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Highlights Index April 2009:

Books on anatomy, 04-01-09: Sci-Fi Yummy Guys, 04-05-09: Faces, Tomato Wrangling of 01-21-06 04-10-2009, 04-18-2009: Feet-O-Clay, 04-24-09: Spider Pinata, ,04-29-09: Review of Roses

04-29-09: Review of Roses June (Minianan) asked about roses at CITY-o-Clay and I realized that roses are scattered all over my website. This review is gathering the rose tutes into one place. A new blog for a new life. 04-29-09
04-24-09: Spider Pinata - Amy's 25th birthday, she wanted a spider pinata because of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. I didn't see the episode and I'm glad I didn't because I would have tried to make an exact copy of their spider pinata. Instead I went with my classic leopard spot. Scroll down for captions.

04-18-2009: Feet-O-Clay: This is for Kay in South Africa, who is having trouble with her wrists. An alternate way to condition clay. ;-) Captions below the pictures. Photos taken 02-20-2001. This clay mix was for "Caucasian skin" colored clay.

Tomato Wrangling of 01-21-06 04-10-2009: Added the enlarged pictures with captions. Better late than never. This cane was such a trauma it took years to face it again. My unmet expectations lead to disappointment. Then I thought that the new clayers need to see the experiment process, note where the beginning of the miscalculations happened, and know that no one is perfect.

My mini BLT was featured in "Polymer Clay Creative Traditions" by Judy Belcher. I took pride in the tomato slices. But I didn't have a tomato cane tutorial. It took five efforts to get close to that tomato slice of yore. Pride goeth before the fall. Hard thing for a Leo to admit.

04-05-09: Faces: Second pass over the faces. Her ears were added clay and came out too big. His ears were clay moved from his face and are too flat. But I'm liking their faces. 

04-01-09: Sci-Fi Yummy Guys Debbie sent through these links during a discussion of SciFi Yummy Guys. If we're going to sculpt we may as well like our subjects. A review of how to use photos of real people to help with sculpting.

04-01-09: Books on anatomy that I have at my worktable.

This is a continuation of the sculpting discussion going on at CITY-o-Clay.


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