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12-24-05-11: Easy Breezy Blend to a Jellyroll, prep for a Lace Cane

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: it's the top of the hour so I'll save
log. brb
norajean_sf: back
clayladyinred: k
phyllisinvegas: This must be the paper clay trick HUH?
phyllisinvegas: that is a good way to follow a pattern

bluebell5071: I just dont have it in my mind yet what
NJ is doing
norajean_sf: The penny is there to let you know that
the blown up picture is blurry
merrie60us: Is that the picture or the clay on the
norajean_sf: This is our pattern
norajean_sf: If we put clay color where the color is
on this one segment of leaf
merrie60us: okay I understand
phyllisinvegas: it is a print out
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: when we repeat the leaf segment when we
build the leaf we should get close enough
phyllisinvegas: so sheet is made up of segments
norajean_sf: The leaf has segments
merrie60us: cane is made up of segments I think
norajean_sf: these have colors and designs that are
repeated in each segment
norajean_sf: look at what I cut out, it's a repeat of
everything else on that leaf
phyllisinvegas: aaaah got it
norajean_sf: often complex designs are just repeats of
simpler designs
phyllisinvegas: by george I got it
norajean_sf: So it stands to reason that one flower
petal will show us how to make the whole flower
phyllisinvegas: there is hope for me yet
norajean_sf: one segment of this leaf, when repeated
in different sizes, will make the whole leaf, that's
the theory behind this technique
norajean_sf: All pictures can be broken up into dots
and lines
phyllisinvegas: so if I put a bunch of little me's
together will I finally be a whole woman?
norajean_sf: LOL
norajean_sf: no you'll be a BBW like me
merrie60us: :D
phyllisinvegas: llollllll
norajean_sf: Because there's a whole lot of little
women inside of me just screaming to get out
phyllisinvegas: there is one little woman already out
in me
norajean_sf: Ok, Kare is back
watercolorkare has joined the conference.

phyllisinvegas: Hi and wb
clayladyinred: wb Karen
You have invited watercolorkare to view your webcam.

watercolorkare: thanks!  merry christmas all
phyllisinvegas: and a merry merry to you too
norajean_sf: Kare, what is on cam is one segment of a
whole leaf, if we make a cane like this and then build
our coleus leaf we just might have it.
clayladyinred: right backatcha!
miss_meme_30 has joined the conference.

sbjwh: I NEVER would have thought of the design like
that. Whole new world.
miss_meme_30: hiya everyone!
You have invited miss_meme_30 to view your webcam.

phyllisinvegas: Hi meme
miss_meme_30: ty nj
norajean_sf: Folks if you're just coming in introduce
yourself, first name and location for the others
rossija9: Hi Missy!
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
miss_meme_30: missy~va
rossija9: Mary H, Dublin, OH
phyllisinvegas: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
bluebell5071: Shirley in MS
wingsbe2: Mary in Indy
watercolorkare: Kare,  Industry  Pennsylvania
clayladyinred: Shannon in WV
sbjwh: Sue Canadian, TX
clayladyinred: gotta get a little girl in the tub....
norajean_sf: Now I'm wondering if a variation of the
fish scale technique can get the green and dark purple
on the edge of this leaf
norajean_sf: I'll get the tute for fish scale
sybi98 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Or maybe just free forming it would work
You have invited sybi98 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: the pink part is a sort of a lace cane,
it's not a solid color
norajean_sf: bullseyes repeated make lace cane
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
bartonstudio_com has joined the conference.

You have invited bartonstudio_com to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: I'm going to do a blend, then a jellyroll
with the darker end on the outside, then I'm going to
reduce it, slice and reassemble for lace cane
norajean_sf: for the larger light shade at the end
norajean_sf: For those who just came in this is the
leaf we're attempting
merrie60us: Making skinner blend with pearl and
lighter pink
merrie60us: We should really call it the Nora Jean
merrie60us: there is a link for this blend ez breezy
blend I will see if I can find it.
norajean_sf: EB-Blend-Grp
merrie60us: thanks
norajean_sf: ;-)
mousefingers1: I love the way nj blends stuff. less
passes through the PM means fewer bubbles my nasty
rollers have a chance to put in
mousefingers1: I need new rollers
phyllisinvegas: those bubbles are nasty critters
norajean_sf: Also the purple and pearl petal shows it
mousefingers1: yes they are
miss_meme_30: brb doorbell
phyllisinvegas: must be Santa.
mousefingers1: I'm just amazed watching you twist and
squish and roll
mousefingers1: so much quicker
sbjwh: I am learning sooo much
watercolorkare: and excellent results
mousefingers1: I did that a few times but for some
reason I felt like I was "breaking" some unwritten
mousefingers1: so I stopped
mousefingers1: silly me
merrie60us: jk
watercolorkare: rules are meant to be broken
norajean_sf: when you get an air bubble just slice it
and push the air out
mousefingers1: I only did it for special effects like
wood or metal
watercolorkare: especially in art
merrie60us: I think it gives a much better blend on
the ends
merrie60us: especially
mousefingers1: I get so many air bubbles, especially
in trans clay that it looks like boiling clay strips
merrie60us: are your hands moist?
watercolorkare: ew
merrie60us: moisture can cause air bubbles I have
mousefingers1: I have a hard time being a rule breaker
for some reason.
sbjwh: lol
mousefingers1: no, very very dry
mousefingers1: and clean machine
phyllisinvegas: trans clay is notorious for bubbles
bluebell5071: what is trans clay?
mousefingers1: so I've heard and learned
merrie60us: Look the perfect blend
mousefingers1: transparent
phyllisinvegas: translucent
bluebell5071: oh ok
bluebell5071: didnt know that
mousefingers1: yes, phyllis is correct
mousefingers1: there is no transparent
phyllisinvegas: I wish it was transparent that would
be a neat clay
mousefingers1: ta da
mousefingers1: yes, i agree
bluebell5071: this is fascinating to me.
bluebell5071: Only my second demo ever
mousefingers1: is our sweet nora doing web shots of
this cane?
mousefingers1: welcome bluebell
phyllisinvegas: oh you are in for lots of fun here and
lots of learning
merrie60us: check out the link
bluebell5071: oh yes Im learning lots
mousefingers1: okey dokey
bluebell5071: thanks mouse
phyllisinvegas: wow that thing is taller than I am
clayladyinred: I'm back :-)
mousefingers1: the blend group?
mousefingers1: that tute
norajean_sf: Check that out for this blend
norajean_sf: it's using the same colors actually
norajean_sf: the first two sections
norajean_sf: each section on that page has more
pictures to look at
merrie60us: the blendgroup.htm
norajean_sf: The purple flower shows this Easy Breezy
Blend trick, but it ends as a fan fold
mousefingers1: oh, yes I have the flower page, and the
group glend.
norajean_sf: I'm making this blend into a jelly roll
norajean_sf: but I'm cutting off some of the pearl
norajean_sf: I just want a hint of highlight on the
lace cane
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
phyllisinvegas: looks good enough to eat
creationsbypat has joined the conference.

phyllisinvegas: Hi Pat
You have invited creationsbypat to view your webcam.

merrie60us: Hi Pat
norajean_sf: Now this is a jelly roll blend
watercolorkare: hi pat
creationsbypat: Hi Ya'll
norajean_sf: I'm going to reduce it to a long thin
norajean_sf: and cut it into sections
mousefingers1: I'm afraid I'm going to bug outta here
in a few. Me back and me bum can't sit in this
wheelchair much longer. But I find meself glued and
mesmerized @-) hee hee hee :D
mousefingers1: and me grammer is shot
phyllisinvegas: my bum is flat by now
merrie60us: :(
norajean_sf: Also since we have our other clayers
here. It's totally cool for them to open their cams
norajean_sf: so folks can see different things
norajean_sf: it'll help when I'm doing boring stuff
watercolorkare: stand up and round out your rear
norajean_sf: like saving logs
mousefingers1: yes, my plump bum is getting numb and
mousefingers1: lol
phyllisinvegas: what rear?
norajean_sf: which I have to do right now
phyllisinvegas: I have a rear?
phyllisinvegas: lol
watercolorkare: i know I  do
merrie60us: who else has a webcam on?
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: Phyllis I have your rear here in SF
norajean_sf: brb
mousefingers1: I have a large rear and it is
numb...nothing like numb bum
phyllisinvegas: good gimme I need cushion
watercolorkare: sorry mouse
bluebell5071: I just got a foot stool for my feet
sybi98: I guess I can take time now to say Hi to
everyone - did not want to interrupt when I came in
mousefingers1: lol  .....(___|___)....sending phyllis
some arse
bluebell5071: getting comfortable
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: thanks that helped


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