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Everybody must get Lei'd

DemoLog of 08-14-03 : How to make Lei Flowers, reviewing holly leaves and using TLS and clay color for clothing.

auntyalias: I'd like to show you how to do lei flowers
auntyalias: would you like to see that?
auntyalias: it's pretty easy actually
bettyintennessee: yes
polymerfairy: yes
patab12000: great
shargoose: k
auntyalias: Ok, let me get set up. I'll look to see if I have some
flower cane already made, but it's four petals, done like a trumpet,
do a bunch, and stick the ends of one into the center of the other
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: easy, really easy and very pretty for the little effort it
shargoose: Gotcha
shargoose: Whoops, gotta go
bettyintennessee: by, Sharon
shargoose: Stu needs help and since he has a herniated disk I better
do it
polymerfairy: bye Sharon tc
shargoose left the room
auntyalias: here are some flower canes
auntyalias: I'm going to try to get the color right
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: all of the setting suck, so I'll leave it on Auto
auntyalias: let's take the stargazer lily petal
auntyalias: let's deconstruct this cane quickly
auntyalias: it's a blend
auntyalias: going from a pale pink to pearl
auntyalias: ok?
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: are we good with blends here before going forward
polymerfairy: k
auntyalias: I can get a link if you need it
bettyintennessee: Ok..thanks
bettyintennessee: I can mark it that way
auntyalias:  EB-Blend-Grp
bettyintennessee: hope i don't get booted! lol
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Canes/HandBlend/Grp
auntyalias: for those who don't have pasta presses
auntyalias: I'm doing most of my blends by hand and not using the
pasta press
bettyintennessee: ok
auntyalias: so I took a darker pink clay and made snakes
auntyalias: and buired them in the pearl part of the ribbon of blend
auntyalias: ok?
auntyalias: that's how we get spots
bettyintennessee: ok
auntyalias: spots are snakes and lines are sheets
auntyalias: that's all cane work is about really
auntyalias: so rolling the snakes in the pearl, I rolled the rest of
the ribbon of blend around and around and then reduced
auntyalias: you don't have to reduce the whole thing
auntyalias: that's unwieldly
auntyalias: just reduce one end to the size you need
bettyintennessee: a little less than half
bettyintennessee: ?
auntyalias: reduce as you go so you can get different size petals if
you want
auntyalias: it's half now
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: but when it was longer it was just an inch or so
auntyalias: on a longer cane
bettyintennessee: i see
auntyalias: you don't need a long cane of flower petal
auntyalias: it gets stuck on itself, hard to store
auntyalias: so there's the petal, reduced to the size we need
auntyalias: then we slice the petals
auntyalias: I'll be slicing 4 and connecting them at one end, poking a
clay tool in the center to make a place for the end of the next one to
go into, ok?
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: I'm using this clay tool to lay the petals on to
auntyalias: you can use anything you have handy
auntyalias: you can make a cone shape, cure it and then use that
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
twinmom94002 joined the room
bettyintennessee: sorry, NJ, all
twinmom94002: g'day all!
auntyalias: No worries, ok so four petals around a cone shape
auntyalias: Hey Libby
bettyintennessee: Hi, Libby
auntyalias: now I'll take this off of the cone tool
twinmom94002: nice this from the blend you made the other
auntyalias: yes
auntyalias: we're doing Lei flowers
twinmom94002: kewl! Everyone's getting leid! (sorry, couldn't resist)
polymerfairy: ROFL
auntyalias: LOL
bettyintennessee: lol, sometimes that happens!
auntyalias: so I'll do another one
bettyintennessee: still ROFL
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: I'll name that for this section on my site
twinmom94002: hehehehe
auntyalias: Every body got to get Lei'd
bettyintennessee: lol
twinmom94002: note: i'll be here and afk as kids allow, so i'm not
ignoring you if i don't answer something
auntyalias: k
auntyalias: see how it's done?
auntyalias: start out with the petals facing in the direction of the
cone tip
ljcswartz joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Jackie
auntyalias: doing Lei flowers
twinmom94002: hi jackie!
bettyintennessee: Hi, Jackie!
ljcswartz: hi all
patab12000: hi jackie
bettyintennessee: I was getting it
auntyalias: so four petals
auntyalias: formed on a cone
auntyalias: when you get the bottoms of the petals connected
auntyalias: take it off the cone and put the tip of the cone took into
the flower's center
auntyalias: you stack them
auntyalias: it's so easy
auntyalias: let's put this on a leaf, I have a cane end of a leaf
hanging around
auntyalias: I'll press it to see if we can use it
auntyalias: it'll do in a pinch
auntyalias: now if we tapered the edge of the flower petal
auntyalias: it would look better
auntyalias: if we pulled the flower petal and stretched it a bit it
would look better
auntyalias: see?
patab12000: nice
auntyalias: and pretty easy too
bettyintennessee: Kewl
ljcswartz: they clay releases from the clayshaper without powder?
auntyalias: without powder, ya
ljcswartz: ty

sylsnovelties joined the room
ljcswartz: I'm trying this with a tool on hand right now
bettyintennessee: Hi. Is it Sylvia?
auntyalias: Syl, Welcome Home
auntyalias: we were going to send out a possee to find you
auntyalias: doing flowers, lei flowers
bettyintennessee: Hi, I'm Betty
sylsnovelties: Thanks!
sylsnovelties: Hi Betty!
sylsnovelties: They are gorgeous~!
patab12000: Hi Syl
sylsnovelties: Hi Patricia!
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
bettyintennessee: I think email made me go that time..
sylsnovelties: Don't you just hate that?
bettyintennessee: too much, Syl! lol
sylsnovelties: Is the cane a yellow center wrapped with pink, yellow
and pink again?
boobearns joined the room
auntyalias: Howdy Doro
boobearns: Howdy
auntyalias: This cane is yellow and an orange
sylsnovelties: I don't have my glasses on. heeheehee
boobearns: looks pretty
patab12000: Syl, hope you are better after your treatments.
ljcswartz: how doyou place these on the curing surface?? just rest on
the side - is ok?
sylsnovelties: Well, I don't see any improvement, but they say there
is some.
ljcswartz: they are on a leaf anyway
auntyalias: How's that Jackie?
ljcswartz: thanks
auntyalias: I find stacking it like the orange and yellow
auntyalias: is good between adding flowers
auntyalias: then I'll put the connected flowers onto something like a
patab12000: I think these would look great dageling from a hair stick
auntyalias: now you can alternate colored flowers
auntyalias: or have them all the same
bettyintennessee: That would look pretty
auntyalias: but the cone trick is what I wanted to show you
auntyalias: often we make flowers using a stem
auntyalias: but here we don't need or want a stem
boobearns: what a nice brooch that would make
auntyalias: so the cone tool helps in providing a temporary base to
connect the bottoms of the petals
auntyalias: then when the bottoms are connected
auntyalias: we use the cone tip coming in from the center top to close
up the bottom, twist a bit so it'll go into the flower center below it
on the Lei
auntyalias: just like that
auntyalias: do a mess of them and it'll look better and better
sylsnovelties: They sure look great!
bettyintennessee: Don't they, though?!
boobearns: sure do!
patab12000: fab
auntyalias: and simple to do, right?
bettyintennessee: yes
boobearns: for you, anyway
polymerfairy: yes...very nice
auntyalias: now now Doro
auntyalias: These flowers you can do
boobearns: I think I could too
auntyalias: Me too... also if you don't have a clayshaper
auntyalias: make a cone of clay
auntyalias: cure that
auntyalias: use that
auntyalias: I'd dust it a little bit though, clay likes to stick to
sylsnovelties: They look so great on that leaf!
auntyalias: and would be fun earrings
auntyalias: I think
boobearns: I think my Mom would like one of those as a pin...they
remind me of tiger lily's
ljcswartz: I used a #2 knitting needle that seemed to do pretty well
auntyalias: yes, knitting needles would work
auntyalias: It's time for me to eat something
auntyalias: I was running errands and got online as soon as I got home
boobearns: i have a bunch of knitting needles that I cut shorter
ljcswartz: enjoy
bettyintennessee: k
auntyalias: so I'm going to take 15 minutes
boobearns: go eat NJ!
sylsnovelties: No problem.
auntyalias: and have some chicken curry with wild rice, left overs
auntyalias: yum
boobearns: sounds yummy
bettyintennessee: Sounds good!
polymerfairy: yummy
auntyalias: so see you in 15 minutes
polymerfairy: k
bettyintennessee: k..take your time
patab12000 left the room
bettyintennessee: Be back in a few

patab12000 left the room
bettyintennessee: Be back in a few
boobearns: so, how is everyone tonight?
bettyintennessee: Hi, Doro..k..arguing with my 15 yr old, though
bettyintennessee: lol
boobearns: you mean it won't get better as my 6 year old grows up??
bettyintennessee: ?
boobearns: she likes to argue with me now
bettyintennessee: I don't know..mine has an attitude..she did too!
bettyintennessee: But, I'm lucky too. She is making As
bettyintennessee: in the Honors Program
sylsnovelties: I've been gone and I don't know who polymerfairy is!
boobearns: well, that's something to be proud of!!
boobearns: I dont' know either Syl
bettyintennessee: Bonnie
bettyintennessee: I am just learning, so
sylsnovelties: Oh, ok. Hi Bonnie!
ljcswartz: jackie here in MD
ljcswartz: nj has me trained for roll call
bettyintennessee: I'm trying to learn everyone's id's
sylsnovelties: I'm Syl from Gallup, NM
boobearns: Dorothy in Nova Scotia
bettyintennessee: Betty, Nashville
twinmom94002: i'm libbi from san francisco
boobearns: I wonder how many folks can't make it because of the power
sylsnovelties: I was wondering that also. Boy is that terrible!
bettyintennessee: I bet we hear about it tomorrow!
boobearns: I'm just worried, because the weather in the NY area
usually hits us a day or so later....which means we could be in for
some heat
bettyintennessee: I hope not
bettyintennessee: brb
sylsnovelties: It was so hot when we were in Albuquerque. Over 100
everyday, just about. They said it was one of the 5 hottest summers
that they have ever had.
boobearns: It was over 100 when we went through Kansas last
sylsnovelties: We got a bunch of rain last night and we had been dry
for so long, that it was nice, but the thunder and lightning was
terrible! Looks like it is going to try to do the same thing tonight.
boobearns: we're supposed to get thunder tonight too
twinmom94002: i love thunder and lightning storms! miss 'em from when
i was a kid back east
bettyintennessee: My daughter just tried going out the door...Had to
go get her
twinmom94002: how old is she?
bettyintennessee: 15
twinmom94002: heheheh...sorry
bettyintennessee: lol
ljcswartz: have you all seen Mars... close to the moon right now??
twinmom94002: i'm dreading the teen years with my girl (going to be 7
next month)
bettyintennessee: She has a do her way or bust attitude
boobearns: it's too cloudy here to see the moon
twinmom94002: too foggy here
sylsnovelties: I hope I get to see it tonight!
bettyintennessee: I went out early this morning and barely missed it
ljcswartz: I saw it last night when I woke up briefly
bettyintennessee: Got too light
boobearns: Libbi, what date next month?
twinmom94002: 9/27
boobearns: mine will be 7 on the 14th
bettyintennessee left the room
ljcswartz: the meteor showers are happening too
twinmom94002: kewl! you aren't on the Sept. 96 mom's list by any
chance are you?
boobearns: no, didn't know there was one
bettyintennessee joined the room
bettyintennessee: oops
twinmom94002: yep...started in Jan '96....still have a bunch of
boobearns: is it a good list?
twinmom94002: the best i've ever been on
twinmom94002: when my son was ill two years ago, they were an amazing
source of support
bettyintennessee: what list? I was kicked
twinmom94002: sept.96 moms
boobearns: I'll have to look for it later
twinmom94002: it's in yahoo groups, but i think you need to be invited
bettyintennessee: Sounds good, though
twinmom94002: email me your email info and I'll get you an invite, if
you'd like
twinmom94002: my email is....(removed out of prudence)
bettyintennessee: What qualifies?
bettyintennessee: thanks
twinmom94002: having a child born in or around Sept. 96
bettyintennessee: That's what I thought..thanks but my youngest was 91
twinmom94002: mind you, we've all known each other for 7 years, so it
might seem kind of insular, IYKWIM
bettyintennessee: But, thank you
bettyintennessee: for offering
boobearns: just sent it to you libbi
twinmom94002: kewl! i think the list moderator is on vacation, but
i'll send a note
bettyintennessee: That would be a great idea
boobearns: my daughter, my brother and my b-i-l all have the same
twinmom94002: need me...i'll try to pop back in a few
(i'll hang out lurking)
auntyalias: Ok, I'm back, shall we continue with these flowers or does
everyone know how to do it now?
bettyintennessee: k
bettyintennessee: wb, NJ
boobearns: more envelope to do
boobearns: wb NJ
ljcswartz: I'm ok with them now
sylsnovelties: Anything you want, NJ. I may have to leave if it starts
thundering again.
bettyintennessee: I understand them
auntyalias: I understand Syl, good girl for being prudent
bettyintennessee: The leaves done kind of the same way, but put in
leaf pattern after the little shapes?
auntyalias: the leaves I've been using are cane ends
auntyalias: because I wanted them to be big and I don't reduce the
cane all the way
auntyalias: so I can get some larger slices
bettyintennessee: ok
boobearns: you know what's silly...I can't get a confetti cane to work
for me
auntyalias: but they are made with the regular leaf technique, chevron
flip and all that
auntyalias: now the one to the left is the cane I use for Holly leaves
bettyintennessee: i see..thanks
auntyalias: have you seen them done?
auntyalias: let me get the link for Holly Daze, there's some fun
things in there, like the Ice Holly
bettyintennessee: Yes, I remember now
bettyintennessee: thanks
boobearns: I've got to get going soon...bed is calling me
sylsnovelties: Nitey Nite!
bettyintennessee: Nite, Dorothy
boobearns: have fun everyone!
boobearns left the room
sylsnovelties: Darn, there comes the rain. I have to leave. I'll try
to get back!
bettyintennessee: bye, Syl
bettyintennessee: nice meeting you
Holly Daze
sylsnovelties: Nice meeting you too! Bye all!
sylsnovelties left the room
auntyalias: Nighty Night, Syl
bettyintennessee: I copied it..thanks. I'll mark it when I leave
auntyalias: does anyone want a review of making Holly leaves?
auntyalias: not the cane, but the leaf itself?
bettyintennessee: I'd like it
ljcswartz: sure
Davester (biodredd) joined the room
Davester: Sorry to disappear. I actually lost my power way out here
for a little bit.
bettyintennessee: Glad you're back, Dave, and it wasn't out long!
Davester: That is true. But it was long enough for me with my
roommates gone until Sunday night.
patab12000 joined the room
Davester: Is it breaktime?
bettyintennessee: Just think if it been out til tomorrow..anything is
too long for me
Davester: Yeah, that is true.
auntyalias: if you turned on my cam, Dave, you'd see what I'm doing
auntyalias: silly goose boy
ljcswartz: how thin is the base of theleaf?
bettyintennessee: Holly leaf
Davester: (honk)
Davester: You making a clay mustache?
auntyalias: The slices are very thin
auntyalias: and then it gets thinned out at the edge making the points
on the edge of the holly leaf
auntyalias: run your clayshaper point along the brown lines
auntyalias: pulling the edge out in points
auntyalias: then use a razor to peel half of the leaf up and crease
that way
auntyalias: then with the razor get the leaf up off the tile
auntyalias: then curve the leaf
auntyalias: over your thumb and forefinger
auntyalias: make a million of them
auntyalias: and do a wreath
auntyalias: there are 4-5 different holly efforts in that album
lilypond41 joined the room
bettyintennessee: Thanks, NJ
auntyalias: Welcome LilyPond, what's your first name
auntyalias: I'm NoraJean and In San Francisco
auntyalias: roll call folks
auntyalias: for Lilypond's sake
bettyintennessee: Betty, Nashville
polymerfairy: Bonny, West Palm Beach FL
ljcswartz: Jackie MD
lilypond41: I'm Cindy from WV
patab12000: Patricia in HouTX
auntyalias: Libby is TwinMom so she's off with twins, in San Francisco
Davester: Dave in Clubb, Missouri (tech support for the gang)
auntyalias: peeking in when the kids let her
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: so Cindy, you've been watching for a while
auntyalias: these are mini holly leaves
auntyalias: the larger cane is how big the cane started
bettyintennessee joined the room
auntyalias: and the reduced cane is the holly leaf reduced to the size
I wanted it
auntyalias: then I sliced and pulled the points out by dragging a tool
along the brown seams
Making the Holly Leaf
auntyalias: here is the album for Holly Daze
auntyalias: my favorite one...let me get that link, Ice Holly
Holly Face
auntyalias: same technique, but the leaf was made of a layer of pearl
auntyalias: covered with a layer of translucent that had gold leaf
broken up in it
auntyalias: then the leaves were cut out with a leaf cutting tool
auntyalias: formed the same way as these on the tile
auntyalias: looks like ice
here is a close up of the technique I've been doing
auntyalias: it's a good shot
auntyalias: so does anyone have any requests?
auntyalias: I'm here full of supper and my brain is dulled
auntyalias: so help me here and pick something for us to do
bettyintennessee: Any tricks with TLS? or another time?
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
bettyintennessee: Hi, Katie
Katie: Hi
auntyalias: Howdy Katie, tell Lilypond/Cindy where you're from
Katie: New York
auntyalias: You got power?
auntyalias: I'm impressed
Katie: Just got it back on.
auntyalias: wow
bettyintennessee: I know you're glad
auntyalias: we're watching the news of the outage
Katie: Sure am!! Heard one state won't have it for 4 days.
Katie: wow.
patab12000: Gooid thing you did not have to wait all night
auntyalias: Yikes
bettyintennessee: Oh, that's awful
Katie: I'm glad too.
auntyalias: Here's something done with TLS, a touch of clay color and
bettyintennessee: thanks, NJ!
auntyalias: she was a mold
bettyintennessee: She's pretty
Davester: Well, I'm outta here for a bit friends.
Katie: Bye David
auntyalias: so shall I make a mold impression and dress her with TLS?
bettyintennessee: Nite, Dave
auntyalias: See ya Dave
Davester: Nite!
biodredd left the room
bettyintennessee: okay
bettyintennessee: I've made molds, but haven't done The TLS
bettyintennessee: and It's been a while! lol
polymerfairy: just finished a cane to try those flowers....came out
kinda funky LOL
Katie: Never done one myself yet.
polymerfairy: this one is graduated light to dark purple...not a
skinner blend...with hot pink dots in the center
auntyalias: the first of anything is wonky
Katie: Sounds pretty.
auntyalias: so don't trip
bettyintennessee: lol
auntyalias: now what color should we tint for her dress?
auntyalias: any suggestions?
bettyintennessee: Red?
Katie: Yup, reds good.
auntyalias: I'll slice off some of this red and white cane
auntyalias: and I'm going to take a slice and mash it with TLS
polymerfairy: just did the flower....easy and NEAT!!! what fun
Katie: LOL, cute face.
Katie: I wonder why my colors change all by themself themselves
ljcswartz: probably you have the effects set some way...
bettyintennessee: How much? I haven't noticed mine
Katie: What does that mean? They change themselves then?
bettyintennessee: I like this, I'm learning, NJ
Katie: I didn't know we painted things ourselves.
ljcswartz: did you mean the text here?
bettyintennessee: That didn't type the way I thought it! lol
Katie: Are you asking me, Betty?
ljcswartz: the little colore palete next to the sunglass happy face
changes the colores
bettyintennessee: about your colors? yes
bettyintennessee: oh!
ljcswartz: my spelling is going down the tubes sorry
Katie: Yes, but mine was that awful greenish yellow color at one time
and I had put it so I could use blue.
Katie: That's ok, we knew what you ment.
bettyintennessee: Pretty, NJ
bettyintennessee: I like red dresses
ljcswartz: very nice
bettyintennessee: or black dresses..didn't think of a little black
bettyintennessee: kewl
polymerfairy: I like her shoes
ljcswartz: guess I will call it a night... thanks all for the chat
bettyintennessee: Nite, Jackie
auntyalias: night night Jackie
polymerfairy: Night
ljcswartz: and thanks NJ for the flowers - I will make more tomorrow
auntyalias: I'll be on tomorrow
auntyalias: so we can go over it
Katie: Nite Jackie
auntyalias: you will show us, yes?
ljcswartz: ohhh I will look for you then
ljcswartz: sure
auntyalias: I'll ping the list when I come on
ljcswartz: thnks
ljcswartz: good night all
bettyintennessee: great
ljcswartz left the room
auntyalias: Ok, so folks let me get the link for this glitter gal, I
think she's in an album
bettyintennessee: k
Katie: k
Glitter Gal
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
auntyalias: these two things are in that album, here Betty
bettyintennessee: Can I have the link again? lol..sorry
Glitter Gal
auntyalias: first I did the pink dress, then I did the trim
auntyalias: then I did the belt and thought I should make the shoes
auntyalias: last I did the face and hair
auntyalias: so where there's splashy spots
bettyintennessee: My firewall caught a port scan and that's what
booted me..always something, darnit
auntyalias: you can wipe that off, sand off any residue after curing
Katie: But do you always paint the clothes
auntyalias: you can do it in multiple cures
auntyalias: I paint on clothing when I want it to look sheer
bettyintennessee: This is great.
auntyalias: and this looks like nightgown sheer
Katie: Yes it does. Ok
auntyalias: I sprinkled on glitter when the TLS was wet
auntyalias: and you can do different layers of colors to make the
folds have highlights and shadows
auntyalias: by changing the color with TLS
polymerfairy: what brand of clay do you use?
lilypond41: I must go, but thank you for letting me observe. I hope I
can join you again.
auntyalias: Premo because I get a discount from ClayAlley
Katie: Bye
auntyalias: we all do
bettyintennessee: Night, Cindy
auntyalias: See you Cindy
auntyalias: come back again when you can
auntyalias: all list members get discounts for Premo
auntyalias: by the pound
lilypond41 left the room
polymerfairy: oh lol I like premo...was wondering how the new Kato
poly was
Katie: Great
auntyalias: I'm going to call it a day myself
auntyalias: been running errands before demo and I'm pooped
Katie: Me too.
auntyalias: I'll be on tomorrow
auntyalias: and earlier
auntyalias: than today
auntyalias: ok?
bettyintennessee: thanks NJ
Katie: OK, night everyone.
polymerfairy: ok great...will see you tomorrow
crzy4dzny left the room
bettyintennessee: Night
polymerfairy: night ev1
bettyintennessee: See ya
auntyalias: night night everyone and see you tomorrow
auntyalias: xoxoxox
bettyintennessee: Thanks again!! xoxox
polymerfairy left the room


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