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2004 Holiday Marathon

12-24-04-6: End.... Filing faces, TLS links, First cure doesn't have to be perfect

Demo Stuff
Fearless Leader: Sixth Log, break time
Fearless Leader: brb
minimadness423: while we're taking a break...can
someone talk me through saving this chat in favorites?
Rossija: In the chat window, go to the chat pulldown
minimadness423: ok
Rossija: Choose Favorite rooms
minimadness423: k
Rossija: You should see the option to add a room.
Rossija: Top left corner of the caht window.
minimadness423: yep....
Rossija: Click on that.
Rossija: Repeat the procedure and you shoudl see *g
MSATClay Art as a favorite room.
minimadness423: got how do I get back in if
I bet bumped out
Rossija: When you get back into Yahoo Messenger,
There's a chat button on that window.
minimadness423: brb...cookies done
Rossija: K.
Rossija: Hi Julia
Rossija: Back at you! We're taking a quick break.
miss_meme_30: brb gotta do santa
miss_meme_30: lol
minimoon47 left the room
Shannon: I just wrote a note "from" Santa, thanking
Sammy for the cookies ;-)
Rossija: :-)
Fearless Leader: back, KathyL, when you want to get
back into this room and you have it saved as a
Favorite. On Yahoo Messenger Friend's list, there's
Chat, click that, open a temporary chat room, go into
it, then go to Favorite Rooms and the saved rooms will
be there
Fearless Leader: it's stupid
Fearless Leader: but it works and it's free, I keep on
reminding myself that
Fearless Leader: Yo Teddy
Fearless Leader: how ya doing Baby? Merry Christmas!
Fearless Leader: Velcro Jean to her seat please
Fearless Leader: shall we do roll call so everyone can
know one another's first name?
meplus5kids joined the room
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Rossija: Mary, Ohio
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans (while Yahoo lets me
stay on)
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: looks like folks are still on break
Fearless Leader: I'll take questions at this time, if
there are any
Fearless Leader: welcome back Teddy
julia_dodge joined the room
meplus5kids: Let me change the subject real quick, do
you have any tutes on using TLS?
Shannon: back! in West Virginia!
meplus5kids: I'm getting tuted out, but I love to read
and learn
julia_dodge: Teddy, Florida
Fearless Leader: For what use honey? I got tutes on
TLS and mini food
Fearless Leader: TLS and make up
Fearless Leader: TLS and Hair
meplus5kids: thats a good start
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: let me get you some links then
Fearless Leader:
meplus5kids: Thanks, again
Fearless Leader:
mini pasteries using TLS as glaze and whipped cream
Fearless Leader:
Biz-Archive/food/PBandJ/How-To-grp TLS
is used for PB&Js
pasadena_cal: Do you do hair on a dog or wolf like you
showed on the centaur but shorter?
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: hmmm, I think with short hair I'd do
something different, use faux wood grain and hit it
with a tooth brush. I have one sample on a guy
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Check out this guy's hair. It's faux
wood grain and then I sliced it and stippled it with a
tooth brush
Fearless Leader: 18-20 those pictures
minimadness423: late for class...GRIN...KathyL
Fearless Leader: This is informal KathyL, no worries
meplus5kids: I pulled up Shannon's handmovie, it went
so fast all I saw was the blur of blue
Fearless Leader: LOL, ya, that avi goes fast
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: if only sculpting went that fast,
minimadness423: last cookie batch in oven....oh
shoot...have to go get boiled custard off side porch
if pan isn't frozen to the concrete...LOL
Shannon: I think Ulrike had some avis on that too....
split up into seveal
Shannon: several
meplus5kids: lol
meplus5kids: brb, got 3 of the 4 kids to sleep. My
feverish 3 y/o wants to wait up for Santa!!
Fearless Leader: Ok, we're down to our last half hour
here. I've been on since 4pm and it's getting to 10pm,
so I'm fading. I'll take questions at this time. We
can continue the male's body tomorrow.
Shannon: hmmmmm..... I think I asked all my
questions...LOL all 200 of them!
Rossija: I'm fading fast, too. Looking forward to
tomorrow. Thanks, NJ!
Fearless Leader: but Shannon, don't sweat being
perfect for the first cure
meplus5kids: I'm back. Are you going to do the baby
Fearless Leader: build up in layers, cure many times
Rossija: Good night everyone!
Fearless Leader: Daddy and Baby tomorrow
meplus5kids: Nite
Fearless Leader: Night Night Mary
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas honey
Shannon: I'll try.... it will be tough... I've always
been that way... used to write poetry... and the first
one was it.... no changing allowed....LOL
meplus5kids: Great!!! My last baby I made looks like
an old man
Shannon: nite Mary!
minimadness423: i'm back...was able to yank pot off
the porch without spilling boiled custard
Shannon: I know what you mean!
Rossija: poof!
Shannon: yay!
minimadness423: nice round hole melted in ice though
rossija9 left the room
Fearless Leader: but clay is forgiving, and we are not
perfect, what we make the first curing isn't perfect,
doesn't have to be. It's not like the Iron Chef or
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: How funny
Shannon: LOL I guess I have to learn to be forgiving
also :-)
minimadness423: I worked on a maternity floor for 5
years...some babies are born looking like old men...
Fearless Leader: Tomorrow I'll work on the rest of the
male figure, make the baby, build a manger and show
you how to drape clay cloth.
Shannon: too true!
Fearless Leader: All babies look like Winston
Churchill, Mao or Edi Amin
Shannon: cool! sounds great! hope I get home in time
to catch it!
meplus5kids: After having 5 kids I should remember
they all look like old men
Shannon: my oldest was a conehead! LOL
Shannon: with pointy ears no less! LOL
Fearless Leader: Mine looked like Tokyo Cab Drivers
julia_dodge: I have a manger build now I need the holy
family in it
meplus5kids: My 2nd was a cone head for 2 days (after
28 hrs of labor)
minimadness423: oooooo a Spock baby...he will live
long and prosper
Fearless Leader: That's what I'm doing tomorrow Teddy,
a Nativity scene on Christmas
Fearless Leader: seems fitting, and it's for my MIL
Shannon: LOL 12 hours here, then an emergency C
section... wow
julia_dodge: yippee
meplus5kids: I just made a mini manger scene in a
cigar box. It came out great
Shannon: bet she'll love it NJ!
Fearless Leader: oh you should share the picture Jean
Shannon: oh we'd love to see it!
minimadness423: what a rude little
regards for his mama at all LOL
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: I asked her if she had issues with
religious sculpting, first, I didn't want to offend
meplus5kids: Still trying to get the battery eating
camera to load to the ancient computer
Shannon: awwwwwwww
Fearless Leader: she's 7th Day, I didn't know if it
was ok
Shannon: I don't know either.... but a gift is a
gift... :-)
Fearless Leader: when she said she was cool with it I
thought YEAH!
Shannon: LOL
pasadena_cal: What time tomorrow NJ???
Fearless Leader: Muslims have issues, First
Commandment beef and all that
Fearless Leader: Noon our time
minimadness423: that's good...I don't worship a
christmas tree, but I have two up...GRIN
Fearless Leader: OUR TIME
Fearless Leader: he he he
meplus5kids: Our time would be what?
Fearless Leader: PST
pasadena_cal: K
meplus5kids: Thanks
minimadness423: our time is CST here
Shannon: I've made 2 things for my MIL... she loves
them... they even talked to a craft/consignment store
owner on my behalf!!!
Fearless Leader: California Time
Fearless Leader: Wow, Shannon
minimadness423: I know...just being mischievious
maelindesigns joined the room
minimadness423: I want coal and twigs tonight
Shannon: I know! just the other day! the owner wants
me to bring some of my things in!!! wahoooo!
meplus5kids: Congrats, that's great!!!
Fearless Leader: That's great
julia_dodge: coal and twigs, makes warm
maelindesigns: Hi Everyone!
Shannon: thanks!! :-D
Shannon: hi Maelin
maelindesigns: Happy Ho, Ho, HO!
Fearless Leader: Howdy honey, we're powering down,
been on for about 6 hours
Shannon: right backatcha babe!
maelindesigns: I figured that was the case
maelindesigns: We were in teh midst of wrapping gifts
Fearless Leader: But it'll be a longer demo tomorrow,
from Noon PST until I fall over
julia_dodge: I am going to bed, Santa will be here
maelindesigns: Oh and watching our favorite Brit Show
- Monarch of the Glen
techi_mom56 left the room
Shannon: LOL NJ
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
julia_dodge: Happy Holidays
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Teddy
Shannon: Hi Julia
maelindesigns: I just might make it in tomorrow, as we
were able to re-schedule Christmas dinner to Sunday
julia_dodge: hi
pasadena_cal: Merry Christmas to all and to all good
julia_dodge: good nite
maelindesigns: Merry Christmas!
Fearless Leader: Yes, Merry Christmas everyone and
thank you for sharing Christmas Eve with me
Fearless Leader: one of the nicest Christmas Eves I've
had in a while
maelindesigns: NJ - it is a pleasure shairng any night
with you
Shannon: same to you! and everyone! Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Fearless Leader: he he he
Shannon: me too NJ! thank you so much for being here!
maelindesigns: You're one funny lady - NJ
meplus5kids: Merry Christmas everyone, enjoyed the
evening, THANKS for a wonderful Christmas Eve NJ.
pasadena_cal left the room
Fearless Leader: Happy Birthday Jesus, although the
History Channel is saying April 17th, 6BC is the real
maelindesigns: I told ya I thought it was in April
Fearless Leader: see, ya, we were right
Fearless Leader: them shepards is the give away
Shannon: I know NJ.... the bible is not specific....
so we'll go with this one for now ;-)
maelindesigns: Close to my birthday - very cool of
Jesus to be born that time of year
Shannon: LOL Maelin
Fearless Leader: So we can celebrate both birthdays in
April, yes?
techi_mom56 left the room
Shannon: there ya go!
minimadness423: Happy Holidays everyone!
maelindesigns: Absolutely, NJ! I'll share my birthday
with Jesus this one time. LOL
maelindesigns: I'm in a really good mood for some
reason. :)
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to get some food. Rest
up and if you can make it I'll see you tomorrow for
the Nativity Scene
Shannon: that's great!!!
Fearless Leader: I got this idea for a grotto, and we
can do faux wood grain for the manger
Shannon: ok NJ.... have a great nite! tell James hi
and Merry Christmas! ((((Hugggg))))))
maelindesigns: I bought the funniest thing at JoAnn
Fabric called a "Bah Humbug" it is a sheep that poops
choclat jellyb eans
Fearless Leader: Thank you I'll pass the greeting to
Fearless Leader: YIKES
Shannon: LOLOLOL
Fearless Leader: YIKES and YOW
Fearless Leader: LOL
maelindesigns: I finally ate one the other day after
much trepidation and I bought the dang thing!
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: giggle
maelindesigns: I dare ya to eat one when you visit, NJ
- double dare ya
meplus5kids: I must have missed the sheep at Joanns
Fearless Leader: I'll take the dare
maelindesigns: they were at the front counter
maelindesigns: I'll remember that and we have
witnesses - LOL
Shannon: hehehehe
meplus5kids: Just take pictures!!
Shannon: on Cam!!!
Fearless Leader: how funny. Ok ClayMates. I'm off to
eat Middle Eastern Food and think that Jesus might
have eaten this.
maelindesigns: NJ - we should get ya some tartan so
you can be honorary Clan MacGill
Shannon: ok! nite NJ!
Fearless Leader: Debbie, Orientals in Plaid, I dunno
maelindesigns: Jesus more than likely ate Middle
Eastern food -very good food, too
Fearless Leader: it's like Caucasians in Kimonos
Shannon: LOLOL
Fearless Leader: it's sort of... hmmmm :-/
meplus5kids: Nite NJ, gotta get the 3y/o and his
necked barbie he calls Starfire to bed. Nite all.
maelindesigns: LOL NJ we have one oriental lady in our
group - she looks great, too
Shannon: hey.... I want a Sari!
maelindesigns: LOL
Fearless Leader: So Sari, didn't mean to make you cly
maelindesigns: Randy will wear a kilt for ya if you
wear tartan - LOL
Shannon: oh my!!! gotta get that cam out!!!LOL
maelindesigns: that boy looks fine in a kilt, too
Fearless Leader: LOL
Shannon: oh NJ!!!! LOL
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I was wondering if someone would
catch that
Shannon: ;-)
maelindesigns: NJ - did you want to shop the fabric
district while you're visiting? I saw real silk for
Fearless Leader: ok, Nighty Night all, Merry Christmas
if you're unable to come visit tomorrow.
Fearless Leader: xoxox
Shannon: got me thinking about kilts now.... and the
big redhead from Braveheart.... dang! LOL
Fearless Leader: Debbie we will chat some time this
week end, yes?
Shannon: nite NJ!
Fearless Leader: xoxo
maelindesigns: I'll do my best to stop in tomororw -
other wise Merry Christmas!!

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