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12-18-04: Saturday Demo - 2nd Log - End of First Hour, Tiger Leaf Pinch Pot


June to Dec 2004 Demos

December 2004 Highlights

Fearless Leader: Second Log, can you see me now?
Rossija: Yes.
connie_flying: yup
mommaclara2001: I see you.
frogger70301: yup, sure can!
Fearless Leader: Lets do Roll Call then
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
connie_flying: Connie in Reno
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
alix: Yep:-B
mommaclara2001: Clara ,Glenville, WV
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean, South San Francisco, CA
kittekattz: Lisa in Maine
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
Rossija: I don't think Missy can see us typing...
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN (shargoose) joined the room
alix: Pamela Hickory NC :-&
marlea_anderson: she was booted again
stargazer_sbpcg: someone had the problem in chat last night..
meplus5kids: Jean New Orleans
mommaclara2001: Hi Sharon
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hi!! Sharon V in TN
stargazer_sbpcg: after closing and opening Yahoo it worked and she
could see the typing again...
mommaclara2001: Is NJ typing?
Fearless Leader:,
Fearless Leader: read the log please, I answered questions, gave
links and all that and no one could see
Rossija: Clara, she just sent a link through. Did you see it?
mommaclara2001: Yes I did, TY
Fearless Leader: I'm helping Missy right now. She's off to reboot.
countrylady100ca joined the room
frogger70301: thanks for the link... I was looking on the wrong
site... maybe now I can shut my kids up!
mommaclara2001: Those are neat.
countrylady100ca: Really Frogger. I took my kids for walking then
they are being quiet now
connie_flying: pretty poys
Fearless Leader: We were reviewing pinch pots and these are the most
current pinch pots on my work table.
connie_flying: pots
Fearless Leader: Remember the feather cane, the "S" shape, four
slices made this pot.
frogger70301: no, mine have been hollering they wanted a gingerbread
countrylady100ca: Red noses
mommaclara2001: I tried making one, one day. It didn't come out
frogger70301: oh, that is gorgeous!
Fearless Leader: That's why we need to practice.
marlea_anderson: very pretty
meplus5kids: can you show the brown one?
Fearless Leader: Check this one out, made of scraps and I'm so
pleased with it. Pearl and Crimson scraps.
meplus5kids: up close?
Rossija: Are they going to get the gingerbread house?
marlea_anderson: reminds me of a tulip
mommaclara2001: Very pretty.
frogger70301: going to try to make one for each of them...
Rossija: how many is that?
frogger70301: two
Fearless Leader: the tiger cane done as a leaf and 6 leaves used for
this pot
stargazer_sbpcg: practicing is my favorite part!!
meplus5kids: I like that one! Thanks
Rossija: I love that one, NJ
kittekattz: ooooo I like that one!!!!!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I got some good pics of pinch pot NJ made
last night and put them up on Epson.
kittekattz: there's a link to making these, right?
mommaclara2001: I am going to have to try making the tiger cane, now.
Fearless Leader: here's a smaller pot done with two leaves of tiger
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Kittie this is the link
Fearless Leader: This next one is an experiment, new shape for me in
pinch pots
kittekattz: thank you!!
miss_meme_30 left the room
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: :)
marlea_anderson: I had trouble with my pinch pot but I think it's
because I didn't condition the cane before I sliced...tried to
condition after slicing but didn't want to distort it too much-
ended up a little hard. you live and learn
countrylady100ca: Hi Missy
countrylady100ca: <<<< Sonya, Canada
miss_meme_30: everyone keep ur fingers crossed i get to stay this
marlea_anderson: that opening reminds me of something but I can
think of it
Rossija: Hi Missy!
marlea_anderson: wb missy
marlea_anderson: lol
frogger70301: upside down mushroom!
Rossija: Someone mentioned those look like mushrooms last night....
marlea_anderson: lol
mommaclara2001: It looks like an upside down mushroon.
marlea_anderson: that could be it
Fearless Leader: helping Missy
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: We need to glue Missy down!!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: She keeps bouncing
Rossija: Oh, no, not again!
Fearless Leader: Ok, while we're waiting for Missy, are there any
questions about anything?
rjchase222: Rossija I said yes to your request but need help gettin
ya into my MSN addy book..
mommaclara2001: Do the pinch pots not colapse, when baking?
marlea_anderson: on the new you make it like normal then
push it in?
Fearless Leader: these were made with long necks and then the neck
was jammed back into the body of the pot, for this "turtle neck" look
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Marlea go t o this site last pics are showing how to do this pot
marlea_anderson: cool
marlea_anderson: oh neat
kittekattz: I'm presuming they're "hollow" on the inside, right?
what do you use to hollow out the inside .. they don't look big
enough to use your fingers
Fearless Leader: Marlea thank you for helping Missy
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: go to limk above Kitte
marlea_anderson: trying to nj, the blind leading the blind I'm afraid
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: link
Fearless Leader: Kitte... you make sure that the bottom of the pot
and the sides of the pot are as thick or thin as you want the
finished pot. Keep the rim wide at that point.
Fearless Leader: when you get the bottom of the pot and the sides of
the pot the thickness of the finished pot then you can start to
constrict the neck of the pot. Shall we do a quick pinch pot for
alix: feeling too yucky to stay at puter ... cu all next time ...
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Can you guys see my typing??
alixnc left the room
marlea_anderson: bye alix
marlea_anderson: oops
kittekattz: thanks again sharon ... I get it now, NJ ... thanks!
Fearless Leader: I can see you Sharon
countrylady100ca: Can you see my type too Shargoose
mommaclara2001: Yes Sharon
marlea_anderson: yes sharon
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Thanks
connie_flying: I see you
Fearless Leader: I can see Sonya
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: For a minute there I thought I was lost in
Rossija: yes, Sharon & Sonya, I see you both
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Good
marlea_anderson: lol- wonky day for yahoo isn't it
Fearless Leader: Well it happens to me all the time. Shall we do a
quick pinch pot for review? Everyone needs pinch pot practice.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Whew, Invisiable woman there I though I
kittekattz: yes, please, NJ ... if no one else minds
countrylady100ca: Me too LOL
marlea_anderson: sure..I'll do it with you this time
Fearless Leader: Let's do it with some Tiger Leaf cane, ok?
countrylady100ca: I don't mind and I can working on my clay
stargazer_sbpcg: yes!
Fearless Leader: LOL, Big Yes from Jean
Fearless Leader: so that settles it
Fearless Leader: LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I'm trying to make a quilt cane
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: So I will be claying and watching
Fearless Leader: no need for screen shots with this Sharon, we got
enough on pinch pots scattered on the site
Fearless Leader: so clay, please
Fearless Leader: Ok, so I shaped the cane into a leaf and now I'll
slice off a handful and let's connect them by the wide end, any
questions at this point? Holler out so I know you can see me type.
marlea_anderson: see ya- no ?
stargazer_sbpcg: can see
kittekattz: with ya so far
mommaclara2001: I see you.
Fearless Leader: coolness, then I'll slice and piece together this
pinch pot. Thanks
Rossija: I see you.
stargazer_sbpcg: yippee!
meplus5kids left the room
meplus5kids joined the room
Fearless Leader: Jean, meet Jean.... two Jeans today
marlea_anderson: ok
meplus5kids: Hi Jean
Fearless Leader: Stargazer and M+5
stargazer_sbpcg: ah, that would be Jean to the 2nd power!!
stargazer_sbpcg: or perhaps...
stargazer_sbpcg: a pair of Jeans... hee-hee
meplus5kids: Like the Jean tot he 2nd power!!!
Fearless Leader: pair of jeans... ok, off to the PUN-ishment corner
for you...
stargazer_sbpcg: better than Jean squared... huh?
marlea_anderson: lol
elissaheart joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: har-har
Rossija: LOL
elissaheart: good afternoon
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Elissa!!
elissaheart: hi!
Rossija: Hi Elissa
meplus5kids: Does Jean Squared mean we're boring?
stargazer_sbpcg: naw....
Fearless Leader: Ok, now I connected the Tiger leaves at the wide
end, and closed off what will be the bottom of our pinch pot. Hey
stargazer_sbpcg: couldn't happen... :)
meplus5kids: olol
meplus5kids: lol
rjchase222: Hey NJ I like that just like it is! :)
Fearless Leader: now this is the simplest pinch pot design. For if
we just attach these at the seam we got a pot.
elissaheart: hi, nj
stargazer_sbpcg: oooh purty!
Fearless Leader: at this stage it looks like a Tiger Tulip
rjchase222: I'm goin to use some of my "dcf's" to make a pinch
pot! :)
Fearless Leader: so Tulips can be made this way too, yes?
kittekattz: very pretty!!!!
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOOOOo thank u I was wondering how to do
Fearless Leader: also when the rim is wide open, this is when we
make sure that the bottom and the sides of the pot are at the
thickness you want the final pot to be.
Rossija: Hmmm. Another flower to add to my mini vases.
Fearless Leader: Razma, you know flower petals, make flower petals
the way you find them in nature and build your flowers from that,
never fails.
rjchase222: NJ that is one thing I've been trying to do the natural
hlynn1975 joined the room
rjchase222: I've learned one thing one shldn't have long finger
nails when workin with clay!!! :)
mommaclara2001: I can;t get mine to stay together.
hlynn1975: agreed! not only do you mark the clay but it's hard to
get out from under your nails.
Fearless Leader: are you using Kato or Premo, Momma?
meplus5kids: Must have been reading my mind. Just thinking to do
this I'd have to cut my nails
hlynn1975: NJ, is that a 'tiger lily'? lol
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Exactly
Fearless Leader: Tiger lily, LOL
Rossija: tiger tulip?
mommaclara2001: I am not sure. It is a cane that I got from someone.
Fearless Leader: It needs to be warmed a bit or it won't stick
mommaclara2001: It might be to old.
Fearless Leader: might be cold
mommaclara2001: I will keep working on it.
Fearless Leader: remember under the flubbies to warm a cane?
stargazer_sbpcg: flubbies?
mommaclara2001: Oh, yes.
Fearless Leader: he he he
rjchase222: mommaclara just bring it here to Fallbrook CA we're 85
outside right now!
hlynn1975: clay is never to old, it just needs some loving. Carry it
around in your bra next to your heart for a few hours.
marlea_anderson: lol i think i have a pinch vase...
mommaclara2001: Not a prett picture.
marlea_anderson: flubbies- love it
Fearless Leader: LOL, Stargazer we put our cold canes under our
breasts to warm it
mommaclara2001: Well it is 44 here.
kittekattz: Oh I'm so jealous ... 85 degrees? We just warmed up to
Fearless Leader: since mine are not "perky" they are "flubbies"
stargazer_sbpcg: me too... i just never heard them referred to
as "flubbies" before...
Fearless Leader: someone called it that at a demo and it's been
making me laugh every since.
stargazer_sbpcg: ah... btdt boobs...
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
Fearless Leader: for that's what mind do, flub about, flipping,
flopping and flubbing
marlea_anderson: lol
mommaclara2001: Not me either. But leave it to Nj, to come up with
the cute things.
hlynn1975: mine are on their way to flubbie, I guess I have
perbbies, or flurky's :)
stargazer_sbpcg: can you throw them over your shoulder?
marlea_anderson: lol
Fearless Leader: flurky's... LOL
marlea_anderson: like a continental soldier
Fearless Leader: making me laugh with my mouth full, I'm catching
bites of lunch in between typing and pinching the pot.
hlynn1975: lol, I love that song!
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: marlea got it!
marlea_anderson: lol
mommaclara2001: I may have to miss a bit. Trying to fix dinner too.
hlynn1975: anyone know where I can find a list of the color's premo
is no longer making in 1lb sizes? Hubby's giving me money to buy
clay for Christmas and I want to make sure I get my favs.
marlea_anderson: I'm eating a hoagie while claying too
mommaclara2001: I think I got it.
Fearless Leader: Write to Karen of ClayAlley, she's got a list
hlynn1975: thanks :)
Fearless Leader: a hoagie, no fair, yum on hoagies
marlea_anderson: lol- gotta love em- don't have to cook
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Now I know Why I don't like making complex
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: This one is taking forever
hlynn1975: you're all making me hungry. I think I'm going to have to
get out my left over chocolate cake from Outback.
Fearless Leader: Ok, now, since the leaf shape tapers, the pot will
taper automatically just by connecting the edges, see?
rjchase222: hlynn u goin to share?????????? yummy!!!!!!!!
hlynn1975: sure RJ
Fearless Leader: Ok, it is time for a log save and I'll go out and
come back in. brb
kittekattz: Dinner's gonna be a snap over thisaway ... we're
ordering take out tonight!! YEAHHH no cooking for me!! LOL

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