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Highlights Index February 2009

fixed the search page, problems with webhost, mini heart mints 02-23-09: Review of Color Cards, 01-26-09 post to COC: A bit more about SteamPunk and then some...

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

02-27-09: There's been an uptick about the style "steampunk" in the polymer clay community and for a lot of clayers this is a new term. This is a reprint of a post to COC from 01-26-09, sharing that the steampunk style actually goes back over one hundred years in literary tradition.

01-26-09 post to COC: A bit more about SteamPunk and then some...

Since I don't have any steampunk stuff I offer a picture of Cowboy Kai's Wrist Brace, close enough.

02-23-09: Review of Color Cards

New clayers: A question came up regarding the storage of color mixes. I started to answer the post to Ernesto and then realized it turned into a review of color cards in general. So I'm making it into a page I can refer to the next time we discuss color cards.

02-14-09: Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. The problems with my subsites has been solved and that's the best Valentine's Day gift I can think of getting.

Here's an easy tutorial for making mini heart mints.

02-12-09: For the last week there's been a problem with a couple of subsites: BH4DO and my nattering blog. It's a problem that's on the server side of the equation and there's nothing I can do to make it work like it was before. So if you've been making effort to gain access to these two subsites you'll have to wait along with me while the webhost figures out what went wrong.

02-04-09: For a while the search page wasn't working. It's all better now.


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