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12-18-04: Saturday Demo - 3rd log, start of the third hour, HAIR on Centaur


June to Dec 2004 Demos

December 2004 Highlights

hlynn1975: Hiya Ricki
Fearless Leader: Third log, start of second hour,
Fearless Leader: Roll call please
marlea_anderson: aww that's sweet rickiebeth
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
elissaheart: Elissa - Santa Clara, CA
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
connie_flying: Connie in Reno
hlynn1975: Heather, Wisconsin
kittekattz: Lisa in Maine
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth from Walnut Creek, California
mommaclara2001: Clara WV
stargazer_sbpcg left the room
countrylady100ca: Sonya Canada Sweep floor threw trash outside
stargazer_sbpcg joined the room
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Jean
Fearless Leader: got the booties?
stargazer_sbpcg: oh goody, i'm back...
electron_forge joined the room
stargazer_sbpcg: looks that way! :)
Fearless Leader: Douglas, the Dude!
Fearless Leader: hey honey
rickiebeth1: Hi Douglas!!!
Fearless Leader: we're doing roll call for the start of the second
electron_forge: Sorry Dad duties ran late
electron_forge: Douglas >>> Kansas
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean (*) , South San Francisco
meplus5kids: Jean-New Orleans
Fearless Leader: No worries Doug, did a review of what we did last
night and just started this pinch pot made of 4 leaf shapes, done in
mommaclara2001: Hi Douglas. I thought you were playing pool today.:)
electron_forge: my wife gets home at 7:30 then it's time to get my
hustle on!
electron_forge: will be out all night shooting :)
mommaclara2001: :)
Fearless Leader: shooting what?
Fearless Leader: with what?
electron_forge: 9 Ball
electron_forge: My pool cue
electron_forge: haha
Fearless Leader: ah, so there's Trouble in River City, eh?
electron_forge: I hope not. I don't go to THAT bar!
hlynn1975: lol@doug
electron_forge: my pool hall is nice, clean, no trouble
Fearless Leader: I just heard the Music Man in my head when you said
you were going to play pool.
electron_forge: lol
electron_forge: I just hear cha-ching!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sorry guys, gotta go
electron_forge: well sometimes.
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hope you have fun
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Bye
Rossija: bye Sharon!
electron_forge: Bye Sharon
rickiebeth1: Bye ..
shargoose left the room
rjchase222: Heather where in Wisconsin do u live?
hlynn1975: Watertown, it is between Madison and Milwaukee
rjchase222: I used to live in Lodi on Lake Wisconsin!!!
Rossija: born & raised in Madison
Fearless Leader: see how I put the tool inside the pot and press it
against my thumb? Rolling the pot back and forth on my thumb with
the tool.
marlea_anderson: love that song
electron_forge: I wonder if she knew they call Wichita The River
hlynn1975: Cool! My aunt and uncle used to live in Lodi, my
grandfather lived in Portage
kittekattz: what are you using as a tool?
marlea_anderson: clay shaper
Rossija: clay shaper
kittekattz: thanks
rjchase222: now stretching the neck of the pot is going to be the
real challenge gang!! :)
Fearless Leader: now when I get to the wide part of the pot I'll
increase the size of the tool
kittekattz: I have no "tools" so I need to look at getting a set ...
Fearless Leader: door, brb
electron_forge: paint brush handle
Rossija: Karen at ClayAlley has them. Got a set of size "0" from her.
marlea_anderson: I've been using the blender from an eyeliner glued
to a broken knitting needle- my new favorite tool
rjchase222: yes just look around your house u will find all sorts
of "tools" u can use
rickiebeth1: I also sell them..
kittekattz: what are the different sizes?
rickiebeth1: size #0, #2 & #6 are very common sizes to use
electron_forge: I keep comming back to my fingers a lot anyway, made
a nice tool from a saftey pin embedded in clay. Kept the spiral in
it and has a little flex, I like it!
kittekattz: Hi Rickiebeth ... didn't see you come in!! Sorry ... I'm
in a pile of Delicas trying to finish a pair of earrings
kittekattz: smaller to bigger or vice versa? What's the difference
in sizes?
marlea_anderson: I'll have to try that one douglas
kittekattz: and how expensive are they?
rickiebeth1: Oh, making somethiing else beautiful?
rickiebeth1: the smallest are #0
kittekattz: for my FIL's wife for Christmas ... doing them in brick
rickiebeth1: I have sets or individual ones...
Fearless Leader: back, Hilda needed me for a minute.
marlea_anderson: ok
rickiebeth1: from $19.50 to $33.50 per set
rjchase222: we were good boys & girls while u were gone NJ heehee
kittekattz: how many in a set?
Fearless Leader: so the reason why I use a larger tool for the wide
part of the pot is to avoid ridges that smaller sized tools woul
electron_forge: I think th esize 0 were $19.50
electron_forge: Ho wso NJ?
rickiebeth1: or you can get the single shapers for between $4.80 and
$8.55 each
rickiebeth1: there are 5 in a set
kittekattz: well, I don't know "what" I would need, so I would
imagine getting a set would probably be the way to go
rickiebeth1: the sets are very handy to have..
electron_forge: the only ones I found locally must have been 6's,
they are pretty big
hlynn1975: same here, if I don't buy the set I will buy the wrong
ones. lol
rickiebeth1: I use all of my shapes
miss_meme_30 left the room
rickiebeth1: #6 is quite big,
kittekattz: I'm going to look at getting a set at the beginning of
the year ... can't think of getting anything else for myself right
now!! LOL
Rossija: Oh, no, there goes Missy again!
rickiebeth1: LOL
electron_forge: my chisel tips are 1/4" across
kittekattz: that's coming out just great, NJ
hlynn1975: hubby is giving me money for Christmas so I am just going
nuts trying to figure out what I want to buy.
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!!
hlynn1975: Sorry NJ, I liked the 'tiger lily' stage better :)
kittekattz: <sigh> now don't get me into chisel sets too ... I've
got to start slowly!! ;-)
rickiebeth1: it is difficult to finally decide what to get..
electron_forge: hehe I usually don't have a prob with that. Well no
hubby either lol
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Fearless Leader: Then Stop at where you like the Lily stage.
kittekattz: what are the most common tools?
electron_forge: WB
miss_meme_30: wahooooooooo
Fearless Leader: Missy is back in DA House
Rossija: My parents gave me $$ & I bought a squirrel-proof
birdfeeder & a new clay oven that fits 2 12" pizzas!
electron_forge: fingers
rjchase222: NJ what is the actual color of the clay its showing
brown/black & white on my screen?
miss_meme_30: maybe i can stay now
stargazer_sbpcg: that's the right colors
marlea_anderson: hope so missy
hlynn1975: I know I want some clays but I'm trying to decide if I
want tools, paints, powders, inks, etc...
rickiebeth1: pasta machine , blades, work surface...
stargazer_sbpcg: it's a tiger cane...
Fearless Leader: Yes it is black, brown and pearl, I rarely use
white when I can use pearl
electron_forge: j/k kitte depends on the size of your work I would
rjchase222: Thanks on the colors gang!
hlynn1975: I love your tiger cane NJ, I cant get mine looking that
electron_forge: I have a question
Fearless Leader: shall I get the link for the Tiger cane?
Fearless Leader: Yes Doug, what's your question
rjchase222: I think I have it already!
hlynn1975: yes please
miss_meme_30: i LOVE the new stamp pads!!!
kittekattz: pasta machine I've got, blades, I'm using break-off box
cutter blades for now ... work surface is my kitchen table covered
in freezer wrap! LOL
miss_meme_30: does anyone here have them?
electron_forge: You said the smaller tool would give ridges, is this
due to it's length to the metal joint?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Animal-cane
hlynn1975: how do you use a stamp pad with clay?
rickiebeth1: (thank you Missy...)
miss_meme_30: yes!!!
Rossija: You mean the PearlEx stamp pads, Missy?
miss_meme_30: rickie beth has them and they are AWESOME!!!
Fearless Leader: Yes Doug, and the larger the area you're smoothing
the larger the cone tip I'd use.
miss_meme_30: yes
electron_forge: ok thx
rickiebeth1: they are really saturated with color
Fearless Leader: Like we don't hammer a finishing nail with a sledge
miss_meme_30: i just used them on some black clay and they are
Rossija: hmmmm....
hlynn1975: rickie, what's your link?
electron_forge: you haven't seen me in the garage NJ
electron_forge: ;)
miss_meme_30: i have a sledge hammer nj
miss_meme_30: lol
rjchase222: we don't NJ maybe thats my problem wrong hammer!!!! :)
rickiebeth1: and you can re-ink them with the 're-inkers' so the pad
will last a LONG time
stargazer_sbpcg: if i had a hammer.....
kittekattz: are the cone tips sort of like a hard sponge?
miss_meme_30: i need green and purple..will have to get those next!
electron_forge: can you lift powder off the pads with a brush to
apply to clay?
miss_meme_30: id hammer in the morning
marlea_anderson: i'd hammer in the mooooorrnin'
stargazer_sbpcg: hard rubber...
miss_meme_30: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: :)
Rossija: no, more like soft plastic
marlea_anderson: oh my-
miss_meme_30: i just 'patted' my raw clay with it doug
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/MSAT/ClayArt/WebCam/Demos- Tech-03.htm More on animal print on this demo tech page
kittekattz: ok ... thanks all
rickiebeth1: the stamp pads are not powdery at all
electron_forge: thx miss meme
Fearless Leader: "If I had a Hamster..." ooop wrong song
miss_meme_30: they are like silk...never had anything like them!
marlea_anderson: lol
rickiebeth1: they are more like aregular stamp pad..sort of liquid-
like ink...
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me clear the work table to start on Hair
for Missy
electron_forge: Kitte, just don't get hung up on tools. get to it
while you are waiting for them too!
stargazer_sbpcg: HamsterDance time!!
Fearless Leader: LOL
marlea_anderson: that reminds me- we bought the hamster cage but
still need a hamster for christmas
miss_meme_30: ty ty ty
miss_meme_30: HAIR!!
miss_meme_30: HAIR
miss_meme_30: hehehe
stargazer_sbpcg: give me that wonderful hair.... shoulder length or
miss_meme_30: i have long hair
marlea_anderson: long hair short hair
electron_forge: my clay area is right across my computer, same
chair, I usuallu am mushing a piece of clay as I sit here
miss_meme_30: mid way down my back
stargazer_sbpcg: me too...
electron_forge: Long hair is BEAUTIFUL!
stargazer_sbpcg: got stuck in my britches t'other day after using
the powder room...
marlea_anderson: lol- mine's to my heiney but that's not too long-
i'm 5'2" lol
Rossija: What's that song about hair?
rjchase222: I'm trying to convince my dh I need a puter in my shop
rickiebeth1: Jean, did you see the play? Hair?
electron_forge: short is BEAUTIFUL!
electron_forge: lol
miss_meme_30: is urs straight star?
stargazer_sbpcg: no, didn't see the play...
miss_meme_30: i have a curly type of wave in mine
stargazer_sbpcg: saw Tommy by the Who live, though...
stargazer_sbpcg: does that count?
hlynn1975: my hair used to be past my knees, now it is very short,
and close cut.
stargazer_sbpcg: yup it's straight! ;)
rickiebeth1: I saw the play in SF - it was GREAT!!!
hlynn1975: with pearlex can someone tell me what interference means?
marlea_anderson: my brother got to see the who- I've always been
p.o.'d that he was able to go
stargazer_sbpcg: it has to do with light reflection...
Rossija: In some lights it shows 1 color, but turn the item & it
shows another.
hlynn1975: hmmm, sounds interesting
miss_meme_30: lynn....i dont know but it is GORGEOUS!
electron_forge: good Q hlynn. Was wondering that too
miss_meme_30: i have the is just...i cant tell ya how
beautiful it is
hlynn1975: thinking of trying the pearlex and when I saw the
interrerence I was curious
Rossija: I THINK it also depends on what color clay you use it on....
miss_meme_30: they cover black like u wouldnt believe
hlynn1975: maybe I'll get the blue and purple
rjchase222: do they need to b heat set?
miss_meme_30: i have the blue and gold
rickiebeth1: Interference does have to do with the light..and how
the mica particles catch the light ..
stargazer_sbpcg: looks best on black...
Rossija: Yes, they do! And they blend beautifully as well.
stargazer_sbpcg: no heat setting
Rossija: They need to be sealed, so they don't rub off.
marlea_anderson: what is silky and jumbo?
rjchase222: hmmmmmmmm me thinks me needs to get me some of these
pearlex! :)
hlynn1975: good, I don't have a heat gun
stargazer_sbpcg: yup
miss_meme_30: i put mine on raw clay then baked it
stargazer_sbpcg: no worries then! :)
electron_forge: I finally found some PearlEX locally but only as a
pack. $24
marlea_anderson: is that the hair extensions?
rickiebeth1: There are stamp pads & re-inkers and then there are the
hlynn1975: are the stamp pads or re-inkers easiest to use?
Fearless Leader: Ok, shall I tell ya about this hair thing?
Rossija: They have set of 12 different colors in some stores....
countrylady100ca: NJ Nice to show us your mini vases. My son wants
play computer
marlea_anderson: yes, please do
hlynn1975: none of the stores areound here carry it so I'll have to
order it from Rickie
stargazer_sbpcg: every now and then syndee holt sends folks samples
of PX in little capsules... for free!
miss_meme_30: rickie is the best!
rickiebeth1: re-inkers are great , but if you want to cover a flat
surface, the stamp pads ar enecessary
miss_meme_30: wow!
Fearless Leader: Ok, finish up on vendor services and we'll get on
with discussing this hair thing.
hlynn1975: sorry
miss_meme_30: sure
miss_meme_30: sorry
stargazer_sbpcg: we're ready nj...
miss_meme_30: where did ya get that type of hair nj
Fearless Leader: no sorry, just letting you know that I'm ready to
explain a thing
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/LEXX-CowboyKai-2
meplus5kids left the room
Fearless Leader: Check this page if you can, please
frogger70301: have you ever tried to dye that kind of hair?
Fearless Leader: It's the trick of planting the ends of the micro
braid into a raw clay scalp. The raw clay scalp is the same color as
the hair. The head is cured.
countrylady100ca left the room
Fearless Leader: Mitch, no need to dye, they come in all sorts of
colors and they are cheap and I am lazy.
hlynn1975: if its hair you get from a beauty supply store it should
be dyable but get blonde or other light colors, it takes the dye
better. My aunt is a beautician so she shared that
marlea_anderson: I was wondering if the scalp would be the same
color as the hair..
marlea_anderson: now i know ;)
frogger70301: I'm in the planning stages of a fairy, and I want her
hair to kinda match mine... :D
hlynn1975: and you can use RIT dye too rather than regular hair dye.
Fearless Leader: Marlea want to see an example of when the scalp is
not the same color as the hair?
marlea_anderson: sure
frogger70301: I'll have to check tomorrow when I go get my next
hlynn1975: but only if you aren't going to wash the hair, RIT will
fade with washing
rickiebeth1: a personal fairie!! That sounds really cool!!
marlea_anderson: oh my
marlea_anderson: i like the scalp the same color more
Fearless Leader: me too
electron_forge: I have more patches lacking hair than that!
Rossija: that does sound cool. Hmmm... another idea begins
Fearless Leader: so let's see what color hair extensions I have here
Fearless Leader: price wise, it beats the heck out of doll house
hair in a pack
Fearless Leader: these are LONG and there's a bunch and they only
cost a couple of bucks for strands that are a yard long
frogger70301: no pink in doll's hair either! :(
marlea_anderson: neat
frogger70301: hmmm. highlights?
rjchase222: brb have to put some potatoes on to cook
Fearless Leader: I was thinking of mixing these three colors for
this guy here....
marlea_anderson: I didn't know it came like that
marlea_anderson: I've only seen braids for sale
Fearless Leader: what do you think, these colors?
frogger70301: oh, how cool! How'd you do his skin?
marlea_anderson: neat feather look
Fearless Leader: I'll get his link
frogger70301: thnx.
electron_forge: so he's still raw at this point?
electron_forge: and in th ebuff as it were haha
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/Creatures/Centaur-Grp
Fearless Leader: He's been cured for years
electron_forge: ok
Fearless Leader: started him in 1999 or something
electron_forge: sweet
miss_meme_30: where did ya get the hair nj?
Fearless Leader: and have been thinking of giving him hair all this
electron_forge: gotta get the "right" inspiration
Fearless Leader: I got the hair from a beauty supply store in town.
Let me find a link for an online distributor.
miss_meme_30: ty!
frogger70301: I'm prolly going to Sally tomorrow. I can see about
getting ya some!
rickiebeth1: what is Sally?
kittekattz: what's the difference in that hair and the stuff you buy
at Michael's or some other craft store?
miss_meme_30: let me know how much it costs...please
frogger70301: beauty Supply shop
Fearless Leader: These packages were two
kittekattz: is this more like "real" hair
Fearless Leader: I'll find a cheaper outlet than that page, they are
miss_meme_30: ty
frogger70301: ohmigoodness! They have my color!!!
electron_forge: AFK BRB
miss_meme_30: will have to check out hair stuff
frogger70301: oh, I hate when links do that... didn't come up
frogger70301: so excited now!
rjchase222: Yikes & I'm still on trying to make a head & face forget
the hair! :)
miss_meme_30: what color?
Fearless Leader:
marlea_anderson: I want to find red to match my son- gonna try to
sculpt him
marlea_anderson: sculpt something or someone you love, right?
miss_meme_30: yep but faces are HARD to duplicate
frogger70301: oh, that would be so sweet!
miss_meme_30: forgger is it mitch?
rjchase222: miss meme faces r most certainly hard to do!
miss_meme_30: i have more probs with the noses
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader:
 These micro braids are good for dolls
marlea_anderson: I tried one of him before...turned out different
from what I imagined, lol
electron_forge: Whoo Hoo my brayer just showed up!
Fearless Leader: Ok, so just look around for better prices on hair
extensions, these are synthetic
Fearless Leader: Doug can now bray at the moon
Fearless Leader: woooo hooooo
electron_forge: whooooooooooooo
miss_meme_30: so u dont want synthetic?
Fearless Leader: I use synthetic
miss_meme_30: lol nj
marlea_anderson: synthetic is ok to bake?
Fearless Leader: ok, to bake and rebake, I've tested this out
miss_meme_30: ty for the info nj
frogger70301: oh, wow... there's real human hair extensions!
marlea_anderson: awesome
Fearless Leader: so I'll mix some of these colors and see what we
come up with.
marlea_anderson: I love those wacky colors
marlea_anderson: purple and blue
frogger70301: I've got the Not So Shy Violet, and now it's Raspberry
marlea_anderson: lol
frogger70301: thinking of getting ready for Mardi Gras after this
marlea_anderson: you have them in your own hair?- I wish I could
pull that off
rjchase222: when is Mardi Gras?
rickiebeth1: Mardi Gras sounds like a lot of fun..
frogger70301: I think it's in March this year...
frogger70301: well, next year
marlea_anderson: yes it's usually around my birthday
frogger70301: usually end of March beginning of April
rjchase222: Thanks I can never remember when it is!!
Rossija: The last Tues. before Lent, right?
marlea_anderson: everyone wears beads at the stores in town
Fearless Leader: see how long they are?
marlea_anderson: holy frijole- that's a lot of hair
miss_meme_30: lookin good nj
rickiebeth1: they are really VERY long...
stargazer_sbpcg: long!!!
rjchase222: NJ u will drown our little man with all that hair! heehee
frogger70301: hehee
marlea_anderson: lol- rapunzel, rapunzel...let down your hair
miss_meme_30: thats the color of britneys hair
stargazer_sbpcg: hey, where's the hat????
miss_meme_30: redish brown with blonde streaks
marlea_anderson: pretty color missy
miss_meme_30: ty
Fearless Leader: watch how I twist this for storage
miss_meme_30: mine is just brown
miss_meme_30: lol
Rossija: sigh, my hair used to be close to that. Now, it's going
marlea_anderson: lol- i know- me too- mouse brown but my son has
awesome auburn curls
stargazer_sbpcg: your hairdresser can fix that up for you! :)
marlea_anderson: like storing carding wool
Rossija: Yep, I'm working up the guts to try that....
marlea_anderson: lol I'm too lazy to get touch-ups- I'd look like a
skunk or the girl from berlin in a few weeks
Rossija: It's been so long since I've sen myself with non-grey
stargazer_sbpcg: start with temporary and see how you like it... :)
rjchase222: Rossija u mean storing your hair on your head like
carding wool???? LMAO
marlea_anderson: lmao
Rossija: LOL, Razma!
rickiebeth1: LOLOL
miss_meme_30: brb
Rossija: Been talking with my hair guy about getting highlights, so
not so many touch ups.
Rossija: At least that's what he says.
marlea_anderson: I once tried the 20 shampoo dealy...I looked like
ronald mcdonald for 2 months= that's washing it a ton trying to get
rid of it too
marlea_anderson: yes- highlights sound good
rickiebeth1: brb also.....need a popsickle..before I melt.....
marlea_anderson: lol
electron_forge: ok the bald guy is getting jelous of all this hair
talk. ;)
Rossija: I use the 8-shampoos & out one years ago. Still had the
color after the entire summer! Not pretty to see that "line" growing
kittekattz: c'mon out here Rickiebeth ... guaranteed you won't need
a popsicle here! :-)
marlea_anderson: yep
Rossija: it's hot choclate weather in Ohio!
kittekattz: yep! Here too!!! Hubby was a nice hubby and just brought
me a nice hot cup of coffee!!
rjchase222: its mai tai weather here in sunny southern CA thats for
rickiebeth1: LOL....I would be very happy if I could visit you
all..wherever the temp is cool/cold
bonsaikathy joined the room
bonsaikathy: Hi everyone
kittekattz: that would be here, trust me!! It was 10 degrees when we
got up this morning ... and we're not into the "cold" season yet
rickiebeth1: Hi Kathy!!!
rjchase222: Rickiebeth you are about 550 miles from r u up near SF?
elissaheart: It's hot toddy weather here in the south bay area in CA
rickiebeth1: I used to live in a cold winter climate
Rossija: Where are you, Kitte? Sounds like here....
rickiebeth1: about that far..
kittekattz: I'm in Maine
rjchase222: Hi bonsaikathy!1
rickiebeth1: actually 35 miles East & North from SF
Rossija: Ahh -- even further north!
frogger70301: Hey, honey!!!
rjchase222: ok gotcha rickie
bonsaikathy: What's NJ making
rickiebeth1: yes,..much different than SF ..A LOT different
rjchase222: where Rossija?
marlea_anderson: cool color mix
marlea_anderson: looks like high and lowlights
Rossija: I'm on Ohio; Kitte's in Maine.
bonsaikathy: Mitch, how are the girls hon
stargazer_sbpcg: twist ties??
frogger70301: healthy!
bonsaikathy: great
bonsaikathy: glad they're doing well
rickiebeth1: when I lived in the mountains in Calif..I enjoyed the
snow, but it takes so long to just do daily basic errands because of
the snow factor..there was never any rest time....wood heat, wood
heat for the hot water, etc..a lot of work
frogger70301: she's getting ready to put some hair on her centaur
bonsaikathy: ahhh ok
miss_meme_30: hair!!!!!!!!
miss_meme_30: lol
frogger70301: and I'm making plans to get myself in trouble...
marlea_anderson: wood for fuel would be a pain in the winter
bonsaikathy: uh oh, do I need to send out the rescue squad Mitch
Fearless Leader: ok, now why did I do the Twisty Ties on the hair
frogger70301: to keep it from going everywhere?
Fearless Leader: That's the biggest hassle about working with hair,
when it gets just everywhere
Fearless Leader: in the clay
marlea_anderson: to cut into separate lenghts
elissaheart: so you can cut it into hanks?
mommaclara2001: You are going to cut it/
Fearless Leader: all over the table, and yes, so I can cut it at
already measured lengths.
marlea_anderson: good idea
Fearless Leader: keeping a twistie tie on each hank for easier
bonsaikathy: Hi NJ
Fearless Leader: now I'll save log, go out and come back in. Howdy
BonsaiKathy. brb

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