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12-18-04: Saturday Demo: Fifth Log : Review of Rose and flower petal talk


June to Dec 2004 Demos

December 2004 Highlights

Fearless Leader: Fifth Log, Roll Call and 10 Minute break after,
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
marlea_anderson: marlea, pa
mommaclara2001: Clara At Glenville, West Virginia
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline (MaMaDuke) Marlow NH
kittekattz: Lisa in Maine ... back after a loooongg absence!! :-)
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth - of Polymer Clay Your Way - child of the
Universe!!! (Presently in Walnut Creek apartment)
rickiebeth1: LOL....
MountainMaMaDuke: LOL
rjchase222: OOOOOOO rickie that certainly was a longggggggggggg
intro!!!!! LMAO
rickiebeth1: I was overcome with an urge to type a long intro..
rjchase222: it must b the clay monster in ya!!! :)
MountainMaMaDuke: spontaneous is good!
rickiebeth1: has never happened before this time...Yes, I am now
going to need a lot of therapy...LOL
mommaclara2001: :-*
rjchase222: Naw just grab come clay & make something u'll b ok! LMAO
Rossija: LOL, Rickie
rickiebeth1: I type a lot of things, then delete them because they
are tooo silly...
Rossija: Nothing's too silly for this crowd, I think!
rickiebeth1: yes, I heard that clay is as good if not better than a
psychiatrist or therapist..
Rossija: That's what makes it so fun!
rjchase222: Me thinks u r right Rossija!!!!
rickiebeth1: I am totally committed to polymer clay therapy..
meplus5kids joined the room
Rossija: :D
connie_flying joined the room
rickiebeth1: besides I end up making a lot of cool things..a perfect
form of therapy for me
stargazer_sbpcg: i've got to run... gotta help my sis prep for
holiday party... Thanks NJ!! (*)
rickiebeth1: maybe we should open upa nation/world wide office of
polymer therapy
rickiebeth1: bye Jean!!
Rossija: Great idea, Rickie!
mommaclara2001: Sounds good , Rickie beth
stargazer_sbpcg: bye RickieBeth! cu soon! :)
stargazer_sbpcg: bye all!
stargazer_sbpcg left the room
mommaclara2001: Bye
Rossija: In a way, the discussion list is that.... NJ's rambles are
very therapeutic.
kittekattz: that is therapy WITH polymer clay and not theraby FROM
polymer clay, right?
rjchase222: LMAO
kittekattz: sheesh ... feed me then I can't type!
marlea_anderson: lol...i need a 12 step program...
rickiebeth1: well, however you prefer as long as you do not cook
with it or eat it..
Rossija: we're all pc addicts, and we've come to terms with that --
we LIKE it!
rjchase222: I've got to get busy have a friend comin over & cookin
steaks out on the grill
Fearless Leader: Back and it's exactly 10 minutes
Fearless Leader: whew
Fearless Leader: I didn't take the last break because we got Missy
back in the room and we had to do HAIR
Fearless Leader: just HAD to
marlea_anderson: nicely done nj
rjchase222: Was beginning to wonder if we wld have to send u a rope
Fearless Leader: so my teeth were floating
Rossija: LOL, NJ
rickiebeth1: so, you are leaving us?
marlea_anderson: lol-
vlady6us joined the room
Fearless Leader: Nope, just did my biologicals is all, goes out,
more gets put back in.
Fearless Leader: it's rather silly when I think on it
MountainMaMaDuke: wb Sandie
vlady6us: ty pauline
kittekattz: Hmmm ... miniscene in an old pair of dentures?? LOL
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me get the link on how to do the abalone
fold, something like you see in the cam
kittekattz: alright ... I know that was TOO weird
rickiebeth1: Kittie, nothing is too weird for me...
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/FoldClay/Group- thms.htm
kittekattz: You'll be the first to try that, right???? LOL
kittekattz: ooooo ... that's pretty NJ
Fearless Leader: for those who are interested in getting this very
pretty and very easy effect, book mark that tute
Fearless Leader: here's another tin I've had in progress for a
while, she needs eyes, I got tons of things that need eyes, just not
in the mood yet.
marlea_anderson: so THAT'S how you do it
connie_flying: that's pretty
marlea_anderson: motherly...she seems kind
kittekattz: oh wow ... how do you get her to "blend" right in like
that? Or is that a stupid question?
mommaclara2001 left the room
mommaclara2001 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ever match plaid when sewing?
marlea_anderson: wb Momma
Fearless Leader: you line up the colored lines and cut your pattern?
mommaclara2001: Thanks.
Rossija: not if I can avoid it!
kittekattz: yeah ... but I've usually got more material to work
Fearless Leader: you know the trick of it, lining up similar colors
and then cutting, right?
rjchase222: no what is it?
kittekattz: I take it you start out with a larger "sheet" on the
bottom before you make the folds?
vlady6us: just like if u were cutting out a pattern on striped fabric
Fearless Leader: To make the colors of the clay match you put the
sheets you're working with and line up the colors, make sure when
you're adding something to the top that the colors match, if that's
what you want
kittekattz: wow ... those just look SO cool
Fearless Leader: in this case I wanted the colors to match, pinkish
on one side and bluish on the other side
MountainMaMaDuke: mmmmmm, that was so good. I spoiled myself today
and made some apple crisp. Topped it off with coffee ice cream and
hope that my heart does not stop in the middle of the night LOL
vlady6us: yummy pauline
Fearless Leader: that would have been a end of the folded sheet
scrap, but I didn't want to loose it, so I put it into a face mold
and found the spot to put her based on which colors were where. I
lined up the colored sheet before putting it in the mold so the
color division wasn't on the diagonal.
MountainMaMaDuke: does not help the waistline, but sure helps the
rickiebeth1: sounds like my kind of desert/meal!!
MountainMaMaDuke: lol
Fearless Leader: Biz-Archive/Faux/abalone/FoldClay/Group- thms.htm So that's how to fold clay sheets with a lot of pearl in it
to get that abalone with those lines embedded.
Fearless Leader: So we're coming to the last half hour of demo, are
there any questions or requests?
rjchase222: me thinks me is goin to have to try that this week!
rjchase222: cld u do a quick rose for me??
Fearless Leader: sure
rjchase222: Please???
rjchase222: Thanks!
kittekattz: do you usually use molds for the faces or do them "from
Fearless Leader: I have two color sheet, I'll use leaf shape kemper
tigger070377 joined the room
Fearless Leader: I do the face sculpting from scratch, make a mold
of that. I don't use commercial molds because I find the faces bland
rjchase222: O good I've got the leaf shapers too! :)
Fearless Leader: scraping the dust off of this sheet. LOL
rickiebeth1: LOL
rjchase222: now u shld have had this clay between some wax paper NJ
kittekattz: so how long have you been working with Polymer Clay,
NJ ... you're SO good at this!
Fearless Leader: I began running this list 5 years ago
rickiebeth1: if you use something like Saran will be able
to use teh cutters with no problems...
Fearless Leader: I knew a little about clay and nothing about minis
kittekattz: is that when you started, though?
kittekattz: gotcha
Fearless Leader: but it's been 5 years of every day, that's why I
have two sites and the older the tute, the more rough my skills were
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: the sites are just a documentation of my clay
journey, disasters and all, Huh Aunt Jude?
tigger070377: Hi all from Pat
Fearless Leader: You came for my Flowers?
rickiebeth1: sheet of clay, then layer of Sara wrap, then
cutters ..and you can cut forever and as long as the rSaran wrap has
no holes in it..
marlea_anderson: hey jude
kittekattz: LOL ... my "best" isn't even close to your
Fearless Leader: Let's do a quick roll call since we have new folks
showing up
jude: You doing flowers, NJ? Neato.
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
kittekattz: rough"
rickiebeth1: Hey Jude
vlady6us: sandie florida
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
MountainMaMaDuke: Pauline NH
mommaclara2001: Clara WV
kittekattz: Lisa Maine
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth of Walnut Creek, California
jude: <---Tehachapi, California
marlea_anderson: Marlea, PA
connie_flying: Connie in Reno
tigger070377: Pat from Florida
rjchase222: Razma Fallbrook CA
rickiebeth1: the Saran wrap is good to use because there are no
fingerprints or marks from the cutter on th clay,,...
jude: That teardrop shape is great for flower petals.
rickiebeth1: That is the shape that I was using
marlea_anderson: i'll have to try the saran wrap-
rickiebeth1: also, the edges are itered/smoothed with the Saran wrap
rjchase222: I use baggies, saran wrap & wax paper! :)
Fearless Leader: as you can see there's two colors to this petal,
some roses are like that. A darker color will be on the under side
of the petal. So before we build this rose, we have to stretch out
the wide part of the leaf shape and pull the pointed end to form our
rose petal
marlea_anderson: cool
kittekattz: you use the cutters directly over the saran wrap?
rickiebeth1: I am pretty sure they mentioned Saran wrap..but first
check out the compatability of the clay and the wrap
vlady6us: yes kittie
rickiebeth1: yes, directlyover the Saran wrap..
kittekattz: cool ... thanks
jude: Question? What purpose does the Saran Wrap serve?
rickiebeth1: and you do not need to ahndle the clay very it
will help keep the shape from distorting..
vlady6us: to make it so they dont have jagged edges
jude: Okie, thanks.
vlady6us: works pretty good too
rjchase222: but if u go & look at flowers out in the garden they
don't have neat edges
rickiebeth1: it is to keep the cutters from sticking to the clay, to
miter the edges of the clay, to reduce the handling of the
clay,, no fingerprints..
vlady6us: youre right rj
rickiebeth1: the edges are still crisp..
Fearless Leader: ok, are we ready for the rose?
rickiebeth1: but no ragged edges..
jude: Ready!
rjchase222: YES
kittekattz: yep ready!
connie_flying: yup
Fearless Leader: take one petal and elongate, wrap it around the tip
of something for the inner bud
marlea_anderson: yeppers
rickiebeth1: which sometimes happens when not using the wrp..
pamelasue1961 joined the room
mommaclara2001: Hi Pam
vlady6us: hi pam
rickiebeth1: Hi Pam...
Fearless Leader: take the smaller petals and wrap around the center
bud, work your way out with larger petals.
rjchase222: Hi Pam NJ is makin a rose for us!
rickiebeth1: a beautiful rose....
pamelasue1961: Hi all
marlea_anderson: hi pam
jude: Gorgeous, NJ!
mommaclara2001: So pretty.
jude: I like the two-toned look, too.
rickiebeth1: it is a very beautiful flower....
rjchase222: Thanks NJ I got it now!!!!!!!!! Had most of the steps
now I have them all heehee
MountainMaMaDuke: oops! sorry
rickiebeth1: the 2-tone is really a good effect...
kittekattz: very very pretty!!
mingapunga joined the room
mingapunga: hello everyone
mommaclara2001: Hello
rickiebeth1: Hello...glad you are here..
mingapunga: I'm so sorry, my guets just stepped out a few minutes
befor and now its nearby 1 o'clock, and I'M tired
rjchase222: Dang it NJ that looks like a real rose!!!!!!! Right out
of my GOH!! :)
marlea_anderson: taht's just beautiful
rickiebeth1: It is nice that you took the time to come here..
Fearless Leader: well here's a rose for sweet dreams Ulrike.
MountainMaMaDuke: I need to leave, have to get back to my Christmas
gift sewing projects. Hope that you all have a great night!
vlady6us: hi ulrike
Fearless Leader: you too Pauline, we closing down in 15 minutes
vlady6us: see ya pauline
rjchase222: bye
mommaclara2001: Goodnight Pauline
kittekattz: how do you finish off the back if you were to use it for
jewelry or something like that ?
marlea_anderson: bye
mingapunga: sweet dreams of roses, well sounds good
rickiebeth1: thank you Pauline...
MountainMaMaDuke: take care all!
Rossija: bye
pdduke2003 left the room
Fearless Leader: a quarter jar
Fearless Leader: with an open side so you can see the quarters
kittekattz: WOW ... that's gorgeous!!
rjchase222: yes NJ how wld one use it as a pin?
jude: Fingers there, no quarters! Humph!
connie_flying: or as earrings?
kittekattz: or a string of them as a necklace?
marlea_anderson: maybe a hair clip
Fearless Leader: dig
Fearless Leader: two dimensional sheet
jude: I've sliced off the bottom so they lay flat and then glue them
to things.
Fearless Leader: next to matching three dimensional flower
mingapunga: have a good time, my bed is waiting, hope the avis I
took will be fine, night
rjchase222: maybe attach it to a flat piece of clay & then after
cureing attach pin?
mommaclara2001: You would have to cut the back off, wouldn't you?
marlea_anderson: night- sleep tight
mingapunga left the room
rjchase222: yes some how u wld have to get the back side flat me
Fearless Leader: there's a pattern on the inside
jude: Neat, NJ.
rickiebeth1: if you use a pin back,,try to remember to also place a
sall amount of the clay around the pin back, for better hold..
rickiebeth1: small amount..
Fearless Leader: When you practice your flowers and practice you must
Fearless Leader: decorating a recycled jar is something to do with
the flowers you make
jude: I will press the pin back into the clay and then take it off.
Cure the piece and then glue the pin down and put a strip of clay
over it and cure again.
marlea_anderson: still decorating mine
rickiebeth1: Jude..perfect idea..
Fearless Leader: it's purely decorative, but it's a place to put a
sampler of flowers, quick gift item
kittekattz: great idea, though
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Here are some flower put onto pendants
kittekattz: LOL ... but not a "quick gift" for those of us who
haven't gotten the knack of this yet!
vlady6us: bye all. ty norajean
vlady6us: poof
Fearless Leader: See ya
vlady6us left the room
mommaclara2001: Do you bake them first, and put them on the jar, or
do you put them on the jar, and then bake?
Fearless Leader: both
marlea_anderson: i like the pendants a lot
Fearless Leader: I'll have made flowers for demo, cured them
Fearless Leader: laying about
Fearless Leader: then I have left over cane that made the flowers so
I press some slices to a sheet
rickiebeth1: Good bye to you all.......I had a wonderful time
watching and sending messages...
Fearless Leader: got to do something with them. See ya Rickie Beth
mommaclara2001: Where are the pendants?
rjchase222: by rickiebeth
Fearless Leader: in real life?
kittekattz: bye Rickiebeth
marlea_anderson: bye rickiebeth
mommaclara2001: Bye Rickie beth
Fearless Leader: where are the pendants in real life? or the link?
Fearless Leader:
rickiebeth1: I am really not good at leaving ...I need to go and
take care of my husband..he has a bad stomach...
mommaclara2001: The link.
Rossija: bye
mommaclara2001: Ok, thanks.
Fearless Leader: That link there, #4 of Christmas done
Fearless Leader: See ya Mary
rickiebeth1: and he says....BYE !!! Hewatches when he can....he
likes the demos...
mommaclara2001: :)Ricckie
Fearless Leader: we're closing up Rickie Beth, take care of Master
rickiebeth1: blessings to Everyone!!!
Rossija: Thanks for the demo, NJ. See ya'll next week
Fearless Leader: Next week is Christmas
Fearless Leader: isn't it?
mommaclara2001: Thank you Nora Jean.
Rossija: well, yes....
rickiebeth1: yes, it is..
Fearless Leader: Christmas day or something like that?
marlea_anderson: wow- it is
rjchase222: Thanks for the rose demo NJ!!!!! And of course all the
other parts of the demos!!
Fearless Leader: don't know how many of you are Muslim, Jewish or
Fearless Leader: but I'll log on
Fearless Leader: see who's on
connie_flying: I'll be here if you are
rickiebeth1 left the room
kittekattz: Thanks for the demo and for answering all my questions!!
I need to get my kids in the tub ... then OFF TO BED!
Rossija: so will I
mommaclara2001: Goodnight all.
rjchase222: I'll pop on to on Xmas day
rjchase222: Nite to ya all!!!!!!!!!!
Fearless Leader: Ok, we'll meet up for Christmas, Christmas eve too,
I'm not planning anything
Fearless Leader: my holidays are all done
Rossija: Night, Razma
mommaclara2001: Not me either.
rjchase222: Nite Rossija!!!
kittekattz: I'll try to check in on Christmas Day ... no promises,
Fearless Leader: last few minutes, any questions or need for links?
rossija9 left the room
Fearless Leader: or are we good to go?
kittekattz: thank you for everything NJ ... this was fabulous!
connie_flying: is there a way to make the rose into earrings?
marlea_anderson: thanks gfor everything nj
rjchase222: Thanks NJ
jude: Great demo, NJ! Thanks!
Fearless Leader: yes, Connie, stick it on something, a clip earring
finding or stick a wire through it and put it on a pierced finding
Fearless Leader: Good seeing you Jude, you came in for the rose, how
kittekattz: I'm in such awe of your talent!
connie_flying: of course
Fearless Leader: Naw, no Awe, you can do it
Fearless Leader: I'm just here to nudge
connie_flying: thanks for the demo NJ
kittekattz: ummm ... no I can't ... at least not YET! :-)
rjchase222: kittekattz if I can get the dcf figured out then u to
can do this! :)
Fearless Leader: You're all very welcome, and be patient with your
practice, it's not a race
jude: I love your roses, NJ. :D
mommaclara2001: Thank you.
kittekattz: working my way up there ... albeit slowly, but making
SOME progress!! LOL
jude: Night all!
Fearless Leader: there's no stop watch ticking, sneak up on it slowly
connie_flying: bye for now
jude: And, to all a good night!
Fearless Leader: Nighty Nighty all
rjchase222: just keep tryin kitte took me 3 months to get the dcf!
connie_flying left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm gonna bounce, feed James
Fearless Leader: xoxo
kittekattz: I haven't even tried that yet, Raz ... next year I
really want to work with my clay more ...

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