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12-26-05-04b: Half Round, Chop Themes, Tools and ClayMap

12-26-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I'll use the canes we did this week end
so the natasha beads, the canes themselves, this half
round, will all match.
norajean_sf: are there any questions before I start?
nndewbre: They been popping for three days now
curika1: nope - ready
vlady6us: lol
curika1: set - GO
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: lol
vlady6us: there she goes...the mad woman...
curika1: lol
nndewbre: I got interested in the clay because I
wanted to sculpt a doll head but I see beads in my
vlady6us: beads are fun. so are canes
vlady6us: look at the mess she just made. wow. now
dont you just wonder how she will salvage it???
curika1: i got interested cuz kept looking for
painters on carol duvall show, but all they seemed to
have was that stupid pc stuff... then at michaels one
day, saw a pasta machine across the aisle, and then
the clay, so thought, if ya can't lick em, join them
lol  so i did!
nndewbre: but look at those darling leaves shes
cutting up...
vlady6us: lol curika
vlady6us: lol nn
curika1: i know... usually we treat our 'good' canes
like gold
curika1: and here she is, chopping em up lol
vlady6us: shes gonna preform magic
curika1: yes
vlady6us: oh no. she mixed them all together..oh my
nndewbre: There IS a system, right? the green has to
stay on top??
vlady6us: no nn
vlady6us: u can mix it all together if u want
vlady6us: or this way
curika1: to me, it looks like a mound of green on top
of the pink
curika1: and all around it
vlady6us: yes she does
curika1: yep
curika1: so ar, at least
curika1: far
vlady6us: notice she didnt just pick the whole thing
up and start smooshing?
curika1: yes
curika1: evening it out all over, it looks like
vlady6us: she wants to keep the colors separated a bit
and not all one color
curika1: yes
vlady6us: that is gonna be so cool
curika1: now, rolling it to compress it
curika1: flat bottom
countrylady100ca: Enjoying to watch and read :-B
curika1: lol - love your glasses :)
vlady6us: hi are ya?
nndewbre: I bet it's gonna look like a mozaic (sp)
watermelon slice
curika1: bet she'll mirror it
curika1: yep
vlady6us: yeaaaaa.
curika1: wow
vlady6us: u win the prize curika. good guess for you
curika1: a heart
vlady6us: wow. look at that face
nndewbre: looks like a face in ther
curika1: a heart face
vlady6us: grotesque face
curika1: that's sooooo cool
curika1: roflmao
norajean_sf: each mirror image will have a different
nndewbre: That's neat. That would make a neat pendant.
I love it.
curika1: me too
vlady6us: oh now that one is a pretty heart
vlady6us: no ugly face in it
curika1: i'm going to practice these techniques with
my not so good canes, before I get the courage to use
my good canes :)
nndewbre: That's  a different animal see his nose down
at the bottom?
curika1: those are so pretty!
vlady6us: use your cane ends curika
curika1: oh yeah... could do that
nndewbre: happy face
curika1: wow
vlady6us: lol. thats way cool
nndewbre: that is so cool
leasbeadheaven: these look loke those rorschatz (sp?)
curika1: rofl
nndewbre: YES! that IS what they look like
curika1: lol
melodyhill2000: i can see myself making 100's of
leasbeadheaven: very cool!
vlady6us: inkblot
leasbeadheaven: yup
vlady6us: easier to spell. lol
melodyhill2000: just to see what the design would look
leasbeadheaven: true
nndewbre: =D> wonderful
norajean_sf: now if you made your half round mounds
curika1: can you imagine, with decorative scissors,
diff things like that for the outside?  you can do
much with it
norajean_sf: you can make mirror images for round
curika1: earrings to match
norajean_sf: these would be pendant size
curika1: i see
vlady6us: nj. do u have some scrap for a natasha bead?
babasbunja: wonderful
curika1: beautiful
melodyhill2000: i am also teaching myself wire
wrapping right now-wouldn't these be pretty
curika1: yes
vlady6us: oh cool melody
countrylady100ca: Nj Are you selling them umm
leasbeadheaven: wait...hope I'm not being ignorant,
but how would you make these into round beads?
norajean_sf: not yet
curika1: how do i turn superwebcam on?
norajean_sf: circle beads
leasbeadheaven: ooooh!
norajean_sf: flat but circle shape
curika1: beautiful
norajean_sf: each mirror image will be different, but
stay within the color family of the chop used
leasbeadheaven: that's a GREAT idea
melodyhill2000: thes would also be cool used in a cab
mold with waste clay for a filler
curika1: otherwise, too much contrast would make it
too busy looking?
melodyhill2000: these
curika1: wow
curika1: did you see that face?  that was cool
curika1: i love those :)
norajean_sf: When you use tiger chop as the center you
get interesting animal faces, zebra chop does too
nndewbre: Where's mine? The first one??  :))
norajean_sf: Let's say, tiger chop for the center,
surrounded by leaves, surrounded by stary skies
curika1: lol
curika1: that would be neat
norajean_sf: your's? LOL
nndewbre: Yes, there it is
norajean_sf: I got to hold this for you?
norajean_sf: make it into a pendant?
curika1: lol
nndewbre: yes
norajean_sf: Oh let me get a page to show you how easy
it is to make these into pendants
curika1: with other kinds of canes, you don't
necessarily get the faces like with the tiger/zebra,
nndewbre: I think that is so cool
norajean_sf: Biz-Archive/Chop/Half-Round
norajean_sf: Our brains will find faces in any
symetrical pattern
norajean_sf: given half a chance
norajean_sf: so if we use something for the center
that has lines, highlights and shadows, you'll see a
face in most of the mirror images
nndewbre: Yes I do
curika1: ahhh, ok... makes sense
curika1: and here i thought it was just my warped mind
norajean_sf: Depending on the colors you use, the
designs you use, you can evoke a culture, like this
Mexico Mix...
nndewbre: These make me think of african masks
norajean_sf: I used colors that reminded me of Mexico,
bright primary colors, hot desert colors, tight
patterns that reminded me of weaving, wood grain,
flowers and leaves
melodyhill2000: i've been seeing faces in wallpaper,
fabric, stones, etc my whole life-good to hear i'm not
as crazy as i thought! lol
norajean_sf: Our brains are hardwired to see faces,
it's what we need as babies to bond with our care
vlady6us: thats awesome nj
nndewbre: I see faces in toilet stall doors. :">
vlady6us: lol
nndewbre: Guess I connected my potty training to my
care givers...
norajean_sf: Now if you wanted to evoke a feeling of a
particular culture pick colors and patterns that
remind you of that culture, when you chop and toss and
cut two slices you'll get a mirror image that will
evoke that culture's feel
melodyhill2000: nn-now i have a new place to look!
vlady6us: thats very interesting nj
norajean_sf: I see faces in clouds, rocky hill sides
vlady6us: thanks
curika1: i can see where that'd happen... different
countries/cultures/etc... they all identify with
certain colors...
norajean_sf: yes, and patterns, shapes
curika1: yes
nndewbre: Yes it is very interesting NJ. Were you a
psych major?
norajean_sf: English Major but with a linguistic
minor, so I got to study different cultures
norajean_sf: but I have an interest in how the brain
works with regard to art
nndewbre: Interesting!
norajean_sf: pick any culture, the older the better
vlady6us: aztec
norajean_sf: there'll be colors and patterns that are
particular to them
vlady6us: will have to look them up
norajean_sf: use those colors and patterns, add
natural elements like flowers, leaves, gem stone
norajean_sf: That's how I got the first Africa chop
Biz-Archive/Chop/2002-03/African Mix Group Page
vlady6us: thats cool
nndewbre: Sure, can see the african animals in all of
them and look at the witch doctor
norajean_sf: there's tiger, zebra, wood grain, kente
cloth, flowers, laves, gems
norajean_sf: James won't let me give this tin away
norajean_sf: He said it's "HIS"
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: lol
vlady6us: lol
babasbunja: LOL
vlady6us: make him a pendant with it nj
norajean_sf: so I can show it but it stays home
nndewbre: I don't blame him. So you had to place that
chop to get the right look, that's not hap hazard.
babasbunja: I have a carved santa that hubby has
claimed, so I understand
Biz-Archive/Chop/2002-03/African Mix Grp 6
norajean_sf: here are some things made with that first
African chop mix
norajean_sf: but the fun this is... all the canes were
norajean_sf: my canes of "grave disappointment"
norajean_sf: but once they were chopped and mixed they
were reborn
nndewbre: so nothing goes to waste
bluebell5071 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: so don't be afraid to practice your cane
designs, if they don't turn out as planned, chop it up
vlady6us: hi bluebell
norajean_sf: mix it with something on the similar
bluebell5071: hey there
You have invited bluebell5071 to view your webcam.

curika1: hi bb
Biz-Archive/Chop/2002-03/African Mix Group Page
norajean_sf: We're talking about using crappy canes
chopped up to be used like with this Tin in the webcam
nndewbre: Hi BB
bluebell5071: ok great
bluebell5071: how is everyone?
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves to each other
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
vlady6us: sandie florida
curika1: Mary - Dallas
nndewbre: Norma Dewbre, Georgia, USA
kamoe23: Karin - Germany
melodyhill2000: melody in missouri usa
babasbunja: bernie pa
curika1: well, karin, you're the furthest away :)
curika1: hi everyone!
kamoe23: Youre right
norajean_sf: Karin is the closest to herself
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: rofl
norajean_sf: far is relative
curika1: where in germany? 
curika1: i lived there as a child - started school
there, in fact
vlady6us: thanks to the world wide web..we are all
norajean_sf: exactly, Sandie
curika1: yes - wonderful, isn't it?
norajean_sf: it's amazing, really
kamoe23: In NRW , (Nord-Rhein-Westfalen)
vlady6us: yes it is nj...and so fun
norajean_sf: did everyone put themselves on the clay
curika1: it's made a large world small :)
melodyhill2000: yes
kamoe23: Yes, I did
vlady6us: i think i did
curika1: ??
bluebell5071: yes
vlady6us: i met someone in a chat the other night..who
lives about 20 minutes from me and we know the same
kamoe23: On my place are not a lot of people
norajean_sf: we can put our names, general location,
picture and a message there
norajean_sf: That's great Sandie
norajean_sf: that's why I like to have people tell us
where they are located so folks can get together
melodyhill2000: i love germany- i was stationed there
for 6 years 3in aushaffenburg and 3 in frankfurt
leasbeadheaven: sorry. i stepped away fro a
minute...just noticed the intros...Lea form NY
kamoe23: For a picture you must wait, just looking for
a good one:D
nndewbre: Don't know about clay map
nndewbre: Hubby was just admiring your work again NJ
norajean_sf: book mark it for later
norajean_sf: Tell him howdy for me
norajean_sf: has he seen the lady with the pot?
norajean_sf: that's what I'm holding in my picture on
the clay map
kamoe23: By the way you're talking, I try a
Natasha-bead. Hurray it's ready
nndewbre: No, I hadn't seen that either. I haven't had
time to go through the whole website
vlady6us: shes gorgeous nj
nndewbre: Wow, she's neat and detailed, golly
babasbunja: great character
leasbeadheaven: wonderful detail
norajean_sf: I started her right after the earthquake
in Pakistan
norajean_sf: a clay prayer for those who were caught
up in the earthquake
kamoe23: She looks amazing, I love the colors
nndewbre: Karen! How can you do that and watch. You
just said yesterday it was hard to keep up! :)
norajean_sf: I have to turn her in such a way that it
doesn't seem like she's looking at me all the time
kamoe23: That's me. I can't do nothing with my hands:D
norajean_sf: it's a little unsettling
norajean_sf: LOL
curika1: it's a wonderful sculpture
norajean_sf: like she's saying... did you check the
phone messages? Aren't you going to do the laundry?
curika1: lol
nndewbre: now she's looking at me
kamoe23: And playing with clay is easier to think and
write in english
curika1: guilt messenger
nndewbre: Ahh, understand that. English is a bad
norajean_sf: what I like about her is she's all clay,
except for the aluminum foil armature
kamoe23: Not that, my knowledge:">
norajean_sf: no paint. She still could use a finish,
but she's as done as she's going to be for sculpting
nndewbre: Wow, no paint?
norajean_sf: Top of the hour, I got to save log, good
time to stretch

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