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Demo Stuff 2005

09-21-05: Pinch Pot Demo Index 007 -End of Demo, Links to my early pots, MiniScenes and Good Byes

norajean_sf: I have to save log, BK you got pix?
norajean_sf: It's at the half hour so we got to do
this log and pix stuff, good time for a potty break
bonsaikathy: I did off everything up to this pot NJ
mommaclara2001: I have got to go, ladies. It has been
nice, See you next time, Thank you so much Nora Jean
myladyz: I use Sculpey Glaze in Little bottles right
now and like paint it on after it is baked and cooled
canastananny: Good night
canastananny: take care
bonsaikathy: I was so engrossed in watching
bonsaikathy: brb
myladyz: good night mommaclara
norajean_sf: brb
mommaclara2001 has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: ummm I have a confeesion
rschneiter1963: I been doing the bubble so to speak
and then streatching it and then cutting it off and
doing the pokey hole thing
myladyz: this demo is way too cool...I love this..Live
to see each step in making something..
canastananny: me too
rschneiter1963: yes me too
canastananny: NJ make it all look so easy...
myladyz: she sure does!!
myladyz: will there be more on the demo tonight?
is 7:30 PM eastern here where I am .......just
rschneiter1963: dont know
myladyz: I will be back then.I take insilin...time to
do that......thanks everyone brb asap
rschneiter1963: ok do what you need to do my friend
norajean_sf: rats I got the numbering wrong on the
norajean_sf: I got two 7's
norajean_sf: oh well
norajean_sf: they are related
canastananny: Are you getting tired Nora Jean?
rschneiter1963: yeah you have to be getting tired
norajean_sf: I got to get supper ready, truth be known
rschneiter1963: well I think you my friend for showing
canastananny: Well, I sure do thank you for the great
norajean_sf: I don't get my grand daughter until 4pm
my time tomorrow so we could get together again for a
rschneiter1963: ah man I work tomorrow
rschneiter1963: but that is ok
norajean_sf: Don't worry, there'll be more demos
norajean_sf: We still need more sculpting demos
Krafty Karen has left the conference.

rschneiter1963: I have to remember squish, smoothe and
pull right?
canastananny: I will try but depending on the weather
here what with the Hurricane and all
norajean_sf: pinch, flatten, thin the neck and
norajean_sf: Tamara you post to the list and let us
know how you're doing
rschneiter1963: yeah hehe that is my thinking
norajean_sf: I'll take questions while we're still
canastananny: Please hold off on the sculpting until
after the Hurricane, okay?
norajean_sf: I do sculpting demos on a regular basis
rschneiter1963: would it be easier for me to do them
cane things to see what I am doing?
norajean_sf: that's why there's sculpting web sections
all over my two sites
norajean_sf: there's some cane work we can do. I have
an idea about doing a blend for the Tongues of Fire
norajean_sf: instead of sheets
rschneiter1963: I love the tiny pitchers I have made
but dont know
norajean_sf: get a different look
norajean_sf: want to see some of my early pots
rschneiter1963: yes!
norajean_sf: they were "rough" but I was so pleased
norajean_sf: hold on
myladyz: I would
canastananny: Well, what ever you decide to do count
me in
rschneiter1963: haha looks better then mine
rschneiter1963: ok this has been great and thank you
very much NJ for this demo
rschneiter1963: but alas I need to go
rschneiter1963: talk to you all later
rschneiter1963 has left the conference.

myladyz: is there any way I can see the different pots
you made today NJ?
canastananny: How serene and tranquil
canastananny: do you do a lot of the miniature scenes?
norajean_sf: ya, but they are temporary
norajean_sf: no room to make them permanent unless
they are smallish
canastananny: what do you mean temporary?
norajean_sf: so I make a scene, take pix, take them
canastananny: do you not bake them?
norajean_sf: like the Japanese Room
canastananny: Oh, no.....
norajean_sf: the mini scenes have clay, cloth, wood,
metal and anything else handy
canastananny: I noticed
norajean_sf: here are a few
canastananny: But I guess you would have to have
another whole house to hold them all...
norajean_sf: JenDoll getting ready for Christmas is a
room box I have up all year around, it looks like it
has been hit by an Earthquake right now though
norajean_sf: Toddler Attack got it
norajean_sf: but it's fun having Christmas up all year
nefret111: is that she on your icon ? so precious
norajean_sf: and the minis in that scene are made by
mini pals
norajean_sf: Ya, her picture is on my chat icon
norajean_sf: she has my daddy's red hair
nefret111: ah - adorable
norajean_sf: she's as "white as she wants to be" as we
say around here
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: big round head
norajean_sf: this grandma spoils that child
norajean_sf: well I should get ready to cook some
dinner for the hubs
norajean_sf: thank you all for coming to demo
stariedawn: Thank you nj
myladyz: this has been great..I wish I was home to see
all of the demo
myladyz: thank you!!
norajean_sf: I'll post to the list if I get a chance
to get online tomorrow
nefret111: thanks so much NJ!
myladyz: have a great night everyone!
norajean_sf: now you all can go practice doing your
pinch pots
norajean_sf: xoxo


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