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December 2004

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A Time to Do More Than Pray

It's time to take action

For Tsunami Aid Organizations

The SEA-EAT blog for short. News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts.

1999 Rebuild - Mixed Chop Index

2000 Egg: Rebuilding the Egg Section.

Three Months of Rambles September to December 2004

Nightmare Before Christmas Fans: Coming out of the Cartoon Closet

Think Outside of the Room Box

Polymer Clay a Blip on the Miniature Horizon

Mini Meme

Expression gives the face Life

GOLDEN RATIO of 1.618, is the rule for beauty and Dr. Stephen Marquardt's site on Beauty Analysis.

What to do with "Primitive" Canes?

Troubadours and Sestinas

What's going on with the Com Site and the Biz Site?

For New List Members of City-o-Clay

Sense of Self: What is it? Why is it important to the Artist? How to Repair it?

Sense of Self Part Two: Dr. Ginger Blume

Art is God Given

Who is the Official Vendor for CITY-o-Clay and Why

We - B - Chatty in Demo

Competition Curbs Creativity

Sculpting and THE FEAR

Forensics and Sculpting

Walk Like Egyptians

BBB Beats Being Bitchy

Cure for Swap Diss

2004 Holiday Marathon Demo Logs

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The First Day of Kwanzaa (or Boxing Day for the UK)

12-19-04: Sunday Unscheduled Demo: Hair on the Centaur, review of face grid, review of the hair implants.

Before Hairless  

End Hairy

12-18-04: Saturday Demo - First Log - Review of Friday Night Demo. What I typed while INVISIBLE

12-18-04: Saturday Demo - 2nd Log - End of First Hour, Tiger Leaf Pinch Pot

12-18-04: Saturday Demo - 3rd log, start of the third hour, HAIR on Centaur

12-18-04: Saturday Demo: Fourth Log, Premo Pearl , Abalone Fold, Faces on Tins

12-18-04: Saturday Demo: Fifth Log : Review of Rose and flower petal talk

Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.



Layering poinsettia cane cut outs, mini wreath and review of pinch pot.

Shannon's Friday Night Demo Screen Shots. 06-18-08 can't find these screen shots so they must not have been saved before Epson Photo Storage closed down.

12-17-04: Friday Demo, First Half Hour, Cutting the black out of the poinsettia

12-17-04: Friday Demo : Second Log - Finish Poinsettia OverLap, start on Wreath

12-17-04: Friday Demo - Third Log - Mini Wreath and start of Pinch Pots

12-17-04: Friday Demo - End - Pinch Pot and Addressing THE FEAR, Inshallah

Shargoose/Sharon caught these screen shots of covering the tin. But we lost them when Epson photo site closed down.

12-10-04: Friday Demo - 1- First Half Hour Mask Review

12-10-04: Friday Demo Log 2- First hour mark, Pressing Leaves to Sheet

12-10-04: Friday Demo Log 3- First half of the Second Hour, cover the tin

12-10-04: Friday Demo Log 4- Last half of Second Hour - Q&A + Hairy Promise to MISSY

Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.

Denise's Poinsettia On Glass Balls

Shannon our Moderator in Training caught a boatload of screen shots during the Demos of 11/26/04 and 12/3-4/04.  06-18-08: These screen shots can't be found so they might not have been saved before Epson photo storage closed down.

257 screenshots of Friday and Saturday's demos! Replicating the PenPal feather in 3 seperate color schemes. And Holly Leaves!  Also a couple of examples of how to do Natasha beads out of Poinsettia and Tiger Chop.

Thumbnail and starting shot number on each demo log.

12-03-04-1: 9:00 pm Demo Log: Five Slice Pot, Natasha bead, TLS hair, Snake Beads

Starting with slices

12-03-04-2-Demo Log: Easy Breezy Pin using 2D and 3D Poinsetta

Start at #35

12-03-04-3-Demo Log: Chopped Animal and Natasha Beads, End of Friday Night Demo.

Start at 47


12-04-04-1- 11:30am to 12:20pm Demo Log: Getting Settled and start the blend. Getting booted and coming back in.

Start at 88

12-04-04-2- 1:19 pm Demo Log: Mugging, Cylopse and the Loose Blend, press a ribbon with all three colors going down the length, stagger stack and bend into "S" shape, make a feather

Start at 92  

12-04-04-3- 2:13 pm Demo Log: Second and Third loose blends, press a ribbon with all three colors going down the length, stagger stack and bend into "S" shape, make a feather.

Start at 125

Start at 146

12-04-04-4- 3:08 pm Demo Log: Start of Holly Daze

Start at 177 half way there

Dreidel Mini Tute

Holy Daze

JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.

Holiday Cooking: Demo: A whole day of making mini foods. Links to relevant tutes. This was done last year and holidays happen every year so we're reviewing this section.  

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