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Starting with slices

12-03-04-1: 9:00 pm Poinsetta slice pinch pot

December 2004

June to Dec 2004 Demos

Fearless Leader: ok, shall we start with 5 slices, one for the
bottom and four for the outside?
dragonladyw2001: I use an iron on crafts sometimes.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I think it's the pits
Fearless Leader: Ironing is peaceful
Dracowin: what's ironing?
marlea_anderson: I only seem to use my iron for crafting nowadays
seblack991234: Come to Texas now....needed badly
Kat Indpls IN: ferrous sulfate = iron
Fearless Leader: LOL
marlea_anderson: lol Kat
Dracowin: don't own one
Fearless Leader: Kat you slay me
bonsaikathy: after ironing for 7 brothers, my dad and me for my
whole life at home, I hate it now
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Craft ironing only in this house
Kat Indpls IN: lol
Shannon: Kat LOL
bonsaikathy: Oh Hey Suz, didn't see you in here
bonsaikathy: >:D<
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I'll the poinsettia cane and get five bits
and let's make a pinch pot
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I had to iron our sheets when I was a kid
and all my family's stuff, don't like it now!!
bonsaikathy: Same here Sharon, mom ironed everything
seblack991234: I used to have to iron my brothers starched blue
genes. That dates me, huh
Kat Indpls IN: had to iron my dads cloth hankies YUCK
marlea_anderson: iron sheets? I didn't even know people do that
Rossija: I won't buy clothes that need ironed.
Fearless Leader: I used to iron shirts four for a dollar, broke my
water with my first doing shirts for Svi and Hila in the Haight
Fearless Leader: in 1966
Dracowin: I won't either
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: my husband's mom used to iron his
underwear , how funny is that
bonsaikathy: sheets pillow cases, mens boxers' and yup hankies too
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: My Mom even ironed her panty hose!!
Shannon: ROFLMAO
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: lol
Fearless Leader: they didn't get their shirts as planned
Fearless Leader: panty hose, now what's that?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: LOL
Rossija: Ironed panty-hoes?!?!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I don't wear them!!
Fearless Leader: I'll slice and pinch and ya'll can social bond
Dracowin: another thing I never use
bonsaikathy: haha
marlea_anderson: oh my... I just buy that spray...just spray and
pull while wearing the clothes and you're wrinkle free
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hate bras, pantyhose
Shannon: created by a MAN....LOL
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: panty hose would melt?
seblack991234: The first pantie hose were a screem
marlea_anderson: pinch it up
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Right!
seblack991234: Two seconds after you put them on they were sagging
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Only a man would figure out how to make
women suffer with girdles, bras, and panty hose
bonsaikathy: I remember that Suz
Dracowin: I have no real choice but to wear a bra, but never
Shannon: and HIGH HEELS
Dracowin: ICK!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: No panty hose do not melt if ironed on
very low heat
marlea_anderson: yep- I have to wear a bra too or they'd be by my
Fearless Leader: Oh I gotta share, the first time I wore Queen sized
panty hose and I was able to pull the waist band up to my breasts I
fell on the bed laughing uncontrollably, now for the pinch pot.
pasadena_cal: They were for men first!!! LOL
Kat Indpls IN: yeah how come men used to wear high heels and now
they don't have to
alix: stiletto heels and pointy toes ...yuck
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I let mine go to my belly button
bonsaikathy: haha
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Keeps me warm
Shannon: and if they do melt.... make something out of them! ;-)
Kat Indpls IN: i want to see the veins in their legs too
marlea_anderson: lmao sharon
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: lol
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Saggy boobs great for warming clay under
marlea_anderson: I do it all the time
Fearless Leader: that's the truth
Dracowin: yeah, they are ;)
Shannon: LOL and hands!
seblack991234: I weighed 82 pounds as a teenager and still my Mom
made me wear a guitel so my bottom wouldn't jiggle.
marlea_anderson: tuck and forget for 10 minutes
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: lol
miss_meme_30: i have a quick question
Fearless Leader: Cal, poor darling, only rooster in a hen house
Fearless Leader: yes, questions?
miss_meme_30: paintin on clay
miss_meme_30: what do ya use?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Oh no we have a man here, sorry
Dracowin: I once tucked my digital camera in my cleavage since I
didn't have pockets and forgot it was there LOL
Kat Indpls IN: acrylic, alcohol ink, heat set oil paint
miss_meme_30: i just want to blush the figures afterwards
dragonladyw2001: Poor guy. He's just staying out of the line of
fire, I'm sure.
Shannon: Missy, I use acrylics
pasadena_cal: That's OK I laugh to myself - - mostly
Fearless Leader: I don't use paint, I use TLS, translucent Liquid
Sculpey and clay to color, then I can cure it, and treat it like
clay. Put raw clay on it and cure again.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Missy I use acrylic paints on mine with no
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: oh no, there's a man in the room?
miss_meme_30: they dont scratch off?
dragonladyw2001: No, guys don't.
marlea_anderson: I've snuck sodas and cameras into concerts that
Kat Indpls IN: chalk easy
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: No and you can bake the clay with the
paint on it
miss_meme_30: i cant get the color chalk i need
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I use paint only for small accents or
eyeliner and stuff
pennyi: i have to go and get some sleep meds are kicking in left the room
Shannon: you can????? bake it painted???
miss_meme_30: its either to dark or too light
Dracowin: yup, great place to hide stuff
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I have painted whole figures but that was
before TLS like NJ taught us to use tinted
bonsaikathy: I really want to stay up and watch Demo, but hubby is
yelling from the other room that we're going to yard sales in the
morning and that I'd better get to sleep, lol
Kat Indpls IN: oh yeah did that with my box, many curings and paint
stuck right there
bonsaikathy: nite everyone
Fearless Leader: ok, Bonsai Kathy, sweet dreams
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Nite Kathy
miss_meme_30: night kathy
Kat Indpls IN: nite Kathy
Rossija: nite Kathy
Dracowin: nighty night
marlea_anderson: lucky you's too cold for yard sales here
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: night Kathy
dragonladyw2001: Night.
marlea_anderson: night
mommaclara2001: Nite Kathy
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Missy what color chalk do you want?
rickiebeth1: night Kathy
bonsaikathy: it is here too, haha
seblack991234: nite katy
Shannon: Missy, when I'm shading mine... I paint on a little....
then wipe it off again.... and do again if it needs more.... it's
good for finger creases and stuff like that too
miss_meme_30: i need something for mouths and cheeks
seblack991234: kathy
bonsaikathy: he wants to do it anyways, we enjoy them, something to
do together since we seldom are off teh same time
bonsaikathy: nite
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You can use blush, makeup, eyeshadow
Fearless Leader: Missy let me share something about getting color on
clay faces.
bonsaikathy left the room
miss_meme_30: please!!!
miss_meme_30 left the room
marlea_anderson: lost her
Fearless Leader: ooops
Shannon: uh oh.... yahoo picked a good time to boot her....LOL
Fearless Leader: I'll wait until she comes back
rickiebeth1: back....
Shannon: ok... I'd like to hear that too NJ!
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Missy here's the url for TLS make up
miss_meme_30: sry got booted
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hi Missy
Shannon: wb Rickie and Missy!
marlea_anderson: welcome back Missy
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/TLSMakeUp/Index
miss_meme_30: ty
marlea_anderson: lol, hubby is playing his bass in the
feet are vibrating
miss_meme_30: now i cant see chat :(
Shannon: LOL
marlea_anderson: oh no Missy...we're still here
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: We see you Missy
miss_meme_30: well i see a few people
Shannon: we see you Missy
miss_meme_30: lonely there for a
rickiebeth1: I sometimes color my clay using water soluable oil
paints or acrylic paints
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sometimes we get quiet
Fearless Leader: To make the slices stick together, jiggle the seam
while pressing them together
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Missy did you get NJ's link on TLS for
adding color?
Fearless Leader: I keep on cutting it cock eyed
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I use old blush and even lipstick for my
miss_meme_30: yes was reading sharon ty
miss_meme_30: i dont like the shimmer from blush
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Just use a small brush or a Q-tip and
apply to the raw clay and then bake
rjchase222 joined the room
miss_meme_30: hiya raz
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Well, get a matte ey shadow then
rickiebeth1: yes, and Pearl-Ex has wonderful uses...
Shannon: I don't care for the shimmer either Missy.... and if I use
a sealer, it tends to mess up the blush... :-(
Rossija: Hi Razma
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: They come in neutral and pink tones now
marlea_anderson: got some minwax polycrylic for a few dollars
cheaper than normal (bro works at a hardware store). Anyone use
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: has any one tryed painting raw clay
with acrylic paints then let dry and paint on more and more to get
good coat then run through pasta machine, I read some thing like
that in a book or magazine
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes
Shannon: no I haven't Marlea
miss_meme_30: i have some of the chalk(cheap stuff) but cant get the
color to stick right....
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: It gives a crakle look, BUT
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: paint has to dry
dragonladyw2001: Yes, it's especially pretty with metallics
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: it's hard to shape
Kat Indpls IN: the metallic acrylics work great for that
Dracowin: that was in one of the bead magazines recently
rickiebeth1: I ahve done this Kathy..and you can also do this with
Tempera paints for a crackle effect
rjchase222: I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dracowin: I've been meaning to try it
marlea_anderson: wonder if it would crack up like leafing Kathy
miss_meme_30: i have to travel over an hour to get to a decent craft
Shannon: Missy I even bought artist pastel chalk, and it wouldn't
work right.... wouldn't stick to the clay
miss_meme_30: i want to try some different things!
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: is it pretty?
Kat Indpls IN: depends on the paint i did an experiment with all the
metallic paints
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Mix the chalk with a bit of baby oil and
it will help
miss_meme_30: i want to try the genesis paints
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I dip my brush in baby oil and then apply
my blush
rickiebeth1: Tempera paints for crackle is very good...
marlea_anderson: if you have a hardware store nearby you can have a
lot of fun Missy
marlea_anderson: great tip Sharon
Shannon: hmmmmm....if you mix with baby oil, the sealer wouldn't dry
properly would it? unless you used an oil based sealer
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: The Genesis paints I have not tried yet
rickiebeth1: the genesis heat dry paints are supposed to be good
miss_meme_30: anyone here have a lil of that polyu. that they want
to sale a lil of?
rickiebeth1: a little of what?
alix: Why do they call house paint Latex if it's really acrylic?
miss_meme_30: i just want a few colors of it rickiebeth...want to do
wings with the genesis
marlea_anderson: I could get it cheaper from my brother Missy, but I
don't know about shipping- I'm in PA
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Well if you apply before baking the baby
oil sets into the clay and you can varnish over it
Shannon: Alix, I thought they were the same.... both water based
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Don't use an oil base sealer on PC
miss_meme_30: that vala what ever its called
marlea_anderson: oohh, thought you meant polyurethane
miss_meme_30: cant member...have it written down
Kat Indpls IN: varathane
miss_meme_30: ty!
dragonladyw2001: varathane?
Shannon: ok Sharon! I didn't think you were supposed to....but not
rickiebeth1: I have no varathane ..
Kat Indpls IN: you want to look for the one that says water cleanup
on the container
marlea_anderson: that's why I was excited about this minwax stuff.
says it's water based..just dying to crack it open
rjchase222: got into the middle of what NJ is makin what is it?
dragonladyw2001: It's expensive. Future floor wax works pretty well
and it's a lot cheaper.
miss_meme_30: the only thing i can find is the gallons and i cant
afford that
Kat Indpls IN: pinchpot raz
miss_meme_30: i got some future today
marlea_anderson: I'
miss_meme_30: its clear right?
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: NJ's pinch pot is looking nice
Kat Indpls IN: polymer clay express sells a small container of the
dragonladyw2001: Yep.
Rossija: Razma, it's a pinchpot with the poitsettia cane from last
marlea_anderson: oops- I've used the acrylic floor wax from dolar
store on some pens and they're still holding up
Kat Indpls IN: Ace hardware and Menards sells the small containers
of varathane
dragonladyw2001: It's clear. It might take more that one coat to do
the job though, since the coats go on thin.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I was dissapointed in the Flecto Varathane
miss_meme_30: kewl beans kat!
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOOOOO thanks now that I've got the "DCF" figured
out somethinth new irht? heehee
miss_meme_30: thats what my dd
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: My Right Stuff acrylic varnish works better
rickiebeth1: future is OK as long as there will be no moisture
anywhere at anytime...
marlea_anderson: you figured out the DCF?
miss_meme_30: what is the best thing to use on pens then rickiebeth?
rjchase222: yes to the dreaded chevron flip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Shannon: Yay RJ!!!! Conquerer of the DCF!!!!
Kat Indpls IN: sand paper and elbow grease
marlea_anderson: I really have to start reading my mail, lol- I'm
Rossija: YEAH, Razma!
rickiebeth1: I usually do not put anything on my things....
marlea_anderson: Nicely done
rickiebeth1: but Future is Ok..
alix: no Future for me ... I'm working on min ideas for plant
miss_meme_30: how do i get it glassy lookin then?
rjchase222: Thanks Shannon!!!!
Shannon: I like using a varnish.... it brings out the color!
rickiebeth1: sand and buff
Kat Indpls IN: buff it to a shine
rickiebeth1: it will make it look like glass
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Missy for glassy look you need to use a
gloss sealer.
Kat Indpls IN: all my faux opals are done that way no finish what
miss_meme_30: can i use the sculpey gloss?
Kat Indpls IN: yep
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sealers come in gloss, semi gloss or satin
and matte
Kat Indpls IN: and fimo gloss also
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Matte finish is lowest or no shine
rjchase222: God I have just figured out the "dcf" & now have to
figure out how to finish it????????????????
miss_meme_30: i have some of the sculpey...tryin not to spend
anymore money....
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Use it then
Shannon: LOL RJ!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: That's what it was made for, Missy!
marlea_anderson: lol, it's always worth trying it out
miss_meme_30: i was just wonderin if i had to use anything for that
beautiful shine
rickiebeth1: sanding will also help with a glossy look before
sealing it
Shannon: Momma.... still awake??? :-)
Kat Indpls IN: pretty nj
miss_meme_30: i got some of the wet/dry sandpaper
dragonladyw2001: Like the poinsettia pot, NJ.
rjchase222: Now I have to figure out a skinner blend!!!!!!!!!!!!
rickiebeth1: yes, what grits?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sanding is great for getting a good shine
Shannon: Ooooooh RJ!!! good choice!!
miss_meme_30: 22, 400, 600, 800, 1000
miss_meme_30: 220
Shannon: I saw that on Carol Duvall today!
Dracowin: its a poinsettia snowman lol
Kat Indpls IN: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000
rickiebeth1: good!!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You can sand then polish it with a soft
rag or even your blue jeans
Fearless Leader: Now shall we chop some of this and see what we get
in a Natasha Bead?
marlea_anderson: I missed most of CD today..came in halfway through
donna kato
miss_meme_30: do i really need higher than a 1000???
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I can't sand very much, carpal tunnel sets
Kat Indpls IN: automotive store good source for sandpaper
rjchase222: brb got to get some ice cream!!!!!!!!!!
Dracowin: that should be cool
rickiebeth1: it will shine really pretty without the sealer, but it
takes a lot more work
marlea_anderson: sure, that would be neat
Fearless Leader:
Kat Indpls IN: depends on the shine you want
Shannon: Donna Kato was great! and so fast! she just whipped that
clay through her pasta machine! LOL
rickiebeth1: Kat, (actually) you are correct...
miss_meme_30: will the 1000 give it a nice shine if i buff the hello
outta it?
miss_meme_30: lol
marlea_anderson: I saw after the commercial, when they added the dots
rickiebeth1: it will look pretty good with 1000 grit
Shannon: go to and it should show how she did it!
rickiebeth1: it depends on the clay also..
miss_meme_30: i use mostly kato clay
rickiebeth1: some clays buff better than others
miss_meme_30: some fimo
marlea_anderson: I forgot could I forget..they say it
every ten minutes, lol
Shannon: she showed how to do the skinner blend!
Kat Indpls IN: oh Donna showed me these great cheep cheep sandpaper
sponges that harbor freight has they are fantastic
miss_meme_30: i LOVE kato
dragonladyw2001: A bench grinder with a muslin or felt wheel will do
the job, too.
Shannon: LOL
rickiebeth1: I love Kato also!!!
Kat Indpls IN: STINKIE though LOL when bought in bulk
Kat Indpls IN: had to leave my studio
marlea_anderson: I love harbor freight...
miss_meme_30: donna makes it look like a 2 yr old could do clay!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Well, my dears, time to go, got to do more
laundry and get some Christmas cards done
Kat Indpls IN: yeah son has to drag me kicking and screaming out of
harbor freight\
Kat Indpls IN: nite Sharon tc
rickiebeth1: I find it has a slight smell but not a strong one and I
have pounds and pounds of it here
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Great seeing so many here tonight!!
marlea_anderson: really? did it smell when you were baking or just
the raw clay
miss_meme_30: night sharon ty for the help!
Dracowin: g'night
marlea_anderson: c-ya sharon
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: nite Sharon
rickiebeth1: By Sharon...sweet dreams..
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: TaTa, Hugs to all!!
dragonladyw2001: Night, Sharon.
shargoose left the room
Fearless Leader: ooops too slow to say Ciao Bella
Kat Indpls IN: well rickie that trans you sent me even sent the dogs
out of the room must have been fresh fresh packs
rickiebeth1: ALl clay has a smell to me
mommaclara2001 left the room
rickiebeth1: Really!! Poor dogs!!!
mommaclara2001 joined the room
marlea_anderson: did we lose Momma?
Fearless Leader: Want to see a trick to cut something in half having
to measure with a ruler?
marlea_anderson: oh hi Momma
mommaclara2001: Hi
Kat Indpls IN: lol need to remember that when i want them out of the
studio again LMAO
Dracowin: yes
Shannon: Mom?? are ya there? thought you fell asleep on your
rickiebeth1: it was fresh!!!!
marlea_anderson: what is the trick NJ?
miss_meme_30: now if i can keep the red from bleedin....goin to add
trans to it before i use it next time!
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: I want to see the trick, NJ
Fearless Leader: You will notice when I cut something in half I
first put my fingertips with both hands on the natasha log here,
Kat Indpls IN: Oh Rickie i sent the box off on the last day hehe
miss_meme_30: i wanna see!
Shannon: is she gonna pull a rabbit out of a hat??? :-D
mommaclara2001: No, I somehow got Nora Jeans pinch pot all over the
screen, and couldn't get it clicked off, so had to shut it down.
rickiebeth1: I hope that the red/translucent idea works
Fearless Leader: my little fingers touch the edge
Shannon: oh dear! MOM!
miss_meme_30: any other ideas rickiebeth?
Fearless Leader: my other finger tips go over the natasha log and
you can tell if what you left hand is larger or smaller than the
right hand
marlea_anderson: I've done that before Momma
Kat Indpls IN: Nora thank you so much for your 2 cents worth on the
box you helped a great deal
marlea_anderson: ohh, so it makes it easier to eye it up
miss_meme_30: i cant believe how helpful, thoughtful and sweet all
of you gals are!
Shannon: why for did you do that NJ?
Shannon: the finger thing, I mean
Fearless Leader: bringing someone in
Kat Indpls IN: get it cut in half without a ruler
perceptionsnpc joined the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, now I cut this log in half without using a
ruler, I use finger tips on both hands to measure, I'll do it again
rjchase222 left the room
Kat Indpls IN: easy way to do it if you want them sorta even course
with my fingers it don't work
alix: I'm compiulsive .. I like rulers LOL
Shannon: Ok!!!! gotcha NJ!
Kat Indpls IN: lost raz
Fearless Leader: there
marlea_anderson: looks even
Shannon: assuming you have the same sized hands!!! ;-)
Fearless Leader: now for the Natasha cut, who doesn't know this
Kat Indpls IN: i got big arse knuckles from being old LOL
perceptionsnpc: Hi everyone
alix: I don't
Fearless Leader: is everyone familiar with the Natasha bead cut
alix: NO
marlea_anderson: yes, thanks to you NJ
Dracowin: I am
Shannon: Hi Perceptions!
Fearless Leader: Ok, you cut the log length wise and open like a book
Kat Indpls IN: not old just can't spell arthritis or whatever
marlea_anderson: lol kat
Shannon: you just did Kat!
perceptionsnpc: Ginger here
miss_meme_30: hiya ginger
miss_meme_30: ok ya cut it
Kat Indpls IN: yeah the rumatoid thats the word i can't spell right
mommaclara2001: Hi Ginger
marlea_anderson: looks like a bulldog
perceptionsnpc: HI
Fearless Leader: Now if we stopped right here we have the beginning
of a pendant
rickiebeth1: Hi Ginger
miss_meme_30: i have that too kat...i call it RA
Fearless Leader: we get a mirror image
Dracowin: hi ginger
Kat Indpls IN: oh and the brain fart fazz
Fearless Leader: The second step is to cut length wise on the two
Fearless Leader: and open like a book again
miss_meme_30: that is so cool
miss_meme_30: i liked the blend that donna did on CD today
Fearless Leader: Now you put them back to back, matching up the
mirror images the sides make
miss_meme_30: ok now im lost again
miss_meme_30: can ya show that again?
marlea_anderson: back to bulldog
perceptionsnpc: What are we making? Natasha beads?
Dracowin: you're basically turning your original piece inside out
miss_meme_30: ahhhhhhhhhh
miss_meme_30: i get it!
miss_meme_30: duhhhhhh
Dracowin: I made a bunch of pushpins this way and my friend's
roommate went nuts over them
Shannon: I saw a tiny little figure near the top on one side!
dragonladyw2001: Folks, it's after midnight here and I was up
several times last night with an urpy kid. So I'm afraid I'm going
to have to say good night and head to bed.
Fearless Leader: That's how you make these
Shannon: Nite DL!
Kat Indpls IN: nite tc DL
miss_meme_30: night beth
Dracowin: good night
dragonladyw2001: Thanks, NJ for the demo. And Night everyone.
Dracowin: sleep well
rickiebeth1: Sweet dreams Beth
alix: nite dl
Shannon: NJ, question on that last bit?
dragonladyw2001 left the room
marlea_anderson: Night Beth
marlea_anderson: oops, day late and a dollar short
Rossija: wow, that's a big pileof beds!
miss_meme_30: always the story for me marlea
Rossija: beads...
miss_meme_30: lol
marlea_anderson: lol
miss_meme_30: it ok if i just type mar sometime?
marlea_anderson: sure. that's what my hubby calls me
miss_meme_30: my hands hurt from typin
Fearless Leader: anyone not see the snake beads?
miss_meme_30: ty
miss_meme_30: nope
Fearless Leader: make a bead like a standing snake
Dracowin: nope
miss_meme_30: dont think so nj
countrylady100ca joined the room
perceptionsnpc: not me
miss_meme_30: hi sonya
marlea_anderson: oh those are great
perceptionsnpc: Hi Sonya
rickiebeth1: Hello Sonya!!
Dracowin: ooh, I like those!
marlea_anderson: howdy sonya
countrylady100ca: Hi to all My name is Sonya from Alberta, Canada
Shannon: hi Sonya!
Kat Indpls IN: hi Sonja
Dracowin: Hi Sonya
mommaclara2001: Hi Sonya
Kat Indpls IN: oops Sonya
alix: Hi Sonya
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: HI Sonya
pasadena_cal: Hi Sonya
miss_meme_30: nj can we do feather cane tomorrow???
countrylady100ca: That s okay kate. It is very common
countrylady100ca: Rickie Have you got my order email yet
perceptionsnpc: Yes nj .... please?
Fearless Leader: the tube beads are basket weave
Fearless Leader: What darling?
miss_meme_30: can we do the feather cane tomorrow?
marlea_anderson: oohhh, basketweave?
miss_meme_30: please???
Shannon: which darling are you speaking to NJ? LOL
Fearless Leader: sure, remind me tomorrow
miss_meme_30: ty ty tyt
miss_meme_30: i love those beads!!!!
miss_meme_30: i have so much to learn
Fearless Leader: now when you mix tube, with little bubble beads and
snakes you get this look
countrylady100ca: tap on rickiebeth's shoulder Ummm
Rossija: fading fast.... godnight all!
rickiebeth1: Sonya, sorry I missed what you said..
countrylady100ca: Good Night Rossija
miss_meme_30: night mary...will u be on tomorrow???
mommaclara2001: Good night
rickiebeth1: I got an email from you earlier today..
perceptionsnpc: Cool
countrylady100ca: Okay Have you got my order email ??
countrylady100ca: Good
marlea_anderson: nighty night
Rossija: Hope to, want to see the feather cane to!
Dracowin: nighty night
miss_meme_30: k talk to ya then
countrylady100ca: Make sure your computer didn't crash this time
AzKathy - arizona_sweet2004: NJ makes some awesome feather wings,
NJ..have you shown the angle with the black , silver wings?
rickiebeth1: Yes, thank you!!
Fearless Leader: yikes I got to send log through to the list. Ok,
I'm going to save log and leave the chat room and come back. Potty

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