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January 2006

Highlights Index

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All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

New Gallery of Old Pictures from 1999:

Dworkin the Gnome

Eye Cane


Aki Nekko

Koi Pond in Egg

Lady In Egg

New web sections for old pictures.

1999 July Food Swap Index:

Pizza Topping 2000

Blend for the Water Planets, LEXX 2001

Denise in Austin

01-08-06 - LeafManTin

01-10-06: Preparation: for face sculpting

Index: 01-13 to 15-06-Face Sculpting Demo

01-16-06: Full Face ReDo

01-19-06-YellowOrange Flower Index

01-21-06: Tomato Index

01-27-06: Fire Dog

01-29-06 - Pose the Dog

01-29-06: Fire Cane

01-29-06 - Skeleton Study

01-29-06: Human Study

Current Rants

01-09-06 Spelunking: Getting Around on my Sites

01-11-06 - For Future Demos, what needs to be done

01-17-06: Why We Do What We Do

01-16-06: Got an Idea or Want to Volunteer?

01-16-06: Too Much List Mail

01-25-06: From 6:45pm to 11:59pm PST  CITY-o-Clay was temporarily unavailable. ClayMates: When Yahoo Groups goes wonky come chat with your clay pals in the HangOut. An environment that's not dependent on Yahoo.

Links with Thumbnails

01-29-06: Human Study: Links for study of anatomy, sculpting and demos that focused on sculpting humans.
01-29-06 - Skeleton Study:

When you study the skeleton of any living being sculpting it becomes easier. This page is to gather all the skeleton studies I have on both sites.

01-29-06: Fire Cane - The continuation of the experiments with using the  Tongues of Fire Cane colors. Looking for a nifty pattern to put on the Chinese New Year Fire Dog.

01-29-06 - Pose the Dog: After fleshing out the aluminum foil armature, pose the dog in different positions to see if the muscle mass is in the right place. I love this pose. "Roll Over Rover! Go0d Dog"

01-27-06: Fire Dog: It's Chinese New Year and to celebrate I want to focus on the Dog. This web section is being built as I make things for it. So far we have the skeleton of the dog, the dog armature and some information on Chinese New Year.

LeafManTin-01-08-06 Demo

01-26-06: Two new pictures, after curing twice and with new eyeballs.

Blend for the Water Planets, LEXX

Earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins

From 2001, rebuilt after PhotoPoint went dark.

01-21-06: Tomato Index - Just the thumbnails are up in this section so far. I tell ya, wrestling this tomato cane to the ground has been a hair puller. Those are real tomato slices to the right. I'm using that picture because I'm not satisfied with the five tomato cane efforts I've done so far.

1999 July Food Swap Index: This is being rebuilt 01/20/06 for examples of mini food done multi media, not just polymer clay.

01-19-06-YellowOrange Flower Index

DemoLog 1: Blending Orange and Yellow for Flower Petal

DemoLog2: Yellow and orange flower petal with stripes, As a Posey and as an Orchid

Pizza Topping

Part of the prep for the mini food demo this next week end. Mini Food is the next topic of the Newbie Box Swap, where we make extra to give to new active list members.

Denise in Austin


01-16-06: Full Face ReDo: I wasn't happy with the full face so I took it apart and started all over again.  Two Pictures


Index: 01-13 to 15-06-Face Sculpting Demo : With many new demo attendees we also  reviewed aluminum foil armatures, created a male and female body in rough draft, one full sized male face. Demo logs and one set of screen shots.

01-10-06: Preparation: Links to avi files, Rambles and Tutorials about face sculpting. This page is to help the CITY-o-Clay ClayMates prepare for the three day face sculpting demo scheduled for Jan 13, 14 and 15th.


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