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June to Dec 2004 Demos, December 2004

12-04-04-3- 2:13 pm Demo Log: Second and Third loose blends, press a ribbon with all three colors going down the length, stagger stack and bend into "S" shape, make a feather.

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Fearless Leader: Third Log and Break time
miss_meme_30: im eating
electron_forge: I was going to stop after the food processor haha
pasadena_cal: Get some more eats, NJ
kittekattz: gotta start thinking about making dinner soon ...
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I'm hungry too
electron_forge: AFK> Coke run <
kittekattz: ... ok thought about it and decided against it! :-)
miss_meme_30: nobody here to eat tonight yaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
countrylady100ca left the room
meplus5kids: Missed some stuff, neighbor thinks it's cute to let his
pitbull run loose while my kids are outside
countrylady100ca joined the room
miss_meme_30: wb
kittekattz: nice people! :-(
electron_forge: back
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: food or finish wrapping christmas decorations
for move
miss_meme_30: my neighbor lets their chow run loose and we have
leash law but pound wont do anything
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: knowing me I'll wrapt the food
countrylady100ca: roped to doug's Chair if I am booted again he will
goes with me. >:)
electron_forge: how about a bag of popcorn and a movie Lynn?
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: now that's the ticket
miss_meme_30: the dog growls at us while we are in OUR yard AND he
has snapped at my DD in OUR yard
meplus5kids: we must live close to each other, lol, pound won't do
anything here either
kittekattz: ok ... whatcha doing over there NJ while the rest of us
are gabbing??
jill_z_q left the room
miss_meme_30: i told them if that dog bites my dd i will sue them
and the county!
Fearless Leader: going to do another blend while you are all
chatting and getting coffee
electron_forge: so they overlap?
jill_z_q joined the room
tedi382001 left the room
miss_meme_30: eat ya something NJ
miss_meme_30: just a bite
Fearless Leader: I want to try two methods, see if we can rediscover
what we did last time
meplus5kids: I'm a police officer by trade and have threatened to
shoot the dog
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: give the dog chocolate...that shuts them up
electron_forge: I would have already me+
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: ok that was mean
miss_meme_30: i told all involved that if that THING snaps at dd
once more i WILL shot it
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: my bad
electron_forge: so does antifreeze
kittekattz: how many times have you wrung and compressed the other
roll so far? 3?
Fearless Leader: 2
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: antifreeze could be painful...choc you go
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: but still my bad
electron_forge: Table is a mess from the kids and Play-Doh mess. haha
meplus5kids: The thought has occurred on more than one occassion
miss_meme_30: hmmmm chocolate......
countrylady100ca: Is someone type for her while is she is working on
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I blame owners more then the pest
electron_forge: she's just THAT good
pasadena_cal: No she is just very fast.
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: pets that is
meplus5kids: Where can I get a good pasta machine?
miss_meme_30: he loves to steal things and eat outta the
meplus5kids: I blame owners for the "pests" also
electron_forge: now your thinking
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: lol
kittekattz: You can take ANY animal and turn it mean, or not ...
depends on how they're raised
countrylady100ca: You are right Lynn the owners is reponsible for
that pet's behavior
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: so feed the owner antifreeze
rickiebeth1: I got my pasta machine at Bed, Bath & beyond...
miss_meme_30: we have talked to them several times and it does NO
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: my bad again
pasadena_cal: I got mine on eBay
miss_meme_30: meplus
rickiebeth1: with a 20% off coupon
miss_meme_30: do you have an ACMoores?
miss_meme_30: i got mine for 10bucks
meplus5kids: gotta find one. Rolling with a rolling pin is a pain
electron_forge: Micheals 24.99 Amaco
miss_meme_30: might not be the best but it was the right price
meplus5kids: No, No ACMoores
connie_flying: got mine at Michaels in the clay department
countrylady100ca: I prefer atla pasta with motor
rickiebeth1: I used arolling pin for 5+ months...
kittekattz: that's what I've got, Doug ... Amaco
countrylady100ca: save my hand and arm cranky cranky
connie_flying: me too
poonkie2: i have an Atlas with motor and love it!
electron_forge: Can't find PearlEX locally however
rickiebeth1: Atlas with the motor is the best way to go,..or Imperia
is good also..
miss_meme_30: have a joanns?
rickiebeth1: I have Pearl-Ex stamp pads...for sale..
miss_meme_30: use the 40% off coupon
meplus5kids: Yes, have a Joanns, favorite place to shop
miss_meme_30: ours have one in the clay department
electron_forge: what is the stamp pad? I thought it just came in
little jars
meplus5kids: I know where I'm going tomorrow
countrylady100ca: Yup I can't wait for pearl ex stamp pad from
electron_forge: website?
kittekattz: can you use the stamp pad the same as you would the
poonkie2: are they permanent once cured?
Shannon: uh oh.... went on Break... what did I miss??? :-(
rickiebeth1: thank you SOnya..they will be sent Monday,,
rickiebeth1: in a similar way
rickiebeth1: just the application is different..
poonkie2: Rickie Beth, did you update your website?
countrylady100ca: Dancing Dancing I prefer stamp pad than powder
kittekattz: do you carry the powders, rickiebeth?
rickiebeth1: and there are the re-inkers that can be used with a
paint brush
electron_forge: I'm about on craft/hobby expense overload. SWMBO
will be commenting soon.
countrylady100ca: flying around worry and breath in.
rickiebeth1: the web site is still 'under construction' .
miss_meme_30: SWMBO?
kittekattz: I've never used the pearlex, but I'd love to get
some ... now you've got me confoozled between powders and stamp
pad!! LOL
electron_forge: She Who Must Be Obeyed
rickiebeth1: I do not sell the powders..not yet..
countrylady100ca: smile at Rickiebeth about website
miss_meme_30: lol
rickiebeth1: the stamp pads are using the Pearl-Ex in a mica ink way
pasadena_cal: NJ tell us what you are doing this time???
electron_forge: should probably be an Or Else on that too. lol
kittekattz: LOL ... my husband heard that SWMBO on one of his model
railroad groups!!
bonsaikathy: I finally have some pearlex powders and still haven't
used them, I don't know much about using them
electron_forge: Woodworking group
Fearless Leader: dig
Fearless Leader: this worked
Shannon: YAY!!!!!!!
Fearless Leader: do the blend
Fearless Leader: roll the ribbon
Fearless Leader: slice and stagger the slices
electron_forge: I like the leaf ornament with pearlEx
Fearless Leader: bend in a "S" shape
rickiebeth1: they can be applied with the fingertip or however you
want to Kathy
Fearless Leader: stack the "S" shapes for the feather sides
kittekattz: cool!!
miss_meme_30: WTG!
esther_reeves: great
tedi382001 joined the room
countrylady100ca: watcg that good ?? Missy
Fearless Leader: now lets do it with different colors and see if we
can replicate it, once is an accident, twice is a technique that can
be shared
kittekattz: do you just brush the pearlex on the clay before baking?
bonsaikathy: Thanks Rickie Beth
rickiebeth1: I think it means..way to go...wtg this is good!!!
bonsaikathy: I'm not ignoring anyone, I"m at work and it's still
real busy, so have to keep leaving the computer
rickiebeth1: you can use it with a carrier liquid clay...
rjchase222: so far I think I can do this one!!!!!!! :)
miss_meme_30: rickiebeth has it!
countrylady100ca: wow I have lot of learning with new language
electron_forge: try that Bonsai
rickiebeth1: the stamp pads need no carrier..
tedi382001 left the room
miss_meme_30: i hope u can help me then
miss_meme_30: kathy i made a monkey!
bonsaikathy: thanks hon
bonsaikathy: oh that's great Missy
rickiebeth1: the monkey is really cute!!!
rjchase222: I'll be happy to help ya Missy!!!!!
electron_forge: np. My wife wants several
miss_meme_30: ty rickiebeth
bonsaikathy: I don't doubt it
miss_meme_30: and u too raz
miss_meme_30: hehehe
miss_meme_30: wonder how i can do a rabbit now...hmmm
countrylady100ca: Perfert for Easter
rjchase222: now this technique looks a lot easier to do than the dcf
thats for sure but we shall see!!! heehee
miss_meme_30: i think i have it....but still
rjchase222: but still is the key word here me thinks!
countrylady100ca: rickie what else you have new addition materials
Shannon: Can you do it? Yes you can!!!!
countrylady100ca: Or coming
rickiebeth1: right now, the waterslide transfers from Lisa Pavelka
are really pretty..
rjchase222: I think some of my first tries at the dcf were actually
this process that NJ is doin!
Shannon: LOL RJ
rickiebeth1: and I should have her new texture sheets fairly soon...
Fearless Leader: Roll call please, there's a bunch of folks here
since the last roll call, thanks
countrylady100ca: waterslide transfer ?? Link please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
connie_flying: Connie in Reno NV
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
kittekattz: Lisa in Maine
Rossija: MAry, Ohio
meplus5kids: Jean, New Orleans
electron_forge: DougEF Wichita, KS
countrylady100ca: Sonya, Alberta, Canadaaaaaa
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
poonkie2: Poonkie, Canda
poonkie2: Canada
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Lynn, VA
esther_reeves: Esther, Coventry, Engalnd
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth near San Francisco.....
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
pasadena_cal: Cal in CA
greatauntjudy left the room
miss_meme_30: man its gettin cold
countrylady100ca: Five Calfornia, two Va and two Canadaaaao
miss_meme_30: maybe we should all move to cali
countrylady100ca: lol Nah I am happy in Canada <:-P
electron_forge: And a DCF in a pear tree
meplus5kids: Like New orleans, only 6 days of cold weather
miss_meme_30: now i am goin to have to teach myself to sew
MountainMaMaDuke (pdduke2003) joined the room
electron_forge: eaiser to learn to shop
rickiebeth1: Hi Pauline...
Shannon: hi MountainMama
MountainMaMaDuke: Hi Rickie Beth!
MountainMaMaDuke: Hello Everyone!!
poonkie2: Me too, happy in Canada. California is too warm!!
miss_meme_30: cant find clothes for a 2 inch
rickiebeth1: I like it warm..
electron_forge: oops I thought it was for you lol
rickiebeth1: it gets freezing where I live ..not for too many days
electron_forge: For Francis the Funkey Monkey?
MountainMaMaDuke: What are we working on today?
miss_meme_30: yep!
electron_forge: cool
miss_meme_30: hey thats a cute name....
electron_forge: lol
rickiebeth1: we are working on making feather cane ..
rjchase222: NJ the pieces u've cut are they all the same size & then
u shape into the s shape?
meplus5kids: It only gets cold when I have to work outside for a
special event
MountainMaMaDuke: Oh cool!
electron_forge: he's not really funkey but whatever
electron_forge: looks great
electron_forge: unless you sew some disco clothes. Make him look
like Huggy Bear
Shannon: that's correct RJ!
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: she staggered them a bit, I believe... RJ
countrylady100ca: add diaper Just kidding duck from Matt who might
threw pillow at me
electron_forge: looked like it Shannon
kmrhodes joined the room
electron_forge: Now the kids keep saying Funkey Monkey
rickiebeth1: hello Karen
MountainMaMaDuke: Hi Karen
miss_meme_30 left the room
kmrhodes: Hey everyone
countrylady100ca: Hi Karen
kmrhodes: Nice to see so many here
poonkie2: hi karen!
bonsaikathy: Hey Karen, how's it going
Shannon: hi Karen
miss_meme_30 joined the room
kmrhodes: Fell over the dang cat today
bonsaikathy: oh no, poor cat:)
countrylady100ca: Ouch how is you and the cat??
kmrhodes: we were tango'ing
countrylady100ca: /:)
kmrhodes: I ripped a muscle in my kneww
kmrhodes: knee
electron_forge: ouch
Rossija: eek
kmrhodes: and cat walked away looking disgusted
bonsaikathy: ouch
poonkie2: ouch
rickiebeth1: yikes,,that must hurt
bonsaikathy: sorrry honey
countrylady100ca: Yeah
Rossija: typical cat reaction
kmrhodes: gimping around again
electron_forge: Those would be great flames in red and orange
Shannon: ((((((Hugggg)))))) Karen
Fearless Leader: let's try it with some other colors, we're close
but no cigar
kmrhodes: thanks for the hugs
kmrhodes: need ben gay
DTIntermart: Hi karen!!
kittekattz: those look great, though!
esther_reeves: flames is a good idea
kmrhodes: LOL
countrylady100ca: Yeah
kmrhodes: Hey Doug
miss_meme_30: needs more light color i think nj
Shannon: trying to figure out how to get the lines slanty NJ...
Fearless Leader: it is an elusive technique to be sure
electron_forge: they would be great little campfires.
rjchase222: I can do stagger pretty good me thinks :)
Shannon: could you.... as you're layering them, at that last step,
put in an extra section of white? about half a peice?
kmrhodes: yeah, and I can do fall down pretty well
rjchase222: stretch it?? turn it on its side??? hmmmmmmmmmm
kittekattz: are you talking a stagger in clay ... or just in
general? :-)
Shannon: would that give your dark a bit of a hill to slant on?
kmrhodes: I was talking about me personally but everyone else is
talking clay
electron_forge: that just started, really
miss_meme_30: the only thing that i dont like about clay is havin to
condition it...i am lazy
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: use a food processor, cuts down the time to
kmrhodes: get a food chopper at wal mart for under $10
kmrhodes: does a pretty good job
Fearless Leader: process until it balls up and do the taffy pull and
Shannon: yes, and warms it up too
electron_forge: yeah I just had my first experience with
miss_meme_30: i have one but already has clay in it
miss_meme_30: lol
DTIntermart: <stggers all thee time LOL
countrylady100ca: Mostly I use soft fimo clays but for cane I use
classic or Premo depend on color
poonkie2: I just stole mine from the kitchen today. It's just great!
Will never return it!
poonkie2: :D
countrylady100ca: Smile
Rossija: LOL, Poonkie!
kmrhodes: another kitchen appliance gets addicted to clay
rjchase222: Poonkie I figured that since I hadn't used my food
processor in over 10 yrs it cld go to clay use!!!!!
electron_forge: I just bought a handy chopper thing by toastmaster.
Just doing 2oz. Sculpey blocks
Shannon: good call RJ! LOL
rjchase222: Am slowly cleaning out my kitchen don't do much cookin
here on the ranch ya know! :)
miss_meme_30: someone just gave me a toaster oven....i just love it
miss_meme_30: wont do the oven thing anymore
Shannon: gee, you'd think a ranch would need a lot of cooking!
electron_forge: thats my next thing
rjchase222: Shannon LMAO
electron_forge: bought a dehydrator for drying my Hirst Arts castle
kmrhodes: how does it work
electron_forge: you would think I was gonna cook somthing. Not likely
Shannon: mamaduke was speechless.... or I can't see her words....
electron_forge: me kmrhodes?
MountainMaMaDuke: Hey, Rickie Beth - I have a question for you? The
marxit ruler, is it just in mm or in both inches and mm
kmrhodes: yes, electron
kmrhodes: err, Douglas? right?
DTIntermart: any one know if you can mix Kayto and scupy or primo or
electron_forge: great for drying out blocks cast in dental plaster.
haven't tried clay
countrylady100ca: Matt
electron_forge: yea, Douglas
Shannon: don't think so DT
countrylady100ca: Maybe I am wrong
kmrhodes: hmmm, wonder about epoxy
Shannon: from what I've read, you should keep like clays
together... :-)
Rossija: I've mixed Premo & Sculpey & it worked fine.
rickiebeth1: it is best to saty withthe clay and liquid clay brands
the same
kmrhodes: Yes, Doug you can mix Premo, Fimo, Kato and sculpey. I do
it all the time
Shannon: because of the chemical properties and baking
hlynn1975 joined the room
electron_forge: I cast a couple of shoeboxes of little bricks and
then stick them in the dehydrato for 3-4 hours and they are perfect
kmrhodes: not much difference
rickiebeth1: ok,,,I am out voted..
Shannon: but I could be wrong.... ;-)
rjchase222: I mix to cause I can't remember always what the heck I'm
kmrhodes: I mix 50/50 Premo and Cernit
kmrhodes: mixt 75/25 Premo and sculpey
MountainMaMaDuke: rickie beth: the marxit tool - is it in mm or
rjchase222: kmrhodes what is Cernit?
rickiebeth1: Pauline,,I cannot remember..
miss_meme_30: i want some cernit
kmrhodes: I figure as long as you have at least 50 % of the main clay
kmrhodes: Cernit is a French Polymer clay
rickiebeth1: I will goa nd check right now..
rjchase222: Thanks!
kittekattz: what's the difference with cernit and other PC's?
poonkie2: mama, it's in mm
poonkie2: the marxit tool
DTIntermart: so S# & kauyto wil work in propper proportions...
MountainMaMaDuke: oh darn!
Shannon: NJ.... you're staggering as you're layering here... right?
pasadena_cal: what are Hirst Arts castle blocks?? mixing is OK
except for canes - then compare it to mayo and cream cheese and you
then can't reduce cane.
kmrhodes: cernit is more for doll artists
DTIntermart: S#
DTIntermart: S2
kmrhodes: more of a translucent skin tone
kmrhodes: and pocelain finish
DTIntermart: S3
DTIntermart: AH FINALY
kittekattz: how much difference with Super Sculpey?
rickiebeth1: all in mm ..Pauline
kmrhodes: big, big difference
MountainMaMaDuke: darn it! why did they do that? We are still using
the inches in America right? Just kidding LOL
kittekattz: LOL ... I'm a relative "newbie" to claying, can you
rickiebeth1: it is fine to ask questions...
rickiebeth1: I sure asked a lot of them!!!
kmrhodes: we are are newbies
MountainMaMaDuke: thank you dear for looking!
kmrhodes: questions are good
kittekattz: isn't super sculpey supposed to have a "porcelain" like
finish when baked?
miss_meme_30: where can i get cernit?
rickiebeth1: that is really true Karen..
kmrhodes: I sell Cernit
kittekattz: sorry ... my only clay around here is Sculpey or
Premo ... my choices are limited!
MountainMaMaDuke: how expensive is it Karen?
Shannon: NJ, what if you flipped every other peice around?
electron_forge: how do you sell this stuff if the website isn't up
kmrhodes: Yes, the super sculpey is supposed to but the cernit is
favored by doll artists
kmrhodes: 500 gram brick for $10
DTIntermart: S3 is too soft but the colors are fabulous
rickiebeth1: Premo is the best to use - in my opinion when between
Premo and Sculpey
kittekattz: I'l like to get into sculpting figures ... guess I
should learn the basics first, huh?
MountainMaMaDuke: OK thanks!
miss_meme_30: how much for shippin?
kmrhodes: can do 3 or more bricks for $5
miss_meme_30: i love it kitte
electron_forge: I went with Scupley as a newbie it was cheap and let
me get my feet wet
rickiebeth1: My favorite clay is still Kato clay...
kittekattz: do you use cernit, missy?
kmrhodes: and a lot of art schools start with super sculpey
DTIntermart: Cernit is harder the n fimo right karen?
miss_meme_30: no but want to get some!
kmrhodes: nothing wrong with it
DTIntermart: than
kmrhodes: but the other clays are stronger
kmrhodes: cernit is one of the strongest
kittekattz: LOL ... that's good since I have a couple bricks of it!!
Shannon: Kittie, NJ has a lot about figures on her site, and I'd be
happy to help you too, if I can :-)
miss_meme_30: i menat sculpting
rickiebeth1: Sculpey is more brittle
miss_meme_30: meant
kittekattz: I'll be hollering, Shannon. Thanks!!
Shannon: yw! you can email me or add me to your messenger list :-)
rickiebeth1: Karen knows a LOT about the clays..and Premo is a great
clay ..
kittekattz: I had a craft fair I had to get ready for last weekend,
and have a couple of parties to attend, but after the holidays, I
want to get "serious" about claying
DTIntermart: is cernit hard to condition?
kmrhodes: I like to experiment
rickiebeth1: she sells Premo and a few other brands..
MountainMaMaDuke: This Cernit - does it come in different colors or
is this the one that comes in a skin tone color only?
kmrhodes: no, its not Doug. Same as the rest
rickiebeth1: and I sell Kato...
kmrhodes: it will get softer as you work it
hlynn1975: karen, how many premo colors do you have?
electron_forge: kmrhodes < I gave that link to all the guys/gals on
the Hirst arts boards! I love that Alley Goop! We make a lot of
small molds for use in our buildings/diaorams. Hope they all come
get some
kmrhodes: Thank you Douglas
kittekattz: thanks Shannon ... I'll add you ... and you can add me
so you'll know who the heck is trying to get in touch with you!!
rickiebeth1: Alley Goop is fun to use!!!!
kmrhodes: I have all the Premo colors
hlynn1975: I came in late, what is NJ making?
electron_forge: it's on my wishlist. Need to slow down a bit as I've
been off work for awhile
Shannon: hi Lynn.... she's trying to replicate a feather cane/blend
for wings
DTIntermart: Alley Goop is GREAT!
hlynn1975: ah, ok, very cool
kmrhodes: The cernit comes in flesh, almond, white, bisquit
electron_forge: hard to do though
kmrhodes: carmal, noughat,
MountainMaMaDuke: ooooooH, those are cool colors!
MountainMaMaDuke: very earthy!
hlynn1975: Karen, do you give gc's?
kmrhodes: gc's????
kmrhodes: oh, gift certificates?
DTIntermart: Looks good enough to eat....
hlynn1975: sorry, gift certificates.
kmrhodes: yep
kmrhodes: I do
hlynn1975: I should stop assuming that other people can read my
mind :)
Shannon: LOL
electron_forge: I think she may have found it again!
kmrhodes: I'm not up with all the computer lingo
MountainMaMaDuke: getting better NJ!
poonkie2: That looks great, NJ!
countrylady100ca: :))
hlynn1975: I was thinking of having hubby give me one for christmas
from your place :)
kmrhodes: cool
kmrhodes: I do that alot
countrylady100ca: Same here karen
DTIntermart: looks feather like
kmrhodes: you would not believe how many husbands show up at the
Clay Alley
hlynn1975: although if hubby doesn't get to you in tiem just tell
him to give me cash :)
kmrhodes: usually with a list
kmrhodes: LOL
hlynn1975: then I can spend it at your place :)
kmrhodes: sometimes they just tell me - give her $250 worth of stuff
kmrhodes: LOL
kmrhodes: its funny
countrylady100ca: I do believe it. My hubby willing get anythings
for my work.
electron_forge: you should have seen the looks I got at Joann
fabrics shopping for myself craft stuff the other day!!
kmrhodes: LOL Douglas
Shannon: LOL EF!
kittekattz: egads ... this is like my days on AOL!! My MIL is IMing
me at the same time!! LOL
electron_forge: Felt like a stalker
miss_meme_30: looks good nj
kmrhodes: shoulda held it up to you like a skirt
countrylady100ca: smile at EF
Rossija: LOL! As a former fabric cutter, I know the look you got!
kmrhodes: bet they would have left you alone
electron_forge: hahaha
hlynn1975: lol
electron_forge: Does this make me look fat?
kmrhodes: LOL
miss_meme_30: lol
rickiebeth1: LOL
Shannon: very pretty NJ!
countrylady100ca: =))
Rossija: Hey, NJ, thayt looks cool!.
kmrhodes: Does this lengthen my legs
kittekattz: that look GREAT, NJ!!
hlynn1975: I used to work at JoAnn's we had a lot of cross dressers
come in for fabric because they couldn't or didn't want to buy
clothes at the stores.
electron_forge: I don't need that. I'm 6' 2"
DTIntermart: fLOORED HER..
rickiebeth1: that way in San Francisco also..
hlynn1975: cool NJ
rjchase222: Me thinks u've got it NJ!
electron_forge: Shopping for buttons to use in some models from
Dinko's book was trying
kmrhodes: Way to go NJ
Fearless Leader: Ok, break time for me, got to save log and send it
through to the list. While I go out and come back in, the new
attendees can think of what they want to see next. brb

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