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12-17-04: Friday Demo - Third Log - Mini Wreath and start of Pinch Pots


December 2004

June to Dec 2004 Demos

Thank you Sharon/Shargoose for sending me the log. I clicked the
wrong button and lost the log. xoxo NJ

Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Third Log
Fearless Leader: Roll call please
electron_forge: Come out swinging
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: And you've done some too Sharon...
unitychild: Steph in Missouri
jill_z_q: Suzy So. Calif
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yes
electron_forge: Douglas >>> Kansas
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Lynn, VA
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
alix: Pamela Hickory NC
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I usually take hndreds of pics and try to
weed thru them
Fearless Leader: and I'll take questions if there are any about face
minimadness423: Kathy Kentucky
DTIntermart: Doug, in cold dark Brooklyn, NY
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
Shannon: Thanks for helping with that, by the way!
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
jill_z_q: -brb going to find a sockie!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hair, NJ!! Hair
unitychild: sorry about hte colors, I forgot!
Fearless Leader: Going to get colder in Brooklyn weather man says
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
Shannon: I did that last week... I'm trying to control myself
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sharon , TN
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: going to snow here Monday
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
DTIntermart: yup snow monday, n
Jmouse: Gotta go... hope you or someone does it tonight.
Jmouse: Nite all
chelyha55: we're warm here by comparison
miss_meme_30: nite
DTIntermart: NJ
Shannon: here on the whole east coast I think.... supposed to get
lots of snow this weekend.... dang it
Fearless Leader: We'll do hair in a bit I want to show you another
way to use the Holly leaves we made
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: just a dusting in Northern VA...I hope
marlea_anderson: wow- i need to start watching the weather shannon
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Shannon, that's why I moved South!!
ln133 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Brooklyn Doug, you had something to say?
mejbym left the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: there is the dreeded low off the coast which
can sometimes cause monster storms
Fearless Leader: are there any questions about face molds?
Shannon: sorry Jmouse.... have a good night! we'll get those shots
for ya!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: OK, NJ you da boss
Fearless Leader: or the holly cane?
marlea_anderson: yes nj- how would i make a two part mold
Shannon: face molds.... did you just press the clay in? or is it
coated with something first?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I'm taking screen shots
DTIntermart: LOL I was answering you NJ, I said snow for Monday..
Fearless Leader: Ah, ok Brooklyn Doug, just checking
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Whenever, I come on it's something I do
Fearless Leader: Shannon, about the face molds, I take a sculpted
face, dust with baby powder and then press raw clay over it
Fearless Leader: the white you see on this face impression is baby
Shannon: that's cool Sharon! I was stressing... I finally figured
out a way to get mine to work again!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Good, Shannon
Shannon: oh ok.... gotcha!
electron_forge: Marlea I have a good site for making 2 part molds
form RTV Silicone. Does that help?
Fearless Leader: Ok, making a mini wreath around this face is really
easy, once you make a gazillion holly leaves, that is.
jill_z_q: my sock is heating
jill_z_q: hmm
electron_forge: LOL
marlea_anderson: that would be worth a look see douglas
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: If I leave the group someone will have to
take the shots
DTIntermart: TY NJ, I do have a questin thought, can you show how to
make a minixmas tree ?
Fearless Leader: I'll get a link to show you how some from the past
came out
Shannon: only a gazillion???
Fearless Leader: Doug in Brooklyn. I was thinking of that and I
thought a cone of clay and a tooth brush
Fearless Leader: an abusive relationship between the two
Fearless Leader: might work for a mini tree
electron_forge: there Marlea
Fearless Leader: Yes, Shannon, a gazillion, take or leave a boatload
Shannon: Doug.... or maybe a cone and a V shaped tool?
marlea_anderson: thanks Douglas- I'll bookmark it
electron_forge: I have a link for free samples of RTV too
Fearless Leader: New_Projects/HollyDaze/2000-

Fearless Leader: that's the collection of holly efforts over the
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Take the Kemper star cutters and make many
green stars different sizes
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Stack them and you have a tree
DTIntermart: lol sounds good but my tree is only 1 1/8 inch tall it
has to fit in a chicken egg....
Shannon: oh that's a neat idea Sharon!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Use the star cutters, Doug
DTIntermart: would the tooth brush work on something that small?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I made a bunch of earrings this way
marlea_anderson: send away douglas
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Put seed beads for the colored lights
jill_z_q: is it going to be a douglas fir?
jill_z_q: giggles
Rossija: LOL
Shannon: if it were me Doug, I'd use the edge of a razor blade and
just sort of "dig up" the texture
DTIntermart: LOL

Shannon: the fun part would be Not squishing the rest of the tree
while you're doing it LOL
marlea_anderson: thanks
DTIntermart: That's what I did shannon, with anexacto.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Use your needle tool to form the branches
DTIntermart: that's exactly what happened.. MUSH
Shannon: and maybe put it on a dowel to hold it, so your fingers
don't touch?
DTIntermart: that may work, or a skewer....
Shannon: yep!
Shannon: a toothpick even!
jill_z_q: all I know is I want to see pics when your done
Fearless Leader: I put the leaf on the base and press on the stem
from underneath
DTIntermart: that darn thing is smaller than my thumb...
Fearless Leader: then bend it down
DTIntermart: I need a magnifyer to work it..
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Doug catch my cam
Shannon: I know exactly the situation you're in.... I have that sort
of trouble when I'm working on fingers and such
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I put my mini tree on it
jill_z_q: wants to lookie too
miss_meme_30: i wanna see too
miss_meme_30: please
jill_z_q: that is darling
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Lighting is bad but you get the idea
jill_z_q: I saw someone come by my booth that had pumpkin pie
miss_meme_30: sharon can u send me an invite?
DTIntermart: that is very nice shar
chelyha55: tree earrings
Shannon: how cute Jill!
chelyha55: too cute
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: The ladies loved them
jill_z_q: I bet
Rossija: Shannon, just curious, how many snowflakes have you made on
the SnowDays site?
chelyha55: NJ has a space alien on her table
DTIntermart: much better than mine turned out...
Shannon: I've lost count! LOL maybe about 20 or so
chelyha55: I think I've made about 5
chelyha55: I can't figure out how people are getting such detail
jude: It's got eight legs, NJ! Yikes!
Rossija: I've only done 2, so far, but I think I could be addicted.
rickiebeth1 joined the room
jill_z_q: oops almost forgot about my sock
jill_z_q: lol
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Rickiebeth
Shannon: well, on mine, I figured out to get a fine line, you make
the line, then go backwards over it again
chelyha55: Hi Rickie Beth, how was Vegas?
alix: Shannon ....snowflake link, please?
rickiebeth1: Hi Everyone...I was taking care of my nieces and
nephew I missed most of the demo..
Shannon: oh it's very addicting!!! LOL
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Doug, see the cutters I used?
Rossija: Not sure either, Cheryl, I got the "put the scissors down
message" just as I was getting to the really tiny detials.
Shannon: sure, gimme a sec Alix!
DTIntermart: RB!!!
rickiebeth1: Vegas was wonderful!!!
chelyha55: oh hey that is cool Sharon!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Thanks, Cheryl
DTIntermart: what site is that?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Easy peasy to make
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: sounds like you had a great time Rickie Beth
Rossija: Also hard to work on the snowflakes while trying to watch
the new ones fall. They're over 360,650 now.
rickiebeth1: I learned a lot of really simple techniques that are
very helpful...and I had fun, also - with the other people...
Shannon: I think that's
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I glued a teeny tiny confetti star on top
chelyha55: that's great Sharon
miss_meme_30: rickie beth...glad to see u made it!!!!
rickiebeth1: I love the snowflakes..showed them tonight as I
was 'child-sitting'..
miss_meme_30: we didnt have demo saturday....nj had a family
emergency to tend to
rickiebeth1: Thank you Missy..I am happy to be here also..
jill_z_q: my ear is in heaven right now
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that say aspirin can help an ear ache too jill
Shannon: did that link work for you? Alix?
marlea_anderson: thank goodness jill
DTIntermart: sharon those are so nice...
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Thanks Doug
jill_z_q: Lynn, I started with aspirin, moved to my 600 mg of motrin
miss_meme_30: rickie beth can you get teh no hole 2MM beads for
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: See how tiny it is
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: oh darn ; )
jill_z_q: and I'm now currently hitting my left over vicodin bottle
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Youcould use the tiny cutters and make a
smaller tree
jill_z_q: lol
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I think a Doctor is in your future then
DTIntermart: That is a great Idea...
jill_z_q: I went to emergency last night
rickiebeth1: I can check on these...I do not carry them...but I will
ask around and let you know..about th ebeads..
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN:
alix: shannon yes TY
electron_forge: wow that's tiny
miss_meme_30: ty ty ty rickie!!!!
DTIntermart: I have to find small cutters.. quick
jill_z_q: the problem is I think its a county hospital/teaching
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: thats a serious ear ache to go to emergency
Shannon: to avoid the "put the scissors down" message, you have to
backtrack over lines you've made, and make less clicks.... so some
are all one cut.... make sense?
miss_meme_30: that is awesome nj!!!!
Fearless Leader: There it is
Fearless Leader: and I didn't use up all the leaves I made
jill_z_q: I've had it since last week
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Holly face
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Doug, Karen at Clay Alley has some
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: good grief girl
Fearless Leader: yup, a holly face
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I got mine years ago at a craft store
jill_z_q: I think child birth would be easier at this piont
jill_z_q: lol
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I wanted to show you something
chelyha55: are you on antibiotics?
Fearless Leader: the pot made with the poinsettia cane
miss_meme_30: i like it nj!
Rossija: OK, I'll try that -- thanks for the tip
jill_z_q: they give me a prescription last night
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Jill, I really think if it's that bad you
should go to ER again
Fearless Leader: cured, sanded and with a finish
Shannon: that's cool NJ!
marlea_anderson: ohh show us
ln133 left the room
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You may have ing=fection under the ear wax
ln133 joined the room
miss_meme_30: i have a ???
rickiebeth1: as for cutters...if you take the sheet of clay and
place asingle layer of something like Saran Wrap on the clay and
then use the cutters will not have any clay sticking to the
cutters and the edges of the clay will be beveled...
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You could rupture the eardrum
DTIntermart: Kool I will have to call her in the am to overnight me
a set...
Fearless Leader: that's it turned upside down
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: my mom used to put olive oil in my ear when I
had ear aches due to wax or water
jill_z_q: wow that is cool NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: it was soothing
unitychild: ooooh pretty
DTIntermart: great idea Rb
jill_z_q: I need to soften the wax first
Fearless Leader: I have a couple of other pots made recently, cured
and sanded and finished
miss_meme_30: i have a question nj
marlea_anderson: that's beautiful nj
rickiebeth1: it really helps get a good cut and with no fingerprints
or torn edges..
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: olive oil does that...she would put just a
drop in with a dropper
jill_z_q: If its not better by next week I'm going back again
Fearless Leader: Yes Missy?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: That's what the Dr.s are supposed to do,
miss_meme_30: is minwx finish ok to use?
miss_meme_30: min wax even
miss_meme_30: it is waterbased
Fearless Leader: I don't know Missy, you give it effort and you tell
electron_forge: US
unitychild: wow
miss_meme_30: k will try
electron_forge: lol
Fearless Leader: I don't know off hand
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: pretty bowls
Shannon: is it water based Missy?
jill_z_q: I don't know last time I had a bad earache it was because
of the wax and they irrigated it, but they didn't do it here. They
try to remove it with tools
miss_meme_30: yes
rickiebeth1: do not use water base on Fimo
marlea_anderson: yes, i have minwax polycrylic but haven't tried it
Shannon: ok
miss_meme_30: thats what i have mar
Fearless Leader: Now do any of you remember the pot made with a
tiger leaf?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: That's barbaric and dangerous, Jill
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I'd go elsewhere
rickiebeth1: because the Fimo has something in it and water will
sort of 'dissolve' the clay
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: tools???? Like a sledger hammer? lol
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I could do it for you but I think I'm too
far away!!
miss_meme_30: what do we use on fimo rickie?
jill_z_q: its the county hospital
Shannon: that's a lovely jar NJ!
marlea_anderson: no way- i mix types all the time- what sealer is
good for premo and fimo??
Fearless Leader: Well that's the tiger leaf pot. Here's another one
done smaller.
jill_z_q: that is really beautiful NJ
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I really like that one NH
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: or NJ that is
rickiebeth1: I have little experience with Fimo, but do not use
anything that has water in it on Fimo..
jill_z_q: I don't like the polyacrylic mini wax
chelyha55: I can't work with Fimo
marlea_anderson: good thing I haven't coated anything yet- thanks
for the heads up rickiebeth
miss_meme_30: y jill?
rickiebeth1: you are welcome..
marlea_anderson: i like those even more NJ
ln133: I like those
miss_meme_30: i use kato
jill_z_q: its semi sticky
mehreenx joined the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: does sculpey glaze work good?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yup
chelyha55: I'll use kato but I'm a Premo gal
Shannon: hi Mehreenx!
Fearless Leader: We have someone new in Demo mehreenx
rickiebeth1: and I have new directions for conditioning Kato so that
there are no crumbly edges at all
DTIntermart: How about future Rickiebeth?
mehreenx: Hello Everybidy.
rickiebeth1: Hi Mehreen!!!!!
msatclayart left the room
chelyha55: I'd like to see them Rickie Beth
ln133: hello and welcome
mehreenx: sorry everybody
miss_meme_30: i need those directions rickie
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hello Mehreenx
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I need those rickie beth
jill_z_q: I use fimo soft white on my ornaments its the whites of
the white
Fearless Leader (msatclayart) joined the room
rickiebeth1: I do not use anything on Kato except Kato liquid clay..
Fearless Leader: Shargoose
mehreenx: Sorry i just budged in without sending out some info about
me on the list
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: What?
Fearless Leader: I hit the wrong button, can you send me the log?
Fearless Leader: A YIKES moment
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Yup


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