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12-24-05-8: Picking a leaf, mixing colors, feeding my son

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I got to save log, brb in a couple of
merrie60us: more dk blue like navy?
mommaclara2001: Krafteame, do you have the cam, set to
always to be on top? That will keep it so you can see.
krafteame: what is she making?
rossija9: a coleus leaf cane
mommaclara2001: She is making leaves.
norajean_sf: ok, back, any questions before I start
experimenting with the color mix on a small scale?
norajean_sf: who doesn't know about the Color Cards?
norajean_sf: is anyone reading what I type or do I
have to log back in?
krafteame: Thank you
bluebell5071: Im reading
norajean_sf: can you see me type?
norajean_sf: Ok, whew
mommaclara2001: I can read you, NJ
norajean_sf: I get worried when I'm on for more than a
couple of hours, my type has been known to disappear
norajean_sf: ok, so using the technique found on the
Color Cards I'm going to experiment mixing colors on a
small scale here
norajean_sf: I have black, crimson and this Kato/Premo
mix of God Only Knows for a purple
norajean_sf: I'll cut out small circles of each color
and mix those small circles
norajean_sf: then see if it gives me the color that's
close to what we see in the picture
merrie60us: I am reading you
norajean_sf: just letting you know what I'm doing
before constructing the cane.
merrie60us: and thouroughly enjoying this it's been a
long time
norajean_sf: Thanks Merrie, I'm just punchy with Yahoo
Messenger glitches.
norajean_sf: Ya, it has been a long time. This
Marathon is to kick start my doing demos on a weekly
basis again.
sbjwh: I think the color in my pic is tooo pink, to
brite. It's true color is closer to your mix
norajean_sf: This last year I hadn't been able to do
weekly demos because of family, health and computer
stuff to deal with.
krafteame has left the conference.

norajean_sf: oops lost Lisa
mousefingers1: just stuck my nose in. I think my pic
norajean_sf: well I should mix these colors and see
what's going on.
mousefingers1: nope
mousefingers1: I see YOU
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: there she is
mousefingers1: bye, back in a few
phyllisinvegas: bye
mousefingers1: Dad said tell ya "HI" thinks it's a
great thing you are doing
mommaclara2001: Bye
merrie60us: a guild member did this
phyllisinvegas: I love those little clay cutters with
the plungers in them
merrie60us: with the color squares for pearls mixes
and wrote in on each piece.  A lot of work but a great
jannn7 has joined the conference.

You have invited jannn7 to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: wb joann
mommaclara2001: Hi Jannn
sbjwh: I think this particular coleus is in the
'Wizard' coleus family, very old, very familiar.
norajean_sf: Well I think that the crimson, scrap
purple and black in equal proportions gives us enough
contrast for this coleus leaf
merrie60us: HI
jannn7: Hi everyone!
norajean_sf: So I'll do that mix in a larger scale and
the find some green.
sbjwh: hi jann7
norajean_sf: see how the green on this leaf isn't all
the way across?
phyllisinvegas: yes
norajean_sf: It's sort of broken up with the darker
norajean_sf: we'll have to work that into the cane for
the leaf segments
krafteame has joined the conference.

mommaclara2001: Thar will be something to see. I
couldn't do it on my own.
norajean_sf: I'm thinking that the leaf segments need
to have the three colors and we need to work in the
patterns before making the whole leaf cane.
You have invited krafteame to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: Well if we look at this leaf cane and
think... ok, only one leaf segment at a time
norajean_sf: then on that leaf segment what sort of
snakes and sheets do we need to replicate that pattern
norajean_sf: that's how I'm attacking it
norajean_sf: for Lisa
mommaclara2001: ok. I know that you can do it.
norajean_sf: so I'll mix more of this darker purple
and then prepare some green.
merrie60us: I love that picture almost looks like it
is just a pink leaf!
norajean_sf: I'm glad you feel that way Momma, my
sites are filled with "almost but no cigar" efforts
mommaclara2001: Well, they look perfect to us.
norajean_sf: but if I experiment and miss the mark the
new clayers can know that it is just part of the
process. Door Bell. Brb
merrie60us: :D
norajean_sf: 5 minute break, brb
sbjwh: And the good thing about the coleus is that
every leaf is different, maybe I wont mess up with
something like this
phyllisinvegas: k
merrie60us: k
merrie60us: is that your son?
lvmypolymerclay: now someone is at my door.  I'll be
back later hopefully.  If not Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays
mommaclara2001: Merry Xmas Lynn
bluebell5071: bye
lvmypolymerclay: thanks...<<<<waving bye bye>>>>>>
norajean_sf: yes that's my baby boy
lvmypolymerclay: : )
norajean_sf: my youngest
lvmypolymerclay has left the conference.

bluebell5071: hes cute
phyllisinvegas: big baby
norajean_sf: I had to fix him a plate of food
mommaclara2001: He is cute.
norajean_sf: so it's in the microwave
norajean_sf: well we can't put him back
norajean_sf: so we'll have to keep him
norajean_sf: LOL
phyllisinvegas: looks like a keeper to me
bluebell5071: yeah hes a keeper
norajean_sf: He's so tall
norajean_sf: I can't get over it, he's 25
bluebell5071: 25??
norajean_sf: my oldest is 39, going to be 40 this next
bluebell5071: he looks so young
sbjwh: He looks pretty happy eatin Mom's chow.
norajean_sf: he says Thanks
norajean_sf: Oh he corrected me, he is 26
norajean_sf: my bad
phyllisinvegas: must have been all the good food Mom
gave him
norajean_sf: I called out for Chinese delivery, I'm
not cooking while doing this marathon
norajean_sf: also I wanted something I can't cook
phyllisinvegas: I want something I can't burn
mommaclara2001: Sounds good.
norajean_sf: Since it is top of the hour I should save
log. I have to do it each half hour or we loose text
norajean_sf: brb

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