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Demo Stuff 2005

Citrus on black pinch pot

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 005: Citrus Slices on Black, Circle Cut, Pinch Pot

norajean_sf: sorry I was sending logs to the list
myladyz: you all seem wonderful!
bonsaikathy: we're all here to help each other
norajean_sf: separated out the styrofoam from the 8
canastananny: It is the best group
myladyz: server still busy
You have invited myladyz to view your webcam.

canastananny: NJ myladyz needs help seeing the webcam
norajean_sf: sent you invite to cam myladyz
norajean_sf: now I'm going to get something to drink,
rschneiter1963: I am so glad I didnt miss this
myladyz: I am in a .I hope I can say this..a ebay
crochet goup and they are wonderful also!
myladyz: I got the pictures
myladyz: wonderful lirttle pots!!
canastananny: good! ! !
canastananny: pinch pots
myladyz: how cuteeeeeeeeee
rschneiter1963: boy I hope I can do some of them
myladyz: me too!
mommaclara2001: I hope that I can too.
rschneiter1963: so glad NJ is doing this really I am
bonsaikathy: me too
norajean_sf: Ok, roll call, first name and location
myladyz: mee three!!!...LOL
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
canastananny: All of her demos are just the best!
barbswire31: Bobbi M, NJ
myladyz: Ginny ,,,,NY
rschneiter1963: HI Bobbi
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, West Virginia
canastananny: Nanny or Tamara in Houston, Texas
rschneiter1963: Bec Iowa
wwpeabody: Peabody,Washington
nefret111: kay in santa fe
barbswire31: Hi Bec
rschneiter1963: Bobbi Elaine let me off early so I
could watch we couldnt get it to work at work
stariedawn: Dawn in Fayetteville Arkansas
barbswire31: brb bro on phone
norajean_sf: I'm going to give you a link to look at
canastananny: okay
krafty_karen_mc: Karen...Alberta
norajean_sf: please check this out
nefret111: oh MAN that looks luscious, NJ!
nefret111: ooh and the black shines through the
bonsaikathy: lot's of translucent
bonsaikathy: and when cured yes the background will
show through
bonsaikathy: I did a bic pen once and the writing
showed through,
nefret111: that is a most sophisticated color scheme
nefret111: oops, bk
nefret111: lol
myladyz: pretty pretty pretty..I just love to learn
new stuff to do with this relaxes me so
much!...I am glad I got to this
bonsaikathy: so are we, lol
myladyz: I love to do pens.when I use tranlucent .I
use a solid backround and the places canes on it..I
also love to do crochet hooks..
rschneiter1963: never used it
canastananny: So join us muladyz
canastananny: Myladyz
myladyz: I am joined there
norajean_sf: now guess what I'm going to do here
myladyz: thank you anyway..LOL
bonsaikathy: make a cut out and make a pinch pot
norajean_sf: this is the new trick of the day
rschneiter1963: what is that?
bonsaikathy: very smart
myladyz: great!
norajean_sf: instead of slicing a cane
norajean_sf: you can press cane slices to a sheet
norajean_sf: cut a circle
norajean_sf: make a pot
norajean_sf: ready?
canastananny: sure
nefret111: let 'er rip
bonsaikathy: yup
rschneiter1963: Yup
myladyz: I am yes
mommaclara2001: Ready
nefret111: that looks like a doll biscuit cutter
rschneiter1963: neat!
canastananny: Kemper cutter
myladyz: nice
canastananny: You can get them from Karen at Clay
nefret111: thanks canasta
canastananny: you are welcome
nefret111: that would make a good hat in that stage
myladyz: cuteeeeeee
little38chevy has joined the conference.

You have invited little38chevy to view your webcam.

nefret111: for the martini fairy
myladyz: I want to try my best at this it looks like
so much fun
mommaclara2001: Hi lilchevy
canastananny: Karen is so nice and she is a part of
our group and she handles her orders so fast and
everything goes smooth
little38chevy: hi ya all
rschneiter1963: what did she do with that tool?
bonsaikathy: and she's paying great attention to the
compliments, lol
nefret111: and she gives discounts i heard, to this
little38chevy: some reason it says i am behind a
firewall won,t let me use webcam darn
myladyz: looks a little like a thimble at this point
to me??
little38chevy: not sure what to do
nefret111: sorry, chevy
little38chevy: will go check some settings
canastananny: Click NJ name
myladyz: chevy..look by your clock and maybe you can
see if there is a firewall icon
canastananny: my firewall is on and I can get in
rschneiter1963: so everytime she pinches she does that
one thing?
krafty_karen_mc: It's been givin lots of folks trouble
today Jackie
nefret111: so krafty karen is the one at clay alley?
canastananny: This pot is my favroite
little38chevy: i havn,t been able to use my webcam for
over a month and can,t figure out why
wwpeabody: that is really cute
nefret111: i love this pot, oo
krafty_karen_mc: nope, I'n not Karen from Clay Alley
nefret111: ok - thaks KK
rschneiter1963: ok so she pinches and smooths
norajean_sf: KRhodes is Karen of ClayAlley
bonsaikathy: yes
myladyz: look by your clock for the icon maybe chevy?
(((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))) e 1 glad i
could at least come in here to say hello
bonsaikathy: and so far I have 19 pics taken
stariedawn: that is really sweet and sour
norajean_sf: let me see if I can find a link about
little38chevy: no icon hun
norajean_sf: hold up lilchevy
myladyz: maybe tyou can turn off the firwall for a few
while you watch the demo??
nefret111: thanks, NJ
myladyz: if you changed ISP's maybe that is why also
nefret111: the lemon cane looks like a bottle
rschneiter1963: how does she make it so even?
bonsaikathy: lol, she knows what she's doing
rschneiter1963: one day my friend I will know what I
am doing lol
bonsaikathy: I have a firewall but for some reason
it's letting me in no problem
canastananny: practice, practice, and more practice
bonsaikathy: yup
rschneiter1963: well got several "practices" hehe
nefret111: i haven't even made a citrus cane yet - it
is all in my head
rschneiter1963: honey that would be NO canes over here
for me
little38chevy: ok will see if this works, turned it
off for yahoo messenger
canastananny: Bec, won't we all, one day know what we
are doing.... LOL...
bonsaikathy: not all of the pinch pots will be done
with canes so no worry ladies
little38chevy: it still won,t
norajean_sf: Lil Chevy, are you on XP?
rschneiter1963: do you have zone alarm?
little38chevy: yes
norajean_sf: Ok, I have a link for you
little38chevy: no
little38chevy: tyvm nj
XP Yahoo Firewall link
norajean_sf: how to disable firewall for XP
little38chevy: ok ty
rschneiter1963: NJ when you are making the necks small
do you pinch and smooth?
canastananny: all this tech stuff is way too much for
norajean_sf: Now are there any questions about this
technique of pressing cane slices to a sheet to make a
pinch pot?
rschneiter1963: YES
nefret111: no
mommaclara2001: That is really cute, NJ
norajean_sf: pinch, flatten edge, thin sides of neck,
repeat as necessary
rschneiter1963: how do you do the smaller part?  you
just squish and smooth?
rschneiter1963: that is my downfall
norajean_sf: it's three fold
norajean_sf: pinch the neck
norajean_sf: flatten the top of the pot's edge
canastananny: adorable
nefret111: i didn't realize the neck and lip were
norajean_sf: then take a tool and stick it inside the
neck of the pot and press the tool against the clay
against your thumb and thin the walls of the neck of
the pot
rschneiter1963: dont you get like folds?  I do
norajean_sf: when you pinch the neck you make the
walls thicker
norajean_sf: the clay has to go somewhere
barbswire31 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: so after you pinch inward, making the
clay thick, you thin that clay by making the neck
rschneiter1963: hmmm
norajean_sf: I'll do another regular pinch pot to show
you, but are there any questions about this citrus
cane on black, kemper tool technique?
rschneiter1963: no it is lovely
canastananny: No
bonsaikathy: not here, I think I understood that part
canastananny: But it is my favorite
bonsaikathy: it's neat
norajean_sf: the moves are incremental and repeated
over and over, that's the trick of pinch pots. A
little bit is done at a time.
myladyz: thank is soooooo cuteeee!!!!!!!!
norajean_sf: There's so many canes you can press to a
sheet to make a decorated pot
little38chevy: ok nj i did what it said should i
norajean_sf: I think it would be a fun and funky tea
norajean_sf: yes Lil'Chevy reboot
canastananny: I am still working on making
norajean_sf: and then IM me when you're back
rschneiter1963: I have some canes I bout but the they
be kind of hard
bonsaikathy: yes that would be a neat teapot
little38chevy: brb and tyvm
little38chevy has left the conference.

norajean_sf: It's at the half hour so I'll save log
and brb
norajean_sf: take a break folks
norajean_sf: or chat
bonsaikathy: okey doke
canastananny: okay
myladyz: I have definately have to try these!!


norajean_sf: back, had to edit the log to make sure
there's no overlap
canastananny: And talent! ! !
rschneiter1963: maybe I will get nervy and do
something besides solid
canastananny: glad you are back NJ
myladyz: I have what is called scrap canes I bought
and I am going to try with them to make one of these!
norajean_sf: Now before I do another regular pinch pot
for those who just joined us, are there any questions
about anything
rschneiter1963: yes
norajean_sf: go for it honey
rschneiter1963: when you did them slices you did them
real thin?  and then rolled them
rschneiter1963: how thick was that black?
norajean_sf: at the thickest setting
rschneiter1963: ok thanks
bonsaikathy: for me that is about 1/8" for those
norajean_sf: and I wanted to show everyone you can use
a pie crust roller or a brayer if you don't have a
pasta machine
myladyz: do you oil or prepare anything on the roller?
norajean_sf: a lot of folks think you need a pasta
machine to press cane slices on a sheet of clay
rschneiter1963: and they stuck in there you dont have
to do anything else to the slices?
norajean_sf: I don't do any prep to the roller
myladyz: ok
myladyz: ty
bonsaikathy: yes I use a brayer or rolling pin on top
of either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 thicknesses of popsicle
norajean_sf: and the citrus slices stuck because they
got rolled over
bonsaikathy: set on either side of the clay for even
norajean_sf: if your sheet sticks to the tile, use a
bit of powder on the back side
norajean_sf: just like a baby
bonsaikathy: each one is about 1/16" thick
norajean_sf: LOL
rschneiter1963: back side?
bonsaikathy: underneath
rschneiter1963: oh ok
bonsaikathy: where it touches the tile
rschneiter1963: that would be me!!
norajean_sf: sometimes the sheet will stick to the
tile, so dust it with cornstarch or baby powder
myladyz: I always use wax paper on my working surface
for the covering so I can throw it away when it gets
too messy
rschneiter1963: boy you are all so educated lol
nefret111: i baked on deli paper the other night and
that doesn't work!
nefret111: it is ok to build on, but not bake on


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