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Highlights Index September and October 2006

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

09-16-06-ReWork: Two years after putting The Chubby Dancer aside I start to rework her. These are the tools I'm using on her cured parts.

09-20-06-ReWork-Index: Three days of reworking The Chubby Dancer I'm feeling as happy as she looks. There's more to do, but here are 5 pictures of her progress.

Have to Rebuild: 1999-Mix-Bag-O-Pix . Odds and ends in a gallery album on the biz site.
Have to Rebuild: 2001 - Grey Hair and Jungle Initiation Mini Scene Box. In a gallery album on the biz site.

Gold and Brown Inro Finish Index

09-28-06 - The finish on the inside.

Snake Tin Revisited 10-05-06: Dragging out unfinished things. This Snake Tin was waiting to be worked on since 12/2005. Well if it shows us anything it shows that polymer clay is the most forgiving artist's medium around. Pick up something unfinished a year later and start adding more bits to it.

Revisiting the Kneeling Monk

10-06-06, Two pictures are on each of these next four pages. He's been laying around unfinished for two years.

10/25/06: CITY-o-Clay is run by volunteers and as real life catches up with volunteers it's time to recruit and train new volunteers. This is what's been going on with me for the last couple of weeks.

Alice-Minis4-All was a nice break in between the recruitment and training of our two new volunteers. Alice stayed with me for two days and I still miss her.

 Check out her links

Pan De Muertos - Bread for Day of the Dead. Recipe for how to make real Pan De Muertos.  

Here's some Examples of real Day of the Dead items.

One of the reasons why I have "Monthly Highlights" is for the seasonal projects that get created and recycled. So with Halloween coming up, if you check the October Highlights, you might find some things listed that will give your muse a goose.



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