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12-04-04-1- 11:30am to 12:20pm Demo Log: Getting Settled and start the blend. Getting booted and coming back in.

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December 2004

June to Dec 2004 Demos

Fearless Leader: I decided not to put the chat room on invite
jill_z_q joined the room
jill_z_q: Hi Mitchkins
rickiebeth1 joined the room
frogger70301: Hiya, Suzy...
kittekattz joined the room
mommaclara2001 joined the room
rjchase222 joined the room
frogger70301: Hiya, Rickie!
mommaclara2001: Hello
jill_z_q: I mrs R&B
jill_z_q: er hi too
marlea_anderson joined the room
kittekattz: Hi everyone!!!!
rickiebeth1: Hi Everyone!!!!
frogger70301: oh, wow... yall need to slow down. Can't keep up with
the Hiya's!
marlea_anderson: Hello everyone
frogger70301: :D
marlea_anderson: lol
rickiebeth1: LOL
jill_z_q: you could just do hi, hiya, howdy, heyo, OH my god Hi? LOL
then you got it covered Mitch
meplus5kids joined the room
frogger70301: I'll give up and go back to my lunch...
mommaclara2001: are we starting early today?
marlea_anderson: a little early today...
JennyP (pcajenny) joined the room
meplus5kids: Joined the room!
Fearless Leader: Checking the status line, last night it had the
wrong thing on it and I had changed it
Fearless Leader: refresh doesn't work, Suzy checked for me
jill_z_q: Oh I forgot to tell you guys. If you got You can get your free credit
report now. No scam or have to buy
marlea_anderson: says saturday demo for me
Fearless Leader: so I left out and came back in and the new status
line showed up, that's why I came on early, to check it out
jill_z_q: you can get it from all three credit agencies
marlea_anderson: catch Jill?
jill_z_q: yeah free its something new
marlea_anderson: I wouldn't mind seeing what's on mine
Fearless Leader: close out old cam windows and start up the cam
again, pelase
Fearless Leader: please, too
marlea_anderson: gotcha
kittekattz: wouldn't ya know, hubby and my 5 year old HAD to come
into the office NOW ... <sigh>
mommaclara2001: How is everyone today?
marlea_anderson: lol, my hubby was on the the chat
invite so I booted him from the room
marlea_anderson: I'm doing just fine Momma, how are you?
kittekattz: they WERE upstairs in his train room
jill_z_q: lol that is too fu nny
mommaclara2001: Pretty good. Still have the cold.
jill_z_q: what is wrong the hubby and you kid?
jill_z_q: your kid too
kittekattz: nothing "wrong" with them except I was hoping to have a
little "me" time for this chat since I've missed them the last few
marlea_anderson: still clinging is it? I hate it when a cold lingers
mommaclara2001: Yes, two weeks now.
jill_z_q: ahh kick the hubby out with the kid then:P
mommaclara2001: I am coughing a lot.
kittekattz: LOL ... wish I could!
meplus5kids: Trade the hubby and one kid for four who decided it's
time to eat!!!
mommaclara2001: I am hoping that my husband doesn't catch it, since
he is going to the hospital, next week.
kittekattz: nuh uhhh ... one hubby and two kids is enough ... the
3.5 year old is "supposed" to be napping
marlea_anderson: oh no, that would be bad
mommaclara2001: I think he is going to be ok.
marlea_anderson: what's he going in for, if you don't mind me asking
mommaclara2001: He has a tumor in the pistrate.
connie_flying joined the room
mommaclara2001: postrateX-(
marlea_anderson: lol, I do it too. like NJ says we must be part
mommaclara2001: I think so.
marlea_anderson: everything will be just fine, don't you worry. A
good friend of mine just had his prostate seeded and is doing
kittekattz: my oldest brother just found out he has prostate cancer
sharonvintn joined the room
mommaclara2001: Thank you. I am hoping that things will be ok.
mommaclara2001: Oh no, Kat
rickiebeth1: My thoughts are with you all for good health
sharonvintn: What's up?
mommaclara2001: Thank you Rickiebeth.
kittekattz: we've all been sworn to NOT let my mother know, as she
just had her heart attack about a month ago
kittekattz: thanks
marlea_anderson: thank goodness it takes treatment well katts- they
just knock it right out
sharonvintn: Who's sick?
sharonvintn: Prayers needed?
mommaclara2001: My husband is 79, but is healthy.
kittekattz: yeah, he's going in for radiation treatment in a couple
of weeks ... keeping fingers crossed
mommaclara2001: Yes, please.
kittekattz: LOL Sharon ... prayers are always needed and always
welcome! :-)
sharonvintn: I just got here so who am I praying for?
marlea_anderson: yes, I'll be adding you all to my prayers
kittekattz: and my prayers and good thoughts for your husband,
mommaclara!! :-)
mommaclara2001: Thank you all again.
kittekattz: <--- is Lisa in Maine, BTW
mommaclara2001: Ok
sharonvintn: is your hubby sick Mommaclara?
kittekattz: I know I haven't been active in the group lately, been
busier than a one-armed paper-hanger in a windstorm lately
marlea_anderson: lol, that's me too kattz, i catch up in demo
mommaclara2001: Not really, just has the tumor, and is going to have
surgery , this week coming,
sharonvintn: Ok Momma
sharonvintn: Will put him on my prayer list. His First name please.
mommaclara2001: Lowell.
mommaclara2001: Thank you
meplus5kids: my prayers to Lowell and you!!!
sharonvintn: OK, Lowell will be prayed for and you too, my dear.
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
mommaclara2001: My my, I will just keep thanking you.
sharonvintn: Hey Shannon
marlea_anderson: hi Shannon
mommaclara2001: Hi my Shan
Shannon: hi everyone! did we start early today??
connie_flying: Hi Shannon
kittekattz: Hi Shannon
sharonvintn: No thanks needed Mommaclara
mommaclara2001: :)
sharonvintn: It is a priviledge for us
sharonvintn: Don't know Shannon just got here myself
Shannon: LOL ok
electron_forge joined the room
Fearless Leader: Noon in San Francisco, Roll Call Please and state
if this is your first time in demo
electron_forge: Whoo Hoo I made it!
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
mommaclara2001: Yes, we started early.
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
sharonvintn: I'm scarfing down some soup and then have to help hubby
with outside Christmas stuff
electron_forge: First timer
Fearless Leader: Roll call please
Fearless Leader: first name
kittekattz: Lisa in Maine
connie_flying: Connie in Reno NV
Fearless Leader: location
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
meplus5kids: Jean, N.O., First time
sharonvintn: Hey it's our guy
electron_forge: I'm Douglas on the list, first time
jill_z_q: suzy so calif semi afk
electron_forge: Don't worry ladies. Enough to go around.
mommaclara2001: Hi Doug
jill_z_q: LOL doug
sharonvintn: Hey Doug, good thing you didn't do last nights demo
with us!!
Shannon: hi Doug!
sharonvintn: We were naughty
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, Ca.
rjchase222: Welcome Doug!!1
kittekattz: Jean, what's N.O?
meplus5kids: New Orlean
meplus5kids: New Orleans
electron_forge: I read the copy. Warming clay huh?
marlea_anderson: hey hi howdy doug
kittekattz: ohhh ... duhhhh
frogger70301: New Orleans, I'll bet!
Fearless Leader: we only got half on roll call?
kittekattz: sorry!
frogger70301: oh, too late...
sharonvintn: Sharon V in TN
rickiebeth1: I need some more back in a few
sharonvintn: I can't type and read at the same time!!
electron_forge: Kids are doing Play-doh at the table right now!
mommaclara2001: You sound like me Sharon.
meplus5kids: Just fed the kids, quickest lunch I've ever made
Fearless Leader: Me+5, what's your first name honey?
meplus5kids: Jean
Fearless Leader: How could I have forgotten!
Fearless Leader: So Doug and Jean it's your first time in Demo?
Fearless Leader: correct?
meplus5kids: Yep
Fearless Leader: Look up at the top of the menu
sharonvintn: Mommaclara, I'm getting up there in years and never was
a good typist
Fearless Leader: where it says Chat
electron_forge: Yes NJ
Fearless Leader: go to Favorite Room/add
mommaclara2001: Me too.
Fearless Leader: add this room as one of your favorites please
Fearless Leader: let me know when you've done that, thanks
electron_forge: Got it. Thx
sharonvintn: Godd, we'll teach these young pups what true grit is!!
sharonvintn: Good I ment
Fearless Leader: Jean, you got the room saved as a Favorite Room?
Shannon: grits? I love grits! LOL
electron_forge: show me.
mommaclara2001: How old Sharon, or is that something you don't tell?
electron_forge: feel free to lie
sharonvintn: 60 on 11-24 this year
Shannon: LOL
meplus5kids: No, I don't have favorite room on mine
kittekattz: happy belated birthday, Sharon!
Fearless Leader: That's what Pinoccio's girlfriend said
sharonvintn: Thanks
Fearless Leader: Lie to me Baby, Lie to me
mommaclara2001: Oh my, I have you beat. 72
electron_forge: under chatme +
Shannon: ohhhhhh that was BAD NJ!!! LOL
marlea_anderson: lol, you're so naughty NJ
Fearless Leader: LOL
marlea_anderson: I love it
Fearless Leader: Jean you got cam open?
electron_forge: chat > Favorites> Add
sharonvintn: That's OK, Mommaclara, age is just a state of mind
sharonvintn: Some days I feel 16 and others 90!!
Fearless Leader: Shall I mug the new comers?
Shannon: yes!!!!
mommaclara2001: Yes, NJ
sharonvintn: Yes!!!
mommaclara2001: You are so pretty\
electron_forge: You get the fav thing down Jean?
sharonvintn: Muggging, we love mugging
mommaclara2001: :D
kittekattz: how do I get the webcam??? I'm not getting it :-(
You have invited kittekattz to view your webcam.

Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the room
Shannon: kittie go to your main yahoo window
Fearless Leader: sent invite to cam to kittekattz
meplus5kids: Okay figured it out. I'm there
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
kittekattz: got it!! Thanks much!
Shannon: kittie then click the link beside NJ's name
electron_forge: cool
mommaclara2001: Hi , Lynn
Fearless Leader: Are you new to demo KitteKattz?
meplus5kids: Told you I was computer illiterate
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Mom
electron_forge: baby steps Jean
mommaclara2001: :)
kittekattz: I was here once before NJ ... about a month ago, and
haven't been able to make it back until now
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: muggin in progress
jill_z_q: hi lynn
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Jill
electron_forge: great mask
marlea_anderson: I'm laughing my heiney off here
Fearless Leader: Ok, who does not know about PenPals? Pen barrels
covered with BODIES
mommaclara2001: Shan, how are things with you today?
electron_forge: do now
sharonvintn: How about a group mug
marlea_anderson: priceless
Shannon: good Mom... the girls and I moved the living room around
and put the Christmas tree in front of the window :-)
kittekattz: I "know" about them ... never tried to make one, though
mommaclara2001: Oh great. Decorated?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'm going to be popping in and out today. I
have to start packing up this house. I want to get donations out to
Serve and others before the holidays so if I don't answer you will
know why
sharonvintn: K Lynn
Shannon: not yet.... had to stop for demo!!! the girls are playing
Monopoly now :-)
mommaclara2001: ok
sharonvintn: Glad you sold the house, packing and sorting is the pits
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Big time....I"m already having issues on
stuffed animals
sharonvintn: I know
Fearless Leader:
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: and I don't have kids LOL
Shannon: LOL Lynn
sharonvintn: I gavve 2 boxes of stuffed animals away
kittekattz: Oh no, Lynn!! Congrats on selling your house, though.
You're moving to Florida, right?
electron_forge: wow
Fearless Leader: That's the index of PenPals, sculptures done around
a pen barrel
marlea_anderson: gee, I haven't even pulled out any of my Christmas
decorations yet...I'd better get off my rear and do it this week
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: yep heading south to sunny florida
sharonvintn: I don't havve kids with me either. These were my
stuffed animals!!
Fearless Leader: Last night I was asked to do these feathers again
kittekattz: I haven't either, marlea ... not in the "spirit" yet
sharonvintn: I missed wings again??!!
kittekattz: send some HEAT up this way, will ya?? I'm freezing today!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: these stuffed animals I won at the fair over
the past few years...I"m such a kid
electron_forge: those are beautiful
sharonvintn: Oh rats
Shannon: getting those decorations out might get you in the
spirit! :-)
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I hear that Kitte
kittekattz: those are beautiful!!
Fearless Leader: Sharon I've not started it yet
rjchase222: Looks like a cdf to me!!!!!!!
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: man we are doing the wing cane today
sharonvintn: Good
Fearless Leader: Razma, it is the chevron flip
Fearless Leader: but dig it
electron_forge: ok. What is a CDF anyway? >>>NEWBIE<<<
kittekattz: I have yet to get into trying to make a "real" cane ...
the one I tried didn't come out like I wanted and haven't had tried
another one yet
Fearless Leader: since I made these wings, I've not been able to
replicate the feathers
Shannon: was supposed to be DCF Doug, Dreaded Chevron Flip! LOL
Fearless Leader: I mean, since no one took screen shots
countrylady100ca joined the room
electron_forge: LOL
sharonvintn: But hubby (who cannot insert a stick in the ground
without a million questions) is waiting for help out side
Fearless Leader: and I invented these feathers on cam
Fearless Leader: I got old timer's disease and can't seem to
replicate them
electron_forge: Dreaded. LOL that's great
Fearless Leader: so all I can do is give it an effort
rickiebeth1: back....
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: back to my closet before things get kickin
Fearless Leader: and someone take shots this time for the 1960's
were TOO GOOD for me and I forget as soon as I discover things
countrylady100ca: Good Afternoon to all Howdy Sonya, Alberta, Canada
Kat Indpls IN (kgedrich) joined the room
Shannon: NJ what looks different about them?
rjchase222: NJ just do a dcf!!!!!!!!! LOL
rickiebeth1: Hi Sonya!!
Shannon: I'll be getting shots for ya!
Fearless Leader: let's break it down
countrylady100ca: Kewl
electron_forge: See you soon Country lady. Moving to Brooks, AB in
Fearless Leader: first we got to do a blend, and I'll get the link
for blends
countrylady100ca: Wow Electron
Fearless Leader: EB-Blend-Grp
electron_forge: my wife is Canadian
countrylady100ca: LOL my father is American-Canadian He married my
kittekattz: btw ... thank you so much for sending the logs (and
webcam images) to the group ... it really helps for those of us who
can't be here for demos
Fearless Leader: Shall we do roll call since we have folks coming
electron_forge: here here on the logs!
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: NJ do you think you twisted a bit when you made your cane?
connie_flying: New_Projects/PenPals/Index.htm
connie_flying: oopsie
mommaclara2001: Clara, Glenville, WV
kittekattz: Lisa, Lewiston, ME
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
connie_flying: Connie in Reno NV
Fearless Leader: Roll call please so we can all come to know each
other's names
sharonvintn: I'm about ready to move to Canada, would like to in a
way except for the snow ans cold
electron_forge: Douglas Glisson >Newbie< Wichita, KS
Fearless Leader: thanks
meplus5kids: Jean, New Orleans (again)
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
Kat Indpls IN: Kat Indianapoli Indiana
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth near San Francisco
sharonvintn: sharon in TN
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
poonkie2 joined the room
miss_meme_30 joined the room
poonkie2: hello!
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta Canada
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Fearless Leader: missy and poonkie, roll call please
miss_meme_30: missy VA
poonkie2: Poonkie, Canada
miss_meme_30: sry im late!
electron_forge: detention
countrylady100ca: brb
miss_meme_30: huh oh
Fearless Leader: no harm, no foul, no need to say sorry
miss_meme_30: :(
electron_forge: haha
Fearless Leader: being Japanese means always having to say you're
Fearless Leader: "So Solly"
miss_meme_30: glad you havent gotten started yet!
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: EB-Blend-Grp
Fearless Leader: we're going to start by doing a LOOSE blend
miss_meme_30: seems like i am all the time saying im sorry for
Fearless Leader: and that's not a blend you do when you have the
kittekattz: ewwwww
Fearless Leader: it's a blend that you don't do all the way, so
there are streaks in it
meplus5kids: lol
Fearless Leader: ewwwwie
Fearless Leader: LOL
sharonvintn: Well, Missy, you ave to start a quarter jar for that
poonkie2: You must have Japanese blood Missy
sharonvintn: Everytime you s sorry or something degrading about
yourself in goes a quarter
miss_meme_30: hey might be rich by the end of the month if i put
quarters in
Fearless Leader: So I'm going to condition some more clay to get a
couple of colors ready for the blend
electron_forge: man I'll be broke in no time
sharonvintn: LOL
Fearless Leader: what I'd like to share with the new clayers is
kittekattz: criminies ... I can't do that ... I'd be rich in no
time! :-)
marlea_anderson: I'll be back folks- going out for Chinese
food....mmmmmm MSG
sharonvintn: Well it breaks the sorry habit quick!!
miss_meme_30: please do share nj
Fearless Leader: when I use the food processor to chop the clay it
also warms it, it balls up in the food processor
poonkie2: =))
marlea_anderson: bye
Fearless Leader: when it balls up, it's ready for a taffy pull
marlea_anderson left the room
Fearless Leader: then it is ready to press through the pasta machine
Fearless Leader: save your hands
Fearless Leader: save your time
Fearless Leader: by using these tricks
Fearless Leader: I'm using scraps so I don't know what colors we'll
end up with
Fearless Leader: I'll save this log and go out of chat and come back
in for a clean start to the second log, brb
sharonvintn: NJ is your cam working? Still see angel back

This is what the claymates saw in chat after I mentioned the taffy pull:

Fearless Leader: when it balls up, it's ready for a taffy pull
marlea_anderson left the room
Fearless Leader: then it is ready to press through the pasta machine
sharonvintn: NJ is your cam working? Still see angel back
miss_meme_30: i do that!
electron_forge: just conditioned some in a handi chopper. so I still need to
pull and then pasta roll? Is it somthing I can so in stages?
sharonvintn: Yes, Doug
msatclayart left the room
electron_forge: wow. Thought I was good to go. See, I'm learnign already
sharonvintn: Hold on Guys, NJ will be back
sharonvintn: She got bounced
electron_forge: I'll wait here
poonkie2: ok, I have to buy a food processor. I spend hours mixing the right
colors for my Moose projects yesterday
sharonvintn: Close your webcam window for her
electron_forge: eveyone?
sharonvintn: everyone
meplus5kids: closed
kittekattz: webcam window closed
electron_forge: closed
sharonvintn: Then when she comes back click on her Cam by her name
rjchase222: closed
sharonvintn: Yahoo bounces her a lot
poonkie2: ok
sharonvintn: Happens almost every demo
frogger70301: NJ's having troubles getting back into the room.
electron_forge: of all the ones to get tossed...
sharonvintn: Ya
miss_meme_30: ohhh noooo our fearless leader
sharonvintn: I'll save the log
rjchase222: quick somebody throw her a rope!!!!
electron_forge: clay rope?
mommaclara2001 left the room
rjchase222: yes Doug a clay rope!!!
Shannon: uh oh.... yahoo is being mean today!
mommaclara2001 joined the room
mommaclara2001: Hello
poonkie2: hello
electron_forge: BRB > feed kids again
sharonvintn: Mitch can you throw her a rope?? I don't know how
frogger70301: I have to wait for her to come back on...
sharonvintn: k
sharonvintn: Thanks, Mitch
miss_meme_30: i finished that monkey last night!
miss_meme_30: he turned out really cute
mommaclara2001: Where is nora Jen? I don't have cam, either. Do you?
sharonvintn: Missy can you take pics?
miss_meme_30: finally got in bed around 2:30am....LOL
rjchase222: I am getting about ready to "cure" my first eclectic/primitive
Shannon: no Mom she got booted
sharonvintn: Mommaclara, she'll be back
miss_meme_30: yep have pics
mommaclara2001: Ok
sharonvintn: Wellpost them so we can see the monkey
sharonvintn: Do you have a webcam, Missy?
mommaclara2001: I got her cam all over my screen again, and had to shut down

kittekattz: looks like our fearless leader is having a hard time getting
back in
Shannon: did you try the Escape key Mom?
mommaclara2001: No
miss_meme_30: no my mom has my webcam
mommaclara2001: I didn't think about that.
mommaclara2001: Will try the next time.
sharonvintn: K, just thought you could show us now
Shannon: try that if it happens again!
countrylady100ca joined the room
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks , Shan
countrylady100ca: Oops hit esc Escape
Shannon: yw
countrylady100ca: Hey JennyP ??
kgedrich left the room
JennyP: hi
Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room


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