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2004 Holiday Marathon

Christmas Evening - Second Log - Sculpting a Man's Face and Color Cards Review

Demo Stuff
I didn't save at the top of the hour and all that was
missed was roll call and some social chat.

jill_z_q: How as dinner Nancy?
frogger70301: and we got to have a snowball fight!
jill_z_q: sounds fun :)
frogger70301: it was...
jill_z_q: I went to my folks and they had some friends
jill_z_q: and my mom gave everyone a reading lol
nancy: cousins house..those who werent
there got to talk to them on the phone
nancy: except my cousin son who is in Iraq..
jill_z_q: we actually celebrate hanuakah but they were
on vacaction during the time
jill_z_q: that is too bad Nancy :(
nancy: hes good..misses everyone and lovveess care
jill_z_q: I bet
nancy: going ot make him grin...send him some of my
favorite sunburn cure
alix: I donated 200 min on my calling card to
servicemen in Iraq ... Sam's Club project.
frogger70301: oh, that sounds wonderful!
Rossija: Dang, gotta get to bed before I fall
face-down on the keyboard.
Shannon (clayladyinred) joined the room
hlynn1975: gotta go here too. Hope everyone has a good
Fearless Leader: Sweet Dreams Mary
jill_z_q: that wouldn't be good keyboards can hurt
hlynn1975 left the room
Shannon: hey! I just realized you all were here!
Fearless Leader: and Heather
Rossija: NJ, when are you starting tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: LOL I sent out invites
nancy: used it on him once when he was little...he was
a sunburned puppy and it helped him
jill_z_q: I was still here from before rofl
Fearless Leader: Around Noon I reckon
Rossija: Cool. I'll be back from after Christmas sales
by then!
Rossija: Goodnight all!
Fearless Leader: LOL Ok Mary see you tomorrow, First
Day of Kwanzaa
miss_meme_30: nite
Rossija: poof
rossija9 left the room
Fearless Leader: we might have a new person showing up
Fearless Leader: she just added me to her Friend's
list and I just sent her an invite
dianemquinlan joined the room
Shannon: cool! still here for a while NJ?
You have invited dianemquinlan to view your webcam.

frogger70301: Hiya, Diane!
Shannon: hi Diane
miss_meme_30: hiya diane!
alix: Hi Diane
Fearless Leader: Diane I just sent you an invite to
the cam, I'm sculpting a man's face, God Willing
jill_z_q: Howdy Diane
Fearless Leader: Let's do a roll call for Diane so she
comes to know who we are and where we're from, First
name and Location Please
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Shannon: <<--West Virginia
frogger70301: Mitch, Louisiana
meplus5kids: Jean in New Orleans
Kat Indpls IN: Kat Indianapolis Indiaa
alix: Alix Hickory NC
Kat Indpls IN: Indiana
jyladams: Jyl - Gig Harbor WA (western ie warm side)
jill_z_q: Suzy in So Calif
miss_meme_30: Missy VA
nancy: nancy clatskanie, oregon..
dianemquinlan: Oh...I'm so excited to be here! I
didn't realise a demo was in progress....hope I didn't
interrupt anything. Hello to everyone!
Fearless Leader: Oh Honey you're more than welcome
Fearless Leader: we're friendly and very chatty so
feel at home and Merry Christmas
miss_meme_30: glad to have you join us diane
miss_meme_30: we all have been late a time or two
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: what do you like to do?
vlady6us joined the room
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
miss_meme_30: hiya sandie
vlady6us: hi missy
miss_meme_30: hiya doug
vlady6us: hi doug
Fearless Leader: Ladies can you tell Diane how to do a
save for Favorite room and to make sure her cam is
"always on top"? Thanks
Shannon: hi Vlady and Doug
vlady6us: hi shannon
dianemquinlan: Where is my cam? I don't see anything.
Shannon: sure, click Chat at the top of your box, go
down to Favorite Rooms, and click Add
miss_meme_30: webcam always on top.....look at top of
webcam viewer under the word webcam hit always on top
DTIntermart: hi all!!
vlady6us: hello doug
Shannon: Diane, go to your friends list and click the
link beside msatclayart to pull the cam up
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Doug! (*)
vlady6us: hi jean
vlady6us: hi nj
alix: Got to run ...back muscles locking up LOL ...
see everyone tomorrow
vlady6us: hello everyone
alixnc left the room
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Sandi!
DTIntermart: wow Nj did not expectto find yu still on!
have you eaten?
miss_meme_30: she just came back from dinner with
miss_meme_30: i know she had
Shannon: hey Missy! did you get my message on yahoo
last night?
miss_meme_30: no :(
miss_meme_30: my daughter might have gotten it
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: what did i miss?
Shannon: ok... darn yahoo.... my daughter, Celeena,
asked if Britney had got the note she wrote her in the
package we sent?
miss_meme_30: yes!
dianemquinlan: OK, it says it's waiting for permission
from msatclayart.....
miss_meme_30: we are gettin thru the holidays and i
think she is goin to try to write back!
Shannon: oh great! I think Celeena was hoping she'd
like to chat or email with her sometime :-)
Shannon: ok! she'd love that!
miss_meme_30: chat would be great!
nancy: brb..gotta do something
miss_meme_30: she is alien_brat92
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: Diane.... are you on a slow connection? it
might take a bit.... if not, close that and try again
miss_meme_30: have to explain that one of these days
miss_meme_30: lol
vlady6us: oops. gotta get going. night poof
vlady6us left the room
jill_z_q: Oh I wanna to share with you a Yorkie
Ornament I did custom order
jill_z_q: check it ou t
Shannon: ok, Missy... I'll write that down... I forget
exactly what hers is at the moment
miss_meme_30: lol
dianemquinlan: I have a DSL line but I'll close it and
try again.
frogger70301: That is so cute!
You have invited dianemquinlan to view your webcam.

Shannon: her email is, if she'd
like to send her a note!
miss_meme_30 left the room
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Shannon: ok, got it yet Diane?
jill_z_q: didn't it turn out good Mitch? :)
miss_meme_30: pop that link again please
Fearless Leader: I sent Diane another invite to the
cam, everyone in the chat room should be able to open
jill_z_q: I wasn't sure if just my pain hazed or not
frogger70301: I think it's wonderful!
Shannon: that's adorable Jill!
dianemquinlan: It said network error while connecting
to server. I'll keep trying. What is NJ doing??
Fearless Leader: I was getting the rough draft of this
man's face. Is Diane having difficulty getting cam?
jill_z_q: Thanks they are so fun to make
miss_meme_30: adorable!
Fearless Leader: odd, let me send you another invite
to Cam
miss_meme_30: did everyone see my bracelet?
You have invited dianemquinlan to view your webcam.

jill_z_q: is your firewall effecting the connection?
Fearless Leader: Diane sent you another invite. Ya,
Firewall, someone walk her though that please
jill_z_q: I did, its really adorable bracelet
jyladams: whT JUST happened? My web cam disappeared!!
Shannon: dang, I'm not a firewall person....
miss_meme_30: me either
jill_z_q: me either just that I use to get that
message when I couldn't view the cam
jill_z_q: but now I get prompt so I can say yes allow
Shannon: that's weird Jyl..... Diane is having trouble
getting it up at all... maybe yahoo is being dumb
jyladams: Nevermind........... My fault!
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: Diane is now off line
Fearless Leader: and now back online
jyladams: He really is very masculine isn't he?
Fearless Leader: ok, now what makes him masculine?
Shannon: Missy, did you get the email address for her
that I sent before you got booted?
miss_meme_30: no dang it
Shannon: wider jaws?
miss_meme_30: lol
Fearless Leader: What differences in his face, even at
this stage makes this a man's face?
jyladams: brow and jaw line
jill_z_q: That nose
frogger70301: jaw and browline
Shannon: ok, it's
miss_meme_30: ty
Fearless Leader: stronger jaw, stronger brow line.
Because men have a stronger pre frontal lobe, their
foreheads slope backwards
Shannon: larger nose
meplus5kids: Back again
Shannon: yw Missy!
jill_z_q: yw?
miss_meme_30: your welcome
Shannon: ahhhh.... they're more aerodynamic!!! LOL
jill_z_q: ah
jyladams: no boobs either I noticed
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: LOL
meplus5kids: lol
Shannon: especially on their face! at least not
yet..... hehehe
pasadena_cal: Hi doug
jyladams: The tool you are using, like a paint brush
with a firm butter tip?
miss_meme_30: clay shaper
pasadena_cal: They are talking about the differences
in men!!!
miss_meme_30: size 0
jyladams: rubber rubber!
jill_z_q: this one is an enuch
jill_z_q: blinks
jyladams: an actual (for sale) tool? From where?
Shannon: or
meplus5kids: Clay Alley has them
Shannon: they are group members, and will give a
discount if you tell them you're in the group!
miss_meme_30: i got mine at pcyour way
miss_meme_30: lol
dtintermart left the room
jyladams: do they come in smaller sizes?
DTIntermart (dtintermart) joined the room
miss_meme_30: 0 is the smallest
Fearless Leader: Welcome back Doug
DTIntermart: hai again
miss_meme_30: i think the largest is 6?
DTIntermart: hi even
miss_meme_30: wb
Shannon: LOL
DTIntermart: NJ have you eaten?
meplus5kids: Hi Doug
Fearless Leader: I'm stuffed like a goose, Doug
Fearless Leader: helping Diane get back in
jyladams: I have been using a rubber, dental gum
stimulator stuck on the end of a toothpick... LOL
DTIntermart: just making sure, this has been a long
demo :)
jyladams: I did not know somebody actually sold the
things! LOL
Shannon: hmmmmm.... first time I've heard of that tool
miss_meme_30: me too
Shannon: oh yeah! I'd love to get a set of the tiny
ones myself!
jyladams: what is the clay tonight?
Shannon: I'm not sure what type NJ is using...
Fearless Leader: Questions?
Fearless Leader: I'm trying to help Diane but she's
not answering the IMs
Shannon: Jyl wondered what type of clay you're using
jill_z_q: premo I assume
jyladams: which clay are you using?
Fearless Leader: Premo. That's what I use
Fearless Leader: I find that Kato clay is too firm for
Shannon: is the premo better than the sculpeyIII? I
know it's made by the same people....
miss_meme_30: where can we find the white(softer)
miss_meme_30: i DO NOT like S3!
Fearless Leader: my hands hurt and I do everything to
make my life easier, using the food processor, making
sure the clay is warm and soft enough for the taffy
pull. Kato and Fimo are both too hard for me.
miss_meme_30: brittle
Shannon: really? I got some fimo a while back, and it
seemed soft compared to the sculpeyIII
miss_meme_30: might have to check into gettin more
Fearless Leader: I have other things to do with my
hands other than wrestle hard clay. Now for folks who
have hot hands, who live in hot areas, maybe the
firmer clay would be good for you.
miss_meme_30: i do love my kato
jyladams: Are you just using the flesh color base and
mixing raw umber acrylic for color?
Shannon: Missy one of the two sellers on the list have
those white tipped shapers
miss_meme_30: did u get fimo soft?
Shannon: I'm not sure Missy... it might have been
miss_meme_30: will have to email rickie beth then
jyladams: I do not know about kato
miss_meme_30: fimo soft is just
Shannon: Jyl, I believe NJ mixes white and burnt umber
for her skin
miss_meme_30: yep i think she does roo
miss_meme_30: too
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: oh ok.... that's probably what I got then....
Shannon: roo...LOL
jyladams: does premo come in burnt umber, or does she
use acrylic paint to tint with?
miss_meme_30: hush woman
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: oh no, it's clay burnt umber
miss_meme_30: comes in that color
Fearless Leader: helping Diane again
Shannon: hehehehe So sowwy!
Shannon: ok NJ
miss_meme_30: premo uses paint colors so that u can
match them with paints too
Fearless Leader: scrolling back, I never add paint to
my clay
Fearless Leader: I avoid buying additional supplies to
keep my tutes accessable to poor folks
miss_meme_30: me either too messy
miss_meme_30: lol
miss_meme_30: like me
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: and me ;-)
jyladams: I have never seen premo in burnt umber, just
basic flesh color. Can you tint it with acrylic paint?
Fearless Leader: so I keep the color choice basic,
tools just the most basic
meplus5kids: and me!
Fearless Leader: Burnt Umber is a color I've been
buying with Premo for years
Shannon: I don't think they carry it in a lot of
stores.... I'm pretty sure one of the group sellers
has it
meplus5kids: I can't find Premo locally, I have to buy
it on-line
Shannon: NJ which of the ladies has premo?
Fearless Leader: Get ahold of Karen at ClayAlley
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: mention that you're a list member and
if you buy pounds of clay you'll get a discount
Fearless Leader: want to know the colors I always get?

jyladams: I've ordered from Clayalley before - thanks
meplus5kids: yes
jyladams: yes please
Fearless Leader: Primary colors: Cadmium Red, Zinc
Yellow, Cobalt Blue
Fearless Leader: Black, white, pearl, translucent
Fearless Leader: from there you can mix secondary
colors or Orange, Green and Purple and control your
jyladams: Since I have been working nights, I have
missed your tutes - good to be back tonight
Shannon: wonder how much shipping would be on a few
DTIntermart: those cards are nice nj
miss_meme_30: i think like 4 bucks but dont quote me
Shannon: I don't quite understand what they are though
Shannon: thanks Missy
Fearless Leader: let me get you the link
Fearless Leader:
jyladams: I work in Quarter (1/48th) scale, so a
little goes a really l l o o o n g way for me
Shannon: thanks!
miss_meme_30: that is how she mixes the colors
miss_meme_30: so that she keeps up with all the colors
Shannon: ok!
Fearless Leader: Ok, let me tell you what different
things are
miss_meme_30: i need to do that for
Fearless Leader: that is blue out of the pack
meplus5kids left the room
Fearless Leader: the twisted line means blue and white
mixed half and half
dianemquinlan left the room
dianemquinlan joined the room
Fearless Leader: WOW Diane
meplus5kids joined the room
miss_meme_30: wb diane
Fearless Leader: and Jean
Fearless Leader: ok, to review
miss_meme_30: and jean
Fearless Leader:
meplus5kids: Got kicked out AGAIN
dianemquinlan: I'm back from outer space!
Shannon: dang!
Fearless Leader: Ok, Diane are you going to get cam
from the Friend's list?
Fearless Leader: click on my cam link from the
Friend's list?
dianemquinlan: Is that the chatters list?
Shannon: yes Diane
Shannon: your friends list.... not this particular
Shannon: the Main yahoo messenger window is what it is
Fearless Leader: it's one way of getting the cam open,
go to your Friend's list, the Yahoo Messenger's
Friend's list that has all the people you've added,
like me.
Fearless Leader: by my name should be a live link,
saying Christmas Open Cam or something
Fearless Leader: if you right click on that, choose
view webcam, that works for MAC users
meplus5kids left the room
meplus5kids joined the room
Fearless Leader: Jean, glue that girl down
meplus5kids: I sneezed and hit the key board that time
Shannon: people come and go so quickly around here...
to quote Dorothy LOL
miss_meme_30: lol
Shannon: LOL
dianemquinlan: I was at that page...I wonder where it
is now....
frogger70301: oh, wow... just realized the time...
gotta get my butt to bed so I can get up early and hit
Fearless Leader: Ok, I'm going to walk through this
color card. The far left is blue out of the pack, the
twisted blue and white tells me the next ribbon is
half blue and half white, that's the third from the
left. With me so far?
Fearless Leader: Sweet Dreams Mitch
Shannon: nite Frogger!
frogger70301: nite all... catch yall tyomorrow!
meplus5kids: Night Frogger
miss_meme_30: nite
frogger70301: :-*
jyladams: very clearly laid out - good job!
frogger70301 left the room
Fearless Leader: with me so far on this color card?
Shannon: yep
Fearless Leader: Now what does the twisted blue and
yellow mean then?
jyladams: green
miss_meme_30: half half
Fearless Leader: and that green is where?
miss_meme_30: the bottom green
Fearless Leader: to the right.
Fearless Leader: Ok the little black heart and that
dark bit means? Anyone?
Shannon: you added a bit of black?
jyladams: add a lil; dark bit and you get darker shade
Fearless Leader: If we took blue and yellow, half and
half, then added one portion of black that little
ribbon is what we'll get
Fearless Leader: and if we added a bit of white?
Fearless Leader: we'd get that pastel green
Fearless Leader: if we added a ration of black to that
pastel green we get the green for olives in a martini
pasadena_cal: The top green wide is the same shade (to
my computer) as the bottom one.
jyladams: k
Fearless Leader: Now let's look at another color card
and see if we can figure it out
Shannon: me too Cal
Fearless Leader: That's one ribbon, that's why
pasadena_cal: OH
Shannon: is that middle one a dark green or black?
Fearless Leader: that middle bit was green from half
yellow and half blue with one portion of black, it is
on top of the basic green
jyladams: very clear what makes up which pink
Shannon: ok... I see now....
miss_meme_30: oic now!
Fearless Leader: now, from the left is Cadmium Red out
of the pack
pasadena_cal: OK very little black makes very dark!!!
Fearless Leader: twised with white, makes the third
from the left the "basic" pink
Shannon: when you say a "portion"... are you using the
Half amount that you mixed previously?
Fearless Leader: Two hearts is two portions of white
and the circle is the resulting pink
Shannon: if that made sense...??
Fearless Leader: equal portions
Shannon: ok
miss_meme_30: largest settin on the pm?
Fearless Leader: to get a really pale pink we need one
portion of red and three portions of white
miss_meme_30: the cut out hearts that is
Fearless Leader: The thickness on this card is not
important. The thickness of the portions you're mixing
should be standard, how ever thick it is
miss_meme_30: ty
Fearless Leader: we want to have a basic measure, so
just be consistant with yourself, if you use the
thickest setting, always use the thickest setting. If
you use the narrowest, always use that so you can know
what the ratios are.
Fearless Leader: ok, so the twisted rope of Cadmium
Red and Zinc Yellow is this one
Fearless Leader: the ribbon next to it is the
resulting orange
Fearless Leader: adding one white portion to that, is
the lowest circle
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN (shargoose) joined the room
Shannon: hi Sharon!
Fearless Leader: adding two portions of white is the
middle circle
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hi
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Sharon!
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Merry Christmas to you NJ
miss_meme_30: hi sharon
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Just popped in for a few
Fearless Leader: Ok, now here's something different.
What if we took a pale orange and mixed pink with it?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Hubby and I have bad colds:(
Fearless Leader: it's a peach color
Fearless Leader: I'm sorry you're not feeling well.
Shim Poi Poi
miss_meme_30: so pale orange and pink=peach
Shannon: awwwww ((((Hugggg)))))
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Thank you , sniffle sniffle,
hack wheeze
miss_meme_30: kewl
miss_meme_30: ewwwww i have ur
Fearless Leader: Now red and blue twisted rope gives
us a very dark purple,
miss_meme_30: looks black
miss_meme_30: lol
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Whatcha doin' Kat?
Fearless Leader: with one heart of white, one portion
of white, we get a lighter purple, two portions of
white a dark lavender, three portions of white a pale
Fearless Leader: Ok, what if we mixed gold, silver and
copper to the primary colors of red, blue and yellow?
Fearless Leader: what if?
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Pearl colors
miss_meme_30: i have no idea
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Added sparkle
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Sparklies
miss_meme_30: wow i like those
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: I love sparklies
Fearless Leader: nifty
Shannon: ooooohhh aaaahhhhh
dianemquinlan: don't know...your descriptions are
good.....I feel like I can almost see them
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: That will help you Diane
Fearless Leader: all these are in that portion of the
Shannon: I'm getting screenshots as you point too NJ,
that should help as she goes through the log
dianemquinlan: thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: so, zinc yellow with pearl, gets you
a yellow that will pop, yellow out of the pack is
translucent and disappears between dark green, don't
make that miscalculation
Fearless Leader: everyone does
Fearless Leader: add gold to that, more gold and more
gold, keep track of what you get this way
pasadena_cal: Can you go back to the red card. The 4th
bar you said was a light orange. How did you get to
that color?
Fearless Leader: belay that, more yellow to gold I
Fearless Leader: let me see if another lighting
setting works better
Fearless Leader: that's better
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Much better lighting
Fearless Leader: it's a pedantic way of working
through the colors, step by step
Fearless Leader: starting with primary colors of red,
blue and yellow
pasadena_cal: At the bottom you have one heart on the
bar. Does that mean you added 1 part of white to the
left bar?
Fearless Leader: adding white, black, pearl, gold
Fearless Leader: yes, Cal, you got it
Fearless Leader: and two hearts mean?
pasadena_cal: double the white fun
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I love you
Fearless Leader: LOL
dianemquinlan: two parts of white!
Fearless Leader: Atta Girl, Diane
Fearless Leader: even without the Cam
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: You all have a great
Christmas night
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Taking my achey body to bed
dianemquinlan: I have a vivid imagination....
Fearless Leader: Feel better Sharon and Stu too
Shargoose=Sharon V in TN: Love you all
Shannon: you too Sharon! nite! feel better!
Fearless Leader: Ok, now here's another card
miss_meme_30: nite
shargoose left the room
miss_meme_30 left the room
dianemquinlan: you, too Sharon....goodnight
Shannon: Zowie!!! now that's a color card!!!
miss_meme_30 joined the room
Fearless Leader: taking primary and secondary colors
and mixing pearl, gold or silver with those colors
miss_meme_30: now its gettin confusing
miss_meme_30: lol
pasadena_cal: Oh my
Fearless Leader: ok, now dig, keep track of your
blends this way too
miss_meme_30: my mind doesnt work well at night
Fearless Leader: if you twist a blend you get a nice
sea shell
Fearless Leader: ok, what if you need brown and don't
have brown? What do you do?
Shannon: red and blue?
Fearless Leader: you can mix the primary colors to
make a brown, that's what
jyladams: red & Green
pasadena_cal: Red yellow with a pinch of blue
Shannon: what color are the top hearts?
Fearless Leader: all primary colors put together get a
brown, if you add translucent to it, or pearl, or
white, you can alter that home made brown
Fearless Leader: translucent bits
Shannon: ahhh
Fearless Leader: Now what if you needed some obscure
color, like Fushia?
miss_meme_30: well guys its 12:15 am here....gotta get
up for church in the morn...nite all hope to see ya
here tomorrow!!!!!
Fearless Leader: and you tried this and that, how do
you keep track?
Shannon: nite Missy!
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night Missy
miss_meme_30: thanks for the demo nj
pasadena_cal: Go to the color mix site
Shannon: LOL
Fearless Leader: the primary colors are on the upper
Fearless Leader: that was for the photo calibration
Fearless Leader: and that pile of dots and leaves and
lines are the experiment of Fushia
Fearless Leader: like a flow chart, sort of
Shannon: can you show us the order you went in?
jyladams: gotta hit the hay too - what time tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: Noon Tomorrow honey
Shannon: nite Jyl
Fearless Leader: which order. Gosh
jyladams: thanks so much - it was so good to see
everybody and I always learns so much!
Fearless Leader: I started with one portion of red,
then 7 portions of pearl, then three portions of
Shannon: well, I mean, did you mix the basics first,
and go from there?
jyladams left the room
Fearless Leader: then I branched off and tried
different combinations
dianemquinlan: I'm signing off too....I'll try this
again tomorrow at Noon! Hopefully, I can get to the
cam thn. Thanks for pulling me in NJ. Merry Christmas
to all and to all a Good Night.
Shannon: nite Diane!
Fearless Leader: Merry Christmas Diane and check out
firewall issues
Fearless Leader: that might be the boggle
dianemquinlan: will do
Fearless Leader: good, see you tomorrow and hopefully
you'll see me too
Shannon: ok, so when looking at the pic, the bottom
right color is red... it looks sort of orangey to
me... gotcha
Fearless Leader: Now if all y'all are interested in
making color cards we can devote a demo to that
Fearless Leader: Cadmium Red is warm in tone
Shannon: oh ok....
Fearless Leader: Here is mixing pearl with copper on
the left
Fearless Leader: making a green with blue and GOLD
Fearless Leader: Gold can stand in for Yellow, Copper
can stand in for Red, Silver can stand in for Blue
Shannon: that's a good thing to know
Fearless Leader: and you can do the same steps in
seeing what mixes you can get substituting these metal
colors for the primary colors. It's not going to look
the same, it's just a different color equation.
Fearless Leader: Yikes I better save log
Fearless Leader: brb

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