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12-24-05-6: One Flower Cane Makes Many Flowers

12-24-05 Demo Log Index




norajean_sf: I'll save log at this point... brb
vlady6us: cool nj
phyllisinvegas has left the conference.

mousefingers1: no--not good and of course no back up
vlady6us: thats horrible pam
mousefingers1: 8-| i know
mousefingers1: I'm an idiot
vlady6us: awwwwwwww no u arent
mousefingers1: and joe blow put my computer together
of about that software issue
vlady6us: bummer
mousefingers1: ya, tell me about it
vlady6us: to bad u dont live in chicago area. my son
would fix it
nefret111: gorgeous flower!
mousefingers1: ya, I'm an idiot....I paid him rather
well according to what I've heard
vlady6us: thats to bad
mousefingers1: especially for what I haveX-(
vlady6us: LOL
mousefingers1: I wish your son could zap a fix
vlady6us: me too
vlady6us: he has his own company...all puter stuff
mousefingers1: curse words flying
vlady6us: LOL pam
mousefingers1: can he send netscape?
mousefingers1: lost it for all applications
vlady6us: i can ask him pam
mousefingers1: >:D<:x:-*
vlady6us: as soon as i see him on line again
mousefingers1: thanks
vlady6us: no problems
norajean_sf: ok, is everyone back?
mommaclara2001 has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: I tried to move my clay stuff into the
computer room, it wasnt' possible for me to do it by
vlady6us: wb mommaclara
norajean_sf: Or are we waiting for one more person to
reboot? Oh there's Momma
vlady6us: oh no pam
mommaclara2001: Thank you.
You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

mousefingers1: Ya, that's why I was away
mousefingers1: Nora, what's on the agenda next?
vlady6us: poor pam...
norajean_sf: Now let's all introduce ourselves and
let's see if Momma can see everyone
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
vlady6us: sandie florida
mousefingers1: I couldn't move my clay stuff by
myself, and I didn't get any help to move it before
mousefingers1: Pam, UT
vlady6us: bummer pam
mousefingers1: :((
leasbeadheaven: Lea, NY
vlady6us: awwwwwwww dont cry sweetie
thailanat: nat - france
mommaclara2001: Clara WV
mousefingers1: I'm bummed I missed out on the flower
norajean_sf: Momma how many people can you see type?
mousefingers1: really really bummed
vlady6us: oh no
mousefingers1: big tears
norajean_sf: I will do another flower Pam
mommaclara2001: Four, I think.
norajean_sf: this is just the first one is all
mousefingers1: EYAH,
mousefingers1: yeah
mommaclara2001: I think I have them now.
mousefingers1: yipee
vlady6us: way cool momma
norajean_sf: so we're waiting for Phyllis?
vlady6us: yes
norajean_sf: I'll go potty then, yeah, more
information than all y'all need. LOL
norajean_sf: brb
vlady6us: lol
mousefingers1: lol she is a riot
mommaclara2001: Sure is a pretty flower.
mousefingers1: yes it is...
mommaclara2001: I am going to get me a cup of skinny
leasbeadheaven: what's skinny soup?
mousefingers1: sandie, I just sent im to your other
leasbeadheaven: I can use some of that myself
mommaclara2001: It is soup made with vegetables, that
don,t have a lot of calories.
mommaclara2001: Been eating to many sweets.
leasbeadheaven: you & me both
mousefingers1: I've had that skinny soup. It's good
vlady6us: we can all share the chili hubby is cooking.
just did a taste test. yummy
nefret111: sounds delicious!
mousefingers1: it is..
phyllisinvegas has joined the conference.

vlady6us: wb phyllis
You have invited phyllisinvegas to view your webcam.

mousefingers1: faints on vlady6us
vlady6us: lol pam
norajean_sf: Ok, so we're all back from rebooting
vlady6us: its pretty good
vlady6us: hes gonna make cornbread too
norajean_sf: let me share with you two links, it's how
to take one flower cane like this and make it into
different flowers
vlady6us: ok. ty nj
mousefingers1: good, my butt is ready to sit in this
wheel chair for a while
norajean_sf: and
norajean_sf: When people ask me to make them a flower
cane, like to sell, I hesitate
norajean_sf: because it is not how the cane looks
before slicing that is relevant
norajean_sf: it is what you do after you slice the
cane that will make or break your flower.
vlady6us: could you add directions with a cane nj?
norajean_sf: If you can check those two links and then
come back we can discuss this more.
norajean_sf: Sandie I'm not sure if I understand your
norajean_sf: Oh adding directions when sending a cane
vlady6us: you said u hesitate to sell a cane like
that. u could add directions to how to assemble
vlady6us: maybe
vlady6us: yeah. lol
nefret111: the flower is gorgeous, as are the tutes!
Thank you!  must go, now - take care all and Happy
Holy Days!
vlady6us: im really liking that flower.
phyllisinvegas: bye nefret
vlady6us: bye nefret
phyllisinvegas: have a good holiday
vlady6us: happy holidays to you
mommaclara2001: Bye Nyfret
norajean_sf: That's what the two flower sections on my
sites are for. My hope is that folks learn how to make
a couple of different flower canes and by manipulating
them in the various ways that one can they can do more
for themselves than I can.
nefret111: bye phyllis and v and momma and all
nefret111 has left the conference.

vlady6us: i sure will jn.
vlady6us: mj
vlady6us: nj
norajean_sf: LOL
vlady6us: wow. 3rd time is a charm
norajean_sf: That's right
phyllisinvegas: lol
vlady6us: dyslexic fingers to day
norajean_sf: Ok, did everyone get to check out those
two links?
phyllisinvegas: yes
vlady6us: i saved them to read later on
norajean_sf: and see how one flower cane can make a
bunch of different flowers?
vlady6us: when i can concentrate
mommaclara2001: Yes
leasbeadheaven: I saved them too
vlady6us: cool
norajean_sf: bringing someone in, brb
lvmypolymerclay has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi lynn
mommaclara2001: Hi Lynn
You have invited lvmypolymerclay to view your webcam.

lvmypolymerclay: Howdy
norajean_sf: Lynn, I just shared two links on how one
flower cane can make many different flowers, in 3D,
that is.
vlady6us: hey lynn. hows your part of florida???
lvmypolymerclay: Thanks NJ
lvmypolymerclay: This part is looking good Sandie
lvmypolymerclay: Nice temps
vlady6us: gonna rain tomorrow
lvmypolymerclay: no rain
lvmypolymerclay: yeah I know
vlady6us: bummer
norajean_sf: Pam which part of the flower petal did
you miss?
lvmypolymerclay: better than snow though....I think :
norajean_sf: or shall I do the flower petal again, but
this time not stop and type?
mommaclara2001: We had 60 degrees here. No snow for
mousefingers1: sorry Nora, I was looking at the tute
vlady6us: cool momma
lvmypolymerclay: I like the blue in that flower
norajean_sf: Pam which part of the flower demo did you
miss. I was thinking...
vlady6us: that sounds good nj
norajean_sf: dangerous that
phyllisinvegas: It is 75 and wonderful today in Vegas
norajean_sf: I was thinking of doing the same flower
petal but inverting it
mousefingers1: :"> all of it
norajean_sf: so the red is at the top
norajean_sf: how's that?
vlady6us: oh cool nj
phyllisinvegas: sounds neat NJ
mousefingers1: turns away from norajean_sf and blushes
norajean_sf: Ok, while I do this again, there's no
need for me to stop and type, I'll just barrel
through. The typing is in the logs I've sent
norajean_sf: ok?
mousefingers1: GREAT
phyllisinvegas: k
leasbeadheaven: sure
mommaclara2001: Yes, fine
lvmypolymerclay: k
norajean_sf: you all just chitty chat with each other
for we are here to have company and good cheer
vlady6us: ok cool
norajean_sf: great, I'll go do that and while I do
hold off any questions for me until I type again.
lvmypolymerclay: Well the Skins beat the Giants so my
day is complete  LOL
phyllisinvegas: good cheer? who brought that expensive
vlady6us: way cool so glad to hear that
vlady6us: i have black berry merlot here..
phyllisinvegas: yummie
lvmypolymerclay: pepsi here
mommaclara2001: Soup here.
phyllisinvegas: smart clara
lvmypolymerclay: need food here
vlady6us: here lynn. have chili
lvmypolymerclay: that reminds me I have to go to the
store to get celery and and onion....darn
vlady6us: bummer
lvmypolymerclay: we aren't have Xmas dinner to
monday....Tim has to work tomorrow
vlady6us: oh no
vlady6us: dean is home til monday
lvmypolymerclay: Mickey won't let him have the day off
vlady6us: thats horrible
lvmypolymerclay: mean ole mouse
mousefingers1: need iced tea and don't dare leave L-)
vlady6us: yeah. they should close for the day
vlady6us: lol pam
lvmypolymerclay: tomorrow is going to be packed
mousefingers1: gotta watch those mice
vlady6us: yeah probably will be lynn
mousefingers1: ok, I need a way faster connection to
the internet
mousefingers1: this is like watching flicker movies
mousefingers1: this lady is faster than greased
vlady6us: yeah she is
mommaclara2001: It is affuly quite in here.
mommaclara2001: Any one there?
vlady6us: im here. sort of
mousefingers1: just watching
mommaclara2001: Is the web cam working for you?
mousefingers1: yes
mommaclara2001: Mine is at a stand still.
vlady6us: yes it is momma
norajean_sf: close your cam window Momma
mousefingers1: sounds like you need to reboot mama
norajean_sf: and I'll send you another invite
vlady6us: just close out of webcam is all she needs
mommaclara2001: I just rebooted.
norajean_sf: tell me when you've closed the cam window
mousefingers1: Nora, your camera seems a little bit
mommaclara2001: I did
norajean_sf: it is fuzzy
You have invited mommaclara2001 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Ok, sent you another invite Momma
mousefingers1: ok, I thought it was just a couple of
us experiencing the fuzzies
mommaclara2001: Thank you. Didn't mean to bother you.
mommaclara2001: It is working now.
vlady6us: way cool momma
vlady6us: she sure did that fast
mousefingers1: yeah she did
mousefingers1: way too pretty
vlady6us: faster than i can
vlady6us: yes it is pretty
lvmypolymerclay: I think my eyes see fuzzy now
mousefingers1: you make it look to easy
vlady6us: will make a cool flower
mommaclara2001: Yes, I missed it. But that is ok, I
will use the link
vlady6us: cool momma
mommaclara2001: What color did she put in the middle
of this one?
lvmypolymerclay: BRB
merrie60us has joined the conference.

vlady6us: she used red and white and fan folded it
vlady6us: hi merrie
vlady6us: ok lynn
You have invited merrie60us to view your webcam.

merrie60us: Hi
merrie60us: Glad to be her
mommaclara2001: Yes, and the center is ?
norajean_sf: Howdy Merry
merrie60us: Hi
mommaclara2001: hi merrie
merrie60us: OOh what are you making
merrie60us: thank you for having this
vlady6us: a flower
merrie60us: gets kind of lonely
melodyhill2000: time to get ready for church-my
grandson is doing his Christmas program at mass
tonite. Maybe I'll get a chance to drop in again
later. thanks nj-happy holy days to all of you
vlady6us: night melody. merry christmas to you
merrie60us: and to you too
mommaclara2001: Bye Melody Have a nice Xmas
leasbeadheaven: gtg. thanks so much for the tutes.
will try to catch you again later. happy holidays
melodyhill2000: thanks
melodyhill2000 has left the conference.

vlady6us: bye leasbeadheaven.
vlady6us: merry christmas
mommaclara2001: You to Leas. Merry Christmas
merrie60us: oh my
merrie60us: did she have a ribbon skinner blend to get
merrie60us: beautiful
leasbeadheaven has left the conference.

vlady6us: yes she did merrie
merrie60us: was it then rolled?
merrie60us: into a log
vlady6us: she folded it first merrie.
merrie60us: oh yeas I see in background somethign
merrie60us: something
vlady6us: then made a log
merrie60us: light to dark?
mousefingers1: that reminds me of a Hibiscus
vlady6us: then reshaped it a bit
vlady6us: no merrie. light is on one side and dark on
the other
norajean_sf: ok, same flower cane technique
merrie60us: beautiful
norajean_sf: fan fold with inserted stripes
mousefingers1: yes it is beautiful
norajean_sf: one has the light color at one end, the
other has the dark color at the end
vlady6us: i love it nj
norajean_sf: same technique, change the colors, you
got different flowers
mousefingers1: it is spectacular
mommaclara2001: What color are the stripes. Nj. I
missed that.
vlady6us: i have to get going. happy holidays
everyone..and thanks nj...
norajean_sf: change the shape of the flower petals
after slicing and you get different flowers
merrie60us: do you insert the darker color as you fold
mousefingers1: bye Sandie
norajean_sf: See ya Sandie
merrie60us: the ribbon?
vlady6us: bye all...
vlady6us has left the conference.

merrie60us: bye
mommaclara2001: Bye Vlady. Merry Xmas
norajean_sf: I'm using Premo Pearl Red and Pearl today
mommaclara2001: Ok
norajean_sf: So what we see here is having the dark
colors at the wide end
mousefingers1: are you going to do more flowers now or
norajean_sf: and earlier we did it with the pearl at
the wide end
mommaclara2001: It is beautiful.
merrie60us: oh
merrie60us: beautiful
merrie60us: so sorry I missed it
merrie60us: can I see the log/cane?
merrie60us: please
merrie60us: oh thank you
merrie60us: very nice
norajean_sf: There's a tutorial for it
mousefingers1: =D>
mousefingers1: nice jojb
merrie60us: do you bake on polyfill so they don't
merrie60us: =D>
norajean_sf: bringing someone in, brb
rossija9 has joined the conference.

merrie60us: oh it looks so different in these colors
You have invited rossija9 to view your webcam.

merrie60us: I really like the whiter one
mommaclara2001: =D>
norajean_sf: Ok, I'm going to copy the log and send it
through the list. There'll be links to the tutorials
as well as links to how to take this one cane and make
it into a lot of different flowers. Brb
merrie60us: is your webcam picture clear?
merrie60us: Thank you
merrie60us: better
merrie60us: thnaks
merrie60us: ooh cannot type this evening thanks
rossija9: Hi everyone!
merrie60us: Hi
mommaclara2001: Hi Rossi


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