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Highlights Index September 2008

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

BH4DO- Mention in "H" mag, 09-12-08: Sad News: Alan Vernall crossed over, WIO Necklaces, "Miniature Earth" YouTube.

WIO Necklaces: I'm taking a class at the Women's Initiative and since I'm claiming to be an artist who teaches polymer clay I had to string some necklaces fast. April 2007, I took my scraps and end-o-canes and went on a bead run. Check the Chop-com section and the Chop -archive section to see how most of these scrap clay beads were made. Some of the beads below are from the Tigers Eye Experiments from the beginning of 2008.

Interlocking Chop and Toss in Blue
Tigers Eye Snake Necklace
Two Side Pendant Jungle Chop Necklace
African Shield necklace

Meat Chop Necklace


09-30-08: Keep things in perspective.

09-24-08: Julia "Teddy" Dodge made a slide show of the things that Alan Vernall sent to her over the years. Thank's Teddy.

09-12-08: Sad News: Alan Vernall crossed over. Here is the post I sent to the ClayMates on COC. There's new clayers who never had the pleasure of chatting with Alan.  Our clay lives were enriched with his generosity. He knew he was well loved by the ClayMates.


Jeanne Rhea was contacted by Mary Vernall who asked her to pass on the sad news that Alan had crossed over.

For those who are new and didn't know Alan here are the two links I have of his clay work and tutorials. He's lovingly known as the butterfly man because he freely shared his technique of making butterfly and dragonfly wings with image transfer.

Here is his tutorial for making butterfly canes on PCpolyzine.

And here is an article where he speaks about his life, his wife Mary and how being involved with polymer clay helped him keep his sanity when he was disabled and home bound.

Here is his Gadget tutorial on PCpolyzine.

He was a well loved member of this group and will be sorely missed.

He set a wonderful example of how one can continue to experiment, learn and share with the upmost respect and politeness.

He will always be in my heart for all his kindness to us here over the years.

My condolences go out to Mary and little Wood-Ruff.



09-02-08: Now I can take my feet off of my tongue regarding BH4DO.  "H" magazine, out of LA, has an article about Daryl Orenge and Mike Grau's project "Belmont Heights". 

I got a brief mention for sculpting the heads and they spelled my name right.


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