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Family Index 10-02-05:

Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Wilma information will share the same space here. Charities are still needing donations for all hurricanes, but when donating for a specify hurricane specify which hurricane on the check or credit card payment. A lot of charities cannot transfer funds from one disaster fund to another. Is my Katrina Blog Is my Rita Blog is my Wilma Blog

If you'd like to make comment or have information added to this section you can add comments to my Blog or write to me .

09/25/05: After Hurricane Rita - A couple of thoughts

Even though the Hurricane Rita has made land fall, there's still chance of flooding. All of us are going to be feeling the effects at our gas pumps, with the cost of items that are trucked as well as shipped up and down the Mississippi river.

If there's any time to reduce, reuse and recycle this is it.  Check that out. It's an organization that gets people together who have things to give away as well as people who need things, for free.

If there's any time for car pooling this is it.

Anything we can do to cut our costs will make the recovery time easier. Home heating costs are going to go up and I want to remind people to be careful about using heaters that let off carbon dioxide. Take care with electric heaters with regards to using heavy duty extension cords and not the usual light weight extension cords we use for things like lamps.

There is a need for Red Cross volunteers. One could volunteer through the local church or temple. There are many things we can do to feel involved with the recovery process. If you can give blood, that's good too.

Online Resources and How to Help

If you're not in a position to volunteer or give donations to charity the best thing to do is offer a prayer to those who are uprooted. Nearly one million people have filed for help with FEMA. Click that link if you need to file with FEMA. There's a need for compassion and prayers for these people who have lost everything.

Lastly, appreciate what you have, no matter how modest. Hug the nearest living thing, be it a pet or a room mate. If you can read this then you have blessings that you can count in abundance. Let's be thankful for what we have and make effort to spread a bit of love if we don't have money.

Thank you,

NoraJean Gatine

Hurricane Katrina Index - Updated 09/23/05

Katrina Survivors, updated 09/23/05 -links to where you can post to look for survivors. Hurricane RITA Survivor link added. Will add more as I find them.

Charity Links updated 09/09/05

Katrina Housing - updated 09/06/05 - Links to where evacuees are invited into the homes of fellow Americans. Governmental agency for Disaster Help

There’s a Goverment Guide regarding Hurricane Katrina. Connie, one of the COCModSquad sent it to me. Thanks Connie.

FEMA Info for Evacuees

Hurricane Katrina From Wikipedia Information overview. Where viewers edit the information. Check often for updates. Hurricane evacuees in Huntsville have a new tool to help match needs with sources of assistance. A who's who of local government and volunteer organizations held a news conference Wednesday to announce a one-stop city Web site for hurricane-related help, general information about the community, and ways residents can help. This website provides information for persons affected by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Current emergency phone numbers and websites are listed for those seeking information or relief. Follow the menu links below. 1-866-4-USA-DOL, Department of Labor, even if you were self employed you can get aid if your livelihood was effected by the hurricane.
"Getting people back to work is what this Department does. Giving people hope in their future is our job."

FOUND ALIVE 09/04/05Sister and Brother in Law from Picayune, MI

Picayune Update: updated 09/05/05, Information found on various forums


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