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12-24-05-12: Easy Breezy Blend and Exact Measure is Over Rated

12-24-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Also since we have our other clayers
here. It's totally cool for them to open their cams
norajean_sf: so folks can see different things
norajean_sf: it'll help when I'm doing boring stuff
watercolorkare: stand up and round out your rear
norajean_sf: like saving logs
mousefingers1: yes, my plump bum is getting numb and
mousefingers1: lol
phyllisinvegas: what rear?
norajean_sf: which I have to do right now
phyllisinvegas: I have a rear?
phyllisinvegas: lol
watercolorkare: i know I  do
merrie60us: who else has a webcam on?
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: Phyllis I have your rear here in SF
norajean_sf: brb
mousefingers1: I have a large rear and it is
numb...nothing like numb bum
phyllisinvegas: good gimme I need cushion
watercolorkare: sorry mouse
bluebell5071: I just got a foot stool for my feet
sybi98: I guess I can take time now to say Hi to
everyone - did not want to interrupt when I came in
mousefingers1: lol  .....(___|___)....sending phyllis
some arse
bluebell5071: getting comfortable
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: thanks that helped
watercolorkare: she can have some of mine
bluebell5071: lol
creationsbypat: what is the pink cane going to be?
merrie60us: :))
sbjwh: lol
watercolorkare: coleus leaf
phyllisinvegas: I can take all I can get believe me
merrie60us: a part of a colius leaf
mousefingers1: sorry, I'm getting punch happy now
watercolorkare: yea part
watercolorkare: mouse, you need some cookies
mousefingers1: do you need more phyllis?
phyllisinvegas: and lay off the puch
mousefingers1: oh yes.
phyllisinvegas: lol mouse I weigh 85 lbs.
bluebell5071: oh geezzzzz
mousefingers1: Oh, honey....
watercolorkare: wowee
merrie60us: Pat that is the link to the leaf NJ is
trying to recreate
mousefingers1: I have a calf and ankle that weigh that
bartonstudio_com: darn my wireless just bugged out on
norajean_sf: For those who just came in we're doing
this leaf
mousefingers1: I'm sorry
phyllisinvegas: ya but I am short
mousefingers1: me too
mousefingers1: 5'3"
norajean_sf: oh thank you Merrie
phyllisinvegas: 4'8"
sybi98: testing the font color
mousefingers1: even shorter sitting down
watercolorkare: oh you girls are tiny
phyllisinvegas: lol or standing in a hole
merrie60us: no problem
watercolorkare: and cute i bet
mousefingers1: not by weight on this girl
norajean_sf: bringing someone in
phyllisinvegas: my mirror don't think so
sybi98: testing aggain
merrie60us: We have a nice crowd here tonight
norajean_sf: Got 19 people with the webcam open
Yahoo! Messenger: bartonstudio_com has declined to
join and sent:  decline is only option given
bartonstudio_com has left the conference.

bartonstudio_com has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: of course I'm cute!;):))O:-);;)
You have invited bartonstudio_com to view your webcam.

sybi98: Hmmm dinner is ready! Will be right back
norajean_sf: Ok, any questions on the Easy Breezy
Blend or the Jelly Roll?
norajean_sf: Ok, have a good dinner
creationsbypat: Thank you Merrie
bluebell5071: is that blend also called the skinner?
sbjwh: bye mouse
mousefingers1: yes, but this is a much better way
mousefingers1: bye
bluebell5071: ok
norajean_sf: The Skinner blend
mousefingers1: have a good oen
mousefingers1: one
norajean_sf: asks for us to fold the clay in half
norajean_sf: and pass it through the pasta machine two
dozen times
bluebell5071: oh yes
rjchase222 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: The Easy Breezy Blend
You have invited rjchase222 to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: You only have to press the clay a half
dozen times
bluebell5071: ok
norajean_sf: because you're twisting it between
norajean_sf: Yo Razma
rossija9: Hi Razma!
bluebell5071: hey Razma
watercolorkare: hi raz
rjchase222: Merry Xnas & I made it!! LOL
norajean_sf: Now I'm going to take this jelly roll
blend and reduce it to a long snake and cut it into
sections, then the sections will be stacked and
reassembled and reduced again for a lace cane
merrie60us: cool
creationsbypat: Please explain NJ about easy breezy,
or is that what you are doing now?
watercolorkare: reduction is the tricky part for me.
phyllisinvegas: yes me too
watercolorkare: she did the easy breezy earlier pat
bartonstudio_com: I am sorry all wireless is
acting up....
watercolorkare: the log will have the tutes for you
bartonstudio_com: If I dissapear I will try to return
norajean_sf: I'll be reviewing the Easy Breezy Blend a
lot in the next three days
norajean_sf: but if you need to see pictures of it...
creationsbypat: hope I get in on one of those
norajean_sf: Check this tutorial
norajean_sf: Jinx Phyllis
phyllisinvegas: dang fast woman
rossija9: lol
norajean_sf: I have the window open already is all
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: that and the picture of the leaf we're
watercolorkare: man that is a long snake
phyllisinvegas: i hate snakes
phyllisinvegas: but a pink one would be ok I guess
watercolorkare: ok  long cane
norajean_sf: Now how would you cut this into even
phyllisinvegas: must be a girl snake
watercolorkare: fold it\
sybi98: ok, back with dinner at the computer desk - so
far I follow everything
norajean_sf: anyone?
phyllisinvegas: cut one and lay it next to the snake
phyllisinvegas: and hope it don't bite
norajean_sf: Kare gets the prise
norajean_sf: prize too
watercolorkare: yea
bartonstudio_com has left the conference.

norajean_sf: fold it and then cut, eyeballing is Easy
norajean_sf: How many of the old timers ever saw me
use a ruler?
norajean_sf: almost never
phyllisinvegas: no rulers in NJ's house
watercolorkare: just NJ
creationsbypat: what is the mix for the pink?
phyllisinvegas: lol
watercolorkare: hehe
phyllisinvegas: good one
norajean_sf: lol
watercolorkare: red and pea
watercolorkare: pearl
watercolorkare: sorry
phyllisinvegas: lol good mix
watercolorkare: even made myself laugh that time
creationsbypat: lol
phyllisinvegas: lol
phyllisinvegas: neat
sybi98: how many pieces do you end up with?
norajean_sf: about 30 I think
phyllisinvegas: I want a count please
phyllisinvegas: LOL
norajean_sf: Now this will be reduced even smaller so
the pearl part will hopefully be highlight
sybi98: of the jelly roll?
norajean_sf: I don't do anything exact
rjchase222: this is where I get into trouble
reducing!!! LOL
norajean_sf: only when I'm cooking from a recipe
phyllisinvegas: neither did I when I got married the
second time
watercolorkare: me too raz
norajean_sf: I'm going to do a blend with the green
and dark purple
merrie60us: will it turn to part mud?
sybi98: yeah, neither do I , just trying to get an
idea of how many folds, and cuts after making the
pink/pearl blend
norajean_sf: and do the same thing, because a coleus
leaf is bumpy and the color isn't exact
norajean_sf: not as a jelly roll blend
norajean_sf: it'll be dark, but I want some green in
that dark purple area
creationsbypat: is this easy breezy?
watercolorkare: yes
merrie60us: yes
creationsbypat: thanks
debbie_in_nm has joined the conference.

watercolorkare: rolls and twists instead of so many
passes in the pasta machine
merrie60us: but she also appeared to lay out the
original triangles different than a skinner blend
merrie60us: looked like she put some of the purple on
the green
merrie60us: not sure
norajean_sf: questions?
creationsbypat: yes it did
watercolorkare: I thought it looked the same, she just
folded it over
norajean_sf: Ok, trick here
norajean_sf: if we're going to blend it
norajean_sf: we don't have to measure things out
norajean_sf: we can eyeball it
debbie_in_nm: Is NJ on camera?  I'm not showing anyone
with webcams.  I upgraded to yahoo with voice
norajean_sf: we don't have to start with an exact
triangle, that's just too muchwork
merrie60us: yes she is on cam
watercolorkare: nj is on
You have invited debbie_in_nm to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: just sent an invite to cam Debbie
mousefingers1: I love this no measure stuff
norajean_sf: it doesn't show on the Friends list
merrie60us: but do you put the second color a littleon
the  first color I thought
merrie60us: that is what I saw you do?
phyllisinvegas: new yahoo stinks
norajean_sf: Ok, now I didn't use exact triangles, I
just over lap the clay and cut through both sheets
mousefingers1: so does new AO HELLO
norajean_sf: then I remove the excess so there is a
diagonal cut
norajean_sf: and two colors
merrie60us: and what do you do with the excess
phyllisinvegas: i stay away from that baby
mousefingers1: vampire
phyllisinvegas: NJ the psycic
norajean_sf: then if I need to add a bit here and
there at the ends, I do so
norajean_sf: The excess just goes to the side out of
cam range
merrie60us: thanks
phyllisinvegas: hmmm did I spell that wrong?
watercolorkare: yea
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: like everything else that is not
necessary to see, but we got to let go of this measure
watercolorkare: i agree
norajean_sf: it's just too much bother, especially
when we're blending
norajean_sf: that's why twisting the clay is ok during
a blend
merrie60us: No no I was just curious if you put the
second color on so that when you twist you get a
better varigation
watercolorkare: i really like the twisting.  i can't
wait to try it
merrie60us: no problem
norajean_sf: it's got to get mixed up and mixed quick
because we got better things to do with our time than
folding some exact measure of clay through a pasta
machine two dozen times
merrie60us: I agree
bluebell5071: me too
norajean_sf: now if we just pressed this compressed
log as is
phyllisinvegas: you betcha
norajean_sf: we can get a loose blend, which you can
norajean_sf: like the eyeball iris cane, it's a loose
blend stagger stacked
phyllisinvegas: is that a heavily endowed woman that
is drunk nj?
norajean_sf: blending but not all the way is how we
can get some variation in the clay easily
watercolorkare: phyl
merrie60us: ooh that is nice
mousefingers1: NJ, thanks so much for everything. I
will stay logged in so I can peek. Happy Claying to
All. >:D<
watercolorkare: that would be a stacked stagger
merrie60us: and you too!!!
phyllisinvegas: lol
norajean_sf: Stagger Stacked, Anna Nichole
phyllisinvegas: true
mousefingers1: lol
norajean_sf: "Ain't I booootiful?"
phyllisinvegas: bye mouse
norajean_sf: See ya Pam
watercolorkare: yeas
phyllisinvegas: lol
merrie60us: bye
mousefingers1: I'm laughin so hard
norajean_sf: come back when your bum is un numb
mousefingers1: she is a mess of a person'
mousefingers1: I will
merrie60us: pray for her
phyllisinvegas: hey that rhymes
mousefingers1: you people are too funny
phyllisinvegas: go unnumb your bum
norajean_sf: so I'm going to do the rest of this
blend, jelly roll, reduce for a lace cane, ok?
mousefingers1: I'll bring some coffee when I come back
watercolorkare: ok nj
phyllisinvegas: black please
rjchase222: top of the hour NJ do ya need to save log?
phyllisinvegas: and can I unnumb my bum now?
norajean_sf: Good call Razma
merrie60us: NJ I can save and send to you if you want
just need your addy
norajean_sf: How about a 10 minute break, so we can
un-numb our buns?
merrie60us: have it all ready to go to you im me
phyllisinvegas: horray and my buns thanks you
norajean_sf: Merrie I know where the last one left off
but thanks
norajean_sf: brb
norajean_sf: break time, stretch folks
norajean_sf: go potty

watercolorkare: and i will go do my cookie tray before
kids come
norajean_sf: smoke em if you got em
merrie60us: no problem
norajean_sf: I'll save log
norajean_sf: brb

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