret111: i wonder if it is for the bedside of her
hunky guy figure
watercolorkare: nanny, how's your part of the state?
in ref to hurricane
canastananny: well, it is hard to say
nefret111: its a five now
bonsaikathy: Yippee, NJ, I don't know what happened
today but we had 5 new members join City-Miniscenery
and we now have 100 members
mommaclara2001: Water color, you are hard to read.
norajean_sf: Wow BK
nefret111: woo hoo
norajean_sf: Ok, so the big pot has 8 squares
watercolorkare: ok better?
buffy10207: NJ..I have to go
stariedawn: nj what kind of cane did you start with?
mommaclara2001: Oh yes. Much. Thanks.
norajean_sf: and the smaller pot has 4 squares
bonsaikathy: I like the tulip shaped one NJ, it's
norajean_sf: see ya Buffy
buffy10207: e-mail me with what you want me to do with
the pics
mommaclara2001: Bye Buffy
bonsaikathy: by Buffy
norajean_sf: It's a Zebra cane that was "chevron
stariedawn: okay
norajean_sf: any horizontal lines can be cut on the
diagonal to do a chevron flip
norajean_sf: so I did the chevron flip on a zebra
cane, black and pearl
stariedawn: I see
buffy10207: thanks for the demo
canastananny: at a # 4 or #5 Hurricane we could have
100 to 120 mile winds and tornadoes and flooding
buffy10207: bye all
norajean_sf: added a center strip
bonsaikathy: a couple of my favorite colors
norajean_sf: You're welcome Buffy
buffy10207 has left the conference.

watercolorkare: oh I hope you will be ok Nanny
norajean_sf: so questions?
stariedawn: it is very beautiful
norajean_sf: while my hands are on the keyboard
nefret111: they are wonderful pots!
norajean_sf: and easy too
norajean_sf: not a lot of pinching going on
nefret111: hee
norajean_sf: when you use leaf cane, flower petal cane
norajean_sf: this is the trick to use
norajean_sf: cut flower petals or leaves and connect
them like I did these squares
canastananny: What size shaper
stariedawn: it looks very complicated though
bonsaikathy: that does seem to make pinch pots a bit
norajean_sf: size of clay shaper depends on the job it
norajean_sf: if I'm smoothing the sides of the pot and
the opening is wide then I use a large clay shaper
watercolorkare: how thick did you cut your slices
norajean_sf: If I'm doing finishing work on the lip I
use the smallest
norajean_sf: hmmm, how thick were these?
norajean_sf: I'd say
norajean_sf: hella thin
norajean_sf: LOL
watercolorkare: lol
norajean_sf: Trick to the slices, is make the slices
norajean_sf: not a thick one next to a thin one
norajean_sf: that's more important
canastananny: you are going to make us all guess
norajean_sf: it's more than that Tamara, I don't give
exact measures because (1) I'm lazy
norajean_sf: (2) most folks don't follow directions
nefret111: looks about 1-2 mm to me
watercolorkare: i guess it would depend on how heavy
you want the pot
bonsaikathy: ok, if just making a regular small one
from a block of clay
norajean_sf: (3) you are all independent folks and
need to find your own way
watercolorkare: yea yea
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: I give you a "general" idea of the
norajean_sf: what you end up doing with the technique
is going to be personal and unique
watercolorkare: well, if you use fat ones you can do
more pinching and make the design bigger
norajean_sf: also
norajean_sf: I hate exact measures, I don't even cook
that way
norajean_sf: yes yes yes
norajean_sf: thick slices give you big pots, or pots
with thick sides
norajean_sf: really thin slices are for when you have
the pinch pot trick mastered
norajean_sf: go big at first
watercolorkare: i only use recipes for a reference,
and go with my instincts  - guess i will apply that to
myladyz has joined the conference.

canastananny: I see my invite worked myladyz
canastananny: cool
norajean_sf: Ok, we're at the top of the hour, so I'm
going to send through the log that has the 8 square
pot part



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