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Highlights October The Year of 2005

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Halloween Wreath Page

October 2003 Group Effort

Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years

10-12-05 - 10-21-05: Lady With Pot

Five sections of the process of doing and re-doing the same sculpture.

She was inspired by the Asian Earthquake.


AnatoMan Index: Using the Anatomy Book for sculpting the male figure

10-07-05What's On My Worktable

I ask the list "What's on your worktable?" so I thought I'd show what is on mine. Links to tutes below the picture on that page.

NEW  Chop Index 2005:

Starting with the first experiments in doing chopped cane, links to the first three years of cane ends and scrap for the large chop section on the BIZ site, to new chop experiments on this site.

First Sheets and Spooky Stuff

These sculptures were the first items I made with chopped sheets with mirror images. They all came out looking spooky. In fact, in 1999 when these were shown the list was a bit taken aback. I think that the list is now more open to weird sculptures so I've dug these old pictures out to share again. Below are the resurrected sculptures and a new section on how to sculpt from chopped cane mirror image sheets. 

Spooky sheets 1999
How To Make Sheets Like This. 10-05-05
Hunka Burning Love 1999
Ghost Dance 1999
Snake Goddess 1999
Yow 1999

Newbie Box Cane Swap Chop


10-04-05: Chop Samples

Some examples of different chop mixes and half finished things.

Review of Pinch Pots

This is is the Review of the Pinch pot, topic of the Newbie Box Swap, which is hosted by our Moderator CherylD. When making things for the Newbie Swap one makes a few extra to be donated to the Newbie Box. It's a way to show new ClayMates what can be done, it's good practice and giving is a good thing.

The history of Lady in Kimono: Screen shots, Demo Logs, links to when she was done in Demo. This will be an exercise in resurrecting half done sculpting. All ClayMates have to do this at one time or another too.

09-10-05: Sculpting Demo

DemoLog 1

DemoLog 2

DemoLog 3

How-To page on covering tins

Razma asked for some links on covering tins. I gathered up a couple and made a "How-To" page. Other tins pages are examples of tins after they were done for teaching on CITY-o-Clay.


Monthly Highlights Since 8/2003

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ComboTutes: New and old stuff

First Three Years - Biz-Archive

NJ Archive 1997-1999