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12-18-04: Saturday Demo: Fourth Log, Premo Pearl , Abalone Fold, Faces on Tins,


June to Dec 2004 Demos

December 2004 Highlights

Fearless Leader: Fourth Log and Roll Call Please
elissaheart: no, elec
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
frogger70301: Mitch, LA
mommaclara2001: Clara, WV
electron_forge: Douglas >>>Kansas
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, California
marlea_anderson: I don't know Douglas- I thought I was making mokume
gane but was making hidden magic- I don't know much about it
elissaheart: MG can be done a number of ways.
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
elissaheart: Elissa CA
stargazer_sbpcg: Jean - (*) , South San Francisco, CA
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
connie_flying: Connie in Reno
miss_meme_30: missy va
Fearless Leader: see where I'm going to cut, keeping the strands in
twistie ties?
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
stargazer_sbpcg: ahhhhh
marlea_anderson: cut right between the two ties
frogger70301: ok1
rjchase222: got it
kittekattz: did I miss roll call?? Sorry ... was dealing with my son
spilling daddy's coffee on his 'puter
marlea_anderson: oh no
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
rickiebeth1: Jean,,how did you get the star? I forgot where to go to
get all of the stars and such
kittekattz: anyone want a 5 y/o???? mine's been wound right tight
all day!
rickiebeth1: I do!!
marlea_anderson: lol- i have a 10 year old and he's more than enough
bonsaikathy: you can send him my way
Fearless Leader: To attach this tail I need some raw clay, I'll bury
the tail in the raw clay
kittekattz: LOL ... watch what you ask for Rickiebeth ...
rickiebeth1: I meant it!!
bonsaikathy: I really miss having kids around
rickiebeth1: not for a LONG time , but for a day ot two is a lot of
fun for me
kittekattz: come spend a week here ... I'll take care of THAT
feeling for ya in a heartbeat!!
Rossija: LOL
rickiebeth1: I have no children so, I really enjoy the children..
bonsaikathy: :)
miss_meme_30: i got my grand daughter tonight
rickiebeth1: I do very well with children...
marlea_anderson: now when you attach the hair to the clay how do you
keep the center of the hair from coming out- just push it in to the
clay really well?
kittekattz: I've just been really busy lately, so they haven't
gotten the amount of time and attention I usually give them, so
they're right off the wall ... especially my 5 y/o
rickiebeth1: I spent a LOY of time with kids from 1 day old to 16/17
rjchase222: I thinks so marlea but not to sure of that either
miss_meme_30: how old r they now rickie beth?
rickiebeth1: You need my 'have fun with the children' services
rickiebeth1: they are about 10-20 years yonger than I
marlea_anderson: ok- because i've tried something similar but the
clay only held the outside edge of the hair...ended up with a hair
donut, lol
kittekattz: LOL ... I'm just looking for the holidays to be over and
things to slow down so we can get back into a routine
rickiebeth1: so, about 250-40 years old now
kittekattz: you have 250 year old kids???
rickiebeth1: I meant 25 not 250!!
elissaheart: lol
rickiebeth1: funny typo!! LOL
miss_meme_30: wow i didnt think u were old enough for kids that
age...40 i mean
kittekattz: my but you're .... ummm ... "well-preserved"!! LOL
rickiebeth1: I am 51 almost 52..
miss_meme_30: i am 35
rjchase222: NJ is that clay on the end of the hair?
miss_meme_30: feel like im 70 thou
Fearless Leader: ok, mashing the raw clay around the hair, work the
hair in to the clay really well, if you can bend the ends of the
hair so there's C shape of hair around raw clay that's the best bet
rickiebeth1: well preserved..that is funny!!!
miss_meme_30: brb
marlea_anderson: ohhh, ok
Fearless Leader: I used a color that is unlike his body, so you can
see it, if you used the same color as the body you won't see the
connection like this.
rjchase222: OK I was wondering about the color thing NJ now I got it
marlea_anderson: for demonstration purposes lol
Fearless Leader: yes, because it's difficult to see if the color
Fearless Leader: and I can always cover this bit with decoration of
some sort
marlea_anderson: neat
Fearless Leader: so any questions on using synthetic hair extensions
or adding hair to an already cured figure?
marlea_anderson: so far so good- is there a trick to styling it?
Fearless Leader: these are meant to be shampooed, styled and such,
that's why I like it better than doll hair and you can do a bunch of
stuff with it.
rjchase222: NJ I have enough probs just gettin my own hair done!
marlea_anderson: like with my fairy- I'd like to pull the hair in an
updo- how do I make it without the doll look
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/LEXX-Home/CowboyKai-3d
Fearless Leader: Here are two Kai heads with Micro "S" braids, one
with the braids hanging down and one in the Brunnen G style
marlea_anderson: ing odd...just pull wisps down?
elissaheart: nj. , does the connecting part just stay raw?
Fearless Leader: no cure that butt, Elissa
Fearless Leader: LOL
elissaheart: lol
marlea_anderson: wow -that's a fancy "do"
marlea_anderson: lol
Fearless Leader: keep the synthetic hair off of the oven rack, if
I'm curing it a couple of times then I'll wrap a damp paper towel
around the hair, keep it moist
Fearless Leader: it doesn't get near the clay so it won't hurt the
clay protecting the hair like that.
stargazer_sbpcg: ahhh good tip! :)
Fearless Leader: any other questions about this hair trick? Missy
went AFK?
marlea_anderson: iming her now
marlea_anderson: no answer
marlea_anderson: and this is what she was dying to see
elissaheart: I've always wondered how it owuld work if you
superglued a tightly bunched end and then drilled a hole into the
cured clay and inserted it into the hole. Have you ever tried that?
Rossija: I think she saw most of it....
Fearless Leader: Then rather than go forward, since Missy really
wanted to see this part, let's take a coffee break, do our
marlea_anderson: works for me NJ
stargazer_sbpcg: k
Rossija: food!
marlea_anderson: eyes were turning yellow
Rossija: yipes, Marlea!
Fearless Leader: COFFEEEEEE
Fearless Leader: and Doug, I did eat, before you ask. You Dad you.
stargazer_sbpcg: just brewed some fresh here, NJ...
stargazer_sbpcg: passes a cup... :)
electron_forge: Actually that was the OTHER Doug but glad just the
same ;)
miss_meme_30: back for a few...then its off to church for
marlea_anderson: lol
Fearless Leader: Ok, Missy
Fearless Leader: you got it about the hair, we're just planting the
ends of the hair in raw clay and then curing again
miss_meme_30: yes
miss_meme_30: but dont know if i will have the patience for
Fearless Leader: the main points of using hair extensions, how to
twist the hair to store it without making yourself crazy, and mixing
colors you did see
Fearless Leader: using the twistie ties...
miss_meme_30: yes!
miss_meme_30: cut between the 2
miss_meme_30: ty
miss_meme_30: never thought about doin it that way!
marlea_anderson: I'm going shopping tonight- I'm going to keep my
eyes open for a Sally's while I'm out I want to try this
Fearless Leader: now about the patience issue
elissaheart: patience? what's that???
Fearless Leader: if you're working on something you adore, there is
no time, it goes timeless for you love your subject
Fearless Leader: you want to be looking and googling at your subject
for hours and hours
rjchase222: Patience??????? I'm the most patient person in the world
do ya know? :)
electron_forge: OK all I have to leave. It was fun. See you next
marlea_anderson: bye doug
miss_meme_30: bye doug
marlea_anderson: las
marlea_anderson: lol
rjchase222: bye Doug
rickiebeth1: Bye Doug
miss_meme_30: man i am hungry
miss_meme_30: lol
electron_forge left the room
miss_meme_30: what is that thing in front of the man???
marlea_anderson: a baby?
marlea_anderson: a vessel?
connie_flying left the room
rjchase222: its a head!
miss_meme_30: lol
vlady6us joined the room
marlea_anderson: father and child?
marlea_anderson: or man and small woman?
rickiebeth1: Hi Sandy!!!!
rjchase222: wife/girlfriend?
miss_meme_30: hiya sandie
miss_meme_30: he beheaded his wife!!!
vlady6us: hi rickie beth
vlady6us: hi missy
frogger70301: NJ went invisible again?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sculpt/MerBruce/Index
rjchase222: O no not a beheading?
vlady6us: oh bummer
vlady6us: hi nj
vlady6us: hello everyone
Fearless Leader: helping KitteKat, now did you check out MerBruce?
rjchase222: yes awesome to say the least..........
Fearless Leader: It's using Bruce Willis as my inspiration. He's
doing a program called True Dads,
Fearless Leader: and his website has stories of him and his
children, so I gave him a baby to hold
Fearless Leader: sculpt what you love
rjchase222: Yes seen it advertised now if I can just stay awake long
Fearless Leader: look at a face that you love until you know every
hill and valley, every laugh line and color of the eye
rjchase222: hmmmmmmmmm wondering who is the "man" in my life for my
rickiebeth1: I am tired also....up too late these past 3 nights...
marlea_anderson: looks like the bamboo cane on his back
rjchase222: NJ u r so right tho about doing it & loving doing it
thats how I feel about my jester!
Fearless Leader: ammonite, I'll get the link
marlea_anderson: cool- thanks
miss_meme_30: wow that is cool
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Ammonite/Group
Fearless Leader: Way easy too
miss_meme_30: i hate to have to run but leavin in about 10 mins!
vlady6us: bye missy
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/Ammonite/003  This is what's on his back
mommaclara2001: Bye Missy
marlea_anderson: see ya missy...get some good grub
Fearless Leader: See ya Missy
miss_meme_30: thanks for the demo nj!
rickiebeth1: Have a great evening...
miss_meme_30: hugssssssssss
miss_meme_30 left the room
marlea_anderson: wow- that link is beautiful
Fearless Leader: my favorite is the blue ammonite box
rickiebeth1: mine, too!!
marlea_anderson: so pretty- all of it
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Rainbow/Done/Spring-thm
Fearless Leader: check this out, there's some obscure clay tricks
marlea_anderson: wow
Fearless Leader: 15 on down is what I want to share right now
Fearless Leader: Stargazer, you there?
Fearless Leader: nope she's on the attendee list and not on the cam
Fearless Leader: that weird yahoo chat echo...
marlea_anderson: that box and pendant are gorgeous
Fearless Leader: That box and many things of this series was made
with the Pearl Premo colors, Pearl Blue, Pearl Red and Pearl Green
marlea_anderson: once i get done my fairy and tootin santa I'm
trying that
Fearless Leader: these are the colors that are going to be
discontinued in pound sizes this January
pennyi joined the room
marlea_anderson: no way
Fearless Leader: way
MountainMaMaDuke (pdduke2003) joined the room
Fearless Leader: hey Penny
Fearless Leader: Hey Pauline
vlady6us: hi penny
rjchase222: did u mix anything else with them?
pennyi: hiya
marlea_anderson: they're so pretty
vlady6us: hi pauline
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Rainbow/Done/Spring-thm
marlea_anderson: hi
MountainMaMaDuke: Hi Folks!
Fearless Leader: We're reviewing things made with Premo pearl colors
rickiebeth1: Hi Penny, Pauline...
MountainMaMaDuke: cool!
pennyi: hi rickie
MountainMaMaDuke: Hi Sandie, Rickie Beth and NJ
marlea_anderson: can you get the same effect by mixing pearl with
another color?
Fearless Leader: If you click on the thumbnails and read the
captions in the larger picture it'll tell you technique and colors
Fearless Leader: no, Marlea
rickiebeth1: It is fun to have you here...
Fearless Leader: you loose saturation
marlea_anderson: darn it
rjchase222: then what will we do when they discontinue these
colors?? any ideas?
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Rainbow/Done/Spring-015
vlady6us: they arent discontinuing the colors. just the large blocks
of those colors
marlea_anderson: that is d a r n - i just noticed my font made the R
N look like an M
Rossija: They're just discontinuing the 1'lb blocks, not the 2 oz.
size. Sigh!
bonsaikathy: for me same difference
Fearless Leader: That's the blue ammonite box, large picture.
bonsaikathy: I don't buy small blocks
bonsaikathy: only the 1 pound blocks
Fearless Leader: me too
Fearless Leader: and I use those colors
rickiebeth1: you can then color the clay with paints or inks...for
the color/pearl effect..
bonsaikathy: so do I NJ
vlady6us: hello pauline
bonsaikathy: some of the ones being dicontinued are my favorites
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Rainbow/Done/Spring-004
Fearless Leader: Check this out
Fearless Leader: easy trick
Rossija: I watch the sales & when Michael's has the 2 oz. for $0.99,
I stock up.
bonsaikathy: I would too if it wasn't over an hours drive from me,
oh well
rickiebeth1: that is a good price!!!!0.99
Fearless Leader: take layers of gold and translucent, cut long
slices and lay down in a zig zag pattern and press. Very pretty,
very easy.
marlea_anderson: very pretty
Rossija: Gotta pay attention to their ads in the Sunday paper.
Rossija: And, beat the other local clayers!
vlady6us: i check the ad on line sunday as soon as i get up
marlea_anderson: lol
rjchase222: NJ do u layer the gold & trans & then cut?
Fearless Leader: Using gold and brown, or gold and translucent, and
making your sheets really thin, you can get some interesting looks
with just a chevron flip leaf slices on a background. I'll get a
couple of links, going for the gold.
Fearless Leader: yup, Razma
rickiebeth1: I can check out the sales in my paper..if someone wants
to use them... I generally do not use very much Premo...
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOO goody I got one figured out gang! heehee
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Sheets/GoldLeaves/onGreen-thm.htm Gold and translucent on a green background
marlea_anderson: lol- congrats hon'
Fearless Leader: just chevron flips, just leaves, the trick is to
press the gold and trans together, make the layers thin,
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/TigersEye/sheet-thm
Fearless Leader: This is gold and a translucent the color of weak
coffee, chevron flip leaf canes pressed on gold
Fearless Leader: easy as dirt
Fearless Leader: big clay bang for the buck.
rjchase222: yep now that I've got the "dcf" figured out! heehee
rickiebeth1: dcf = ??
marlea_anderson: wow- that tiger's eye page really does give a bang
Rossija: dreaded chevron flip
rjchase222: dreaded chevron flip!!!!! LMAO
greatauntjudy left the room
rickiebeth1: oh I recall..what it is....LOL
Fearless Leader:
rjchase222: rickie it only took me 3 months to get it figured out! :)
Fearless Leader: this is the screen shots of taking a gold and brown
sheet like those shown and making an Inro box, multi layered
container with a top.
rickiebeth1: and now you are the expert...
MountainMaMaDuke: Hey Sandie: I have one pair of PJs done, plus the
pants to the second pair. Just have to make the top to the second set
vlady6us: way cool pauline
vlady6us: good going
MountainMaMaDuke: what is in the web cam photo?
rjchase222: Bruce Willis' back :)
rickiebeth1: the man is in the web cam pic
rickiebeth1: bruce willis
alix (alixnc) joined the room
marlea_anderson: pretty
frogger70301: oh, wow!
MountainMaMaDuke: NJ- he has a nice six pack tummy!
marlea_anderson: that was a nice little pop-in surprise
stargazer_sbpcg: oooooooooh!!
elissaheart: Gotta go now. Thanks for the great demo, nj!
vlady6us: bye elissa
hlynn1975: very nice NJ
elissaheart: ttfn!
Rossija: Lik that one!
marlea_anderson: I'm just going to keep saying pretty..pretty pretty
pretty- it's all so...
elissaheart left the room
rjchase222: bye elissa
marlea_anderson: pretty
rickiebeth1: Bye ELISSA
frogger70301: oh, I love that!
hlynn1975: ok, NJ, quit it, I'm drooling into my keyboard. LOL
rickiebeth1: oops, ...too late..
Rossija: LOL, Heather
MountainMaMaDuke: how do you get the rounded out shape?
marlea_anderson: wow
frogger70301: ohhh!
MountainMaMaDuke: I LIKE that one
hlynn1975: lovely NJ
rjchase222: I bet she used her fingers to shape it
rickiebeth1: you can also try Luminere paints for a similar
look...on a bleached translucent..or even regular translucent clay
pennyi: well i gotta go for now. I have some cookie batter waiting
for me. i have given away about `12 doz hungarian christmas cookies
Fearless Leader: ok, take a pinch pot
pennyi: bye
pennyi left the room
Fearless Leader: you made with pressed chevron flip leaves on a sheet
rjchase222: ok I know that one
Fearless Leader: and gather it to a point, twist that's one end, the
other end add a natasha bead and hang as an ornament
marlea_anderson: cool
vlady6us: have to reboot. brb
marlea_anderson: bye penny
vlady6us left the room
Fearless Leader: to get these colors you got to get the Premo Pearl
rjchase222: guess I'll b busy in the shop this week
marlea_anderson: is there a way to make faux carnival glass?
marlea_anderson: would pearl-ex work for that?
Fearless Leader: when you figure it out, you tell us
rickiebeth1: time to order a lot of th ePremo pearl colors!!!
rjchase222: me thinks u r right rickie!
Fearless Leader: now this is what those colors look like mixed with
marlea_anderson: lol- I'll try the px and let ya know what happens
MountainMaMaDuke: which large bars of Premo colors are they going to
marlea_anderson: it really does tone them down a lot
rickiebeth1: Pearl Ex can be used...for many can
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for this abalone fold experiment,
the finished bits, nice to use pearl with any colors to get these
kittekattz left the room
rjchase222: I'm confused did she use pearl clay or pearl ex?
marlea_anderson: pearl clay
rickiebeth1: you can also dd mica to the clay..a really fine powder
and it will give soem of th esame effects
rjchase222: Thanks!!
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/abaPaces/2002- Done-thm.htm Pearl and other colors mixed
Fearless Leader: check out this page please
Fearless Leader: you'll see the pictures of the things I just showed
in cam
marlea_anderson: i love it all.
rjchase222: yep goin to b burning the midnite oil me
thinks.......... :)
Fearless Leader: now you see what I mean about the saturation of
marlea_anderson: yes, i definitely do
marlea_anderson: what a huge difference
Fearless Leader: the top one was made with the Premo Pearl colors
right out of the pack
Fearless Leader: and below is when pearl colored clay is mixed in
rjchase222: wow what a difference
Fearless Leader: The reason why I'm taking y'all over here
marlea_anderson: about how much pearl was mixed in?
MountainMaMaDuke: I love the softness of your colors in the bottom
Fearless Leader: is to let you know we got some fiddling about to do
with pearl clay
rjchase222: WE DO????
Fearless Leader: the abalone fold is sweeeeeet, Momma
marlea_anderson: ooooh- let me see what I have
hlynn1975: gotta go make dinner, thanks for the demo
rickiebeth1: with pearl you can then add a variety of coloring
materials to achieve a somewhat similar effect...
hlynn1975 left the room
MountainMaMaDuke: so nice!
rickiebeth1: abalone os my favorite one of NJ's
mommaclara2001: That is ver pretty.
mommaclara2001: very
MountainMaMaDuke: what dd mica powder were you talking about Rickie
Fearless Leader: Plus, as Rickie Beth said, as you mix different
colors, different inclusions, you get such a variety of different
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/abaPaces/2002-Done-001
Fearless Leader: Check this picture please
rickiebeth1: I have a huge pile of clay that did not work out and a
small block that did work...
Fearless Leader: That picture, the abalone fold pinch pot, I want to
Fearless Leader: I gave that one away
marlea_anderson: the colors are great
stargazer_sbpcg: ooooooooh!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Fearless Leader: Are you ready to see some other things done with
the Premo Pearl colors and using the folding trick? I have a bunch
of samples here
rickiebeth1: Pauline..about mica ..I have soem that I addes...and I
got fair results, but I think it could work out well given a littlr
more experiment time.
MountainMaMaDuke: ok
rickiebeth1: I have a small jar of it..I cannot recall the
rjchase222: NJ on the page that shows the pallet it also shows TLS
marlea_anderson: wow- that catches the light nicely
rickiebeth1: want some of it? I sent a lot to the newbie boxes a
while ago...
Fearless Leader: part of an TLS abalone experiment to see how much
light went through
rjchase222: so does one use it or not?
Fearless Leader: these leaves are the Dreaded Chevron flip
Fearless Leader: but the trick is the sheets were a blend of green
to purple before the slice
rjchase222: Now that I've got the dcf I just need to figure out how
to mix the colors! :)
Fearless Leader: and flip, so we get the purple at the end on one
side and on the top on the other, easy trick
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/ColorCard/MainGroup
MountainMaMaDuke: I have been playing around with added small
amounts of color to translucent clay ( ?10 to 90) and they make very
muted beads for some necklaces
Fearless Leader: That's the TLS abalone fold experiment on the upper
rjchase222: so u can use the TLS or not just depending on what one
wants correct?
rickiebeth1: try adding the mica .it is really interesting...not too
expensive..I have huge jar of it,.I am happy to share with anyone
that wants some mica powder....It also can explode if not stored
Fearless Leader: do color cards and find colors you can mix and
remember the ratios
bonsaikathy: one of my favorite things, color mixing
marlea_anderson: gosh- why does it explode?
Fearless Leader: Razma, think of TLS as glue, as a fluid to mix
pigment like the mica powder RB was talking about, or mix with clay
color for whipped cream or instant hair.
rjchase222: OK got it now NJ thanks
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me show you these other tins here, this is
with dark colors we'll go lighter in hue
bonsaikathy: well folks, I'm going in to relax with hubby, my
vacation started today and hubby actually got off at 5 today so we
have a rare evening together
rickiebeth1: it is just the chemical make-up..I had no problems with
it , but it does come with a warning..Mica is how Pearl Ex works...
bonsaikathy: catch you all later
marlea_anderson: bye kathy
rjchase222: Rickie beth I wld b interested in a small thing of mica
to try
Fearless Leader: see ya Bonsai Kathy
Rossija: bye Katy -- enjoy!
Rossija: Kathy
mommaclara2001: Goodnight Kathy.
rickiebeth1: OK, I need you to email me your address - basic postal
rjchase222: Nite Kathy
rickiebeth1: bye Kathy
Fearless Leader: then we go lighter
marlea_anderson: i like the color in that
bonsaikathy left the room
rjchase222: rickie what is your em addy plz?
marlea_anderson: the face looks like chrome
Fearless Leader: this is the one on the MSATClayPicture home page
MountainMaMaDuke: the drifting of color from one corner to another
is so pretty
marlea_anderson: is that solid clay under there or rolled over and
Fearless Leader: the face has backing clay, used a sculpted face and
made a mold, the humps beside the face are hollow
marlea_anderson: neat
Fearless Leader: put clay sheets with pattern inside the face mold
for this effect
rjchase222: OOOOOOOOO neat idea!
Fearless Leader: by matching the colors it looks like the face is
rising from those colors
Fearless Leader: and that's abalone fold with a blend
rickiebeth1: I really like the abalone NJ makes
MountainMaMaDuke: me too!
Fearless Leader:
kittekattz joined the room
Fearless Leader:
Rossija: wb Kitte
Fearless Leader: those are the tins we were looking at
Fearless Leader: I'll send log through the list, brb
kittekattz: Yeahhhhhh ... I got back in!! Thanks!!!!

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