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Demo Stuff

June to December 2004 Odds and Ends done in Demo


2004 Holiday Marathon Demo Logs

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The First Day of Kwanzaa (or Boxing Day for the UK)

12-20-04: Centaur Hair Index: Just have the thumbnails ready. Go down the columns to see the cutting, styling and brushing out of the Centaur Hair.

11-20-04: Goblin Index

We discuss a lot how to sculpt beauty, well what if you want the beast instead?


10-24-04 EyeBall Pin

After Demo there were stray eyeballs, slices of half round, some flowers and leaves, so why not put them all together for an EyeBall Pin? Something Creepy for Halloween. 

10-18-04- Flower and Leaf Mask in Black, Silver and Pearl

09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Snakeskin, autumn leaves, Tiger and Man with Masks

09-24-04: Autumn Girl

10-13-04 Demo Figures

10-13-04 Flower Jar Index

10-01-04: Friday Night Demo and what was made with the clay that was prepped. A surprise thing at the end.

09-28-04: Faces in different scales. From half inch mini scene scale to full sized face mask the techniques are the same.

09-17 and 18, 2004 Demo: Snakeskin, autumn leaves, Tiger and Man with Masks

8 demo logs for Friday and Saturday.

09-12-04: In the Pink, putting two colors through their paces.

09-13-04: Pink and White Mask

Hurry Cane Index

Gathering with ClayMates waiting out Hurricane Frances

Taco Lady She's a work in progress. There's a dozen different techniques that went into her making so far. From Sculpting, sheet making, food. Result of Demo of 08-27-28, 2004

07-04-04-Leaf Demo and Leaf PenPal:  July 02, 03, 04, 2004 we did a review of leaves in demo. Below are some screen shots of some of the leaves. 

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